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“ with @halsey .. 누가 저 합성 좀 해주세요 - RM”
@BTS_twt lol this is for you namjoon~~~ 😘
#방탄_빌보드가서_상받았네 #BTSBBAMs #CongratuationsBTS

Namjoon wanted to be photoshopped or edit in so here yah go namjoooniieee 😎😂😂😂 we love you~~

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AHH! Yes, I know I look and act young so I can see why some people may find it hard to believe lol. HE IS ALSO MY EDITOR! HE EDITS ALLLLL MY FICS AND BETA READS THEM…. sorry haha, the reason I freak out so much about it is that he is a Metal Head, he doesn’t listen to almost any kpop (he likes dreamcatcher though!) Ahaha sorry I am rambling. Anywho, I figured since you send this in I will post a wedding photo, so yah! HERE YA GO! 

and omg you ship us >.< Thank you! 

Dance With Me

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Featuring: Jongin/Kai (EXO)
Genre: Smut
By: Admin L

As requested by you and you and not-so-secretly me hahahaaaa. :) Also! It’s Jongin’s birthday!! Bless. He is still younger than me, though lol.

A smile came to your lips as the bass seemed to flow right through you, through your arms to your fingertips, touching your hips, urging them to sway.

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so many people have asked for this, so here’s my opinion on the whole “but tronnor can’t be real bc troye doesn’t love connor as much as connor loves troye”.

first: everyone needs to understand that different people express love in different ways- they have different love languages.

connor is very open and likes to express his feelings in the form of words on social media, like tweeting love quotes, his personal thoughts atm, reblogging love related things etc. look through connor’s twitter and tumblr and you’ll see a lot of signs that he loves and misses someone (when they’re apart). yes, we all established that. 

troye is more reserved about his feelings on social media. you barely see him tweet his feelings, it’s usually just updates about his day or his current music vibe. it appears troye must be an emotionless robot then?? no. troye expresses his feelings in his music. his lyrics are a good reflection on his current emotions, and based off what he’s given us we can gather some basics.

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anonymous asked:

what does ur work station look like, cos if you like to draw then u probs have a work area. idk sorry if this seems invasive or smth i just like to look at where people work. n if you dont want to show a pic or something i can message you

Ok im not gonna judge you but this is one of the weirdest asks I’ve ever received and I run a fair few thirst blogs so I get some wild shit sent in. But I don’t have a problem with posting it so yah here you go

fair warning though it is basically a weeb station