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SHINee taking you to a movie


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  •  Would walk in to the cinema holding your hand like ‘yeah, she’s my girlfriend, isn’t she beautiful?’
  • Gets a huge box of popcorn and chomps on it more and more as the movie gets climactic 
  • The clumsy man would probably accidentally spill his drink on himself
  • And maybe trip on the way out
  • Has his arm around you for the whole movie and attacks you with cute cheek and nose kisses
  • Won’t shut up about the film for the whole night
  • Makes everyone jealous as he twirls you around and carries you on his shoulders going home
  • “Jagi, I had such a good time with you! I wouldn’t want to go with anyone else! Can we go every weekend baby, please?!” 


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  • Will see whatever you want to see as you’re his princess
  • Most likely to do something naughty in the cinema 
  • Like you’ll most definitely feel his hand running up your thigh
  • We all know he’ll be a crier if he see’s a sad movie
  • Calls you babe/baby in front of everyone
  • He won’t stop playing with his hair
  • Everyone will be like ‘who the hell is laughing like that?’ at the funny parts because everyone knows what Key’s laugh is like
  • He’s the type to stay until the credits end just in case anything else happens
  • He’ll probably miss half of the movie because of him kissing you 
  • “We can see whatever you want babe, anything that makes you happy. You are by Princess after all.”


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  • He’ll hold your hand but blush the whole way through getting your tickets because of it
  • Before the movie starts he’ll gather up the courage to tell you how pretty you look
  • He’ll miss half of the movie by going to the toilet 24/7 
  • Secretly wants to do something naughty in the cinema but is too shy to initiate it
  • He’ll hold your hand and rub yours with his thumb instead 
  • Asks you questions during the movie like you know what’s gonna happen
  • He’ll probably be asked to be quiet by the people behind you cause he’ll be chatty as hell
  • He’s the type to hear ‘enjoy the movie’ and say ‘you too’ to the assistant
  • “So is she going to to choose the bad guy or the good guy then? Oh yeah, you don’t know. Sorry baby, I’ll try to be quiet.”


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  • Carries your bag for you in to the cinema
  • Doesn’t know what food to get so he gets one of everything
  • Will keep pointing out what’s happening in the film to make sure you understand in an accidentally condescending way
  • He’ll find a reason to cry at a film
  • Yet he’ll still feel good enough to kiss your neck and whisper what he wants to do to you afterwards in the darkness
  • He loves it when you rest your head on his shoulder
  • Wants to feed you sweets and crisps like it’s a picnic
  • You’ll catch him gazing at you just to see your reaction the the film
  • He’ll clap at the end of the film if he enjoyed it for some reason 
  • “I hope you know that just because I’m being a good boy here, doesn’t mean I won’t be doing some very bad stuff with you when we get home, baby girl.” 


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  • Minho would beg you to let him watch the sport themed movie
  • But being the softie he is, he’ll watch whatever you decide and at least pretend to be in to it
  • He’s the type to secretly enjoy a chick flick
  • Starts a mini popcorn throwing fight during the film
  • As for skinship, he’d rather take you in to the toilets for a quickie over starting something he can’t finish in public
  • Minho would have all the girls staring at him, even if they were in a relationship too
  • He’ll wait until you’re in bed cuddling to ask you what you thought about the movie and that’ll be your cute bedtime talk before sleeping
  • “Yah, baby, I have to admit it got me a bit teary. I mean when they kissed after all that time! I love spending quality time with you.” 

Yeah🤘🏽 yeah👌🏽 yeah👍🏽 yeah👊🏽 yeah👊🏽 my bitch🐶 she bad👿 to the bone🍖 ay🙄 Wait✋🏽 these niggas👨🏿 watchin'👀 I swear to God🙏🏽 they be my clones👥 Yeah✌🏽 hey🤙🏽 huh🤷🏽‍♂️ switchin’ my hoes🤰🏽 like my flows🌊 (what?🤔) Switchin’ my flows🌊 like my clothes👕👔 (like what?🤔) Keep on shootin'💥 that gun🔫, don’t reload🙅🏽‍♂️ Ooh😧, ooh😲, now she👩🏾‍🎤 want fuck👅 with my crew🤵🏾🤵🏿🤵🏽 Cause the money🤑 come💦 all out the roof🏠 Drive🚘 the ‘Rari🏎, that bitch got no roof🏚 (skrt🚗) Wait🛑, what kind of ‘Rari🏎? 458 (damn😱) All of these niggas👨🏿, they hate😡 (they hate😤) Try to hide🙈 shoot💥 through the gate Look👀, go🏃🏽 to the strip club💋, make it rain💸 (rain☔️) So much money💰 they use rakes👨🏽‍🌾 Count 100,000💯 in your face😩 (in your face😫) Yeah😎, they put 300💯💯💯 right👉🏽 in the safe🔐 Met her today📆, oh😮 She talk🗣 to me😏 like she knew me🤓, yah😜 Go to sleep😴 in a jacuzzi🏖, yah😅 Yeah😄, wakin’ up😪 right to a two✌🏽 piece, yah😎 Countin'➕ that paper💵 like loose leaf📝, yah😉 Gettin’ that chicken🐔 with blue💙 cheese🧀, yah😋 Yeah😠, boy👦🏾 you so fake💅🏽 like my collar👔 You snakin'🐍, I swear to God🙌🏽 that be that Gucci🍦, ay🅰️ And you know🤓 we winnin'✅ (winnin'😼) Yeah👍🏽, we is not🚫 losin'❌ Try to play⛹🏽 your song🎧, it ain’t move⤴️ me (what?🤷🏽‍♂️) Saw👀 your girl👧🏾 once☝🏽 now she choose🤔 me, yeah😂

It Might Be Nice // Part 2

Lmao, this took a long ass time but like ??? I didn’t even think it was going to have a second partso, yah. 

Here’s part one: http://bleusarcelle.tumblr.com/post/158130830599/it-might-be-nice-part-1

And, that’s it! It’s seems like Lance died but like…psssh, he…he’s sleeping, kay? Yah… btw LONG. POST. Translations: Ae-in (Sweetheart), Amor (Love) 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

One, two, three blinks and then –

Lance’s eyes stay closed.

“No.” Keith whispers horrified, his hand aimlessly patting the glass powerless, “No, no, no, no, no. Lance, please, no.”

There’s nothing at all. There’s no flutter of eyelids or a steady breathing or even a twitch.

There’s nothing but a ghost smile in those pale half parted lips.

“L-Lance.” He chokes out weakly, barely acknowledging the tears running down his face, “Ae-in?”

Lance just sits there, body heavily pressed against the glass, right in front of Keith, mouth frozen in a permanent silent sigh and Keith snaps.

“No!” He screams, “No, no, no! Lance! I-I love –! Lance, please! Come back! Come back, please! I-I didn’t –!” Keith’s voice breaks, words still falling out of his mouth without his consent, “I love you too! Please! I didn’t get the chance to –! Don’t do this, please!  I’m begging you! Lance!”

This can’t be happening. Keith thinks as his fist pounds at the glass that block his way to get to the brunet. This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening. This can’t be –

“Please, please, please, break. Break goddamnit, please!” He shouts, standing up  and activating his bayard, not hesitating a tick before he’s lashing and stabbing the glass, “Break, break. Please, please – BREAK!”

It doesn’t and Keith can only slash out at the damn glass over and over again. His vision gets blurry as more tears keep gathering in his eyes and suddenly there’s no air in his lungs and he can’t breath, he can’t hear, he can’t - he can’t –

“No!” He yells as soon as someone grabs him from behind and pulls him away, “No! Get off of me! Get off –! Lance! Lance, please! No!”

Lance’s figure just keeps getting further and further away from him. He’s basically slipping through his finger and he can’t do a damn thing.

“S-Stop.” Keith sobs out desperately, dropping his entire body in defeat against the strong hold he’s trapped in, “S-stop, p-please, I-I can’t–I didn’t tell him –!”

Faint black spots start appearing in his vision. He tips to the side exhausted as he look straight into the only blurry blue dot he can see.

“L-Lance.” He whispers brokenly, “L-Lan –”

Keith hears the sound of something shattering as he loses conscience but he’s just not sure on what exactly.

Must have been his heart.

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Hii, Could you do a Bts reaction to another member falling asleep on their s/o??

Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster: Of course he would wake up his hyung and take his place on your lap.

*Clears Throat* “Why is he-? YAH! Go sleep somewhere else”

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Kim Seokjin: He would get defensive because other member looks to be a little too close to your lady bits.

Hey hey hey!! Push him off!”

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Min Yoongi/Suga : In all honesty, Yoongi wouldn’t care much because he knows that you are very motherly, but he also knows that he gets to have to all to himself later.

I see someone beat me to it. Just remember who you belong to.”

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Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope:  Hobi doesn’t mind sharing, he just wants to lay on your lap because it’s more cushion. 

Uuuugh hyuuuuung! I’m tired at least let ME have her lap!”

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Park Jimin: Jimin would probably playfully fight with his sleepy hyung but is secretly very serious.

She’s mine!”

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Kim Taehyung: Like Hobi, Tae wouldn’t mind sharing. Tae just loves how nurturing you are toward the everyone and feels lucky that you are all his. 

“That’s so cute”

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Jeon Jungkook: He won’t like it, but he will allow it and pout at you later for not pushing off the other member.

“You have no right…”

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I know i know! I’m not good at reactions but i also can’t sleep so might as well blog. I hope you guys have a good night. LOVE YOU ALL

~Admin Coco

EXO Reaction to you waking them up


You snuggle closer to him unconsciously and he hums a bit before drifting into a further sleep or so you think. You stare up from the embrace he has you in to kiss his chin multiple times, before he surprises you and leans down so you kiss his lips.

“You were awake?”

“Mhm, you’re a heavy sleeper, you know” He laughs leaning over to kiss your lips.

“Why don’t you wake me up then?”

“No, I like hearing you make unintelligent sentences and noises.”

“Why are you like this“

“You’re all like ‘Minseokie show more abs’ and ‘EXO baby comeback’.“ He laughs as your cheeks begin to redden

“I’m sleeping with ducktape from now on“

“Oh Y/N, isnt that a bit cliche, I’d rather do ropes“ he teases, getting off the bed quickly before you can kick him out.


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“You need to get up” You shake him uselessly.

“Why? The guys already know about you - they can survive a day without me spending the night there”

“No Suho you need to get up and put on a shirt and pants.”

He pops one eye open from his comfortable place on the bed. “I thought you liked my body.” he teases smiling smugly.

“Um - The boys just called and say they want to spend the night here too,” you smile innocently as his smile turn into an expression of pure disbelief.

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You spend over an hour trying to find Lay, He texted you to come to the SM building because he wanted to spend time with you, but that was the last text you’ve heard from him. You rang his phone again with no answer when you bumped into his manager

“Hello” you bow politely “you wouldn’t happen to know where lay is?”

“He was in the practice room a while ago, when your there can you tell him to not to -” he stopped mid sentence as you bow and start heading for the room.

You walk into the practice room to see him lying down on the floor

“Yah, do you know how to answer your phone?”

You see him jump up and get up to turn towards you. His wide shocked eyes returned to their sleepy state and a smile appeared on his lips

“Ah Y/N, how’d you know i was here? We must really be soulmates”

“What did you call me in here for?” you walk over to him and sit next to him. He pulls you down to lay down and cuddles you in

“This is a good spot to nap, right?”

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You meant to wake him up gently, but your foot got entangled in something causing you to trip over and literally fall on Baekhyun. Needless to say, he woke up automatically and grabbed your arms to stabilize you, thought he didn’t let you go when you wanted to stand up.

“Y/n give me time to prepare, you can’t just jump on me like this unexpectedly” he joked.

“Ha Ha very funny, the food we ordered is here.”

“That can wait - Come here” he pulled you with him completely next to the bed. “Why did you really come to wake me up?”

You start to laugh pressing a kiss on his pursed lips. “Baek, I’m hungry. Seriously let’s go eat.”

“I am too” You see his smirk appear “,but let’s take care of you first then the rest.”

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Even though you were both asleep, he wakes up first when you accidentally hit him in your sleep.

“Yah, Y/N - This is the second time this week, I’m going to need a helmet if you keep this up.” He grabs the pillow from under you causing you to wake up immodestly

“Hey!” He gets on top of you as you try and push him away playfully “You’re mean in the morning”

“Says the girl who slapped me in the head” he clarifies leaning down to kiss your forehead, “Make it up to me”


“Don’t know - didn’t really think that far.”

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You are sitting down on the bed staying down at you boyfriend, who is breathing loudly in a deep state of sleep.

“Park Chanyeol, Why did you wake me up at 3 AM just because you couldn’t sleep?” You kick him softly, but he doesn’t wake yo ”and now you’re having a good sleep while i can’t.”

You get up from the bed, first to pace and then to head out to the kitchen

“Y/N?” You turn around to see your boyfriend still half asleep walking over towards you.

“I couldn’t sleep so-” You begin to explain, but are cut off when he pulls you into a hug, “Hey, what’s wrong?” you pull back to stare up at him and finally notice the horrid expression on his face

“I - I don’t know” his eyes start to squint “I just expected to find you next to me”

You blink up at him and a smile start to form on your lips, “Lets go back to bed, I’ll wake you up overtime i have to go to the bathroom at night then.”

He breaks into a wide smile and pushed you to the bedroom, “Never mind, I think I’m still asleep, so don’t listen to my sleep talk.”

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“I got a plane ticket for the summer so i expect ballots at the airport” you joke, after an absent remark from his side. you walk over to your computer to see your boyfriend sleeping soundly with his headphones still on. “Or I could just surprise you,” you whisper to yourself.

You put your feet up on the bed, ready to fall asleep as well when Chanyeol deep voice woke both you up “Kyungsoo, have you seen my hat?”

D.O’s eyes stare directly at him for a second before he looks over at you and looks back at channel to answer. “Is it on your head?”

“No the other one.” D.O closed his eyes and signed deeply, he pulls his laptop closer towards him.

“Who’re you talking to? Oh Y/N! When are you coming? I have this new -”

“Bye, Y/N!” he waves really quickly, “Chanyeol she doesn’t care, how would I know where -” the video message ends.

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You were in charge of walking Kai’s dogs every night for them to get their expertise and it was also a nice way to explore more of the new neighborhood.

Once opening the front door,  the dogs wait patiently until their collars are undone for them to charge into the bedroom. Usually they all go owards the kitchen to hydrate themselves but this odd thing had you chasing after them to discover them charging at a sleeping Kai

“Guys your dads asleep, stop - no” you try holding on to them but they wiggle their way out.

Kai wakes up laughing taking them all in his embrace, “I missed you guys too.”

You walk over to sit next to him and pat them all on the head, “I’m sorry, you must be tired and -”

He pecks your lips and laughs again, “Not really, welcome me home like this all the time, Y/n - seriously.”

He leans over to kiss you but is interrupted by the three hyperactive pups.

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“He’s  in his room” Suho tells you “I wouldn’t go in there if i were you - he’s moody in the morning.”

You disregard his warning and go straight to his room. You knock twice before entering his room.

He’s sprained out on his bed, blanket obviously kicked off, and his hair flattened. You pull his feet slightly already waking him up and sit down next to him.

“Y/N, you’re suppose to wake me with a kiss” he puckers his lips as you put your hand up to cover yours.

“Wrong fairytale” you mock, getting off the bed but not quick enough as he catches your arm and brings you back to his bed..

“Ew Sehun, you’re sweaty” you try pulling away from his hug. ”Go shower”

He stays silent for a minute, “Alright, let’s go shower”

“No you don’t” You hear Suho shout from the other room.

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[REQUEST]- Could you maybe write down the reaction of each BTS member to seeing y/n asleep in their bed? Like she wanted to wait for them to come back but it got really late, so she fell asleep.

I tried :3 Hope you like it! 


He saw your sleeping lump on the bed. “Aigo…” He just got home after a full day of practice. He was worrying about the upcoming concerts and choreo he had to do for the Wings Tour. “Y/N, were you waiting up for me?” He asked while he slid into bed with you. He rested your head on his chest and put his arms around your waist. He felt you snuggle into his body for warmth. “Oppa, you’re home…” And you went back to sleep. Light snores and heavy breathing. He watched you sleep. “How did I get so lucky with you?” It was true, you were so patient with him and his members. You even tried to wait for him every night. But tonight, you were tired and you fell asleep. He gave you a kiss on the head and drifted off into his dreams as well.


He unlocked the door, trying to stay as quiet as possible. He looked at the time on his phone, 3:53AM. He sighed. He promised you he would have been home by 10 at the latest tonight, but practice dragged out longer than he thought. He walked into his bathroom, took a quick shower and came out. He didn’t notice you were on his bed until he sat down and felt your body. His eyes widened. You waited for him the whole time he was at practice. He thought you would’ve gone home by now. He went under the blankets to hold you, he would never admit to you that he was a real cuddler. He smelled the fresh scent of your shampoo in your hair. It was nostalgic.  He was home and drifted off to sleep.


He stumbled into his room, visibly exhausted. It’s been a couple of days since you’ve both seen each other and hung out because of the upcoming tour. Hoseok needed to practice and get everything perfect. You didn’t mind not seeing him. But what you did mind was his health. You wanted to surprise him by visiting, but you didn’t realize that he was going to be home so late. You fell asleep before you saw him on his bed. He walked towards his bed and plopped down and he whacked you with his arm whilst falling down onto his bed. You immediately got up, frightened and started screaming. Hoseok was shocked by the sight, “JAGI, JAGI IT’S ME HOBI!” You stopped and you threw your arms around his neck. You hugged him tightly. You realized he just came back from practice and still smelled like faded cologne and sweat. You urged him to shower and come back to bed with you. He agreed. He came back you were both snoring your lives away.


Namjoon unlocked the door to his room. Being a leader, communicator, producer, and member all at once was starting to stress him out. He really missed having a bit of free time to hang out with you and spend time with you. He’s been practicing nonstop and it’s been tense with the members because they were all exhausted. He rolled onto his bed and felt something under the covers. It was you. Namjoon felt tears pricking his eyes. He had the best girlfriend in the entire world. You didn’t complain about not being with him. You knew that it was his job to be busy all the time. You were his number one fan of course. You were patient and loving. He knew he chose best. He rolled towards you and put his arms around your waist and pulled you closer. “Jagi, I love you.”


Jimin has been feeling particularly tired. He’s been stressed out. All he wanted to do was just destress with you. Watch a movie and cuddle. He missed your laugh and smile. You haven’t been able to see him due to his schedule and your busy schedule as well. You missed him and you went to his apartment and slept in his bed because you missed his scent. You were able to sleep easy for once just by staying there and waiting for him to come back and you would jump him and kiss him to show that you missed him. But due to your exhaustion, you fell asleep. He walked in on you and he swept his hair back and had an evil look on his face. He jumped onto the bed and started giving you sweet little kisses all over your face. “Yah, Park Jimin, I’m sleeping!” He laughed at this. “I know Jagi, I just missed you so much and your face.”


For the past couple of days, Tae has been feeling ridiculously tired. He’s been yawning all over the place. He had to practice for the upcoming concert and he hasn’t had time to even respond to you. He felt a little depressed to know that he couldn’t make time to talk to you. Little did he know, You went by the apartment to drop off some food and clean. After cleaning you were feeling tired and you went to tae’s bed and fell asleep. Later that night, Tae came home to see you on his bed. “JAAAAGIIIIIIIII” He jumped on the bed as if he were 5 years old again. Happy to see you, he koala-hugged you. He had you between his legs and basically crushed the life out of you. “Tae-I know you love me, but I’m losing Oxygen” He sheepishly smiled, “heh, love you.”


He was pacing back and forth to stay awake. Practice was neverending and he knew he had to make it perfect for his fans and his number one gal in his life. Y/N. He loved your antics, and your jokes. He was missing you so much. He hasn’t had any time to talk to you and finally he was able to go home for a bit. Once he got into bed, he realized that there was less space than usual. He took the covers off and saw you sleeping soundly with his jacket on. “This girl.” He started tickling you awake. “Yah, kookie, can’t a girl sleep peacefully?” He started smiling like crazy because he missed you. “Jagiiiiiiyaaaaa, I missed you so much” You stared at him, “I do too, now can we sleep? It’s literally 3 in the morning.”


-he’d watch your eyes slowly close while you rested against him- 

“My sweet little girl..” *runs his fingertips up and down your back as he cherishes the sweet sight* “I hope you have the sweetest of dreams, my love.”

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-though he’d try not to act like it, he’d get extremely flustered by your sheer cuteness- 

“Yah, jagi.. are you sleeping?” *you’d softly groan in response while clinging to him* “Okay, okay- just sleep babygirl..” *resting his head against yours, shutting his eyes as he caresses your thighs* 

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-he wouldn’t notice you drift off at first but would realise it as soon as he felt you bury your face into the crook of his neck- 

*softly hums to you as his arms tighten around your waist* “You must’ve been so tired, jagi…” *smiles as you faintly nod against him* “Sh, sh, let’s just sleep my love..” 

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-his heart would just sore at the sight of you falling asleep on him- 

*kissing the top of your head, he’d hold you as close to him as possible* “Ahh how can you be so cute, Jagi…” “So, so precious.~” 

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-he’d immediately become super smiley and blushy the moment he felt you gently grasp his shirt; burying your face into his chest-

“Ahhh, you’re not uncomfortable babygirl?” *he’d softly giggle when he’d get no response from you* “Okay, I’ll take that as a no..” *looking down at you, he couldn’t help but feel his heart well up* “God you’re so beautiful.. my beautiful baby.” 

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-seeing you be so comfortable with him and just watching you fall asleep would bring out the teddy bear in him- 

“Jagi, god you can’t keep being this cute-” *he’d quietly tease, peppering kisses all over your forehead, while lightly massaging your back* “-my precious little babygirl…” 

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-as soon as he noticed your eyes closing, he’d just carefully watch you drift off; religiously scanning your face, taking his time to appreciate every one of your features- 

*holding protectively- he’d gently rock you side to side while kissing your forehead, the tip of your nose, cheeks, and lips* “My little girl, my sweet angel..” “I love you so much- so, so much.” 

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Distractions pt 2

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6  || Pt. 7 || Pt. 8 || Pt.9 || Pt. 10 || Pt. 11 || Pt. 12

Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst (kinda…I guess?)

Summary: You and Yoongi had a history which nobody knew about. Now that you’ve debuted, you know your paths would cross again.

Word Count: 1689

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Yoongi tossed and turned in bed unable to get the image of you out of his head. Seeing you at that music show was the first time he’d seen you in person in almost four years. He couldn’t lie, you looked amazing and watching you perform was on a whole other level. He knew you loved music just as much as he did, but he never imagined you going through trainee years or debuting as an idol. 

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Yoonji-yah who is sleeping well,
I will give you your gift when you wake up
So hurry up and wake up
Happy Birthday

baby daddy! taehyung

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  •  okay so like i was gonna work on my prince!taehyung oneshot but i kept thinking about tae being a dad and i just got so emo and here are my ramblings
  • let me just start off saying that tae would be like the best husband in the entire world like he’d love and care for you with his entire being 
  • he’d spoon hug you at night time and hold your hand  and whisper how much he loves you in that deep voice by your ear until u fall into a deep sleep while being caressed in his arms 
  • hes like that kind of guy who would just love to wake you up in the moring tho 
  • and your like 
  • tae
  • no 
  • its like 7:30 wyd 
  • and he’s just like the sunshine himself like he shines so bright in the morning and literally he wants to get up early bc he wants to cherish every moment of you being beside him 
  • jfdklsfjlksdfjls and like!!!!! you’d complain bc like…..ur not the moring type yah know sleep is gr8 and he’d ultimately win bc he has this puppy face and would take ur hands and play with them and swing them to wake you up 
  • he’s basically a grown child 
  • okAY and so like why do i not see him being the type to romanticize the whole doing the ‘boom-boom’ 
  • i feel like he’d be the type to just like rush into it like ‘bAbE I WANT kIDS liKE ASAP’ 
  • but then again he wouldn’t rush you or pressure you or anything he’d wait for you 
  • and like one night you did it ok you did the boom-boom alright and like it was great obvs 
  • ill let u be dirty by yourselves im not going to go into that rn this is a fluff post 
  • quench ur thirst elsewhere 
  • anywhoo a few weeks pass and like you are getting that morning sickness yeah? I mean i never been preggers but im going off basic knowledge?? 
  • so okay like you wake up in the middle of the night like 3 in the morning and like tae wakes up of course and you are like in the bathroom spilling your guts out and at first ur like super confused and tae is worried as hell
  • but then his eyes just light up out of no where and ur like ??? 
  • “ARE YOU PREGNANT”??? like the question just busts out of him like a popped balloon ok he’s like half excited and half anxious and worried for you and he starts pacing the bathroom 
  • and ur like babe??? calm down idk if im pregnant ok i might just be sick?? 
  • and he looks at you and gets on his knees alright and looks you in the eyes and he just like “im going to walmart” and ur like 
  • wAIT 
  • that boy is already out the door with his pajamas still on ok like he gives zero fucks like he needs to know noW 
  • he slams that pregnancy test on the conveyor belt and he’s legit jumping up and down bc he wants to get back to his wiFE 
  • and the cashier lady is tired asf and like “whats dis mofo doing here kjdsklgjls” and then she smiles and says “good luck~” 
  • sO tae gets back home ok and he hands u the thing and ur like alright alrigHT 
  • and that boy will not leave ur side ok u better know it and ur like tae??? ummmmm can i please pee on this thing in peace thx 
  • and hes like oh shit sorry 
  • so u pee on the stick and guess whattttt 
  • ur preggers 
  • u kinda just exit the bathroom with a sly smile on your face
  • and tae has bulging eyes waiting for a response 
  • “im pregnant” 
  • you better bet your sweet little ass he’s gonna be all over you he’s gonna be swinging u around and kissing your face and crying 
  • and seeing him crying makes u cry and next thing you know the next morning your letting the fam know
  • everyone is just like congrats!!!!!
  • and now comes the nine months where tae is legit your body gaurd like he is so protective 
  • he was protective to begin with but now its like he took some super dad power pills and he is always attached to u like everywhere you look tae is there like a leech attached to your back 
  • hed be feeding you breakfast every morning and go throughout your day eating healthy meals 
  • gotta make sure that baby is nourished!!!!!!
  • im crying ok omg breAK 
  • back ok liSTEN 
  • you would get that baby bump and he’d rub your belly all the time and he’d jump out of his skin when the baby moves or kicks and he’s just “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 
  • and your lauging and he wants to cry again bc he is so in awe like ?? thats his baby moving around in there 
  • and he’d want to sing to the baby all the time like 
  • youd be lying in bed and hed start singing little nursery rhymes and your heart just swells and the baby can detect that sort of thing??? and it starts to move around around and you tell tae that the baby likes his singing and that makes him do it even more often
  • also not to mention being pregnant is effing painful so he’d always be there to rub your aching back and give you butterfly kisses all the time to ease your pain
  • okay and then you go and u find out the sex of your baby and like you think its gonna be a boy but tae thinks its gonna be a girl idk why i just feel like tae would want a girl 
  • so u go and you find out that it’s a girl!!!!!!!!! and tae won’t leave u alone abt how he was right 
  • and u decide on a name and no doubt its cute ofc 
  • okay so your whole pregnancy goes like this and so then 
  • ur water breaks 
  • oh shit amiright 
  • tae freaks the fuck out but like not as much as you were 
  • like your in pain and hoLY FuCK they baby iS coMING nOW 
  • and yout screaming and tae is trying to be calm but he’s runnning around and trying to get you into the car and he’s freaking out while driving like 
  • he’s like speeding down the highway to get to the hospital ok 
  • this boy has got zero chill 
  • he half carries you into the hospital and everything happens to fast
  • hes sitting beside you holding your hand tight as your screaming your lungs out giving birth 
  • and tae is half-way feeling guilty that you’re going through this pain 
  • but fAST foRWARD and your healthy baby girl is born!!!! 
  • and like at first tae was about to bounce on the doctors like he wants his kid now but they had to go clean her up 
  • and when they finish tae holds her little body in his arms and he’s crying 
  • “look at her” 
  • “she’s so beautiful” 
  • “it’s my baby” 
  • he looks at you then with tears gleaming in his eyes 
  • and he brings her over to you and your holding her and you can’t believe you did it 
  • as ur baby girl grows up like tae is such a protective father 
  • he’d proababy want to cry if she ever got hurt 
  • and you notice that as she grew that she had tae’s sparking eyes and gleaming box smile that you always adored you 
  • she had your cute nose 
  • and face shape 
  • Tae would try so hard to make her look so cute like braid her hair and pick out cute clothes and you’d just smile and let him be 
  • him being happy with your child was enough to make your insides melt 
  • he’d be that dad who’d volunteer to change the diapers and get up in the morning and your just like babe!!! i got it its fine!!!! im ok i can do it!!!! 
  • and after seeing you go through that pain for 9 months he wants to repay you back and in turn he also gets to spend time with his kid and he is happy doing it 
  • youd both play with that baby all the time and be all over the floor with that baby ok and the squeal of joy that erupts from that childs mouth is what fuels tae and you to keep living in this beautiful world
  • when it comes time for her to go to school hed be so scared like hes letting his baby girl go off alone??? nO 
  • and ur like tae its alright babe its ok its good for her and he gets that but still??? 
  • also your daughter would have that same laugh that tae does and every time she does it your stomach gets butterflies 
  • and whenever she cried tae would be like the first one at the scene 
  • and whenever she had her temper tantrums he’d be the one to baby her 
  • and your like tae we cant do that we gotta have disipline 
  • and hes not having it
  • that baby is gonna be so spoiled rotten omg 
  • lord help us all 
  • but the thing is that baby will have the best parents in the entire universe like nothing can change that fact at all 
  • that baby is gonna grow up living a happiness filled life ok 
  • i really hope ya’ll enjoyed it!!!! 
Restless Nights

@missemthings : SHINee Minho x reader! And I don’t have a specific request but your guys work is always amazing so I’ll be happy with whatever!

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Minho (SHINee)/Reader

Word Count: 660

Summary: Minho can’t really sleep.

I groan as I roll over in the bed. I felt arms pull me back to their hot chest. I whine again and try to pull away. I hear a husky voice chuckle. I felt some kisses on my neck.

“Stay still babe.” I hear Minho say.

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A Nice Wake Up [a Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe smut]

Request(s): ‘CAN YOU DO A SMUT AGAIN WITH BARRY SEB AND READER?!?!?!? PLEASE AN CAN IT BE where like the boys have a dream about the reader and the reader sees what they are doing in their sleep and yah? DOes that make sense?’ And ‘Poly smut where y/n is between them and they’re both inside her but seb and Barry are making out with each other? Idk’

a/n: this is hot…..do you guys like me? I feel like everyone hates me rn and I honestly just…you know…. want Barry/Seb to make me happy

WARNING: Smut (threesome)

Soft moans invite you into the apartment, making you crinkle your eyebrows. Toeing off your shoes, you shrug your jacket to your hands, letting it fall to the floor. “Mmm… love you Y/N…” Barry mumbles into the pillow, face scrunched in concentration. “You feel…sssss’good…” His hips buck up as you enter the bedroom, hard on defined in his dark gray boxers.

“Yeah…yes, princess…” Sebastian smirks, eyelashes spread against his freckled cheeks. Covering your mouth, your fingers work on the button of your maroon ripped skinny jeans, eyeing the way your boyfriends bare chests rise and fall. “Girl…you so sexy…damn.” he grunts, hand resting over the waistband of his striped boxer briefs.

Stripping out of your white blouse, you climb on the bed, hands creeping up their hairy legs. Barry sucks in a breath, squeezing his eyelids tighter, while Sebastian coos out a little ‘ooo’, grinning. Biting your lip, you place your palms over their dicks, feeling how hard they are.

The speedster’s bright eyes snap open, gasping at the sudden contact. You wink, sneaking your fingers into his boxers, wrapping your hand around him. “Y/N…” Barry groans loudly, waking up his boyfriend. The Warbler blinks, focusing his eyes on you, patting slightly. “I wa…wanna be inside you.” he continues, thrusting up in your hand.

Slapping the other boy, Sebastian squints. “No. I want to. You got to last time.” he frowns, kicking off his boxers to the end of the bed. Barry slaps him back. “Oh, you wanna go, B? You wanna go?” he bites, glaring at the superhero. “Need I remind you of Dalton fight club-”

“Both of you can be.” you suggest seductively, sitting on your knees. With a throaty moan, Barry nods.

In a quick second, you’re suddenly on top of Sebastian, hands set firmly on his chest; Barry kneels behind you, condom already on, dick barely grazing your ass. “Aw…why am I on the bottom?” Sebastian whines, sand colored locks fanning across the pillowcase.

At the same time, you and Barry roll your eyes. You sink down onto the Warbler’s cock, making him gasp, gripping the sheets. “Don’t complain, you love bottoming- oh!” you shout, feeling Barry enter from behind. “Warn me next time, Barr…” you shiver, adjusting to his length.

“Sorry, babe…” he mutters, rocking his hips slowly. Groaning, you lean down, breasts pressed to Sebastian’s toned chest, making him whine. Barry follows your movements, hooking his chin over your shoulder while thrusting. When he gets close enough, he captures the Warbler’s lips with his, sucking.

Sebastian moans into the kiss, tongue dipping into his boyfriend’s mouth as he bucks his hips. Hissing, you grind down on Barry’s dick, causing him to groan, biting the other boy’s lip. “Oh my god… “ you whimper, bouncing when the speedster starts vibrating. “Ugh… Barr, Seb… I’m gonna cum…” you whine, tossing your head back to lean on Barry’s shoulder.

“Cum, princess… cum, girl. Please…” Sebastian begs, cock twitching when your walls tighten around him. Grabbing a handful of his thick hair, you let out a moan before Barry cums, face hidden in your back. “Jesuschrist…” he whispers as one word, cumming at the same time you do.

Hot and sticky, the three of you carefully tumble to the mattress, breathing heavily. Barry giggles, kissing his girlfriend then boyfriend. “That was nice to wake up to… right, Bas?” he hums, curling his arms around your waist.

Sebastian frowns, scooting that he’s now in the middle. “Better.”

I made a post the other day about what sort of classes/jobs the DST characters would be if they were in the world of Final Fantasy 14 (because I had no chill and I couldn’t sleep; yah me).

I mentioned that Wilson would definitely be a Alchemist, which isn’t a fighting class but rather a Crafting job, but it just makes so much sense. Being an Alchemist in FF14 lets you create potions, elixirs, and even some types of magic weapons for certain classes.

falling for you pt.5 | jimin

Originally posted by bangtanboysbutterfly

Pairing: Jimin + OC! Kim Yejin

Genre: Angst/Fluff + Highschool Au

Word Count: 2k

Part 1 2 3 4 5 

Yejin’s P.O.V.

“Yes! Yes! YESSS!” I screamed in joy, as I threw my hands up in victory.

AISH!! THIS WASN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!” Jimin yelled in frustration, throwing the game controller to the ground. Staring at the screen, the scoreboard popped up, with me in the lead. Again. For the tenth time.

Grinning, I stuck my tongue out, shaking my head at Jimin teasingly as he pouted and whined cutely,“Yejin-ah! One more time!!” he begged.

Nope!” I said, popping the p with my lips, as I smiled at him smugly.

“YEJIN-AH!!! PLEASE!!!” He yelled, stomping his feet like a little kid.

Aish! You guys are so loud! !” An annoyed voice yelled from the other room. Trudging outside, Jungkook yelled at the two of them,“Yah! I’m trying to sleep!

His messy brown hair was sticking out in all directions causing Jimin and I to burst out in laughter at the sight of the boy before us.

Arghs!” he exclaimed, before he went and grabbed his jacket and shoes. 

Yah! Where are you going?!” I yelled as he reached for the doorknob.

“I’m going for a walk fo some peace and quiet outside since you guys won’t be shutting up anytime soon!” he huffed, as he walked out the door, slamming it shut leaving Jimin and I alone in the house.

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