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Wonderland (Tae fluff)

Based off this request!

Summary: A day at the amusement park with the boys

A/N: I’m so sorry this took forever omg I didn’t think a few hundred words would cut it so out came this monster lmao. I hope this has enough fluff as you wanted anon!!! Admin Sky

2.2k words

“Jagiya wake up!! It’s today, we’re going to Disneyland today!!!” The sound of your boyfriend’s overexcited high-pitched cajoling sounded in your ear. You burrowed deeper into your warm pillows, hoping to sneak in an extra 5 minutes, but Taehyung was persistent.

“Hurry hurry! Jungkook and Jimin are ready to leave and you’re still not dressed yet!” With a mild grumble, you sat up, your bedhead uncontrollable as always. Struggling to open your sleep tinged eyes, you shot Taehyung a glare, wondering how anyone could be as awake as he was before noon. He flashed you his signature boxy smile and grabbed your wrist, pulling you out of bed and into the bathroom to get ready.

Despite your feigned grumpiness, you felt a tinge of excitement within you as you contemplated the day ahead. A date at an amusement park had always been your dream, and now it was finally coming true with your boyfriend of 3 years. Granted, the other boys were tagging along as well, but they were more like family to you than anything else. Speeding through your morning routine, you exited the washroom and headed for your closet, tugging on a pair high-waist light wash denim jeans and a white lace crop top. You could hear the chatters from the living room grow louder and louder, and figuring the boys were getting impatient, grabbed your tote bag and a snapback before sliding into your black Converse.

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