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Top 4 Life Changing Apps You Need as a College Student (With Demos)

Hey everyone!  I was just using each of these apps today to study for my midterms, and I figured I’d share the wealth.  I got each of these apps from the Apple App Store, and use them seamlessly across my Apple devices.  I hope each of them change your midterm weeks for the better! (This is post is kind of long but I made it long to cover what I think are the coolest/most useful things about these apps)

App #1: Notability

Yah, yah.  You’ve heard of this one before.  I’m here to show you some reasons for that.  

Best Features:

1. Annotating and Combining All of the Powerpoints and PDF’s of Your Wildest Dreams

Holy crap is this thing good at converting powerpoints and PDFs.  The transition is undetectable.  Furthermore, if your lecture material was split up into 2 powerpoints that your professor posted, or multiple topics are covered in one powerpoint that you want to separate, you can either combine them into one note, or only import selected slides into separate notes.  Once you do that, you can draw, highlight, add photos and additional typed text…pretty much anything extra you’d need is at your fingertips. 

Demo: Importing PDFS:

Here I’m taking a random web page PDF from organicchem.org about chair conformers, tapping once on it, and copying it to the notability app.  

You literally just tap a couple times and it’s done for you.  You can add the PDF to a new note, an old note, or even take specific pages of the PDF/powerpoint and place only the ones you want into a new or existing note.  It’s almost too easy to be true.  

2. You Can Actually Write Neatly

If you’re anything like me, it bothers you how your handwriting suddenly looks messy when you write on tablets.  Well, notability handles that for you. 

Demo: Writing and Editing Written Text:

Here I’m writing a huge note of what I want to remember with the pencil tool. I picked a red color from the huge color selection, and a rather thin pencil line because it’s only a small side-note.  Of course you can customize your writing to fit what is easiest for you to read and study from.  What happens in the second and third pictures is the cool part:

You can use the scissors tool to put a circle around what you just wrote, and then pinch and rotate the text to change its size and orientation, as well as drag your finger to move it to where you want your note to go.  This way you can write super neatly and just do the moving around afterwords, making sure you can see your text and are comfortable with the way it appears.  You can also re-select it to make it bigger again if you change your mind.  

3. You Can Record and Embed Your Lectures Into Your Notes, While You’re Writing Original Notes OR Annotating Existing Ones

You can do them at the same time.  You don’t have to think about inserting a recording after the fact, or mixing up small recordings and meshing them into one document.  Notability sorts your audio recordings and fixes them up pretty for you, and just starts recording as soon as you hit the speaker button.  Then you can keep annotating what Dr. So-and-So is saying without worrying about your recording being in the right place.

Demo: Recording While Note-Taking:

After you’ve recorded, you can click the speaker button again to edit the recording’s volume, sort multiple recordings you’ve taken as well as name them.  Move the recordings from note to note, etc.  

App #2: Flashcard Hero

Known colloquially as: “How I’m Passing My Anatomy Lab”

Listen here y’all if you wanna make flashcards fast as fuck and learn them the day of your practical, Flashcard Hero is how.

General Overview of Best Features:

The way I predominantly use this app is by furiously making and organizing my flashcards into millions of sections and subsections on my computer, so that everything is findable and easy to access within my flashcard deck.  Then I move them via iCloud over to my phone and tablet to study them on the go.  

You can put pictures, videos, PDF pages, anything on the front or back of your flashcard, and just as much as you want on the back as well.  When you study, you can choose if you want the front or back to show up first, or an alternation of the two if you prefer.  There is no length limit on what you can place on a particular card.  

While you’re studying, the app gives you options of clicking “Easy, Unsure, or Hard” on the card you’re reviewing, so that it will pop up with the ones you’re unsure/really clueless about more often.  This saves my actual ass I can’t recommend it enough.  It has improved my ability to memorize tons of material far more quickly and efficiently.

Demo: The General Interface of Flashcard Hero:

You can see some of the features I’ve talked about.  If you want to know even more of the features, try downloading the app and checking out the “Tutorial” deck it includes on the main menu!

App #3: LiquidText

This is another insanely useful method of PDF annotation.  It is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and is really good for people who enjoy mind-mapping and comprehensively organizing their ideas while reading!

Best Feature: Organizing Important Bits of Text:

Okay prepare to be very happy about this.  You can literally highlight a section of a PDF, drag it to the side of your screen, and poof.  Your highlighted bit is saved for you to click on and easily access later.  You can even link your highlighted bits, no matter how far apart they are within the document, to help connect and organize your thoughts.  And wait until you see Highlightview, where you can pinch the document so that all of your highlighted portions come together labelled with page numbers.  Too satisfying okay, too satisfying:

If you’re reading something really quickly before class, and you want to easily access interesting portions of a long text during a class discussion, this app will save your life and save you pain in the long run.

App #4: MyScript Calculator

Just watch the demo of this one and prepare to take a huge sigh of relief and awe and happiness.  It actually works and doesn’t confuse what you’re writing, and will do difficult/complex computation.  By changing around the settings to fit the discipline of math you’re doing, this app can save you some annoying typing into calculators and can help you visualize large calculations at a glance.

Best Features: Blowing my tiny, bad at fast-math mind

Demo: General Interface of MyScript Calculator

Just. Yes. Yes good.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this/found at least one of these useful!  Merry midterms!  

soulmate! Seungkwan

requested by anon: “Soulmate Seungkwan please?🤗🤗 ”

Summary: in which you have your soulmate’s initials under your collarbone, which glows once you meet

  • soonyoung barges into the dance studio excitedly 
  • everyone complies with confused faces 
  • soon enough everyone has a perfect view of a paused video on his phone 
  • "LOOK!! (his soulmate) sent me this!! and i think- you know i’ll just let you guys watch!!!" 
  • seungkwan himself has a front and center view of the video as a result of soonyoung pulling him right next to him
  • "isnt this l/n y/n??" 
  • seungkwan asks recognizing your face, the name always stuck because those were the initials
  • most of the younger generation knew you due to your comedic skits that you korean subbed or did in korean 
  • svt murmured in agreement
  • soonyoung shushed them and turned on the video, it was some type of q&a 
  • but that’s not what some of the members noticed first 
  • in fact seungkwan, 
  • "SHE HAS MY INITIALS?!?!?!!" 
  • svt equals chaos
  • "if she is your soulmate i feel bad for her, she has B.S. under her collarbone" 
  • joshua immediately burst out laughing at vernon’s words 
  • they got stared at oddly but seungkwan just held a hand over his own tattoo 
  • it was always covered carefully in makeup, and it seems like yours was normally covered too 
  • he’s always watched your videos, admiring how funny and easy going you could be and pretty 
  • but to think…what are the chances you both have the same soulmate mark and each others initials, its not possible you guys arent,,, 

  • like every morning, you wake up and check your email 
  • as a youtuber and college student, your career definitely wasn’t ideal 
  • most told you to just choose one 
  • but you were determined to get your film & directing degree while maintaining your channel 
  • you felt so blessed to have almost two million subscribers with the four years you’ve done youtube, and at your age 
  • even tho it’s summer break and no college, you are swarmed with youtube events and get a ton of emails everyday 
  • after replying to many, one stands out 
  • no mother effing way 
  • PLEDIS???? 
  • what the heck did you do 
  • "blah blah blah we believe your soulmate is part of our company and we’d love it if you come for the week blah blah blah" 
  • your scream was probably heard by the entire floor but you don’t care 
  • you quickly type and answer back saying you would be free the upcoming week, 
  • your excitement was practically oozing out the message but hello your about to meet your fluffing soulmate 
  • the wait was a total b tho 
  • and so was packing 
  • you couldnt ignore your youtube duties as you post two videos a week in the summer and do daily ish vlogs 
  • so you had to pack all your equipment along with your regular things 
  • while you vlog your trip to korea you simply tell your subscribers it’s simply a business/vacation trip 
  • your plane arrives late at night and drive isnt short so by the time you arrive at pledis, you’ve already fully freaked yourself out 
  • you think it’s probably just some company worker but it’d be really cool if you like walk pass one of svt’s studios or maybe even catch them practicing??? 
  • you really enjoy svt’s music and think they all have so much talent 
  • you haven’t really gotten into them yet due to your busy schedule but you listen to their music 
  • a staff member is waiting for you at the front and you make small talk 
  • she sets your luggage to the side and brings you down the hall where you see a huge blown out poster of svt 
  • which they look really cool in
  • "he’s in there,” the staff member leads you to a door than leaves, smiling knowingly
  • you open, introducing yourself, “hello i’m y/n-" 
  • the thirteen boys stare at you with wide eyes and you stare with equally wide eyes back 
  • "ARE ONE OF YOU???” you shriek, hello svt n right in front of you
  • one of the boys gets pushed forward and tumbles 
  • he does wild hand motions towards his neck, where your initials are glowing 
  • you look down where yours are glowing 
  • he looks shocked for a minute but laughs, "YOUR WELCOME”
  • “AHHHHHH!" 
  • all the screaming starts and you both get pushed together into a hug,
  • pulling away, you both laugh at the situation 
  • they all introduce themselves to you, some more loud than others 
  • he immediately gets tackled by the guy seokmin 
  • “LIAR (hoshi’s soulmate) DID!!!" 
  • seungkwan’s ears turn red and his face gets defensive 
  • "YAHH-" 
  • "awe you cutie~ i listen to svt and i really like your music" 
  • seungkwan blushes and the members turn silent 
  • until jeonghan smirks and asks 
  • "who’s your bias, you dont have to lie" 
  • everyone looks at you expectantly 
  • you wrap you arm around seungkwan’s waist, shocking him, and grin
  • "ayeee what kind of question is that, mr. boo seungkwan of course" 
  • they immediately begin protesting, teasing seungkwan 
  • in the mist of this, seungkwan wraps an arm around you shoulder, with your arm still around his waist 
  • he looks at you with a shy smile making you giggle
  • "okay so who’s the best looking?” you get asked 
  • in the corner of your eye, you notice seungkwan’s smile become just the tiny bit smaller 
  • “who else is there, all of you are ugly besides seungkwan” you playfully stick your tongue out at them 
  • they start teasing both you and seungkwan now 
  • you feel a hand grabbing you hand and pulling you out the room 
  • "come on, let’s go eat all the chicken in the other room" 
  • "ooh okay ill remember to lock the door" 
  • you both sprint hand in hand to the room down the hall 
  • from behind you, you hear,
  • "YAH!! i heard that seungkwan!!" 
  • he looks at you with lowkey panicked eyes 
  • "hurrrryyyyy”
  • “for the chicken” you smile 
  • he stifles a loud laugh at he closes the door to the room and you lock it
  • “we need to eat as much as we can before they find a key" 
  • you both stuff a chicken wing your own mouths and laugh 
  • "you got something there" 
  • you almost roll your eyes at the cheesy line, ‘like really dude lmao’ 
  • licking your lips you ask, "did i get it" 
  • "no" 
  • faster than you can process, he picks up another wing and smothers it around your mouth and cackles 
  • "YAH!!" 
  • by the time the others got the key you and seungkwan were in serious need of some face wash

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU Series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi / Pt.2 || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||


~ admin seri

All Bottled Up

This is Shklance that has been bugging me for two days now, so if you’re uncomfortable with that it’s ok to just skip this and scroll down.

Part 1

I made a part 2 😊 https://psychotic-cheesecake.tumblr.com/post/160721447852/all-bottled-up

“Oh my god, have you heard?”

“I’m pretty sure everyone in this coffee shop heard you.” Keith grumbled, fighting the urge to turn around and glare at the woman behind him. It was 3 in the afternoon and he needed his iced coffee, it was too hot and humid for excited college girls.

“What?” Thankfully the girl she was with doesn’t seem fazed or mildly excited. Maybe she’s just as tired and sweaty as him this time of the day.

“You know that guy Ethan and the guy he’s dating? I heard they broke up like last night.”

“No way!” Or maybe not. Keith could feel the small jump the girl made on her seat considering that she was seated just behind him. Why the hell did he choose to sit here again?

“Yah. I heard they broke up in a restaurant. In a FUCKING RESTAURANT on their ANNIVERSARY!”

The girl behind him audibly gasp. Keith rolled his eyes but still listened. You can’t really blame him for listening, for one he was seated directly behind the girls; and two, the drama was quite intriguing.

“Oh no, poor Lance!”

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Can’t Remember To Forget You Ch. 1

Ever since you accidentally spilled your lunch on Im Youngmin, the popular chaebol senior with money and fame, he’s seemed to hate you. However, when some odd photos of the two of you arguing appear in a tabloid, he has a solution as to how you can make up for it– pretend to be his girlfriend. 

  • high school au + fake dating au
  • same universe/basic timeline as let me love you
  • multichaptered for all you youngmin stans!
  • dancer!reader
  • reader is a second-year in high school; youngmin is a third-year


“What does this have to do with me?” You asked, tossing the magazine back onto the table. “I’m not the one who’s famous, nor am I the one who took the picture.” Youngmin glared at you for a moment more before rubbing his hand on his face, sighing deeply. When his eyes met yours again, his frown had been replaced by a much softer, more despairing expression.

“I need your help,” he muttered, “I know what I’m about to ask is a lot, but believe me, if the truth comes out, not only am I screwed, but you are as well.”

You stared at him.

“Look, consider it payback for you fucking up my uniform,” he said, leaning against the table. “Here’s the favor: I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend.”

“Bye.” You spun on your heel, reaching for the door to the classroom.

“(Y/N), please.” Something about the desperation in Youngmin’s voice made you freeze, turning around to face him. “I… I’m desperate. Nobody can know that I was at that competition, or that I dance. You being my girlfriend is the perfect solution—you have an excuse as to why you were talking to me, I have an excuse as to why I was at the competition, and the press can stop saying that I’m crazy and not fit to inherit.”

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Stockholm Syndrome

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The one where Y/N is an ordinary girl who just auditioned for fun, when she was actually chosen out of a group of models to be the love interest in One Direction’s music video for ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ by Harry Styles himself.


The building that held the audition was frightening.

 It was freezing and there were a number of girls there that looked like super models, with they’re long, smooth legs and high heels, along with short skirts, and don’t forget the crop tops that revealed their tanned stomach’s.

God, don’t they ever have a candy bar?

Y/N thought while sitting across from one of them. The model was looking down at her phone with her gelled, pink finger nails. Her make up was on point and her high light was so bright, it could blind a person with 20/20 vision, Y/N presumed.

Y/N didn’t look like these girls at all. No, she wasn’t a model, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t happy with her appearance. She was wearing a black tank top along with some ripped white skinny jeans, that stopped just before her ankle. Her shoes were her common ‘go to’ black flats that were worn out, yes, but she couldn’t give them up.

Her hair was an ombre color, with brown and blonde mixed in, and it was in her favorite style, down, falling over her shoulders, long enough to cover the middle of her breasts.

The whole reason as to why Y/N even wanted to audition for this was not because of her love for the band, no, this is what Y/N wanted to do, she wanted to act.

It had been a dream of her’s since she was little. She would sit at home for hours at a time in front of her television, watching as many movies as she could. Then she would reenact them for hours and have a blast.

So when she heard that One Direction was holding auditions for one of her favorite songs, she figured this was her shot.

“Y/N?” Y/N’s head shot up quickly and looked toward the direction of the voice. It was a woman with blonde hair and a clear complexion. She was smiling with a clipboard in her hand and the other holding the door open that closed automatically if you let go of it.

“Yeah!” Y/N said quick, before bending down to grab her belongings that were sitting by her feet. “Right this way.” the blonde haired woman said as Y/N approached closer to her, walking through the doorway and into the bright, white room that held huge long mirrors hanging horizontally on the wall to her right.

 “So the boys are going to see what you can do, okay?” “Wait, what?” Y/N’s eyes grew wide.

What the fuck? Y/N thought to herself while the lady was re-explaining herself to her. Y/N didn’t know the boys would be here! She figured it would be someone from their management team holding the auditions.

Now she was REALLY nervous.

She tried to hold herself together as the lady was still explaining everything to her. She felt as if the breakfast sandwich she had earlier this morning was going to soon meet her again, face to face, if she didn’t get out of this audition quick.

“They’re going to talk to you, ask you your name, get to know you a little bit and then play the song, to see how you react to it.” this lady was speaking very sweetly and calmly, but Y/N was surely going to throw up, either that or faint.

“Go right ahead.” were her last words to her, before Y/N was mindlessly walking further into the wide room. Her body froze once she first got sight of all the boys sitting at a folded up table, just a few feet away from the mirrors that were on the wall.

They looked even better in person. Y/N stared with slightly widened eyes as she witnessed them in action. Niall was laughing while pinching Liam’s arm, Liam was smiling and telling him to stop, while Zayn was laughing about something that Louis had told him softly and Harry- Harry was staring at Y/N.

He seemed to be the only one who noticed she was in the room with them. She smiled at him, Harry was always her favorite, she loved all the boys, of course, but she always found herself staring at Harry the most, just like he was staring at her now.

He had a brown hat on top of his head, it looked like the same one from the album cover of four, and a black button-up shirt that was exposing his tattooed swallows that were on his collar bone. His long, curly hair just barely above his shoulders, he looked breath-taking.

“Hello.” he spoke out and shortly after, the rest of the boys stopped goofing off and looked in Y/N’s direction. Her heart was beating so fast, she was sure at least one of the boys could hear it. “Hi.” Y/N let out softly, with her hands behind her back, fingers intertwined, she didn’t know exactly what to do with them.

“Hey love, wha’s yo’ name?” Louis called out to her as she smiled, “Y/N,” she saw as some of the boy’s eyebrows raised in an impressed way, as if though they weren’t expecting her name to be that. Then there was Harry, who was smiling widely at her before saying the word, “beautiful.”

Now she was sure her heart could be heard. Her cheeks were slightly turning pink from Harry’s comment about the name her father gave her. With her bottom lip tucked underneath her teeth, she stared back at the boys and mouthed Harry thank you, before Niall opened his open and began speaking.

“Where’r yah from, Y/N?” they were all quiet now, unlike earlier, before they realized she was in the same room as them, all eyes on her. She didn’t know who’s face to look at, so she just chose to look at each of them a little as she spoke.

“Here. Born and raised.” They all nodded and gave small remarks on it before Harry spoke up again, “how old are yah?” “twenty-one.” they all gave shocked looks, she didn’t look it, but maybe that was because she just turned twenty-one a week ago.

“Wow, you don’t look it,” Harry remarked with wide eyes still on her, while the others spoke in agreement toward him, “no?” Y/N teased with a scrunched nose, narrowed eyebrows and a shake of her head, something Harry found adorable.

“Nah.” he was staring dreamily at her now, this girl was the only one in this audition to actually catch his eye. Harry was honestly tired of seeing models in the videos, he wanted a normal girl who was humble and most relatable toward their fans. 

He had seen on Twitter a few months ago, fans replying to their past video that had a super model in it. They were saying things like, “I could never look like her.” or “she’s so skinny, I need to lose weight now.” it was really upsetting Harry to see the fans think that the boys were actually into girls like that.

“Okay, show us wha yah got.” Harry had heard Zayn say, causing him to break out of his daze. “Okay,” Y/N said nervously, as Liam was reaching for the boom box before Harry spoke up, “No.” Everyone froze and looked at him, they looked as if Harry had three heads, except Niall, he was smiling like an idiot in his direction.

“Wha?” Louis asked Harry as he was staring at Y/N, who looked just as confused as the boys. “I- I said no. I like her, she’s hired.” he spoke in his deep, raspy British voice while staring at Y/N with a smile curved on his lips. She was smiling widely now, her eyes widening too, and Harry couldn’t help but think that he truly made the right choice with her as the love interest. He would barely have to act.

“H- Hold on, Y/N.” Zayn spoke before they all got up and pushed Harry into a spare room that looked like a closet. Once the door shut behind Niall, who was the last person to follow, they all stared at Harry with crossed arms.

“Wha are ya doin, lad?” Louis asked him sternly, “we haven’t even seen her dance.” “well, maybe she won’t have to!” Harry spoke up in a frustrated voice, “Hell! We can’t even dance!” they all looked at Harry and then slowly nodded in agreement, remembering horrible flashbacks from the X-Factor.

“Don’t ya see? She perfect fo’ this.” Harry was looking at all of them now as they were all listening closely to what he had to say. “The song is about a fan kidnapping us and us falling in love with her, she looks very similar, if not older, to our fans.” they were looking at Harry and agreeing as he spoke more.

“If we put a damn super model in the video, it would just look off pudding, you have to admit.” they all nodded in agreement to his words, “I agree,” Niall stated, stepping closer toward Harry, “I say we go with her.” Liam nodded, “Yah, no mo’ auditions.” “She’s the one.” Zayn said and Harry couldn’t agree more.

Once they all stepped out of the spare room, Y/N had been waiting for about five minutes, still standing in the same spot she started at, just feet away from the folded table that they all re-sat down at. “Alrigh’,” Louis spoke before any of the other boys did, Y/N’s heart was beating out of her chest, did she get this or not?

What could they possibly have talked about for such a short amount of time? She was so nervous, they probably were going to drop her and go with one of the super models that one of the boys reminded Harry of, “we’ve all come to the conclusion that we really like yah,” Y/N’s eyes were widening, along with her lips at this point, “and we would be honored if ya would work with us in this video.”

A rush of happiness hit Y/N in the face like a semi, “yes, yes- yes!” she squealed as they all clapped and laughed while she ran up to each of them and shook their hands properly. When it came to Harry, he shook her hand and then pulled her in for a tight hug, rubbing her back slowly while swaying her back and forth and then whispering, “I can’t wait.”


Y/N had to admit, she felt much more relaxed around the boys after a few days of shooting, especially around Harry.

It had been day two of shoot and they already got a few verses of the song done. Y/N had been having a blast filming with the boys and honestly didn’t even feel as if she were acting. 


maybe she was. She couldn’t really see herself tying the boys up in the basement of her house while spoon feeding them and practically forcing them to contribute with her in the video.

They all would have laughs in between takes, talking about the last scene they filmed and how crazy it would be if they were really in that situation. Harry found himself laughing with Y/N more instead of the boys.

He loved being around her, hearing her giggle and watching as she would slightly blush after doing a take that involved her to get a little closer toward Harry than normal. This made him blush as well.

“Alright! We’re gonna do another scene now.” the director of the video spoke out loud over the laughter and talking between Y/N and the boys. Causing them to all look over in his direction, Y/N next to Harry once he got their full attention. He continued, “Y/N, for this scene, I want you to tie Harry to ‘your bed’.” 

Her eyes nearly jumped out of her sockets, “ooohh.” all the boys said with a rawr of laughter shortly afterward. Y/N looked over at Harry who was smirking at the director, silently thanking him. “Yeah, yeah. You’re going to straddle him as well, while doing so, then maybe slowly lean down to his face while he sings the lyrics to you.”

“Hey, is this the music video fo’ Stockholm Syndrome? Or are we all surprisingly on the set of the next Fifty Shades of Gray movie?” a wave of laughter filled the room from Louis’ comment, leaving Y/N and Harry visibly blushing. She was wondering if he would be comfortable shooting a scene like that, practically the start of a kinky porno, and he thought the same thing with her.

“Wait, I don’ know if Y/N would be comfortable shootin’ a scene like tha’,-” Harry started, but was soon cut off by Y/N, “I’ll be fine,” he shifted his head away from the direction of the director to Y/N with narrowed eyebrows, “let’s do it.”

With that, Y/N was straddling Harry on a king size bed while tying his wrists above his head to the bed frame. As she leaned over him, he could smell her perfume, it was sensational, it smelt like tropical fruits from a beautiful island, almost as beautiful as her.

He had only been wishing he were wear a cup right now, to hide his boner if he would possibly get one during this scene, which he knew he probably would. Once she finished tying him up, she stared at him and smiled with her hands on her thighs, waiting for the director to cue the music and yell, “action.”

They stared into each other’s eyes for a while, Harry couldn’t imagine being more happier than he was right now. If the director or the boys weren’t watching, he would most-likely be showing his kinky side by now.

She was so breath-taking, it was almost unbearable, he felt as if he were being tortured by being tied up and now having access to Y/N’s body. Not being able to have his hands roam her slim hips while he pulled in her in toward his face, just inches from his lips, right before he would press them onto hers, moaning softly into it as he opened his mouth slightly, taking her bottom lip between his teeth and hearing her whimper to him.

“Woah,” Y/N spoke as she felt the member between her thighs that she was sitting on grow in Harry’s pants. Harry blinked his daydream away before looking down at his crotch and groaning in embarrassment / pleasure with his eyes shut tight and his head leaned back against the head board.

“We haven’t even started yet, Harry.” “Shhh.” he told her quietly, trying hard to not have the director hear them, “I’m sorry- just bare with me.” he told her after looking at the boys and he director and seeing that they weren’t paying any attention to them.

“Don’t move too much, please.” he demanded to her in a soft tone that nearly sent a shiver down her spine. She couldn’t believe she was having this much impact on Harry, just from sitting on him- well, more like straddling him. She nodded and bit her lip lightly, only imagining what he would do to her if the director and the boys weren’t here. The thought slightly made her wet.

“ALRIGHT! CUE MUSIC!” the director yelled and nearly made Y/N jump out of her skin, causing her to shift her thighs slightly upward, having her hands fall on top of Harry’s chest. His eyes grew wide as he felt pleasure from Y/N’s shock movement, which allowed a groan to escape his lips.

Fuck,” he closed his eyes tight, “I’m sorry- he scared me.” Harry nodded, realizing that he had been a little louder than normal when he was asking to cue the music. “‘s alrigh’, just don’t continue.” he spoke softly to her with a chuckle escaping his lips after.

As much as he deeply wanted her to continue, he knew it’d be best if she didn’t. He didn’t know how the boys would react to him coming in his pants. He figured it would be something that should be saved for another time with Y/N. If there was going to be another time.

Once the music was playing, Y/N was doing exactly what the director was telling her to do, plus more. He had told her he wanted her to lean down to his face while Harry looked into her eyes, singing the lyrics with a shocked expression on his face. Harry really didn’t have to act for this scene at all. In fact he was hardly acting at all with Y/N.

During the scene, as Harry lip-synced to her, she would lightly kissed down his jaw, to make the scene more enjoyable and relatable to fans. Harry closed his eyes as he kept singing to her and then would slightly more his head to the side as she kissed further down his jaw to his neck.

His cock was pulsating at this point and Y/N was very damp too, the sexual tension was so thick between them that you could cut it with a knife. Oh, what he would give if he weren’t in a room with a camera and four boys.

“Alright, cut!” those words nearly saved Harry’s and Y/N’s life. If they were to continue any further, Y/N was sure she was going to forget all about the other people in the room and kiss her way down to the hem of his pants.

“Hey,” Harry was nearly panting to her, she shifted her head from the director’s direction, to his face with a smile, “yeah?” a smile formed at his lips now, “wha’ are yah doin’ afta this?” Y/N couldn’t help but blush at his words, he wanted to hang out with her, and she wanted that too, always has.

“Nothing, why?” she watched as his face brightened a bit from her response, “was wonderin’ if maybe you’d wanna go get coffee or somethin’,” he shrugged, with his hands still tied over his head, “spend a little alone time with yah.”

Y/N couldn’t help but nod in agreement with a smile painted on her lips, “I’d like that very much.”

Perverted Bunny Mask: Jeon Jungkook x Killer AU ft. Min Yoongi Part 11

| Part 1| Part 2 | Part 3  | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11|

Perverted Bunny Mask: Jeon Jungkook x Killer AU ft. Min Yoongi Part 11

Author: Taettybear

Words: 4.3 K

Genre: Smut/Gore/Assassins/Killer JK/ Drugs/ Gangs

Rating: M

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Having eight people in one house was something none of you were used to. The loudness, the tightness, and especially how there was no privacy.

“YAH!!” You heard the loud, high-pitched screech of Hoseok, making you sit up in the bed you were laid in alarmed drowsiness, your medium length hair sticking up in weird directions because of your bad sleeping habit.

Yoongi, who slept in the bed beside you didn’t even move, soft, gentle snores escaping his lips as he curled up under the blanket, his silver-hair tousled.

“What the fuck…” You groaned, rubbing your eyes as you crawled out of the warm bed, shivering slightly as your bare legs felt the cold air of the morning. Your feet were silent as they padded against the wooden floor, you quietly opening the door to Yoongi’s room and stepping out into the hall in confusion.

Your feet carried you to the bathroom where you guessed the scream had come from. Hoseok was the only one out of all of you to wake up early in the morning to take his daily showers. Without much hesitation, you opened the door, the wave of steam immediately hitting your face and body.

At your appearance, the younger man released another squeak, looking at you with his eyes round in shock. Poor Hoseok wrapped his towel tighter around his waist, a prominent scowl on his face.

“Do any of you know how to fucking knock?” Your friend growled, running a hand through his wet hair in irritation, the excessive water dripping down his neck and rolling down his bare torso before gathered by his white towel.

You rolled your eyes, yawning as you walked to the sink, brushing against him to grab your toothbrush, “Your scream woke me up so I came to check on you,” you mumbled as you brushed your teeth tiredly, “Why is the shower still on?” You questioned as the running water entered your ears, “You know Jin gets annoyed when we waste water,” you moved to pull the curtain open to stop the water, making Hoseok release a strangled gasp.

“Y-Y/N! Wait! Taehyung is-”

“What the fuck?!” You choked, your toothbrush falling out of your mouth and clattering to the floor as you were met with a very bubbly Taehyung who washed his hair.

The man didn’t even look fazed as you openly stared at him in disbelief, returning your look with a grin, “Good morning, Y/N-Noona! Are you gonna join me in the showers? Hobi-Hyung already refused and I’m really sad getting rejected once today, you’ll hop in righ-”

Before he could finish his sentence, you slid the curtain closed and turned to Hoseok, who looked disturbed as well as mildly amused.

“What the fuck were the two of you doing?” You hissed at your friend, making Hoseok scrunch his nose in disgust as he realized what you were hinting at.

“Gross, I don’t swing that way, Noona! I was enjoying my shower like usual when this asshole just walked and jumped in as soon as I got out! He didn’t even let me get dressed before he started to strip!” Hoseok gagged as he shook his head, “This isn’t really something I want to see first thing in the morning.”

You rub your temple as you started to feel a headache starting to hit you so early in the morning. With your mouth still filled with foam, you picked your toothbrush off the ground and rinsed it off. “I’ll go before I permanently get scarred…”

“My body is beautiful, thank you very much! Didn’t you see? I’m pretty big as well! Maybe not as big as Jungkookie’s but pretty decent size-”

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My 20 Year Old Idol Husband - Day 13 [ You Make Me Begin]

20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, a girl he met at a fanmeeting. Things get a little out of hand and you find out you’re pregnant.

Read: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4 / Day 5 / Day 6 / Day 7 / Day 8 / Day 9 / Day 10 / Day 11 / Day 12 / Day 13 /

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Ivar the Boneless (2)

Originally posted by ivartheheathen

Title: SnapShots
Character: Ivar the Boneless
Summary: Snapshots of your rise to power.
Word Count: 1.688

.You were young and curious.

You were only a child, no older than four summers when you had seen it. Ivar, the young Prince of Ragnar, had slayed a child. You remember your mother pulling you close as the crowd parted around the scene and screamed.

Having watched the whole thing, you remember thinking to yourself how the little boy had deserved to be punished for picking on the young Prince. Of course, the punishment was harsh- much too harsh- at least some action had been took.

Later the next day, you were the only child willing to be close to Ivar. You had even allowed him to play with your wooden sword.

.You were twelve summers and confused.

Ivar had grown into a handsome young boy. The girls always looking passed him in favor of his more able brothers. Personally, you preferred the youngest.

While the Gods had forsaken his legs, they had been generous when it came to gifting Ivar with intelligence. Even as young as he was, he was as sharp as newly made blade and as quick-witted as a whip. And you were fortunate enough to be there to see it.

It was true that he hardly had any friends, his own brothers going off on adventures without him. So you two made your own adventures.

“Can you pull any faster?” Ivar growled from behind you as you slowly pulled him up the hill.

“Ivar,” you snapped, grunting as you pulled his wagon over a rock. “You are not helping at all. If you’d get out and dragged yourself up instead of resting in the wagon this would be much quicker.”

Ivar smirked, leaning backwards.  “Oh, sweet child, but then I would have to actually do something. I’m a Prince, such work is beneath me.”

You rolled your eyes at his sarcastic humor, focusing back on the task at hand. You knew it would be worth all the work once you gotten to the top of the hill. He’d smile wide as you joined him in the large wagon, his arm- strong from dragging him everywhere- would wrap tight around your waist as he used his other to push off. He’d retract his arm and pull you so tight you’d swear you could feel his heart beating against your back as the wagon picked up speed.

You never did realize why his heart would beat so quickly or why yours sped up just being close to the Prince.

.You were fifteen summers and angry.

As Ivar gotten older, his interest shifted from flying down hills to women. When the rumors of his impotency spread through the village, it took everything in you not to deck the slave girl who caused them. The second you heard it, you quickly searched for your childhood friend.

You weren’t surprised to find him alone, spinning an axe in his hand before he buried it into a tree across the clearing.

“Ivar,” you called, sighing as he stiffened before picked up another axe and releasing it quicker than the last.

“I was wondering when you’d come to find me,” he muttered, not even looking at you.

You walked up to him, placing your hand on his shoulder. “Are you okay?”

Of course, that was the wrong thing to say to Ivar in that moment.

“Is that pity I hear?” He hissed, his eyes finally flashing to you as he slapped your hand away. They were dark, a storm of anger to cover the hurt he felt. “Did you come here to comfort the poor cripple?

“Ivar!” You gasped, your own anger firing up.

“Well it’s the truth!” He yelled.

You knew he had more to say, his eyes blazing and his jaw clenched. In a fit of anger, you had thrown yourself at Ivar. Surprised, Ivar wasn’t able to prepare himself and you both tumbled to the ground. Pulling your hand back into a fist, you were completely prepared to deliver a hard punch to his gorgeous face- consequences be damned.

Your fist was caught in a much rougher and larger hand, Ivar having recovered from the shock and reacted. You both stayed frozen, watching one another before you broke his gaze and looked to the sky.

Biting your lip, you held back tears.

“How could you think that?” Your voice cracked. “After everything we’ve been through, you still group me with everyone else?”

The question wasn’t meant to be answered but Ivar answered anyways. “I don’t.”

“You do though!” You met his gaze again, your voice rising. “Why else would you say something like that? I just wanted to make sure you were okay! I just wanted- “

You were suddenly pulled down, your lips smacking roughly against Ivar’s. It wasn’t a romantic kiss or a like the first kiss stories you’ve heard. No, this was sloppy and inexperienced. Your teeth clanked against each other’s as you tilted your heads to find the right angle, his tongue rubbing hesitantly against yours.

Pulling back, Ivar rested his forehead against yours, his blue eyes gazing deep into your own. “Thank you, Y/N, for caring.”

“Always,” you whispered back to him, your cheeks a flaming red.

.You were reaching your twentieth summer when the world erupted.

You were a Viking and you’d act like it. It was the phrase you used when you rushed into battle beside Ivar. Upon horseback, your horse sprinted next to his chariot as you sliced your way through the charging Saxons. It wasn’t your first battle and hopefully it wouldn’t be your last.

Ivar had grown, your relationship stronger than ever but his need for power even stronger. Despite that, you knew you’d follow him anywhere. Whatever battle he had faced, you’d face it together. It was chaotic as men fell around you, Ivar’s chariot cutting through the masses faster than your own horse. Soon, you were too far away to reach him.

It would only be fitting for you to die staring at the back of your Prince.

An arrow had hit your shoulder, knocking you off the horse and into the grappling men below you. You grunted when you hit the ground and managed to roll to your feet. With a groan, you bent the tip of the arrow and snapped it right off. You could only duck and kick out your leg as a Saxon warrior swung at your head, having lost your axe and shield when you fell. With a shaking hand, you managed to grab a sword from a faceless body. Using your whole bodyweight, you surged forward with the sword and ran the warrior right through, his face one of shock before he fell.

But there was too many, your arms soon growing tired and your mind dizzy from the loss of blood. You managed to take one more down before falling to your knees and falling back. You smiled at the blue sky, the sound of battle growing faint.

You woke to light tapping against your face. It took you a while to realize it was rain and another to remember where you were. You still felt weak but thankfully the cold rain had numbed your body to the point where you didn’t feel your wounds as bad as you should have.

After a while of lying there, you began to hear your name being called. It was barely audible at first, so faint that you were sure it was your imagination. But soon, it grew louder, an anguished scream.


You were almost positive that it was Ivar’s cries. You could hear murmurs of people- his brothers’ perhaps- trying to comfort him, telling him that you were gone. Grunting, you ignored the pain and the feeling of needles stabbing you in your limbs and tried to rise. Ivar needed you.

“Ivar,” you tried to scream back, your throat too sore to make much of a sound. It was like no matter how hard you tried, your body just wouldn’t move.

The voices grew louder and you were sure it was Ivar. He was screaming for you, his voice husky from searching. You could hear countless footsteps as well as the creaking of his chariot. Soon, a face came into view, one you recognized as his older brother Ubba.

His blue eyes widened as they met your own, you somehow managed a small smile.

“About time you found me,” you tried to say, it coming out no more than a whisper.

“I’ve got her!” Ubba shouted, his eyes watering slightly as he lifted you from the ground. You groaned, every wound suddenly making itself known. “It’s okay, I’ve got you.”

Hooves thundered across the battlefield, the sound of snapping reigns and a rough ‘yah!’ could be heard as Ivar spurred his horse on to go faster.

“Give her to me,” Ivar demanded as soon as he was close enough.

“You must be careful, Ivar,” Ubba warned, carefully transferring you over to Ivar so that you were cradled between him and the reigns. “She is badly hurt.”

“Of course I’m going to be careful you idiot!” Ivar hissed, his eyes flashing in anger. “What do you take me for, huh?”

But, whatever anger he had before was forgotten as he looked at you. His hand was shaking as he carefully moved your blood-crusted hair from your face.

“Hello,” you smiled, your voice coming out a tad bit clearer than before.

“Hush,” he hissed, biting his lip as he took in your injuries. His eyes growing darker the more he saw. “You must save your strength. You will be avenged, my love. Not even their Saxon god can help them now. They will regret touching you.”

“Together.” You whispered, your hand cupping his cheek. “We will avenge together.”

He shook his head, his lips pulling up in a snarl at the thought of you in battle. He pressed a rough kiss against your forehead and squeezed you close to his chest.

“They will all crumble at my feet and we will rule together,” Ivar hissed. “This I promise you.”

.You were in your twenty-fifth summer and you were a Queen.  

7 Days of Heaven (Day 6 – Bambam)


Teaser 1 Teaser 2  Prologue Day 1-Jaebum Day 2-Mark  Day 3-Jinyoung Day 4-Jackson Day 5-YoungjaeDay 7-Yugyeom

Characters:  Bambam (GOT7) X You (OC/Reader) X GOT7 members

Genre:  Smut

Warning/s:  Sense deprivation (sight), Bondage cuffs (leather), Softdom!Bambam (ASKGHDKAD), Fingering, Sweet Dirty talk (with Bambam’s sweet accent alksdghalksd), Orgasm Denial, etc.

Length:  3,633 words

A/N:  HI!!! SURPRISE!!  YES, So here is the 6th Day of Heaven (which is looooooooooooong overdue) feat. the “Who told you I am not big” Bambam!!!!  OK so… this is going to be straight-up smut, nothing else.  Again read the warnings before you proceed ;) Also, the inspiration changed a bit from the teaser, though it may still be a bit similar, but, yeah.  Whatever lmao.  Proofreading is also zero for this one, so my apologies for any errors!

Also, I am celebrating my first anniversary as an Ahgase and for reaching 2k+ followers!  I am surprised that I still gain followers despite being on hiatus for too long ;)

This fic is also dedicated to my bestie, @wearkpop ;) Love you to the bones!!

After the boys have recovered from your confession about Youngjae, they are contemplating if they should proceed in asking you about the youngest members of their group.  Jinyoung sighed when you stood up and sat on the table in front of them.

“I have not missed any member yet, have I?”  You placed your index finger on top of your lips; thinking.

“I think we have heard enough-“

“Yah oppa, I have not talked about Bambam yet!”  You cut Jaebum off and crossed your arms over your chest and the boys dropped their bodies against the couch, before they can even stop you, you already started.

“That kinky li’l shit.  That boy will be a fucking tease – a bit dominant but on the softer side.  Dirty talking will be his absolute favorite.. His accent is just too perfect in bed, imagine him groan and dirty talk with that freaking Thai accent.”  You giggled and Jinyoung stood up and Mark laid a hand on his arm.

“What?  You two had gotten off already, why can’t I?”

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Out here professing his love for a quarter cent Ho

His no good uncle couldn’t teach him the rules of engagement when it came to women.  That was a part of his responsibility when his daddy died.  But NO!  Now he fleeing the brothel like a cockroach when the kitchen light turn on.

I’m angry at him for even thinking this ho wanted to be with him… Baby I need you to be smarter than that.  Just cause she showed up for the wedding it don’t mean the bitch came for you.  She came for the food!

I had to let my anger go though… That run to Rosaline’s house released the blood flow to his brain to make him start thinking right… Bless you Friar, on your last night still working miracles.

He realized the only love he has, the only partner he can count on in his entire life is Rosaline.  It took a trauma for reality to set in and he’s finally seeing clear.  She is good, she is fair.  She is all that you have…  All.

Chile… she’s all he got that they’re dressing like twins already come next week.  Relations new new yah heard and they dressing alike, hiding in the closet and shit side by side.  Just as it should be written.

I Give Up - part 6 (A Baekhyun Series)

“Yeah. I’m Minah. Who the hell are you?”

Minah stared at the mask covered man standing next to you. Baekhyun wasn’t speaking and the silence was starting to go into the awkward territory so you suddenly felt a need to speak up. But what could you say? You couldn’t tell her who he really was, it was too risky.

Even though Minah was your best friend you still didn’t know how she might react. Or who she may accidently tell. Plus if Baekhyun wasn’t the one to tell her his identity, was it really even your secret to tell?

So you panicked.

“Minah, this is Hyunbaek.” You heard him make a noise next to you from behind the mask. It sounded like a snort of laughter covered quickly with a loud throat clearing.

“He’s my…” You began but trailed off. What was he to you? You couldn’t exactly say he was your boyfriend could you. You had never even discussed it with him.


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Tease 2/3

Pairing: You x Yoongi

Genre: Fluff, angst, high school au, deliquent au

Warning: Language

Status: Previous

!Do not repost!

You were waiting for Yoongi at main entrance of the school, wondering why he was taking such a long time. That man has always insisted that he has to walk you home, or else you might get kidnapped or something. By now, you were already used to all his ridiculous statements.

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I Give Up ( A BTS V/Taehyung Imagine) - Part 1

Summary: high school!AU where you and V are neighbhors your whole life and you grew very strong feelings for him and then you saw him with another girl and it breaks your heart.

Characters: AU! V/Taehyung x Reader

Warning(s): none

Word Count: 1350

Author’s Note: This is a sample for an imagine. But, you can request any scenarios you want except for smuts.

ctto of the pic⬇⬇

Part 2

You and Taehyung were neighbors your whole life. And as the both of you were growing up you grew very strong feelings for him. You couldn’t even go a day without talking or being close to him. Not even seeing him could make you cry.

Yes. You were madly in love with him. But, not so madly in love that you would only keep him to yourself.

Well anyways, it was a very normal and usual day. You were getting ready for school and you were going to be very late if you don’t hurry up eating. Not late for school, though. Late to see Taehyung going out of the doors of his house and walking with him to school.

This became your habit ever since 5th Grade. Going out at the same time of your houses, walking to school together, and then parting ways for your classes.
You finished your breakfast, collected all your things and went out the door just in time for Taehyung to get out of his. You smiled at one another and started walking.

“Good Morning!!” You greeted him brightly.

“Good Morning!!” He greeted back brightly.

There it was again. The very smile that you fell for. Then, again, he doesn’t smile this bright normally in the morning. You hoped that it was because of you. You hoped.

Your walk to school was full of randim and silly conversations. Unicorns, the cat falling down the table, the fog with the derp face. And you, resisting the urge to ask him the reason why he’s smiling so brightly in the morning knowing that the reason might hurt you. Either way, you loved having these random and fun conversations with him. You were bestfriends afterall, and neighbors at that.

When you arrived at school, both of you were walking together to your lockers. Which, were beside each others ’ lockers. Unfortunately. Yes, Taehyung was a fun guy and all but he is a playboy. And everyday he would push some girl between him and his locker and have a full on make out session. It was okay with you, though. You thought that he doesn’t love them and they were just temporary flings.

Anyways, your first period was English. And you being a half-(Y/Nationality), you had pretty high grades. While getting your notebooks, you heard that familiar smash again.

“God! Taehyung! Get a room!!” You remarked and shut your locker before turning around and stopping your tears. You’ve gotten pretty good at it and it got really handy. Because, there were some days where you’d go full on Crybaby.

Halfway to your classroom, you heard someone call your name and immediately practices putting on a fake smile.

“Y/N!!!” Jimin enthusiastically called. You turned around with a fake smile plastered on your face. Jimin was your other bestfriend. The one who you talk about your problems to, your feelings, and sometimes just have fun. In a simple way, he could be your diary. And another thing is, he can read you better than Taehyung. You admit that that hurt a bit. Jimin reading you better than Taehyung does, but that’s what you do best. Enduring the pain. Jimin pouted his lips as soon as he recognized your smile.

“Was he and some girl at it again?” He asked his voice turning dark. You nodded slowly, giving him a sad smile.

“Tsk. Forget him for now. Let’s get to our class.” He said and grabbed your wrist dragging you to the classroom.

An hour later, you and Jimin’s English class was over and the both of you went your separate ways to go to your lockers. After getting your things for your next class, you decided to stop by the cafeteria to buy some food. Your walk to the cafeteria was a long walk, you had to pass through some hallways, that creeps you out, before getting there.

While walking past a hall way, you heard the very familiar voice that you loved. Taehyung’s. His words were a little jumbled but maybe it was because of the distance that you can’t hear him well. You went a little closer in order to hear him clearer. And when you heard what he said, you wished you hadn’t.

“I love you! Okay?!” Taehyung shouted.

This. This was the last straw. You finally let your tears out. Staying where you were for a few more seconds before turning your back and finding your way towards the girls’ comfort room. You went in the nearest stall and started crying your eyes out for a few moments before picking your phone out from your pocket and texted Jimin.

 To: Mochi Jiminnie😉
 Hey, Mochi. Let’s cut. Fetch me at my locker.

You stood up from your sitting position and went out of the stall. You went towards the mirror and observed your face. It was a good thing that the only make-up you wore was a waterproof eyeliner and a lipstick. Or else your face would look like cake icing.

You washed your face and retouched your eyeliner hoping that it would hide the redness and swelling of your eyes from crying. A few moments of motivating yourself later, you went out of the comfort room and straight to your locker where Jimin was being his usual mochi self again.

“Jimin-ahhh!!” You shouted his name and hugged him. And all that chuckling became sobs. Jimin was patting your back trying to make you feel better.

“Min-ah, he said it. It hurts. It hurts a lot more than I expected.” You managed to say through your sobs. You kept that position for a while. You hugging Jimin and him patting your head or your back. You were so thankful that you had someone like Jimin. Why couldn’t you have just fallen for him? He wasn’t a play boy like Taehyung. So, the chances of you having daily torture with him was lesser.

When you finally recovered, Jimin lend you his handkerchief.

“Jimin-ah, what kind of guy still brings a hanky with him?” You asked him lightly chuckling. He ‘thought’ of it for a while and smiled.

“An awesome one.” He answered and winked. You laughed a little at his answer.

“So where’d you wanna go?” He questioned. You thought of it for a little while and suddenly remembered your last few days of strawberry craving.

“Anywhere where strawberries can be digested.” You answered.

As soon as you and Jimin were ready to leave, you had already put your things to your locker, Taehyung ws staring at both you and Jimin with his bewildered face. You stared back at him questionably.

“Wut?” You announced. That seemed to snap him out of his trance.

“Where are you two going?”

Oh no, he was getting all older-brothery again. You hated it when he acts like this. And you’re hating it more now. How dare he interrogate you when you were with another guy?! You never even once thought of doing something like this to him when you see him with another fling!

Your faced darkened before glaring at him.

“Why do you care?” You sassed. “Ugh, whatever. Min-ah, let’s go.” And you grabbed Jimin’s hand before dragging him out of the school doors.

“Yah! Y/N-yah!!” You heard Taehyung shout before going out completely.

“Where’s your car?” You asked Jimin.

“It’s over there by the fence.” He directed. “Why don’t you stay here for a while and I’ll just go get my car and pick you up here.”

“Yeah, sure. But hurry. He might come here. He’s getting all oppa-mode.” You stated and he jogged to his car.

You grabbed your earphones from your sling bag and connected it to your phone. Ailee’s 'I’ll Show You’ started playing.

Just the song I need. You thought.

And someone suddenly grabbed your wrist from the back and turned you around.

End of Part 1


Y/N is in the living room waiting for harry to end his phone call in his office, the TV is not working and she is bored but she is not going to scroll down Twitter or anything for obvious reasons. She stands up and grabs a coloring book her nephew left the other day. She grabs the crayons and she starts coloring, she is so focus her brows are in a light frown when she hears a throat clearing she looks up. “Hey baby girl, what are you coloring” he asks smiling as he walks to her “I was bored and and I just.. It’s relaxing” she says blushing and biting her lip. “Yah, I’ve heard that. You’re doing a great job” he smiles widely sitting down “yeah, I know!” She giggles and peck his lips “the TV is not working”, he looks at her and wraps his arm around her waist and says softly “yeah? Well I’ll fix it and you finish coloring cuz I really like it” she smiles proudly nodding going back to coloring

Exo: Another member appears naked while S/O is there


You and Suho were having a nice evening together, watching a movie in the dorm and cuddling on the couch. Your eyes were fixed on the screen, absentmindedly stroking your boyfriend’s arm. You had no idea that Xiumin walked into the room, completely naked, until Suho’s hand shot up to shield your eyes. “Hyung!! Put some clothes on, Y/N is here!! Think about their innocent eyes!!” You smiled, trying to pull his hands from your face “Babe I’m not THAT innocent~” You heard Xiumin laughing, partly due to Suho’s red face from your remark, as he walked back to his room.


You were chopping up some vegetables for your romantic dinner for two with your boyfriend Kyungsoo. You two finally had the dorm to yourselves, as the other members decided to go out to eat and see a movie. You secretly knew he had brided the other members by promising to do the entire housework for the next two weeks so he and you could have some private time, but you didn’t care. You thought it was sweet that he went to such measures just to spend time with you. You felt his warm arms wrap around you as his hot breath tickled your ear “I’ll take care of the rest. Why don’t you start setting the table, Jagi?” You nod, a sweet smile appearing on you lips as you grab the plates and carry them to the table. You two had been so entranced in your cooking that you hadn’t heard Kai walking into the dorm to take a shower. You had just grabbed the glasses off the counter when you saw him, standing naked in the doorway, water still dripping off his toned body. You gasped and dropped the glasses at the sight, your eyes glued to his abs. “Jagi-YAH!!” You heard your boyfriend yell in surprise as he saw the unexpected member. “Hyung, do we have any more towels?” Kai asked, eyes wandering between you and Kyungsoo. Throwing a dish towel at him he asked “Why are you even here? You are supposed to be at dinner!!” Kai smiled shyly at you, now looking down at the floor with a red face, trying to cover himself as best he could with the small towel “The waitress accidentally spilled soup on me. I had to take a shower.”


Kai had the great idea of teaching you some new dance moves in his dorm room. He was pulling you in tight, so that your body could mimic every move his made as you danced around the small room. You loved dancing with him because he would always surprise you with something new. You never knew what to expect with him, and today was no exception. As he was dipping you, his door opened and Lay walked in, his bathrobe barely hanging from his shoulders and opened in the front, clearly showing what he was working with. “Hyung!” Kai shouted, dropping you in the process. He quickly threw a jacket over your head so as to prevent you from seeing the bare member. “What are you doing in here!” Kai shouted as he ran towards the elder, quickly closing his robe. “Oh, this isn’t the bathroom… Sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude.” “How do you not know where the bathroom is?!” “I’m not here very often okay!” Lay exclaimed, turning around and going to the other side of the hall, where the bathroom actually was. Kai turned around at the sound of laughter leaving your lips underneath his jacket. “How much of everything did you just see Jagiya?” “More than I could have asked for.” You said, peaking out from underneath the jacket, smiling.


You and Chen were cuddled up on the couch, shaing a blanket and a bowl of popcorn, mindlessly skipping through the channels on the TV, being undecisive on what to watch. “YAH Chen! Can’t we just pick something to watch already?!” You asked, shoving some popcorn into your mouth. “But Jagi there’s nothing to watch.” He whined, still flipping through the channels. Through your bickering, you hadn’t heard D.O. come into the living room, rubbing at his eyes, still half asleep. “Could you two keep it down?! I’m trying to sleep.” He grumbled. Chen was so shocked by the member’s sudden appearance that he knocked over the bowl, spilling popcorn everywhere. “I didn’t know you slept in the nude” You said, trying to contain your laughter and avert your eyes. D.O., now fully awake, looked down to see that he was indeed naked. “I’m not cleaning that mess up!” He quickly said, covering himself as best he could as he ran back to his room. Once you heard his door slam shut, you and Chen burst out laughing. “That’s the best thing we’ve seen all day!” He exclaimed, you nodding in agreement.


You wanted to bake some cookies for the members and Xiumin decided to help you. As you were waiting for the first batch of cookies to be done, you kept swatting at your boyfriend’s hands, who kept eating the cookie dough. “Jagi, if you keep eating the dough, we won’t have enough for a second batch! Plus you might get a tummy ache…” You said, rubbing his stomach tenderly. “I can’t help it, Jagiya, it tastes so good!” He said, pulling you into an embrace, sneaking more cookie dough from the bowl. You felt his arms tighten as you heard a familiar, low voice. “Something smells great! Are those cookies?!” You tried to turn and greet Chanyeol but Xiumin held you close to his chest, making it impossible for you to budge. “Why are you not wearing any clothes Chanyeol?! We have a guest!” “There’s nothing I have that you don’t have, Hyung” he said, winking at your boyfriend. Xiumin threw an oven mit at him, saying “Get dressed or you won’t be getting any cookies!” You chuckled as you heard Chanyeol quickly run to his room.


You had just finished crying to Baekhyun about the stressful week you had been having. It was as if the world were against you. Your boyfriend listened to you through your whole rant, massaging your back and occasionally holding you tight and trying to crack a joke to make you feel better when you fell into a frenzy of sobs. He knew what you needed now was a little TLC so he got up and said “You know what Jagi? I’m going to draw us a nice, hot bath to ease all the pain away. After that we’ll eat ice cream and watch the funniest videos we can find online. Does that sound good?” You nodded, smiling up at your wonderful boyfriend. He led you to the bathroom, unaware that someone was already in there. He turned on the water and started to add your favorite bubble bath as you saw Chen get out of the shower, droplets of water fleeting down his skin. Hearing you gasp in surprise, Baekhyun turns around to see the member staring at both of you in shock. “GAH! What are you doing in here!!” Baekhyun asked, trying to turn your blushing head away from the sight. “Well I was taking a shower but now I feel like I should put on a little show for your girlfriend.” He said with a wink. “I think I can handle it from here!” Baekhyun shouted, throwing a towel at Chen.


Your boyfriend wanted to show you a new song he had been working on. Being his muse, he had written the song just for you. He sat you down on his bed and grabbed his guitar, sitting down next to you. He started playing a beautiful melody, his deep, soft voice blessing your ears. You could feel your eyes watering at the heartfelt lyrics and he stared into your eyes, grinning at the sight, knowing you’re enjoying the song. Just as he had finished and was about to ask you what you thought of the song, Sehun barged into the room, completely naked. “Hyung, do you know where Vivi’s special shampoo is? I want to wash her.” Chanyeol’s eyes widened at the sudden entrance and pulled your face to his chest, not wanting you to see the maknae like this. “No I have not seen it!! Why are you naked?!” “Because I want to bathe her!” “And you have to be NAKED for that?!” Your boyfriend asked, slightly confused. “The only way she’ll take a bath is if I take one with her!” The maknae exclaimed, strutting out the door to search for the shampoo.


You and Lay were laying on his bed, cuddling and listening to music, enjoying each other’s company. You had not seen him for over three weeks and you had missed his warm body like crazy. He was playing with your hair, inhaling the scent of your conditioner. You were on the verge of napping, his gentle touches making you so relaxed, when you were knocked out of your trance by the sound of Lay’s door slamming open. You both looked up to see Baekhyun standing in the doorway naked, arms crossed and lips pouted. “You two are having a cuddle session without me?!” “Why are you naked?” Lay calmly asked, ignoring the outburst, continuing to stroke your hair as you placed your head on your boyfriend’s shoulder, trying to focus on his features instead of Baekhyun’s. “That’s beside the point, Hyung! I’ve missed you just as much as Y/n has! Where’s my love?!” He exclaimed, stomping his feet. “Get your own boyfriend, Baek!” You said, wrapping your arms around Lay. Baekhyun huffed as he strode out of the room, clearly displeased at the lack of attention his Hyung gave him.


It was your boyfriend’s day off and you had wanted to spend it in the park together with Vivi. You even prepared a picnic basket for the three of you. On your way over to your favorite park, however, it started raining cats and dogs. You quickly ran back to the dorm and dried off. Sehun decided not to let the bad weather ruin your day together and set up the picnic in his dorm while you got changed into some dry clothes from your boyfriend. Sehun had everything spread out as he awaited you with Vivi on his lap. You two started eating when the door suddenly opened, revealing a naked Suho. You let your chopsticks fall in surprise as Sehun’s hands darted towards both your’s and Vivi’s eyes, covering them both. “Hyung!! Why are you naked?! There are pure children in here!” “Pure? Children? Babe. Where?” You asked, cocking an eyebrow and tilting your head in his direction. Suho went to grab a pair of sweatpants out of the drawer. “It’s raining outside, in case you haven’t noticed. I got wet. I’ll leave you alone to enjoy the rest of your date you… pure children” Suho said with a slight snicker at the end.


Kwon Jiyong/ G Dragon X Reader
WARNING: Drug use, smut, and all around general rudeness.
He’s been known to take pictures with people that don’t remember having even met him, but the ones he left you were different.

It was already afternoon by the time you woke up on Sunday. Panic set in suddenly when you realized you weren’t in a familiar bed, but subsided fairly quickly  when you spotted your suitcase in the corner and remembered that of course you weren’t, because you were in a foreign country. You’d come to Jeju by invitation of Chaelin to celebrate her 25th birthday. The two of you had been inseparable during the two years she’d lived in Paris on her own but hadn’t seen each other very much since. She would always stop to see you when she was traveling nearby for work, but it was hard for you to make it to South Korea very often. There just wasn’t time for it in your schedule or money for it in your wallet. However, when you opened the priority envelope from her a few weeks earlier with an invitation and a plane ticket, you dropped everything.

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Good Enough

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“Being with you never felt wrong. It’s the one thing I did right. You’re the one thing I did right.”

Summary: You and him were two complete opposites from each other… You were just the maid’s daughter, but him on the other hand was a celebrity… Girls practically threw themselves at him just to gain his attention… He could choose any girl… but he chose you..


Previous Parts:

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Part 13 everyone~ 

More Parts:

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“Well I’m here now. What’s up?”

“I just want to make you’re okay.”

“I’m Okay. Can I go now?” You asked and you tried to walk off but Taehyung grabbed a hold of your arm and stopped your from walking any farther.

“Bullshit… Talk to me.”

“I said I’m okay!”

You noticed Taehyung just staring at you and you knew you were being a complete bitch but he just won’t leave you alone and that’s what you wanted to be.

“Taehyung… I know you’re just trying to be a good friend and you’re probably worried about me but right now I need to be alone… I need my space..”


“Hm?” You responded and you look right into his eyes and then at that moment Taehyung asks you something that causes your heart to completely drop.

“Your mother is a maid isn’t she?”

How does he know..

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