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Top 4 Life Changing Apps You Need as a College Student (With Demos)

Hey everyone!  I was just using each of these apps today to study for my midterms, and I figured I’d share the wealth.  I got each of these apps from the Apple App Store, and use them seamlessly across my Apple devices.  I hope each of them change your midterm weeks for the better! (This is post is kind of long but I made it long to cover what I think are the coolest/most useful things about these apps)

App #1: Notability

Yah, yah.  You’ve heard of this one before.  I’m here to show you some reasons for that.  

Best Features:

1. Annotating and Combining All of the Powerpoints and PDF’s of Your Wildest Dreams

Holy crap is this thing good at converting powerpoints and PDFs.  The transition is undetectable.  Furthermore, if your lecture material was split up into 2 powerpoints that your professor posted, or multiple topics are covered in one powerpoint that you want to separate, you can either combine them into one note, or only import selected slides into separate notes.  Once you do that, you can draw, highlight, add photos and additional typed text…pretty much anything extra you’d need is at your fingertips. 

Demo: Importing PDFS:

Here I’m taking a random web page PDF from organicchem.org about chair conformers, tapping once on it, and copying it to the notability app.  

You literally just tap a couple times and it’s done for you.  You can add the PDF to a new note, an old note, or even take specific pages of the PDF/powerpoint and place only the ones you want into a new or existing note.  It’s almost too easy to be true.  

2. You Can Actually Write Neatly

If you’re anything like me, it bothers you how your handwriting suddenly looks messy when you write on tablets.  Well, notability handles that for you. 

Demo: Writing and Editing Written Text:

Here I’m writing a huge note of what I want to remember with the pencil tool. I picked a red color from the huge color selection, and a rather thin pencil line because it’s only a small side-note.  Of course you can customize your writing to fit what is easiest for you to read and study from.  What happens in the second and third pictures is the cool part:

You can use the scissors tool to put a circle around what you just wrote, and then pinch and rotate the text to change its size and orientation, as well as drag your finger to move it to where you want your note to go.  This way you can write super neatly and just do the moving around afterwords, making sure you can see your text and are comfortable with the way it appears.  You can also re-select it to make it bigger again if you change your mind.  

3. You Can Record and Embed Your Lectures Into Your Notes, While You’re Writing Original Notes OR Annotating Existing Ones

You can do them at the same time.  You don’t have to think about inserting a recording after the fact, or mixing up small recordings and meshing them into one document.  Notability sorts your audio recordings and fixes them up pretty for you, and just starts recording as soon as you hit the speaker button.  Then you can keep annotating what Dr. So-and-So is saying without worrying about your recording being in the right place.

Demo: Recording While Note-Taking:

After you’ve recorded, you can click the speaker button again to edit the recording’s volume, sort multiple recordings you’ve taken as well as name them.  Move the recordings from note to note, etc.  

App #2: Flashcard Hero

Known colloquially as: “How I’m Passing My Anatomy Lab”

Listen here y’all if you wanna make flashcards fast as fuck and learn them the day of your practical, Flashcard Hero is how.

General Overview of Best Features:

The way I predominantly use this app is by furiously making and organizing my flashcards into millions of sections and subsections on my computer, so that everything is findable and easy to access within my flashcard deck.  Then I move them via iCloud over to my phone and tablet to study them on the go.  

You can put pictures, videos, PDF pages, anything on the front or back of your flashcard, and just as much as you want on the back as well.  When you study, you can choose if you want the front or back to show up first, or an alternation of the two if you prefer.  There is no length limit on what you can place on a particular card.  

While you’re studying, the app gives you options of clicking “Easy, Unsure, or Hard” on the card you’re reviewing, so that it will pop up with the ones you’re unsure/really clueless about more often.  This saves my actual ass I can’t recommend it enough.  It has improved my ability to memorize tons of material far more quickly and efficiently.

Demo: The General Interface of Flashcard Hero:

You can see some of the features I’ve talked about.  If you want to know even more of the features, try downloading the app and checking out the “Tutorial” deck it includes on the main menu!

App #3: LiquidText

This is another insanely useful method of PDF annotation.  It is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and is really good for people who enjoy mind-mapping and comprehensively organizing their ideas while reading!

Best Feature: Organizing Important Bits of Text:

Okay prepare to be very happy about this.  You can literally highlight a section of a PDF, drag it to the side of your screen, and poof.  Your highlighted bit is saved for you to click on and easily access later.  You can even link your highlighted bits, no matter how far apart they are within the document, to help connect and organize your thoughts.  And wait until you see Highlightview, where you can pinch the document so that all of your highlighted portions come together labelled with page numbers.  Too satisfying okay, too satisfying:

If you’re reading something really quickly before class, and you want to easily access interesting portions of a long text during a class discussion, this app will save your life and save you pain in the long run.

App #4: MyScript Calculator

Just watch the demo of this one and prepare to take a huge sigh of relief and awe and happiness.  It actually works and doesn’t confuse what you’re writing, and will do difficult/complex computation.  By changing around the settings to fit the discipline of math you’re doing, this app can save you some annoying typing into calculators and can help you visualize large calculations at a glance.

Best Features: Blowing my tiny, bad at fast-math mind

Demo: General Interface of MyScript Calculator

Just. Yes. Yes good.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this/found at least one of these useful!  Merry midterms!  

Meeting the Family | Suga

*composes self*
Here you go!

“Yoongi… I’m a little bit nervous.” You said in a hushed voice, avoiding eye contact as you sat next to your boyfriend in the car. He just smiled and took a hand off the steering wheel, placing it on your leg.
“I don’t know what’s so scary about meeting my family, Y/N. They’re no different than me.”
“That’s what I’m worried about…” You mumbled, just quiet enough to where you didn’t think he’d heard you.
“Yah, what’s that supposed to mean?” Yoongi asked mockingly.
“It took weeks… No, months for you to even talk to me like I was a human being. What will your family think of me?” You began to go over countless situations in your head; all of them ending horribly.
“I was just nervous because you were so pretty,” Yoongi scoffed, poking you in the side. “Besides, I’ve already told them all about you and they really want to meet you.”
“But I’m not that good at Korean… Oh my gosh, what if I mispronounce something and offend them?” You exhaled, eyes becoming wide.
“Y/N, I understand your Korean perfectly. Have some confidence in yourself.” Yoongi said, snickering. He was getting a kick out of how nervous you were to do something so simple. “We’re here.”

“Tell them I’m sick and can’t talk.” You said as Yoongi rang the doorbell. He just gave you a cheeky smile and kissed your forehead.
“Just be yourself, dummy.” Just as the words left his lips, the door opened to reveal a man who looked slightly older than your boyfriend.
“Hyung!” Yoongi exclaimed, going in for a hug. “Y/N, this is my older brother!”
You shook his hand, bowing and saying hello.
“Waah, she’s really nice, Yoongs.” He said, slapping Yoongi on the back. You giggled under your breath at the nickname his older brother had for him, and made a note to tease him about it later. “Come on inside, you two.”
As Yoongi’s older brother showed you inside, you almost immediately felt a comforting presence within the house. It felt like… Home?
“Yoongi!” You heard a feminine voice call from what you assumed was the kitchen, followed by the sound of footsteps. Yoongi’s parents both came out of the kitchen, smiling widely at you and Yoongi.
“Ah, you must be Y/N!” The woman beamed, stepping forward to give you a delicate hug. After she broke away, you bowed politely and exchanged greetings with her and Yoongi’s father. He was quiet, yet he had a look of approval on his face nonetheless.
“Do you… Would you- I mean,” you stuttered, clearing your throat. “Would you like help with preparing dinner?” You asked timidly, blushing at your own awkwardness. Mrs. Min seemed not to notice, or if she did she was being kind and ignoring it, and nodded her head vigorously before ushering you to the kitchen.
“She’s definitely a keeper, son.” Yoongi’s father said as they were left alone in the foyer. “You take care of her.”
“Yes, sir.”

After an ice-breaker or two, you and Mrs. Min were getting along perfectly. You retained a slightly nervous stutter, but you were beginning to feel much more comfortable around her and the rest of the Min family. You helped prepare a delicious dinner, and the table was filled with conversation and laughter all throughout the meal.
“Y/N, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Yoongs smile as much as he does when he talks about you.” Yoongi’s brother stated as you all sat in the living room, enjoying each other’s company. You noticed your boyfriend’s ears turning red, and you smirked deviously. Yoongi noticed your expression, and his eyes grew slightly.
“Really? What kind of things does he say?” You asked innocently, taking note of Yoongi’s ever-growing eyes.
“Well, for starters, when we talk on the phone he never shuts up about how perfect your-”
“Hyung!” Yoongi interrupted. “Please!” His whole face was red now, and you couldn’t hold back your laughter.
“You don’t need to tell me, I respect brother talk.” You giggled, waving your hands in front of you.
After several more embarrassing moments (for Yoongi, anyways), it was beginning to grow late, and you had to work in the morning.
“It was an honor to meet all of you, and I can’t wait to get to know you all better. Thank you for welcoming me into your home.” You said respectfully at the doorway, bowing one last time.
“Your girlfriend really likes to bow,” his older brother commented, “you don’t have to be so formal with us, we’re family!” At that he pulled you in for a hug, followed by a startled screech from your boyfriend.
“Hyung, really!” Yoongi clawed you away from him, you laughing through the entire ordeal.
After saying goodbye to his parents, you and Yoongi got into the car and began your drive home.
“So?” He asked, a faint hint of worry in the single word.
“So, when do we get to come back?” You hummed, grabbing his hand and squeezing.
Yoongi let out a relieved sigh, tightening his grip on your hand. “Whenever you want, Jagi, whenever you want.”
“That sounds great, Yoongs.” You drew out the last word for emphasis, holding back your laughter.
“Y/N! Not you too!”
A/N: (>~,~<) I love him so much it hurts.

Free Wifi

Request: 16 with Jackson Wang?

16) You meet your bias for the first time walking down the street. They accidentally spill hot coffee on you. 

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Got7 Jackson x Y/N

Type: Fluff

I had to study. Finals were coming up and I was in my last semester of university. This was do or die. Until my wifi went out. The red light of death loomed imminently over my study session. I needed to find a coffee shop, a restaurant, an anything that offered some kind of wifi. 

I speed walked along the sidewalk, searching my surroundings like a wild animal. My senses heightened as I saw a coffee shop in the distance with a large “Free Wifi” sign. Perfecto. 

I concentrated, avoiding the people around me as I made a b-line for my destination. That was until I heard a “Yah!” and found myself lying on the ground, covered in hot coffee. 

“Aish!” I screeched, flinging my book bag to the side to avoid my school work from getting drenched. 

“Oh. My. God,” a boy from above me gasped. “I’m so sorry. Oh my god, oh my god, are you okay? I need napkins.”

I looked up to see the same boy sprinting into the coffee shop I was about to turn into. He came back seconds later with an entire package of napkins. 

“Sir!” one of the baristas came out behind him. “Sir! You cannot take an entire package of napkins!” 

“But we’ve had an accident!” he said angrily. “I’ve had an accident?” 

“Fine,” the barista muttered, looking down at me and gasping. “Ma’am, are you alright?”

“I think so?” I muttered, trying to wipe coffee from my hands, but failing miserably. 

“Here!” the guys gasped, showering me in paper towels. “I’m Jackson by the way, but the probably doesn’t matter because you probably don’t want to know my name at this point…”

I looked up at the boy above me who wouldn’t stop talking. He must have been one of those nervous talkers. 

I dabbed at my shirt, nerves flooding through my chest. This boy was incredibly attractive, and this coffee was making my white shirt very see through. 

As I patted, he seemed to notice as well. 

“Oh my god,” he gasped. I looked up to see him turn away, shielding his eyes. “Your shirt, I ruined it, I’m sorry.” He flung his hands up in realization. He quickly untethered his plaid shirt from around his waste and began to wave it in my face, one hand still placed over his eyes. 

“Thank you,” I muttered, grabbing my bag and disappearing into the coffee shop. I stripped myself of the coffee filled shirt in the restroom and wiped down my torso. After all was dry and significantly less sticky, I pulled Jackson’s plaid shirt over me and stopped. It smelled…so good. It hung loosely from my body. I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed, this would have to do for now. I just really needed to study. 

I left the bathroom and was surprised to see Jackson sitting at a table near the restroom, tapping his foot nervously. He had two coffees in front of him. 

“Hey,” he said sheepishly, pulling his baseball cap over his head. “I didn’t get your name?” 

“Y/N,” I nodded with a smile. “Um…thanks for the shirt. How am I supposed to get it back to you?” 

“Oh, don’t worry about it…please, sit? I bought you a coffee. I don’t know if you were meeting anyone, but I thought it was the least I can do,” he smiled, motioning to the table. 

“Oh…I’m not meeting anyone,” I said with a blush. “Just here to study. My wifi went out so I had to come here. I sat down at the table and gave him a side eye. “If I put my laptop on the table…”

“…No, I won’t spill anything on it,” Jackson said with a high pitched laughed. 

“I don’t have a schedule today, I can help you study. I’m a musician, so I’m not the best at school…but I mean…I can help,” he offered with a nod. 

“I think I’m fine,” I nodded again. 

“Oh,” he sighed, rubbing the side of his coffee cup. “I can give you moral support? I’m a pretty good friend to have.”

I smiled, coming to a realization. Now that I had a Jackson in my life, I don’t think I would be able to get rid of him so quickly. 

“Sure,” I nodded. Jackson broke into a wide smile, moving his shoulders from side to side happily. Sure. 

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REQUEST: Can I request where you and Amber are both idols and you’re best friends and live together and everyone thinks you’re dating? You can decide if they are or end up doing it at the end. Have a nice day😊


“YAH! (y/n)!” You heard Amber call from her room. You walked there and opened the door, peering into the room.

“Yes?” You reply. She was throwing clothes about her room eagerly. “Amber, what are you-”

“I can’t find my shirt!” She exclaimed, throwing another article of clothing across her room.

“Well, there are about twenty on your floor right now..” She shook her head.

“No, I mean the one I bought last week! I wanted to wear it to the thing I have tonight.” She continued shuffling through her dresser. Your eyes widened and you looked down at your own clothes, slipping back just a little so that Amber would only be able to see your head.

“Weird..I haven’t seen it.” You tell her.

“Well can you help me look? I swear I put it in my close-(y/n)!” She cut herself off as she opened her door all the way, seeing you in her shirt and a pair of shorts.

“Yes, Amber?”

“That’s my shirt!” She points at the shirt you’re wearing. You look down and then back up at her.

“Hm..guess it is. Well, looks like we solved the mystery!” You exclaimed, running off towards  some other part of the apartment.


“NO, I’M COMFY!” You yelled back, darting towards your room as Amber chased after you, trying to get her shirt back.


“(y/n), (y/n)! Over here!” A voice yelled. You’d somehow heard this one person’s voice out of every other excited, loud person in front of you and you walked over to them, giving them a warm smile. 

“Yes, lovely?” You greeted them. “Do you have a question?”

“Yeah, um..so you and Amber live together, right?”

“Of course!” You exclaim at the mention of your best friend. You and Amber had met at an award show and instantly clicked, quickly becoming best friends and soon after, moving into an apartment together.

“Are you guys dating?” The girl asked, she had such a small voice when she asked the question, but you heard her very well. It took you aback, nobody had ever asked that, at least no that you know.

“Dating? No! We’re just best friends.” You told her, smiling widely. 

“Okay! Thank you. I was just wondering because you two act very couple-y.” She told you before handing you her cell phone. “Can you sign my phone case?” 

“Sure thing.” 


“Hey, Amber?” 


“Do we act couple-y to you?” You didn’t notice because your eyes were focused on the screen in front of you, but Amber froze. It was only for a second though before she collected herself and answered you.

“Dunno, why?”

“A fan today asked me if me and you were dating and when I said we were just best friends she said it was because you and I act really couple-y.”

“Really? Huh..never thought about that,” She thought for a moment. “But I see what she means now. We do hold hands and are really cuddly with each other.” She shrugs. 

“True. I just thought that’s what best friends did.” You shrugged this time.


“So you’re not dating?” Eric asked you and Amber. He looked very confused.

“No?” You answer before turning to Amber. “Do we really act that couple-y?”

“I mean, yeah. You two are always all over each other in almost every way. I thought you two just were hiding it from the public.”

“Eric, you’re one of our closest friends, wouldn’t you think we’d tell you if we were together?”

“Oh yeah..”


“I guess its official.” Amber says as she walks through the door, hands full of groceries.

“What’s official?”

“The world thinks we’re dating!”

“What do you mean?”

“I was looking around at magazines and other media the past few days and I keep seeing things about people thinking we’re dating!”

“How did we not see this before?”

“Dunno. But help me put these away, I have ice cream in one of these bags..” You quickly ran over to Amber, taking a few bags for yourself, setting them on the table and starting to pull things out to put them away.


“Are you sure you two aren’t dating? Amber has been on your lap for over an hour and you keep sharing your drinks I give you.” 

“Yes, Eric. We’re sure.”

“If you say sooooo~” He said in a singsong voice, making you and Amber roll your eyes.


“(y/n)?” You heard Amber speak softly on the opposite side of your bed. She came to your room after having a nightmare, claiming that it’d be better if she stayed with you in your room tonight. She didn’t say what the nightmare was about, but that was okay.


“Can I tell you something?”


“I-” She was interrupted by a scratching sound at your bedroom door. “I’ll get it, hold on.” She got out of the bed and opened your door, letting JackJack come in. He hopped onto the bed after Amber got in and curled up on the pillow between both of you before falling asleep.

“What was it you were gonna tell me?”

“Huh? Oh, right…” She turned so she was facing you. “I, uh..well..”


“Well, you know how the world thinks we’re dating?”


“Well, what if I told you..that I like you…”

“As in?”

“More than a best friend.”

Are you telling me that?” You asked her, facing her now, keeping your eyes closed.




“Yeah, because I like you too.” You told her, finally opening your eyes. She was already looking at you, a smile on her face. She quickly leaned forward and kissed your nose before settling back into her spot.

“Goodnight, (y/n).” 

“Goodnight, Amber.”


“So now that you’ve gotten all of your friends knowing you aren’t dating, you two START DATING?”

“Yes, Eric.”

“I cannot even believe.” He said with a laugh. “Congrats though, you guys. You’re cute together.”

“I know, right? Look at us.” Amber, gripped you tightly in a hug and kissed your cheek with a loud smack.

“Ew, now you’re gross.”



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“animation memes aren’t original!”

yah buddo ever heard of the phrase “everything’s been done but not by you before”

using that logic you could literally go after every single content creator in the world because there’s some aspect of their content that’s probably similar to something else that exists.

original content is HARD to make, and that’s not even an exaggeration and an animation meme is no different than doing a writing/art prompt. you’re just an arrogant asshole who expects every creator to be inspired and for them to continue to spit out original content every other week. smh.

EXO Sehun: Rude Co-worker

Sehun scenario where he’s your incredibly rude co-worker

requested by: mymisstina


“Yah! Hurry up!” You heard your fellow co-worker yell at you as you trudged up the stairs in your heels.

Oh Sehun. The brat who treated you like the dirt underneath his shoes despite everything that you tried to do to get on his good side. There was no plausible reason as to why he hated you so much, at least not ones that you knew of. You met him on the first day of your job at S&J Entertainment, both of you starting as meek assistants whose only purpose was to fetch coffee and camp in the printer room. However, you weren’t going to complain, as the chances of fresh graduates getting a decent job right after college were incredibly slim.

When you had first met Sehun, your eyes could barely peel away from his handsome angular face. Unfortunately, you weren’t the only one that noticed his charm. The office girls would constantly giggle every time he walked by their cubicle, even the older ladies working at the front desks swooned every time he left or entered. It was quite obvious that he knew about the effect that he had in the building. You weren’t sure if he flirted with the manager for the sake of a promotion, or if he was always like that. Either way, anything after his handsome face was disregarded, you couldn’t have cared less if he died the next day. The way he treated you was a sharp contrast to the rest of how he was around the other girls. Sure, at first you were hurt and tried to find everything that could have possibly made him say such snarky things to you, but after a while you just ignored him. He wasn’t worth it, even with his pretty face.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Manager-nim fired you tomorrow, you’re so unreliable.” Sehun scoffed at you for what seemed like the hundredth time today, and barely half the day had passed.

“Then why don’t you just go on ahead, instead of waiting for me?” You snapped back, trying to juggle the large boxes you were carrying with laminated documents. Sehun was the most unreliable partner you had ever had the pleasure with working with. It was like the world was out to get you as you were almost always paired up together. You were always the one that moved the heavier boxes around, while he daintily held the take-out tray of iced coffee.  You were sure that he avoided all responsibilities like the plague, and instead hindered it all on you.

“I have to make it seem like I’m contributing my share of work, when we get to the door, pass me the box.”

You were sure that if you hadn’t been holding the heavy box with both of your hands, you would’ve slapped the indecent little boy. The nerve that he had, to make you do everything and get away with it.

“Yeah yeah, whatever,” you grumbled, not having enough energy to think of a snarky reply. It was only going to be eight more hours until the day was over, you were just going to have to put up with him.


“_______!” Your friend Yeri called out to you, as you made your way over to her table during your lunch break. You were completely burnt out, having to run around all over the office the entire morning wasn’t an easy task. Especially when your partner was Oh Sehun, whose idea of working was just watching you, and more than often inputting rude comments about the way you did things. If he had actually helped you like he was supposed to, everything would’ve been finished in an hour tops, but instead it took you three hours.

“Is that your lunch?” Yeri asked, peering down at your small pathetic looking box of convenience store kimbap. You didn’t have the time in the morning to pack yourself a lunch, nor did you have the ability to actually cook anything. It was either this or a bowl of ramyun, so you figured that this was a little bit more healthier, or at least that was how your logic was.

You took out your wooden chopsticks and started to separate them, “Yeah, I was in a hurry this morning, I totally forgot to set my alarm the night before.”

Yeri merely laughed at your forgetfulness, before taking out the contents of what was inside her lunch bag. Your eyes completely bugged out at the sheer amount of tupperware she was pulling out one by one. “How do you have so much time in the morning to make all of those side dishes?” You asked in astonishment and envy, while also salivating at the sight of the small container of acorn jelly.

“I didn’t make these, my boyfriend did!” Yeri winked and slid a couple of the tupperwares closer to you. “Have some, there’s no way I’ll finish all of this by myself.”

“Well don’t mind if I do!” Oh crap, you didn’t even have to turn your head around to know who that voice belonged to.

Sehun didn’t waste a second to pull up a chair from a table close by and start stuffing his face with Yeri’s side dishes.

You could only watch as he started to noisily chomp down on the radish kimchi, completely disregarding the fact that he wasn’t being etiquette at all. His long bangs falling down onto his eyes as his head lowered.

“God, have some decency, will you?” You scoffed at him, rolling your eyes at how disgusting he was being.

Sehun looked up at you for a couple of seconds, before averting his gaze towards your uneaten platter of kimbap. “Is that all you have for lunch?”

You nodded, picking up your chopsticks again, making sure not to notice the fact that he had a little bit of red pepper sauce dribbling down the side of his chin.

“It’s a good thing you’re eating so little, wouldn’t want to gain more weight, would you?”

You stood up from your chair so fast it was a miracle it didn’t fall over. Eyes from all around were already glancing over at your sudden outburst, but you couldn’t have cared less. Your face was burning at his ruder than usual comment, and you were afraid that if you didn’t leave soon you were going to do something you were going to regret.

Your knuckles turned white as you held onto your chopsticks, you weren’t even going to give him the satisfaction of a response. You watched as Yeri quickly slid the side dishes away from Sehun, to which he let out an annoyed groan. “Oh come on, I was just telling the truth!”

“Please don’t ever sit with us again,” Yeri replied, her voice quipped and icy.

Sehun directed his eyes onto your risen figure and fell back into his chair. “Don’t tell me you’re actually upset, I can’t be the first person to say that,” his eyebrows were raised, as if he was telling a funny joke. He knew he had an audience, everyone in the cafeteria was watching. This was what he enjoyed doing, tormenting you.

Breathe. Don’t let this jerk see how much his stupid comments actually affect you. Don’t cry now. Too late. You could already feel the oncoming tears threaten to break out. Everyone had a tipping point, you couldn’t blame yourself. Being called fat was definitely a breaking point, especially when it was in front of a crowd.

“You’re despicable, I hate you,” you murmured towards him, careful to keep a straight face. If he saw you cry, you would automatically lose.

Sehun, to your surprise, didn’t say anything back. He only looked at you in complete silence as like the rest of the spectators.

Before you could full-on burst into tears, you rushed out of the room, the hallways already getting glassy from your eyes. People only glanced at you as you stumbled by, no one asking you if you were okay.

You had never hated anyone as much as you hated Oh Sehun, after that incident you vowed to avoid him at all costs, no matter what.


You watched from behind the front doors as rain started to pour. Not only was it raining harder than ever before, you didn’t have a ride either. Yeri had to go home early, and she was your only form of transportation to get back home. The last bus of the day had already left, and you didn’t know anyone else to ask for a ride. You were quite positive about the fact that the day could not get any worse than it already was.

The rain outside pounded on the pavement, as you watched each person leave in a car or in an umbrella. No one paid much attention to you, they were all focused on not getting drenched in the spring shower.

You blew a strand of stray hair out of your face and tried not to focus on your hungry stomach. This was the first time so far today, that you actually had a chance to breathe. After the cafeteria incident, you briefly went to the bathroom to curse out Sehun before returning to your hectic work schedule. Which meant that you didn’t have a single spare moment to catch a quick bite. This was in no way healthy for you, but you weren’t going to complain. When have you ever? Maybe that’s why it was so easy for people like Sehun to step all over you like a welcome mat. Why were you thinking about him again? You aren’t supposed to. Not after what he said to you.

You were so wrapped up in your thoughts that you didn’t even notice the lanky boy walking past you. He must’ve not noticed you either as he swiftly pushed open the door and brought his briefcase over his head. You watched as Sehun ran across the rainy grounds, into the entrance of the apartments that were close to your company building.

You felt yourself straighten up a little, at the realization that he lived so close to the workplace. Why didn’t you notice it before? There was a reason why he was always the first one to arrive and the last to leave. You felt yourself squinting a little, watching as Sehun tried to pat dry his briefcase after going under the entrance roof of the apartment.

“Lucky bastard..” You muttered underneath your breath, and quickly scanned around to see if anyone overheard you.

As more and more people pushed past you to get home, you realized that you couldn’t stand here forever. You couldn’t call Yeri, there was no way you would make her drive all the way back just to pick up your sorry ass. Unfortunately, without her, you virtually had no other friends in the company. You much preferred alone time than anything else, plus it was incredibly difficult to befriend any of the snarky gossipy ladies in the office. When they weren’t gushing over Sehun, they would be backstabbing someone else. Quite frankly, neither of those topics seemed appealing enough to be involved in.

You started to count your opinions about how you were going to have to spend the night. Walk home? That was out of line, you lived thirty minutes away and plus it was raining extremely hard. Sleep in the office? Yeah right, that wasn’t going to happen either, it was already stressful enough being here in the morning. A Cab? You only had coins left in your purse.

Your thoughts were suddenly interrupted as you felt someone push by you, nearly making you topple over. “Watch it!” You shouted out in annoyance. Were you invisible or something?  

You looked up from brushing your sleeve and came face to face with Sehun. Well, more like his backside. He was clearly in a rush and didn’t even bother to turn back around to apologize. Suddenly, a thought came to mind as you silently watched him rapidly press the elevator button, stringing out a list of incoherent words while tapping his foot.

I’ll ask the jerk to give me money for a cab home. He owes me that at least, after making a complete fool of me. I swore to never talk to him again, but right now I’m in a state of emergency. I’ll go back to ignoring him after this is over.

Without a moment’s hesitation, you walked right up to the tall boy that was still waiting for the elevator. Sehun noticed you right away, and at once his expression changed into one that was unreadable.

“Hey, lend me money for a cab ride home,” you asked, with your face set in a straight line and your arm extended. For some reason, right when you brought out your hand, you started to feel a little bit light-headed and distorted, but you just chalked it down to your sudden movements.

Sehun only looked at you with a plain face, his eyebrows slightly arched. With his dress shirt slightly wet and his hair tousled a little, you could understand why the ladies in the office loved to talk about him. Too bad his personality stunk, not to mention after what he had pulled earlier, you couldn’t have cared for him less.

“Do I look like a charity bag to you?” Sehun replied, in the most obnoxious tone that you had ever heard from him. “No.”

You didn’t budge, you weren’t going anywhere without your money. “You owe me.”

“Owe you for what, telling you the truth?” Another one of his famous smirks reappeared on his face, and all you could think about was slapping it off.

Before you had the chance to give him a snide response, you felt spots start to appear behind your eyes, and the ground starting to shake. “Oh my god..” you managed to murmur, as you felt the floor swallow you up in complete darkness.


“Wake up!”

You woke up with a sudden start, your cheek burning from the sudden cold sensation. Your heart was beating at a rapid pace as you clumsily moved the ice pack away from your face. You were sitting upright on someone’s couch, in a place that you had never seen before. It was sparsely decorated, and the furniture was minimal. It only took a couple of seconds for you to realize that Sehun was kneeling beside the couch, studying you intently.

You felt your breathing hitch up in your throat as you noticed his presence. His hair was matted and wet. Most likely from the recent shower that he just took, evident from the white towel slung around his neck. For some reason, seeing him in just a plain black t-shirt and white shorts made you turn pink.

“God you’re so annoying, who faints like that?” Sehun started to say, taking his towel from around his neck and placing it on top of his wet hair. “I had to carry you all the way to my apartment, you’re lucky it wasn’t far.” He had begun to tousle the towel in-between his hair, specks of water were flying everywhere.

All of a sudden, you started to get mad all over again, but once you rose up from the couch your head started pounding. Sehun must’ve noticed your uneven footing, but once he tried to gesture you back onto the couch you maneuvered away and headed for the door. You were sick of him. Absolutely appalled.

“Where do you think you’re going?” You could hear Sehun yelling at you from his place beside the couch. “You’re going to faint out there again!”

Just like that, a fuse inside of you broke lose. You stormed back towards him, in full rage mode, despite your hurting headache. Once you were close enough to him, you leaned down far enough to reach him at eye level. “No one asked you to help me, alright?!” Your voice had gotten loud and shrill, startling him enough for him to stop drying his hair. “You should’ve just left me there, instead of carrying this big old fat girl all the way to your apartment!”

You had never felt more enraged in your entire life. You were sure that your face was red with anger, and you probably looked like an absolute mess. Sehun could only stare at you with disbelief and astonishment, his hands slacked at his side.

“Do you get some sort of sick pleasure, tormenting me everyday?” You were on the verge of tears, but you continued to push on. “My life is already a living hell, I don’t need someone like you making it worse!”

Then, like a switch had turned on, you thought of the best solution. “That’s it, I quit. I don’t care if it’ll take me another three months to find another job. I just don’t want to see you again.”

The sudden relief made your tears spill over and down onto your cheeks, but you quickly wiped them away. Sehun had started to get up at this point, but you were much too busy trying to stop your sniffles to notice that he had thrown his towel to the side, and stepped closer towards you.

“Don’t cry,” he said, in a tone that you had never heard from him before. It was a soft and comforting tone. A tone he had not once used around you.

You could only manage a response that was half a weak laugh and half sniffling. “Isn’t that what you wanted? To see me cry?” You locked eyes with him. “Well, you win.”

Sehun only looked at you with an unreadable gaze, droplets from his hair was starting to collect at the collar of his shirt, but he didn’t seem to care. His focus was only set on you, but your mind was elsewhere. You were going to call Yeri to pick you up, she would understand your situation. All you knew, was that you wanted to get far away from him as possible.

Once you had turned around, you felt fingers holding you back. “I like you, _____.”

Your head whipped back around so fast it was a blessing that you didn’t strain your neck. “What did you just say?”

Sehun let out a small huff, his eyes averting elsewhere in embarrassment before staring back at you. “I said, that I like you.”

Your facial expression was completely blank. This was clearly a joke, it had to be. No decent human being would’ve treated someone they liked as cruelly as he ever did to you. “I told you that I’m sick of your stupid games, I’m leaving.”

You didn’t let him slip in another word as you pulled out of his grip and started to walk back down the hall. The sooner that you got out of here, the better.

“Wait, please!” Sehun zoomed past you, just to block his front door with his entire body. His face changed into the look of someone frantic. You could barely recognize him anymore, who was this?

“Move, let me get home.” Your head was killing you, the panicky boy in front of you was of little interest compared to how you were currently feeling.

“I’m not letting you leave until you let me talk.”
“Fine, make it quick,” you reply back harshly, with your eyes shut, trying to cancel out the throbbing pain you felt.

Sehun let out a long shaky breath, before speaking, “I’ve liked you for a very long time _____, but I couldn’t act on it because there’s a no dating policy in our company.”

You still weren’t buying it. After everything that he had done to you, you deserved to be suspicion. But, you remained quiet as he spoke.

“So, everything that I have ever done to you, was all just to try to distance myself away from you. I didn’t know that it affected you that much, if I had known sooner, I would’ve stopped.” Sehun looked worried, his eyes kept on looking away from yours, and every second he would scratch the back of his head.

“Well, thanks for telling me, but I really don’t care.” That was a lie. You did care, but you didn’t want him to know. You still felt some sort of resentment towards him, and you weren’t sure if it was going to magically disappear with just a weak confession.

You reached for the doorknob, but you felt your body being pulled away, and instead enveloped inside of a hug. Sehun’s wet hair touched the side of your cheek as he held onto you. You could feel his erratic heartbeat, even his fingers were trembling around your shoulders.

“Please, forgive me, I’m so sorry,” Sehun began to profusely apologize to you, his words shaky. You weren’t sure if he was just extremely scared, or on the verge of tears.

You could smell soft lavender around his neck, the sudden scent brought back fresh tears. How long was it since you had hugged someone? Far too long. You had been away from home for a couple of months and you thought you had adjusted to living alone, but it was clear you weren’t.  

All you wanted to do at this exact moment, was to be here in his arms. Forget everything that had happened earlier, and just stay here. Even if this warmth was only temporary, you felt like all of the weight was being lifted off of your shoulders. You didn’t even care about the fact that he was trembling like a mouse, you still felt safe beneath his arms.


It had been a couple weeks after the so-called “fainting” incident. Nothing more happened besides that hug that night. You had called Yeri to come pick you up, and you felt incredibly thankful that she didn’t have a curious personality. You weren’t sure where you and Sehun stood now. Did he want you to be his girlfriend? Were you guys enemies? Friends?

After that night, your head cleared up and you came to your senses. You couldn’t quit, despite what your lunatic self said the night before. However, you realized that Sehun didn’t show up for work the next morning. Or the day after. Then after a full week, it was clear that he had quit altogether. His desk was cleared out, and it was like he didn’t exist in the first place. At first, you were relieved, but then afterwards you started to feel conflicted. That rainy night wasn’t nothing, it still held some sort of value to you.

The craziest things started to happen the following week. It first began with you receiving white tulips on your desk. In the beginning, you assumed that it was just a mistake. There was no sender’s note or any indication of who gave them to you. Things started to take a spin, as you received a fresh new bouquet every single day. The office ladies were clearly jealous, you were the star of their gossiping news every morning, with them trying to rule out who sent them to you. Third week, you didn’t get a bouquet on your desk and you were slightly relieved that they had stopped coming. You were running out of places to put them. But instead of on your desk in the early morning, you received them through the arms of a slender boy in the late of night. Sehun would stand outside the front entrance with white tulips, as you made your way out to go home. He didn’t miss a day, even on the nights that you had to stay later than usual, you were sure that he would’ve went home. Except that he still stood there, with an undeterred persistence. In some way, this was his way of apologizing, and perhaps trying to show you that he wasn’t a bad person. And in some other crazy way, you started to feel something for him. At first it was small, like a tiny bud. Then you realized that you actually looked forward to when you got off of work, more than usual. You became excited to see him, waiting out there for you. It was also an added plus to see the jealous faces of the girls who noticed his dedication towards you.

Then, on that faithful Friday night, things took a turn.

You were heading down your stairs, your footsteps faster than usual. You weren’t going to deny the fact that you were ecstatic to see him. Although you were a bit worried as you were later than usual, late enough for all the other employees to have left before you. But you were positive that he would still be out there, he always was. You were practically bouncing from toe to toe, as you made your way down to the glass doors. As you neared, you noticed that his familiar stature wasn’t present. There was no giant bouquet of flowers near by either. You felt a frown start to appear on your face, you couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Then you came to the conclusion that he probably waited for you but left because you took too long. Yeah, that’s probably why.

With a final sigh, and adjusting of your bag, you started to walk out until you felt someone tap your shoulder. You turned and audibly gasped at the sight of a silver couple ring.

“_____, I know no one does this anymore, but will you be my girlfriend?” Sehun asked in a sincere voice, his fingers were visibly shaking as he lightly held onto the little piece of jewelry.

You stood there, completely baffled, your voice seemed to have completely vanished as you witnessed this tall boy standing in front of you. He had even gelled his hair, the night lights reflected off of his slicked locks.

Sehun must’ve noticed your hesitation and still figure, he stood there with you for a couple of seconds before getting on one knee.

“Wait what are you doing?” You say out loud, your voice finding it’s way back in pure confusion.

“____, will you marry-“

You didn’t waste a single second to swipe the ring from his nimble fingers and place it onto your own. “Okay okay, I’ll be your girlfriend!”

Sehun merely laughed at the sudden outburst of action from you, and got up.

“Is now a good time to say that this ring was cheaper than all of the flowers?”


*Request* Chanyeol Scenario - ‘Sub reader’

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests (Fridays & Sundays, Central time) guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Laymedown

“Hey jagi,” You heard Chanyeol announce himself as he came through the door to your guy’s apartment. With your fingers still flying away on the keyboard you mindlessly called back out to him.

“Welcome home!” Your eyes stayed trained on your computer as you still diligently worked. 

“Yah,” You heard your giant lug of a boyfriend stumble into your office. “No welcome home kiss from my lovely boyfriend?” You could hear the pout in his voice. 

“Jagiya, I’m almost done alright, there are leftovers in the fridge.” 

“Yeah yeah.” He mumbled as he walked away. You could hear the disappointment in his voice, but there was nothing you could do about it. Work was work and you had to get it done. Despite telling yourself that, you couldn’t help but tune in to all the ambient your boyfriend made. It would have been hard not to as he was being extra loud to make himself known. You ran your hand through your hair, taking a deep breath before pushing on. Eventually you were able to tune him out and god knows how much time passed before an angry Chanyeol came bursting through your office door. 

“Yah! What are you doing?” You exclaimed as he turned you around and threw you over his shoulder. You knew he was strong, but to be able lift you as if it were nothing surprised you. 

“Enough is enough.” His voice seemed to be filled with anger. He kicked open the bedroom door and threw you on to the bed. “How long are you going to ignore me?” You stared at his furrowed face in complete shock. You looked at the clock at the side of your bed and saw that it was nearing one in the morning.

“Chanyeol why are you still up, don’t you have to get up in three hours?”
“No, the question is why are you still working? You didn’t even give me a proper greeting.” He climbed on the bed and pinned you down beneath him. The look in his eyes were almost painful. “If I’m not working, then you are. I really hate it. We never spend anytime together anymore.” His hands held the sides of your face tightly before he kissed you. Your hands weaved through his hair, melting into his sweet lips. 

No longer did you care about your deadline. All you cared for was the man devouring you. You tried to follow him as he pulled away but he pushed you back down. He then stood at the edge of the bed and you watched sinfully as he began to take his shirt off. 

“My pants, take them off.” He demanded and you did almost too eagerly. As soon as you pulled them to the ground he grabbed you by your hair and forced you to look at him. He leaned down and nearly growled in your ear. “Suck it.” A shiver of excitement coursed through your body. 

You took him in not a second later. When Chanyeol got like this, it was best to do what he said. Otherwise he became even more controlling. You let him pop out of your mouth slowly as you watched his expression. 

“Did I tell you to stop?” You smiled brilliantly debating whether to continue or not. However, Chanyeol made your choice for you as he forced his way back into your mouth. You decided to give in as you continued what he told you to do. 

“Do you like sucking my dick jagi?” He moaned out as his hands gripped your hair tightly. You hummed in response and would’ve kept going but Chanyeol pulled your head away. “Take off your clothes. Now.” He commanded as he let go. You shedded your clothes real quick before Chanyeol crawled on top of you. His hand trailed delicately up your side, over your chest, until his hand held your chin with his lips a breath away from yours. The intensity of his eyes kept you silent, but it also caused your insides to boil. A small whimper left your lips as you tried to kiss him but he evaded it. 

“Do you like it when I ignore your advances?” 

“No,” Your hands weaved through his bright red hair, trying to close the final distance between the both of you. 

“I didn’t hear you.” He growled. 

“No, I don’t like it at all.” You said louder.   

“Hmm,” He kissed the side of your lips, careful not to kiss them directly. “Now how do you think I felt to be ignored jagi?”

“I’m sorry.” You whined, your breathing became heavier. “Forgive me Chanyeol.” Giving up on his lips, you gabbed his dick and began to stroke it. “Please.”

“I could never stay mad at you jagi.” He purred before kissing you. “But it doesn’t mean you aren’t going to be punished.” A laugh escaped his lips as he flipped you over on all fours. “I hope you don’t plan on sitting all day tomorrow either.” He purred again softly in your ear.  

First Kiss// Park Min Hyuk

Originally posted by dognmin

Pairing: Rocky x reader

Genre: fluff

summary: asked:anonymous Hi Sara ^~^ please write a scenario where any member of astro(please pick for me!)shares their first kiss with the reader &gt;///&lt; make it fluffy with a lot of feels pls thankss 🍬

Author’s Note: this is so cute fjksdhfkjhsdfskhj sorry for the wait, I had so many requests to do! I hope you enjoy the read *.*

xoxo Sara

“Yah, (Y/N)….?” You heard Rocky’s soft voice as you turned around, his hand finding yours and gripping it tightly.

You had decided to hang out with the boys of astro today, as you hadn’t seen them in a long time and you missed their company. They were always able to make you smile, despite of the mood that you were in.

Today, you weren’t in the best of moods, and you needed a pick me up. You needed hugs from your favorite people, you need to be enveloped in their arms for a while. So you called the boys up and asked if they wanted to go to the park with you.

“Yes, Rocky’s…?” you asked softly, a gentle smile coming up on your face as you noticed him gripping your hand, making him pull his hand away quickly and blush.

“I….Can I talk to you for a minute…?” he asked with wide eyes, gesturing to the narrow path into the tree infested part of the park, your favorite place to walk when you need space or need time to think.

“Yeah, sure,” you smiled, standing against him on the path as he began to walk.

After a while of silence, staring at the trees, Rocky spoke up. “Why are you upset…?”

“What?” you asked softly, looking up at him. You didn’t tell the boys that you were upset, and you tried your hardest to hide it and to have a good time.

“I can tell you’re sad….” he murmured softly, hands sliding into his pockets.

“How can you tell..?”

“Well… The little things, I guess. When you’re sad, you tend to lose your train of thought quickly, because something else is on your mind…”

“oh,” you said softly, knowing that he was right and that you really haven’t talked much due to that fact.

“When we’re at the park, you always threaten to push Sanha into the lake, and you haven’t even pretended to push him…” You chuckled softly, rubbing the back of your neck slightly.

“You haven’t asked for my sweater yet, which you do every time you and I are together…”

You blushed softly, rubbing the back of your neck slightly. Though he rarely gave it to you, you did ask for Rockys sweater a lot.

“I dunno Rocky… I just, i’m really stressed. I just needed to spend some time with my favorite people.”

He looked at you softly, stopping on the path and tugging on your arm. He smiled softly, pulling you into his arms and giving you a tight squeeze. He lifted you up and swung you around, causing you to laugh softly.

“Yah, Rocky! Put me down!” You giggled softly, patting his chest as he slowly put your feet back on the ground.

“I missed your smile,” he said softly, hugging you into his chest yet again as he leaned his chin on your neck.

You loved moments like this with Rocky. He was always so sweet and kind to you, making sure you were okay, and you loved that about him. You have liked Rocky since you met him in your class, and it was hard to hide your feelings because he was always hugging you and being sweet and kind.

“Yah, (Y/N)…?” He murmured, pulling away softly and smiling at you.Your faces were close, noses practically touching.

“Yes, Rocky?” you asked softly.

“I know this might be obvious… But i like you a lot. And I was going to confess to you later today, but I really can’t wait any longer. And I really really want to kiss you right now, if that isn’t too much….”

You chuckled softly, patting his chest and shaking your head. “I like you too Rocky, if it isn’t obvious.”

He smiled widely, gripping your hand in his. “Really?! Oh that’s so great,” he smiled softly, intertwining his fingers with yours, “So it wouldn’t be too much if i… Asked you to be my girlfriend?”

“Yes Rocky,” You giggled, “I’ll be your girlfriend.”

He smiled widely, a soft giggle leaving his lips. “Does.. Does that mean I can kiss you…?” He suddenly turned serious, eyes wide as he squeezed your hand softly.

You felt flustered, not wanting to speak in case you would say something embarrasing, so you simply nodded, walking closer to him and standing on your tippy toes. He cupped your cheek to steady you softly, eyes fluttering shut as he leaned in, pressing a nervous kiss to your lips.

he pulled away softly, a blush appearing on his cheeks almost immediately after. “(Y/N)… I’ve never kissed anyone before.I’m sorry if it wasn’t good, I was really nervous…”

“You’re so cute Rocky,” you giggled softly, hugging your boyfriend tight as you leaned your head against his chest.

Remember last week when withanaccent was like It isn’t happening for realsios this time guyz and we were all like lmao yah heard that one before. Like. We have heard this one before about a hundred times.

I’m not saying don’t be offended. I’m saying, please remember Sherlock making a speech about the women they have “lied to and disparaged” and how we “must win.” That’s us. That hasn’t changed.

We will probably be on the receiving end of a few more cheap shots before we see ourselves vindicated. It doesn’t mean we are wrong or crazy. It’s the same old song and dance we always see. If you are hurting because of it, I’m sorry for your pain. Feel free to take breaks when you need them. Watch the show. Watch tjlce. It’s happening.

What we have seen is still real. And we’re about to see a lot more. I can’t wait.

anonymous asked:

43 + 38 with Jungkook~

38: “Come over here and make me”
43: “Have you ever heard of knocking?”  

After getting out from a long shower, you quickly scavenged through your clothes, looking for some comfortable clothes to wear while you relaxed. 

As far as you knew, Jungkook wouldn’t be home for another two hours at the least, so you weren’t worried about covering up in a hurry. 

Just as you found some sweat pants and one of Jungkook’s old tee shirts, you heard the door to your room open and Jungkook walk in. 

“Yah! Have you ever heard of knocking?” you asked in surprised as you tried to use your clothes as a shield for your body. 

He only laughed as he continued to stand in the doorway, amused by your embarrassed state and failed attempt to cover up. 

“You act as if I’ve never seen you naked before,” he said as he fully walked in the room. 

“Get out!” you yelled. 

“Come over here and make me,” he shot back and you sent him a glare. 

After you had quickly put your clothes on, you went over to Jungkook and hit him in the shoulder. 

“Hey I promise I’ll leave next time,” he said, trying to get you to stop hitting him. 

“What do you mean next time, Jungkook?”