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Chrom/Marth C-A Support

Written by  fieryleaves

Disclaimer: this is post Chapter 13 Chrom but pre-Paralogue 20, so Chrom hasn’t figured out that his sister is still alive. Marth, on the other hand, is post Mystery of the Emblem.


Chrom: Hah! Yah! And… Anything can change! *crash* Damn.. I broke another one and- *gasps* King Marth I’m so sorry I didn’t see you there!

Marth: Ow, my head… It’s fine, accidents happen, Prince Chrom. I came by to check on you, actually, so this works out pretty well.

Chrom: Really? Wait, shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Marth: Huh? What do you mean?

Chrom: King Marth, I am your descendant from two thousand years after, so if you die, then there would be no future exalted bloodline, so my family and I wouldn’t exist.

Marth: Oh, I… didn’t know that.

Chrom: Wait, Lucina hasn’t been following you around calling you ‘Sir Hero King’?

Marth: No, why?

Chrom: It’s nothing, let’s take you to healer, after all, the metal pieces were pretty sharp…

Marth: I’m fine Prince Chrom.

[Chrom and Marth have reached support rank C.]


Marth: Prince Chrom, about yesterday…

Chrom: What about yesterday?

Marth: You seemed a bit distant yesterday, so I wanted to check up on you again, especially since I’m apparently your ancestor.

Chrom: Oh, I did say that… Damn. Sorry, King Marth, it’s just awkward talking to someone who was a legend I only heard in storybooks my father told me about.

Marth: Me? A legend? You’re joking, right?

Chrom: King Marth, you are known as the man who slayed the Shadow Dragon, the man who united Archanea, and the man who saved countless lives with his idealistic views.

Marth: You expect too much of me, Prince Chrom. My allies should be the ones written in legends, so I can’t be the only ‘legend’, right?

Chrom: King Marth…

[Chrom and Marth have reached support rank B.]


Marth: Prince Chrom, I’m sorry for what happened the other day. I was a feeling a bit mournful, and I lashed out at you.

Chrom: Mournful? About what?

Marth: Do you recall the War of Heroes? I’m guessing you learned about it at some point when you were younger.

Chrom: Yes, wasn’t that the second war you were in that took place only about a year after the War of Shadows? The one where your sister, Lady Lena, Princess Maria, and Princess Nyna were kidnapped by Gharnef to resurrect Medeus?

Marth: Yes, and as you may recall, Gharnef used the Darksphere to corrupt Hardin, the Emperor of Archanea and take advantage of his suffering. He waged war on us and I had to fight against him, and the Archanean people.

Chrom: I… know that.

Marth: If only I had realized earlier what was inevitable, maybe I could have stopped the marriage between him and Nyna, and prevented both Hardin’s heartache, which turned into corruption and that damned war.

Chrom: But you ended his suffering!

Marth: At the cost of his life! There had to be a better way to rid Hardin of the Darksphere’s influence, but no, I had to take the easy way out and kill him, causing history to think him a monster akin to Medeus, or Gharnef.

Chrom: You are not the person to blame for Hardin’s corruption, King Marth! Open your eyes!

Marth: ….

Chrom: I realize now that you and I are quite similar. After all, I blamed myself for months after my sister’s sacrifice unrelentlessly. But do you know what pulled me out of that? Sparing! So I ask of you now, show me the might of the Hero King of Legend!

Marth: Very well. My prayers are with you!

Chrom: I will not fail!

[Chrom and Marth have reached support rank A.]

Shenko Week: We are Family

I’ve never written anything so fast I’m my life. I didn’t know this was happening this week. Have some more Shenko pregnancy fluff!

Kaidan was exhausted, it’d been a long day of work, he just hoped that Shepard was already home and sleeping. He flattered himself a patient man but having to put up with one petty argument after another made him want to go all, well, Shepard on someone. He opened the door and the warm wonderful smell of the apartment hit him. He wondered if any of the others were home tonight.

Home, hah, yah I guess the apartment was home, at least a little bit, for everyone. After regaining their Homeworlds after the war the entire crew was still sent back to the citadel time and again as ambassadors, consultants and general civil servants, everyone had a key so you never knew what you might walk in on some day.

Kaidan dragged himself over to the couch, taking a second to look longingly at the piano before collapsing. It was late, if anyone was home they wouldn’t thank him for trying to rehearse ‘we didn’t start the fire’ at midnight.

Kaidan stared into the fireplace, Shepard must be home already, she always turned it on so he could see when he staggered in late and all of the other lights were off. Suddenly the overhead light flicked on, it shocked Kaidan’s eyes and he clapped a hand over his face, peeking out.

When he saw her his heart did a little skip in his chest. She was in a hoodie, one that she bought purposely too large that she wrote over her oldest N7 training top that she knew she should retire and still hadn’t. She looked gorgeous, the top was ragged and faded and just a tad too small so her midriff was a little exposed. Kaidan closed his eyes and thanked every force in the galaxy that he was able to come home to her night after night.

“Kaidan?” She asked spotting him as she came down the stairs.

“Hey Shepard.”

Kaidan scooted over to let her sit side-long with him on the couch. She squeezed in next to him, he gave her a kiss on the head.

“How are you? Is anyone else here tonight?”

“Nah, they’re all where they belong tonight, I contacted Wrex and Liara when I got home, both said it’d be a while before they’re back and you know Tali has a house to build, and Garrus is finally taking some time to be with his family. Everyone else have different things to attend to.”

Shepard didn’t need to say it, Kaidan knew there were still tons of funerals and search parties that everyone else had to arrange. Kaidan sighed, brought down again by the thought.

“How was your day?” She asked laying back and smiling at him.

“Fine. You’d think that there’d be more official business for me to take care of than just mediating between Krogan and Salarian ambassadors all day.”

“They know you’re the calming presence and humans are fairly impartial. What with the genophage coming out before we even had indoor plumbing.”

Kaidan snickered and kissed her cheek.

“I guess so.”

“Besides mediating is a good gift to have.”

“Hah, me? What about you? You ended several long standing wars just by yelling. You can get a lot more done with yelling. Who needs me standing there saying 'I understand’ quietly over and over?”

“That’s a kind of patience that I don’t have.” Shepard pointed out snuggling close to him. “And it’s exactly what I’m relying on when the baby comes.”

“Oh is that why you get all of the-”

Kaidan’s brain froze as it processed her last sentence. Baby. Baby? Did he hear that right? He looked down at her, eyes wide, shocked, mouth hanging open.

“What?!” His voice was a quiet but urgent choke. “You…you’re- you’re- you’re pregnant?” The Last word brought the volume up dramatically. Shepard smiled at him watching his face transform. He very suddenly forgot all about his long day. He jumped off the couch, cupping her face in his hands.

“A-are you sure? How? I thought…I thought because of everything, and you and…me after the war the healing and….”

She smiled up at him.

“Did you really think there was anything in this galaxy that we couldn’t make happen? Yee of little faith.” Her grin widened.

Kaidan made an astounded sound that might’ve been a laugh.

“H-how long?” He asked barely able to contain the emotion in his voice. He knelt down next to her, his eyes filing with tears. “And it’s….it’s mine too?”

Shepard rolled her eyes.

“No this is the moment that I’ve chosen to tell you that James and I are having an affair….of course it’s yours!” Shepard teased. Her smile disappeared as he sunk to his knees next to her. He looked at her deceptively normal midriff.
“And about a 2 months”

He placed his hand on her stomach and stifled a sob.


“Kaidan? What’s wrong?”

He leaned closer and kissed her stomach.

“Nothing’s wrong.” He laughed, blinking a tear out of his eye. “Shepard…..I’m-I’m going to be a father?”

Shepard smiled again.

“Yes. Yes you are.”

“And you’re going to be a mom.” He looked up at her smiling. “Well be a family.”

“We’re already a family.” She pulled him into a kiss. It started gently but became more passionate as second raced by, finally Kaidan broke it.

“I’m going to be a father!” He said a little louder. A smile spread across his face. “I’M GOING TO BE A FATHER!”

He grabbed Shepard and lifted her off of the couch, twirling her around. Shepard giggled.

“Trying to spread the news to the whole citadel are we?”

“No! The whole galaxy!” Kaidan cheered as Shepard laughed. He finally put her back down, Kissing her.

“A family.” he said again, awestruck.

“A family.” Shepard smiled.

Innes/Eirika C-A Support

Written by  fieryleaves

Disclaimer: Eirika and Ephraim are from two years after SS ends, while Innes is from right before the group goes to Darkling Woods. And Eirika is already married to Innes in her present, while because the war is still going on in Innes’ present, the two just got their A support (in SS) in his present.


y/n: Queen Eirika, are you alright?

Eirika: Y-yes. Sorry, I’m just a bit lonely. While everyone here is incredibly kind, I sometimes miss all of my allies in Magvel.

y/n: But you have your twin brother, and your newborn son here, so you do have family here, at least. Granted, your brother does get deployed a lot, but still.

Eirika: I suppose you’re right, thank you.  Though speaking of my brother, I should practice with my sword arm for a few minutes more,  since he’d scold me if I miss a day. 

[Eirika leaves.]

y/n: Hmm… Wasn’t there supposed to be a new focus summon today, called the Sacred World? And I think they were Amelia, Seth, Tana and Innes. Hmm… Perhaps Eirika would cheer up if one of her soldiers, or her vassal, or her sister-in-law, or especially her husband, were reunited with her. Let me try and- POW!

[Innes arrives.]

Innes: I am Prince Innes of Frelia. Not that I care, but… is a man called Ephraim here?

y/n: No, not at the moment, he went out on a mission that I sent him on. However, his sister Eirika is still in the castle. Do you want to see her?

Innes: Alright. Show me to her.

[Eirika enters.]

Eirika: y/n. I heard you got quite a lucky summon and- Darling, is that you?! *kisses Innes*

Innes: Wait, ‘Darling’? ‘DARLING’?!  Eirika, I haven’t had the right to woo you, as I haven’t bested your brother yet, so why do you address me as if you are my wife?!

Eirika: Innes, have you hit your head on something hard recently?

Innes: No… (I’m about to once this conversation ends if she doesn’t explain herself!)

Eirika: Then I can’t fathom why you forgot that we married a year ago, once the war with Grado ended and you were crowned King.

Innes: Wait, Eirika, have you gone mad? The war with Grado has not ended yet, as we’re on the march to Darkling Woods to end it NOW. 

Eirika: Innes, wait! *sighs* Why does he have to be so… infuriating now?

y/n: Damn… so you two are from different points in the timeline, eh? I should’ve known, since he addressed himself as Prince Innes, rather than King Innes and asked where your brother was, first.

Eirika: It’s not your fault, y/n. Though I should clear this up with him myself.

[Innes and Eirika have reached support rank C.]


Innes: Hah! Yah! *shoots arrows at enemies* I warned you!

Emblian soldier: Take this!

Innes: Damn…that hurt. But no matter, BEHOLD MY SKILL! *kills enemy*

Eirika: D-Innes? You’re bleeding quite badly.

Innes: Eirika, when did you get here?

Eirika: I was on the battlefield the whole time, but let’s get you to Maria. I’ll protect you from any Emblian Soldiers that come our way.

Innes: I’m perfectly fine, Eirika. I should be the one protecting you, I still need to repay you and- *gets picked up* How did you-? Put me down!

Eirika: Please, Innes. Maria is coming here now, so get yourself healed.

Maria: Eirika! Innes! Are you guys OK?

Eirika: I’m fine, heal him. He lost more HP than I did.

Maria: Alright.

[Maria heals Innes and then leaves.]

Innes: Eirika, why did you do that?

Eirika: Do what?

Innes: I should be the one protecting you, and yet, when an enemy shows himself, you rush in and attack! Plus, you made Maria heal me instead of you!

Eirika: I can’t help you with your image problems, Innes. You’re an archer, so y/n said that you have to attack units from a distance. Me? I have to tank enemies since my physical defenses are better than yours.

Innes: That is unacceptable. After Carcino, when I said that I was going to protect you, I was being quite sincere.

Eirika: And while I appreciate that, what if you die at the hands of the enemy?

Innes: …

Eirika: I detest fighting, that much you know, and lately I’ve been having nightmares about this horrible war. Nightmares that always show at least one of my close allies dying while hundreds of bodies lie lifeless on the ground. General Seth lost the function of his lance arm defending me from Valter, you know. I’ll never forgive myself for that. Nor will I forgive myself for living to flee while many of Renais soldiers died protecting the kingdom.

Innes: I don’t detest fighting, but I won’t give up. Not here. Not in this place. I’ll keep going, even if I have to crawl. Frelia needs a King, I know that, but it also needs a Queen as well.

Eirika: Innes! Thank you… but there’s something I need to tell you…

Innes: What is it?

Emblian Soldier: *enters* There they are! Get ‘em!

Eirika: Looks like there’s another one here, too. *sighs and leaves*

Innes: Eirika! Blast! I’ll just protect her from behind…but what was she going to say?

[Innes and Eirika have reached support rank B.]


Ephraim: Thanks again, sister, for killing that Axe user for me. Looks like the tides have changed, eh?

Eirika: You’re welcome, brother. Though it’s high praise coming from you, since you can spear anything that dares oppose you.

Ephraim: Well I don’t pick fights I don’t win, sister.

Eirika: Yes, I know. Though while I have no taste for war, it’s still nice to reunite with you again, brother. After all, in normal circumstances, we would only see each other on annual visits from one of us to the other, now that we both have different kingdoms to rule.

Ephraim: Ah, that reminds me, I heard that the  Innes here is from two years past, meaning the two of you haven’t married yet in his time.

Eirika: What of it, Ephraim?

Ephraim: If I recall correctly, you were about 6 months pregnant the day that we coincidently got whisked away to this other world, and considering that both you and I have been here for 4 months, the child should have been born already. Sorry for only asking about this now, but… First of all… What’s his name?

Eirika: How did you figure out that I had given birth to a boy?

Ephraim: y/n told me.

Eirika: Well, um, his name is Fado.

Ephraim: You named him after Father? But, next question. Have you told Innes about any of this? The one here, not the one from the present.

Eirika: No. And frankly because of how he reacted to me being from two years after his present, I’m sure that he will lose his composure even more if he finds out that he’s a father in two years.

Ephraim: You should tell him, since while he technically isn’t your husband in his time, he still is little Fado’s father…in two years time.

Eirika: All right, thank you, Ephraim.  Though you haven’t yet met my son yet, so do you have any time to spare?

Ephraim: I… don’t know.

[Innes enters.]

Ephraim: (Eirika, he’s standing right there!) 

[Ephraim nudges Eirika, then leaves.]

Eirika: (Very well, Ephraim. I’ll go.) Innes, do you remember how I wanted to tell you something, but enemy soldiers interrupted us?

Innes: Yes, why?

Eirika: Please, follow me. *grabs Innes’ hand*

[Scene transitions to Eirika’s tent.]

Innes: Eirika, why did you bring me to your bedroom? I know that you and I are married in your time, but that doesn’t mean we are free to-

[Crying noises.]

Innes: …Of course, that explains why you were more plump in some areas than I remember you being. You just had a child, didn’t you?

Eirika: Yes. Our child. Er well, technically, the child sired by you in two years from now.*picks up Fado* His name is Fado, after my late father.

Innes: I don’t have the right to woo you, not now anyway. So why are you showing me our future heir? To attempt to get me to duel your brother as quickly as possible?

Eirika: No! I’m showing you him so I can ask you if you could be his surrogate father, at the very least. Or is there a law in Frelia that prevents two people from raising a child together, even if they aren’t married yet?

Innes: No, of course not. Even if the circumstances are… very awkward and confusing. However, you should at least breast or bottle feed him right now,  since he is suckling your breastplate, currently.

Eirika: Yes, I probably should now. *takes off breastplate and undos shirt* Here, Fado. *brings Fado closer to chest*

Innes: He’s a lot calmer when he gets what he wants.

Eirika: Then he’s just like his father, it seems.

Innes: Eirika!

Eirika: I’m only teasing you. Though, I think he finished eating, so do you mind holding him a bit? *hands Fado over to Innes and leaves*

Innes: Eh? Hmm…*starts humming* (I know that my father did this with my sister and I to make us calm down, so maybe he’ll enjoy it)

[Fado smiles.]

Innes: *laughs quietly* So this is what it’s like…being a father.

[Innes and Eirika have reached support rank A.]

akamuse-deactivated20171015  asked:


[ 1/3 kissed! || accepting ]

it was the end of another piano-paint jam session, a fruitful one at that! the two girls practically in-sync as the melody and sounds of the laboratory meshed with the strokes and brushes against canvas. and just as the song ended, the artist awoke from her daze, looking over her latest piece of work with an eager smile on her face. atua had done it again, although… this time around, it felt as if kaede’s presence played more of a role than usual.

with a few last finishing touches, the artist considered the piece complete and immediately picked up the canvas.  yah-hah, kaede! her voice was as fluttery as usual, her steps quick, and her actions quicker. before the pianist could even make a remark on their time together, angie had already pulled her in close by the sweater vest, the distance between them rapidly closing before— smooch.

her lips lingered against kaede’s, but not for long. angie had other things to do for the day, but she wanted to take the time to at least reward the pianist for going along with angie’s and atua’s instantaneous ideas. her cheeks rosier than usual, the kiss was broken, and the canvas was practically forced onto kaede’s hands. 

painted on it with still-drying pigment was a rather compelling depiction of… kaede at her piano. the world around her seemed to be lost in the rhythm, the sole focal point of the entire image being the deft hands that maneuvered from one end of the keys to the other. it evoked emotions of compassion and ideas of beauty, even from just a momentary glance. by the time that it would have taken kaede to fully absorb what was on the canvas, angie had already left the room, somewhat out of a need to hurry, but another part out of embarrassment.

ryoma, ryoma! yah-hah, ryoma! ‘ 

it was as if she would never stop chasing him about, not since atua’s divine inspiration struck when she saw the lonesome athlete today. well, that’s the excuse she would give him for her constant annoyance if he asked about it. but in actuality, something about him intrigued her, and she was curious as to what it was. || @prisongame

Joss on the difference between Spike and Angel

James Marsters thought the reason it was easier for Spike to move forward was because he’s not as deep as Angel, but Joss said otherwise…

Joss Whedon:

“Well, he’s a different guy than Angel. Hopefully he’s a different guy because otherwise Angel’s going to be really boring. I think Spike was actually a lot closer to human. Angel was at full-tilt evil, that just got clothes lined by those Gypsies and spent 100 years going, "Ah yah aha hah,” trying to figure it out – what it was he had to do. Spike actually went in search for a soul while he had none, so I think he was much more evolved then Angel, personally. I think that’s why it was easier for him to make the transition.“