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The Bad Boy |Min Yoongi| (6)

Summary: You’re the good popular girl of the school and then there’s Min Yoongi, the bad boy. You both have family problems, considering people think your life is perfect, so once you get detention with him you click.

Warnings: Cursing, maybe some implied smut, some depressing shit, maybe some angst.

Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Word Count: 2,201

When you came back to his place, you immediately went to get unready. Yoongi had helped you with everything, which you thought was sweet. You stayed up with him until pretty late and you didn’t have doubts about it at all.

“So how are your parents?” He asked.

“Probably going to get a divorce” You replied shrugging.

“Oh. I’m sorry” He said.

“It’s okay. It was bound to happen. They constantly argue” You said.

“I’m here for you no matter what” He said.

“I know thanks. I’m here for you no matter what too” You said with a sweet smile.


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Regrets [Jungkook x Reader]

Cherish this small update, I might not be able to update for awhile ): besides that, our boys are coming back soon! 

Chapter 4.

Chapter 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Jungkook left the restaurant after everyone left to the breakroom. He held his lunch loosely. He walked slowly towards the apartment he was staying in. He imagined back to when he saw your smiling face. Oh, how he loved that image. Your smile was beautiful. You laugh was a sound that he couldn’t forget. He discovered its true beauty all too late.

He smiled to himself as he reached his doorstep to open the door with his key. He saw a note on his table, “I’ll kill her if you see her again.”

Jungkook picked up the note slowly and carefully. He listened for any strange sounds in his apartment and walked around to check if there was anything out of the ordinary. Nothing.

This again? Just when he found you the threats started again. He was foolish to let his image, fear and anger get the best of him and become cruel to you, but now he made up his mind to protect you.

He remembered.


Five years ago

“Jungkookie! Let’s go for a walk outside!” He turned to see her face. She looked happy and full of life.  Y/N. Because of her he was stuck in such a dangerous position of being bullied and possibly killed by the hoards of girls that were jealous of him “choosing” Y/N over them.

Even though he was fond of her, yes. But he never liked her the way that she liked him..

She caught up to where he was. “Hey, you okay?”

“Don’t talk to me Y/N. I’m not in the mood.” She backed off. “Sure, feel better.”

“Also, don’t call me Jungkookie, we’re not even friends.”  She frowned. “Alright. See you later.”  She walked away from him. Once she was out of sight he sighed. Why did their parents force them to have this engagement? In what way was her family going to benefit his? They weren’t rich. They didn’t make money. They didn’t have anything. Most of the students at school found out and things were becoming dangerous. Rich people are dangerous. They had the power to kill anyone if they wanted to and easily get away with it.

For the next couple of days at school, Jungkook walked through the entrance and there were so many girls swarming around him,

“Jungkook-Oppa! Why are you dating that scholarship student?”

“Oppa! Why are you even with trash like her?”

“Marry me!”

“Leave her!”

“I’ll be a better spouse than her!”

“My family makes more money than her!”

“She’s so ugly, I’m more beautiful than her!”

Once he reached the interior, the group of friends he usually hangs out with started to insult him endlessly. “Yah, kookie here is dating a poor girl. I mean, going to marry trash and he’ll become trash himself as well.”

Everyone started insulting him day after day. Leaving him out of events, no longer invited to parties, left alone. And it was because of her. Y/N. He began to feel hatred for the girl. He didn’t understand why he hated her. Maybe because she was the catalyst for all the unfortunate events and bad luck that was coming to him. But he didn’t like her.

Once he realized that hatred was real and established, he started doing many cruel things towards her. He and his group of friends threw eggs and flour at her when she was walking through school. They went through her backpack and threw everything out the top floor of the school and let it get ruined. He was violent with her. He hit her. He was aggressive with her. Other girls pulled Y/N’s hair until it became so damaged that she had to go cut it. They ripped her clothes by stealing them during gym class. They threw her clothes into the toilet. They tripped her.  She got hurt. She cried. Often.  And one day she stopped smiling altogether.

By the end of their senior year, Jungkook and Y/N were supposed to marry after graduation, however Jungkook was seeing another girl in the process. Ji Yun. At first she was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. Popular. Rich. Loving. But, she was a fox. Manipulative. Evil. Dangerous. Possessive.. He was so wrapped up with her to where his cruelty and dark demeanor was terrifying. That night, the day on their engagement anniversary, was the night he completely destroyed her through his aggression and words. He told her to leave and to never show her face again and to destroy and call off  the engagement. He was the one that broke it off. She was just a victim.  He still remembered that night clearly. He couldn’t sleep that night.

And once Jungkook found out Y/N left Ulsan, he felt his heart become heavy even though he had no right to feel that way.

He broke everything off with Ji Yun and she swore to be with him no matter what it took.  But he wanted to find her and make things alright again.


It must’ve been her. She must be the one who put the note in. She never liked Y/N and the possessiveness was scary. He told himself he was going to find you and protect you even though you might hate him. He promised himself to keep you safe. He promised.


It had been a couple of hours since hanging out at Jin’s restaurant and you began to move your stuff with the boys and they all later had to go and left you with Jin after that.

You finished moving everything back to Jin’s house that night. You were happy that your landlord was amazingly kind and understanding and you paid the rest of the rent and said goodbye. You were back at Jin’s house and you were happy. You weren’t going to be alone again. Things looked a bit different at his house. It looked bigger? There was more room?

“Oppa, did you remodel the house??” You yelled throughout the house.

He was upstairs, “Of course Y/N! You were coming back and the other boys stayed here often so I decided to expand the house and have more rooms for guests!”

You carried your stuff up the stairs. You found your room where Jin was currently in. You were amazed. It was decorated with polaroid pictures across the wall of you and the boys. You had a selca with each of them on there and you were happy. The room was simple, but you could tell by its minimal look that Jin put extra thought into decorating. You had your own desk. Your own brand new bed. Your own room that didn’t smell like mold. You were shocked by how clean and pretty everything was.

“Oppa, this room is beautiful.” Jin looked at you. “OF COURSE IT IS. OPPA DECORATED IT. I DESERVE A HUG FOR ALL THIS HARD WORK.”  He spread out his long arms.

You walked over to embrace him. He gave you a kiss on the head. “This will  always be your home here. You’re family, okay?”

You smiled. You felt at home. Once you both finished up whatever was needed to be done, you went to take a shower and changed into your pjs then headed downstairs for a late dinner. You heard laughter in the dining room. You walked in and saw the other boys there. Yoongi walked over and pulled you to the table. “Aigo, our Y/n came downstairs late. We were all waiting for you!” you smiled and there was so much food in front of you. You were really excited to eat with them. It felt like a real family dinner. You weren’t alone.

After dinner was over, the boys left a little early because it was still a work day and you had work as well. Everyone left besides Jimin because Jin told Jimin to stay since he had to run and get a couple of things from Yoongi’s place to finish the remodeling of one of the rooms. Jimin walked you to your room.

You both sat down on your bed. Jimin laid down and stretched his arms above his head “Jimin-ah.”


“Are you lonely now since I’m not at your place anymore?”

He opened his eyes to look at you. He shook his head.

You looked at him, pretending you were shocked. “Really? You don’t miss me?”

He chuckled at your cuteness, of course he missed you, but he couldn’t bring himself to say it outloud. “Hyung didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“We’re all moving in together.”

You looked at him. You thought about it for a second. “WAIT”


You paced around, “WHO’S WE????”

Jimin lazily sat up. “Y/N-ah. Are you scared to live in the same house as me and 5 other men?”

“Y-y-you’re going to t-t-to be here?” You stayed with Jimin before, ALONE for that matter; but now everything was going to change since the other boys were going to be here.

You couldn’t do this. Jin was already enough, but the others as well? And you never finished telling Jimin you liked him. You felt nervous. What if there were things that you wanted to tell Jin but those idiots were going to eavesdrop? It felt weird to be in a house full of men. But they were family and Jin was going to protect you.

You didn’t know what could go wrong. 

MANY THINGS COULD GO WRONG. You stared at Jimin and his lips and you wished they were on yours and what were you thinking? You couldn’t be like that. Remember what happened last time? You ended up leaving your hometown. You couldn’t. Resist Y/N. 

You started groaning and you were holding your hair on both sides and scrunched it in frustration and stared at the wall. You couldn’t think about him like that. Technically you could but…

“Helloooooo. Earth to Y/N. Jagiyaaaaaaaaa” Jimin was waving a hand in front of your face. You were spacing out.


You snapped out of it. “Yes, Jimin?”

He smirked. “So you respond to Jagi, but not your name?”

You felt your face and ears turn red. “Jimin! Don’t tease me like that”

“Hahaha I’m kidding. I’m kidding. Only poking fun at you Y/N.” You sat down and leaned forward  and your face landed in his chest.

“Jiminie…” you muffled into his warm chest.

He looked down at you. “Thank you for protecting me from him today. If it weren’t for you and Yoongi-Oppa, I don’t know what would have happened. I think Jin-Oppa would have killed him in an instant.”

He wrapped his arms around you. “Don’t mention it Y/N-ah, if anything it should be me thanking you. AND WHAT ABOUT ME? I WANT A KISS TOO. You got Hyung to trip on thin air and plummet to his death, but gave him a kiss?!?”

You blushed even harder. “I mean…If you want one..” You moved closer to his face and all of a sudden, Yoongi barged into the room. “PARK JIMIN I TOLD YOU NOT TO MENTION THAT.” You freaked out, clutched your heart and shrieked “KKAMJJAGIYA!”

He jumped on Jimin and started to tickle Jimin. You were scared by the scene. There were two grownass men on your bed fighting over how the grumpy one fell on thin air. You just realized something…where was Yoongi when you were talking? Wasn’t he going with Oppa to get something? Oh wait. They’re all moving in. you forgot about that. But when did they get back? You didn’t even hear the door close downstairs. You snapped out of it when they continued to mess up your bed. “YAH, why don’t you two pabos get off my bed and fight on the ground???!”

Yoongi pulled you onto the bed and you felt arms wrap around you. “Y/N, you’re so soft. And you smell good. I can’t wait to live in this house with you.” Jin walked past the door and saw this. He walked over and dragged Yoongi off of you. “She’s off limits.” then he left.

Yoongi, you and Jimin looked at each other and laughed. It was funny to see your Oppa act that way. You fell back onto your bed and smiled. It would be interesting to live with the guys. 

You were happy. 


Alright so I was tagged by @bubbl3tae @kimi-mimi-rumi and @jinssmile to do this bias mood board/ aesthetic thingy

I put a bunch of aesthetic flower shit in there and yeah. It was fun

Tbh that’s something like my ideal date idk 😂 . Go to a nice dog cafe and just chill ☕ (in this case, with my boy Vernon cause he cute man)

I taaag whoever wants to do this and my bro @sayakamikiii bc I’ve missed her

Prompt Request - Timid

Summary: After an unexpected evening with Bucky, you spend the next few days avoiding him, too nervous to face the uncertainty of the inevitable conversation, and completely unaware that he is trying to ask you out.

179: “I’ve never felt this way about anyone before… and it scares the shit out of me.”
182: “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”

Warnings: lil swearing; lil teeny, toes-in-the-water, implied smut. Mostly fluff and mild angst.

Word Count: 2270

A/N: Guys this is like way too close to real life for me. I am such an awkward peanut. I once literally went on a date with a guy and didn’t even know it until I was describing my weekend to a friend who was like, “Hold up… who was the  date with?” What date?! Yah, I’m an idiot. Also I half like, half hate this… so I dunno. I just. don’t. know. Hopefully you like it @demonchild01, you lovely, patient requester.

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You woke up with a soft groan, rubbing your aching forehead, the first thought of the day: Hangover.

Pinching your eyes closed against the harsh light, the second thought occurred to you: Why is it so bright in here, I always close the curtains…?

Rolling away from the offending light, the sheets slid over your body a little too easily. With an alarming realization the third thought came to you, and you froze immediately: I’m not wearing my pajamas!

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LWD & SKOP Challenge — Day 7: Daisy and Ryke’s Day

While we rest in silence, pages are being written between us. Telling the story of a crazy, sad girl and a fucking dangerous, lonely guy. I thought I lost her one last time. 


like maybe not literally a million

but then he does that thing where’s he’s so good with kids and sweet and kind and gentle and Myrie’s child-desirous inclinations go CRAY CRAY

darn it dae stop it ur kiling her

Bully pt. 2

Title: Bully pt. 2
Pairing: Wonwoo x Reader
Word Count: 4.3K
Genre: fluff
Warning(s): cursing

Part One

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You and Joon Kyung were supposed to be enjoying the evening at home watching a movie, but you were a little distracted from him being on his phone since the beginning of the movie. Each time you glanced at him he was looking down at it. “Yah Oppa….” you pouted looking up at him from laying on his lap. “Are you even watching?”

“Huh? Oh yeah, of course, I am” he scrambled putting down his phone. “The guy just went to that one place right?”

You understood that he was a CEO and he had important things to take care of it, but it was starting to get ridiculous. You tried to respect the fact that he kept his phone from you but your own curiosity was getting the best of you. Sitting up you cupped his cheeks. “Oppa…”

He blushed for a moment before recovering and raising a brow. “What?”

“Do you love me?”

“Of course, I love you. You’re my number one.” he frowned “Is this because of the movie thing?”

“Do you trust me?”

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‘The names Qrow; Yah dating my niece?’

‘Cinder. I’m the future fiance.’

I dun even know but I ship CinderXRuby(for some odd reason) and thought Qrow would so be a pain in the rear when he meets Cinder. ( ´∀`)

Taming the Virus

As always, this is a story in collation with @stitch-xiu-up‘s story Lay with Me. You don’t have to read both, but it is recommended that you do!

Chapter 1|| Chapter 2||

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Chapter Three

Do you ever get that feeling, the one that makes you feel so empty and lost? That gut wrenching feeling when you question where you are in your life and if you’re really enjoying it? Min-ah sighed, running her hands through her hair as she looked down at the page she’d attempted to drag her pencil across for the last twenty minutes. Her assignment wasn’t getting any easier, and nothing around her was giving her inspiration.

Her assignment was to creatively explore something she’d never seen before, but where was she supposed to find such content? The depths of the internet were even against her, and he heart was sinking with each look she stared at her blank piece of paper. Writing had been her passion since she could read and write as child. Studying the art of literature in university became her dream. Her first year ran like a fantasy novel, but this year? She’d never hit rock bottom so hard in her life. Everything was much harder, her lessons were boring, and it was hard to concentrate when your brain keeps running unfocused every second.

“What’s up, buttercup?”

Min-ah almost jumped when she looked up to see Chanyeol’s face inches from her own. He grinned at her startled response, and it didn’t shift, even when she shoved him in the chest.

“I’m fine, I’m trying to concentrate on my work.” She told him exasperatedly, wanting him to just leave her alone.

“Really? Because anyone would have thought you’d seen a puppy being shot.” He teased.

“I’m fine, alright?” Min-ah snapped.

Chanyeol pouted, but it only lasted for a moment. He grinned, swiping her phone off the desk and started typing at the keyboard. “What’s the password, Min-ah?”

“Hey, give that back!” Min-ah protested, leaping to her feet as she outstretched her arm in attempt to get it back from him. It was no use, Chanyeol was the size of a giant, and her only standing at 5ft 3” had no chance.

“I want to know who’s upset you, buttercup.”

“No one has upset me, and stop calling me that!”

Min-ah was about to shove him in the chest for a second time as he mindlessly punched random number combinations into her phone in attempt to unlock it, when the dorm room door slid open. The two of them looked over, but Min-ah was the quickest to respond, taking Chanyeol’s distraction to her advantage and grabbing the phone from his hand.

He tutted at her, shaking his head until two figures made their way into the room, and Chanyeol had forgotten about it in an instant. How typical of him to be so easily swayed.

“Baekhyun, Sehun!” He exclaimed happily, then his face dropped, “Where’s Kyungsoo?”

“He said he had to study for a test with Jongin.” The man Min-ah assumed was ‘Sehun’ responded.

“Yah! I doubt they’ll be studying much, unless it’s each other.” Baekhyun joked. The three of them laughed.

Min-ah had seen Baekhyun before, and obviously (most unfortunately) she knew Chanyeol, but she’d never encountered Sehun before. He was tall, like Chanyeol and had naturally bronzed skin with dark eyes and blonde hair. She assumed it was dyed, but it looked so natural it was hard to tell. Undoubtedly, he was gorgeous.

“Ah, this is my roommate I wanted you all to meet. Min-ah, this is Baekhyun and Sehun.” Chanyeol introduced her, his arms directing her to the two men as he said their names in turn. They both bowed respectfully, and Min-ah did the same in a more half-hearted way. With all the pressure of class, she’d completely forgotten Chanyeol had forced her into his plan for her meeting his friends last night.

“Pleasure.” Min-ah spoke, nodding her head as they both returned similar greetings.

Baekhyun then turned to Chanyeol and started up a conversation about music and Min-ah could feel herself building up stress. All she wanted was to finish her assignment, or at least start it.

“Min-ah, creative writing major, correct?”

Min-ah face Sehun, who seemed to have a look on his face that read the same as hers - as if he didn’t want to be here either. Though he did  have a certain glint of interest in his eyes as he sat on the edge of Chanyeol’s bed, looking at Min-ah as if she was vaguely intriguing.

“That’s right. Yourself?” Min-ah responded, deciding it would be more respectful to respond to him than to dismiss him, plus he wasn’t exactly unattractive. It seemed insignificant to worry about her assignment when Chanyeol would have probably ended up distracting her anyway with his pestering.

“Art major. Second year.” He told her, his answer short and straight to the point.

“So, you’re good at drawing then?” Min-ah asked stupidly, mentally slapping herself as he chuckled.

“Well yeah… funnily enough I am quite good.” He teased.

“Sorry, my brain doesn’t function when I’m tired.” Min-ah smiled, trying to play it off as coolly as she could.

“I’m not surprised, you’re living with Chanyeol, it’s a wonder he hasn’t kept the whole corridor up with his loud mouth.” Sehun joked, and Min-ah found herself smiling.

“Give it time.” She responded softly, feeling somewhat embarrassed under his brown eyed gaze.

Sehun laughed again, drawing the attention of Baekhyun and Chanyeol.

“Min-ah are you laughing? Sehun, you must have magical powers to crack her emotions.” Chanyeol said, poking fun at the way Min-ah barely faces him with much feeling or emotion.

“Are you surprised, he’s an ice prince himself. A match made in heaven.” Baekhyun winked at the pair, and Min-ah found it hard to look harsh as she rolled her eyes when her cheeks were matching the crimson of a blood-red rose.

“Yah! She’d never date someone like him!” Chanyeol burst, an expression of annoyance plastering his face, but the expression vanished as soon as it had landed, and then, he grinned. “You’re more into bad boys, aren’t you Min-ah? More specifically those who are a music major and have extremely good looks and charm - and whose name is Chanyeol”

“I’d rather throw myself under a bus.”

“Why are you always so mean?” Chanyeol mockingly pouted.

“I like to be consistent.” Min-ah responded wittily, causing Baekhyun and Sehun to laugh at her sarcasm as Chanyeol threw his hand to his heart in a dramatic indication that he’d been shot.

“Ah, you hurt my heart. I’m heartbroken.”

“Spare me the violins.”

It wasn’t until later that night that Baekhyun and Sehun departed back for their own dorms, but Sehun hadn’t left without leaving Min-ah with his number. It seemed the two of them had more in common than Min-ah would have ever expected from one of Chanyeol’s friends, but he hold her to text her if she ever had a writer’s block, because he faces them too.

She supposed art block wasn’t too different from writer’s block really.

Either way, she had the phone number of a not-so-bad looking guy, and Min-ah couldn’t help but smirk to herself as she thought of proving to Mei that she was actually capable of perking male interest.

“You look happy… are you feeling okay?” Chanyeol sarcastically remarked, that usual lopsided, goofy grin crossing his face.

“You’re the worst.” Min-ah shrugged as she lay back in the comfort of the mattress.

When You Rant About Height (GOT7)

“Hi! Could you do got7 (as your best friend) reacting to you going on a rant about how you’re too short for any guy to like you? Sorry if it’s weird but I’m kinda insecure about how short I am 😬”

(all gif credit to the original owners)

He’s a good listener. He’ll listen carefully to every finite detail of your rant. You’d express how you were insecure and that you’d never find love. He’d be a little annoyed inside that you would ever dream of feeling such a way about yourself. It’d make him abruptly speak up. After all that time listening, he’d quickly cut in saying that he liked your height and that he was sure there must be one guy who likes you. i wonder who hmmm?

“Yah, I know there’s one guy who’d snatch you up in a heartbeat…”

Originally posted by umma-jy

Like Bummie, he’d be an intent listener. He’d definitely want to listen to your problems and your rambles - no matter how insignificant it would seem to some. The truth is, he genuinely cares for you. It would wound him a little to see you obsessed about  something he actually loves about you. He’d be gentle, reassuring you sweetly that no person would ever judge you for your height when you are just as amazing as you. He’d then blush and giggle over his own greasy comment.

“(Y/N) you’re perfect.”

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(ik it’s an old gif, but srsly what have they been feeding mark recently, hm???)

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first at everything [yoongi&you]

Summary: You reminisce the first times you and Yoongi had well spent on each other, as you’re both also expecting a little first something too. 

a/n: thank you anonnie, for requesting this awesome and cute/fluffy plot! i had lots of fun writing this one, as ideas were thrown left to right in my head with this. yoongi is so perfffff for this, and now i just wanna punch him. hahaha! enjoy the story~ ^_^

Originally posted by forjimin

Going through your belongings while fixing the nursery room, brings you to find the old photo album you once kept updated. Beaming at it once feeling the adrenaline excitement rushing through you, you immediately open it up with memories of your past flashing before your eyes.

“Min Yoongi, are you not going to take the photo correctly?” Your guy friend Tae Ha scolds your blind prom date, when you had openly announced that you had no one to go with.

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I thought you’d never ask

Kai one shot

Genre: fluff(?)

summary: Kim Jongin is the most popular boy at your school and he takes interest in you

*a/n: This is my first one shot, no one requested it, but feel free to request one shots if you liked this!!          -xoxo admin oreo


You tried to walk through the crowded hallways at your high school. Classes were over and you were on your way to the library to study. As you reached your destination you noticed a boy with a leather jacket sitting on the bench in front of the library. As you looked closer, you saw that it was Kim Jongin, mostly known as Kai. You sighed to yourself, marveling over how broad his shoulders were, how defined his biceps were, even under that leather jacket.

“Y/n, stop doing that, it’s so obvious you’re in love with him.“ You best friend Jongdae smirked as he took your books from you. You playfully hit the back of his head. “Well you’ve never been in love before, what will little Jongdae know, hm?” He chuckled and you both walked to the back of the library, teasing each other like always.

You started to study and Jongdae began to work on his essay for chemistry class. “Hey y/n.” He said, grinning. You cocked your head to the side. “I think we have chemistry together.” He winked and laughed, waiting for a reaction from you. You rolled your eyes. “Get to work Jongdae.”

The library door opened and Kai entered. Behind him, bunches of his fangirls entered, snapping pictures of him, giggling, and squealing at his every move.

You huffed, annoyed at the flashes from their cameras. “Hey, do you guys mind not taking pictures here? People need to concentrate.”

They glared at you. “What a nerd.” A girl staged whispered to her friend. They all giggled and stared at you. She was clearly the leader of their little ‘squad’

“Hey ladies, lets tone it down a bit, shall we? I got to study for a quiz tomorrow.” Kai asked them nicely. They immediately got to work and turned quieter than a mouse.

Jongdae wiggled his eyebrows at you. You shook your head. You stood up to get another textbook, the one you had wasn’t any help at all. The book you wanted was at the top of the bookshelf. You stood on top of a stool and reached for the book. It was too far, you couldn’t reach. You jumped slightly and fell back bit and felt your blouse rip. You ignored it and jumped one more time and ended up loading your balance and falling down.

But before you could hit the ground, strong arms caught you. You opened your eyes. “Be careful princess. We wouldn’t want your pretty face to get ruined.” He helped you stand up and took off his jacket.

You blushed, his arms were bare all he was wearing under he was wearing a t shirt despite the cold weather. He handed you his jacket. “Your shirt kind of ripped while you fell.” A blush was forming on his cheeks as he wrapped it around you. He got the book for you.

“If you ever need a book that’s up there, always ask someone else instead of doing it yourself.“ He then left the library, giving you one more glance.

"Hey, y/n, are you okay? What happened to you?” Jongdaes eyes turned wide as he saw the leather jacket around you.

"I kinda fell…….Jongdae can we leave? It’s getting late now.“ He nodded. You exited the library with him.

"So are you gonna tell me who gave you that jacket?” Jongdae asked, smirking.

"Actually, Jongdae, Jongin saved me from breaking my head. And he gave me this jacket.“ You smiled at the memory. Jongdae came up with bunches of fanfiction worthy thoughts on the way back.

When you entered your dorm you checked the rip on your blouse and shrieked.

 No wonder he was so red!!

The back of your blouse was completely ripped and your black lace bra was very visible. You changed quickly and threw away the blouse and flopped on your bed. You fell asleep and from that day on, he was all that was in your thoughts.

2 weeks passed and you saw Jongin everywhere. At the library, at the cafe you went with Jongdae for lunch, at the football field where you waited for Jongdae you finish his football practice.

One day at his practice, you waited for your best friend like you did every time. You shivered slightly as a gust of wind blew. Jongdae noticed and handed you his sweater smiling. You smiled and thanked him and put it on.

"Y/n, this is so fun, look how jealous he’s getting!” He whispered to you. You looks over to where Jongin sat with his friends and sure enough, his fist was clenched.

"Oh goodness, Jongdae really? Stop being so childish.“ You poked him on the ribs. He pecked you on the cheek and ran off before you could punch him.

 That child, I swear

You got to reading your book until practice was over. As you got to the fun part of the book, you noticed someone breathing next to you. You turned your head and saw Kai sitting next to you.

You gasped and fell from the bench. His eyes turned wide and he quickly ran to help you up. "Y/n, are you okay? I’m so sorry, I didn’t know it would shock you that much!”

You wiped the sand off your skirt. “It’s alright, don’t worry about it.” You sat down on the bench.

He cleared his throat. “So um you know, areyoudatingkimjongdae?” He asked, turning crimson red. It took you a minute to process what he asked you.

"What? Oh my goodness no way! Where did you get that?!“ You laughed.

"You hang out with him a lot, you go on dates with him and you wear his sweater and he kisses you on the cheek. Isn’t that what couples do?” He said with a slightly accusing tone.

"We’ve been friends since we came out of our moms wombs. We’re practically siblings! And he’s kind of trying to make you jealous……“ You answered, turning red.

 So Jongdae was right, he was watching us.

"Well now that you know I like you, can you give us a chance and go to the bubble tea shop afterschool? With me?” He asked, scratching the back of his neck.

"Like a date right?“ You slyly smiled.

"Yah, like a date.” He broadly smiled.

"I thought you’d never ask.“

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JB "A" teaser story, please and thank you! ^_^

“Mark!” you screamed into your phone as you rang up your best friend.

“It’s only ten o’clock in the morning,” he groaned on the line. “Unless your house is on fire or something, I’m hanging up on you in five seconds..”

“Yah! Just hear me help! Today’s the big day!”

You heard shuffling going on in the background. “Are you getting married?”

“Wha- no! I’m spending my day with Jaebum!”

“Oh yeah,” Mark chuckled, “your date with Jaebum is today..” There was a moment of silence before you heard something break. “IT’S TODAY! OH MY GOSH!” There was a crash of glass somewhere on the other line as you heard a knock at your door.

“Mark, are you still there?” you asked into your cellphone. “Hello?” You kept talking into the phone as you walked over to your foyer to open the door. As you opened it, you were greeted by a panting Mark who was bent over trying to catch his breath.

“You’re lucky that I live so deathly close to you!” He wheezed as he stepped into your apartment.

You grabbed your best friend’s shirt and dragged him into the living room. He sat down on the couch as soon as you let go of him.

“Why are you already dressed up?” Mark asked as you looked down at your outfit. “You’re not meeting him until four!”

“I know,” you replied. “I just.. wanted to get ready ahead of time..”

“Wait,” Mark interrupted with a grin. “Is this your very first date?” You looked at him before you turned your head and headed into the kitchen. Mark lied down on the couch as he began to laugh. “You’re first date is with Jaebum! This is great!”

“Yah! This isn’t even a date!” You angrily said as you puffed your cheeks from the kitchen. “He just invited me to hang out with him.”

“I’ve known Jaebum longer than you have,” Mark said as his laughter calmed down. “He’s never one to admit to anything like this. He asked you on a date.”

You took a banana from the fruit bowl on the island in the kitchen and threw it over the counter towards Mark. You smiled as Mark screamed from such a fruit attack.

“I’m serious though!” Mark yelled back as he peeled the banana and began to eat it.

You came out of the kitchen to sit next to your friend. “Has he— done this sort of thing with other girls?”

“Well, you certainly aren’t the first girl he’s ever asked to hang out with him,” Mark answered as his cheeks were stuffed with bananas. You looked down and twiddled your fingers. “But hey,” he continued as he swallowed the fruit, “it’s the first time that he’s ever come to me for advice with a girl.”

You looked up. “Really?”

“Yeah! He’s a bit like you, actually,” he chuckled as he pulled out his phone. Mark went to his text conversation with Jaebum and tilted his phone so you could see the photo’s Jaebum has sent. “He’s actually been sending me photos every day this week asking which one would impress you the most.”

You face glowed in delight. “R-really?”

Mark nodded. “Yeah, I told him that he shouldn’t overdo it, so he went with the grey sweater and chain necklace combo.”

You smiled. 

You’ve only known Jaebum for a few months. Ever since you met him in your Music Theory class, you were determined to get to know him. Whenever the perfect opportunity was available, however, you chickened out. You were thankful, and also very surprised, that your best friend, Mark, was close to him and introduced you. 

From then on, you and Jaebum have walked with each other from your university classes. And on Thursdays when he didn’t have class but you did, he’d swing by to walk you around. You really appreciated his efforts into getting to know you.

And the more times this occurred, the harder you fell for him. Yes, it sounds like a cliche “boy-meets-girl” story, but you honestly never thought this would happen.

The fact that Jaebum actually asked if you wanted to hang out outside of your classes meant the world to you. You immediately accepted his offer and screamed in excitement to Mark as soon as you reached your apartment. Even Mark was a bit surprised by Jaebum who didn’t know he had it in him.

However, this was your first date. You wanted to impress him, but you didn’t want to overdo it. You wanted Jaebum to like you as well, but you knew you couldn’t force him to like you. After much thinking, you decided that you just wanted to enjoy your time with Jaebum.

“Just text me when you see him, okay?” Mark waved as you headed out of your apartment. “And if he doesn’t show up, text me too so I can beat him up for you.”

You scrunched your face at your best friend as you bid him a farewell too. “Yah!” you screamed back as you opened the door to the stairwell.

“You made it,” Jaebum smiled as he waved at you from the bench near the park entrance. He stood up as you approached him. Before you could even say hello, he pulled you into a hug. A nice, warm, secure, hug.

You smiled at him as you noticed a basketball on the bench. “Were you playing?” you asked.

He looked over at the bench. “Yeah, I was just shooting a bit while I was waiting for you.”

You raised an eyebrow at him. “Are you any good?”

He psh-ed at you as he grabbed the ball. “Am I any good? Of course!”

If there was anything that you loved doing, it was teasing Jaebum. The fact that he wasn’t annoyed with it and actually teased you back made it all the more fun. “I don’t believe you…”

He stuck his tongue out at you as he walked towards the basketball court. “Yah!” he screamed as he motioned you to follow him with his free hand, “I’ll show you!”

You sat down at a nearby bench that was facing the court. Jaebum eyed you before he jumped to make a shot. You tried so hard to hold in your laughter as the ball hit the rim and bounced back to Jaebum. “Wow,” you chuckled with a grin, “I didn’t know you were this good.”

Jaebum went to grab the ball and threw it over to you. You screamed in shock, but still managed to catch the ball. “Nice reflexes,” Jaebum snickered. “Why don’t we make this a game.”

You stood up and began to dribble on the court as you walked towards Jaebum. “What kind of game?”

“An interesting one,” he smiled. “Every time you make a shot, we can ask each other one personal question.”

“Sounds pretty plain to me,” you stuck your tongue out as you continued to dribble the ball lightly with your left hand.

“Every time you miss a basket though,” he continued, “it adds up. The person with the most misses has to pay for lunch.”

You threw the ball at him with enthusiasm. “You’re on!” He chuckled as he stood in front of the basket in total concentration. “You still owe me that lunch date from two weeks ago anyway,” you whispered as he threw the ball.

With a swoosh into the basket, Jaebum scored. He fist pumped in the air as he stuck his tongue out at you. “Hm.. I wonder what I should ask you..” You scrunched your nose at him as he continued to ponder. “Oh!” He said with a snap of his finger. “When did you have your first kiss?”

You were a bit shocked by such a question. “Third year of high school. Truth or Dare.”

“Wait! Who was it with?” Jaebum asked curiously.

“Yah! One question per basket!” You quickly grabbed the ball from the ground and dribbled it in front of the basket. It’s been a while since you’ve actually played, but you were delightfully surprised to see the ball hit the backboard and make it into the basket.

“Beginner’s luck,” Jaebm tsk-ed.

“My turn!” you laughed. “Which professor would you date if she was a student?”

“Yah!!” he screamed as his face turned red. You stood them impatiently tapping your foot as you grinned at him. He sighed. “Professor Song..”

You pictured your English professor in your head. “Oh, yeah, she is really pretty..”

He stuck his tongue at you as he grabbed the basketball. “My turn.”


This continued for the majority of the afternoon. You groaned at the fact that you began to miss more baskets than him as the game continued, but he managed to even out the total number of misses.

And it was interesting to know a few little interesting facts about Jaebum that you would have never guessed: the fact that his mother dressed him up in dresses when he was little with long hair, the fact that he would date Mark if he was a girl (which you mischievously noted), and the fact that he’s never had his first kiss.


“The scores for misses are tied now,” you panted as you went to sit down on the bench yet again.

“Since you seem tired, why don’t we just finish this real quick,” Jaebum smiled as he handed you his bottle of water. You gladly took it and drank from it. “If I make this basket, I’ll pay for lunch BUT only if I can ask you one more question.”

“That sounds like a win-win situation to me,” you giggled as you closed his water bottle. “Alright, deal.”

You sat down and watched as Jaebum was fully concentrated on making this basket. As he jumped and the ball followed through, it went straight into the basket. You clapped for him as he looked at you and brought a peace sign to his face. He quickly retrieved the ball before heading back to you.

He showed you a cheeky little smile, making your heart beat faster than usual.

“Ay,” he started. “Do you like me?”

You felt your whole body just freeze. Has he been wanting to ask you that all this time? Has he been saving this question the whole time? Did he plan this whole thing out? Before you could open your mouth to respond, he grabbed your hand with his.

“Before you say anything,” he said, “let me just say that after I got to know you, I wanted to know everything about you.” Your body stiffened as you practically felt your heart move all around in your body. “I was just so drawn into you and how well you carried yourself and brightly shined with everything you do and I– just wanted to know if you liked me too..”

He averted his eyes as he looked down on the ground, still holding your hands. You squeezed his hands in response. “Jaebum?” He brought his head up to look directly into your eyes. “Yes.”

He was taken back. “Y-Yes?”

“Yes,” you smiled, “I like you.”

“Y-you do?” he asked in amazement. You nodded with a giggle. “You’re not kidding me?”

“I’m not kidding you.”

“You aren’t pulling my leg or–”

“Yah! Im Jaebum, I’m being serious!” you said as you took your hands out of his and slapped his wrists.

He smiled and ran back onto the court to leap and prance around in full enthusiasm. You continued to watch him and chuckle at such a sight. He kept on screaming in pure joy before he ran back up to you. He quickly pulled you up on your feet so that he could pull you in for a hug.

This time, you clutched onto him tighter with a yelp as he lifted you off the ground and began to spin you around.

“Jaebum!” you screamed into his chest.

He slowed the spinning down and put you back on the ground. “Sorry, I was just so excited–” He inhaled and exhaled before running and grabbing the basketball on the bench. He quickly ran back to you and grabbed your hand. “Well it looks like I owe you a lunch date,” he smiled.

“Would this be our first official date?”

He nodded enthusiastically. “But next time we play another game, let’s bet for an ice cream date.”

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I broke up with my gf today (both of us wanted to date other people so we were both happy about it) and then this really cute guy asked if we could hang out tomorrow and I feel like really bad for going into a relationship so quickly but also like a queen for getting a guy so quickly yah feel?

I mean,,,,,, a date/“hanging out” isn’t getting into a relationship,,