Tzee Xicu the Manifest from Final Fantasy XI

My favourite photo that I’ve seen so far + a photo I got a friend to take on my phone that shows my feet. 

Cosplay all made by me c:

Won the Master Crafting Badge for the work I did on recreating the feet/joints of the Yagudo tribesmen/women. They are higheels from Kmart with the heel cut off shaped with foam and covered in fleece, the claws are sculpey which held up to its shatter proof promise, they have a bungee cord running about the back of my calf and tied just under the knee with elastic to act as an extended tendon. The shoes were no more uncomfortable than wearing 5 inch platforms for my portal 2 costume. 

Taken @ Animania Sydney September 2012

I was trying to break down how to draw a Yagudo to try and make my drawing less weird

then I realised how weird Yagudo actually are

Ended up talking to Buck about how interesting the design is regarding taking a bird and turning into something like this.

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