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Morning Musume Original Generation Aces

[Members from the respective generation that were pushed the most (3rd, 7th and 11th were made only of 1 member, which however was still pushed to the front)]


For this week’s photo, Ayachan shared a picture she took with Yaguchi Mari! Yaguchi Mari is a former member of Morning Musume, and she’s currently the host of Tuesday TheNIGHT. They appeared together at the AbemaTV 1st Anniversary press conference last week, and Yaguchi-san was really nice to Ayachan and even wanted to take a picture with her!

This made Ayachan really happy, since she was a fan of Yaguchi-san during her time in Morning Musume and Minimoni. Ayachan was in elementary school at the time, and this was a really tough time for her. She was nerdy and didn’t have any friends, and she was even bullied. She hated going to school, but it was thanks to Morning Musume that she kept on going and doing her best! She said that it’s probably because of Morning Musume that she ever wanted to become an idol in the first place, and when she was young she actually wished that she could be a part of Minimoni!

Ayachan said that Yaguchi-san was so kind, that it reminded her of something. She said “The person I like was so kind. The happy times have increased.” That’s a line from Morning Musume’s classic song “ThePeace!”


Morning Musume - married members (I´m sorry for Mari… I hope she´ll find happiness again)

Nakazawa Yuko (March 31, 2012) 1 daughter

Ishiguro Aya - Yamada Shinya (May 2000) 2 daughters (Rimu, Sona), 1 son (Youta)

Iida Kaori - Kenji (July 7, 2007) 1 son, 1 son (deceased)

Yasuda Kei - Kozaki Yoichi (May 29, 2013)

Yaguchi Mari - Nakamura Masaya (May 22, 2011 - May 30, 2013)

Ichii Sayaka - Yoshizawa Naoki (2003 - May 23, 2011) 2 daughters

Ichii Sayaka - unknown hairdresser (August 25, 2012) 1 son

Tsuji Nozomi - Sugiura Taiyo (June 17, 2007) 1 daughter (Noa), 2 sons (Seia, Sora)

Kago Ai (December 20, 2011) 1 daughter (Minami)

Takahashi Ai - Abe Koji (February 14, 2014) 1 stepson

Fujimoto Miki - Shouji Tomoharu (July 3, 2009) 1 son (Toranosuke)

In 2015, Sayashi Riho will graduate at the Hello! Project Countdown Live


1st Generation Member Ishiguro Aya departed from the group at Hello! Project’s 2000 New Year concert.

1st Generation Member Abe Natsumi had her graduation at the 2004 winter Hello! Project concert.

4th Generation Members Tsuji Nozomi and Kago Ai had their graduations at the 2004 summer Hello! Project concert.

1st Generation Member Iida Kaori had her graduation at the 2005 winter Hello! Project concert.

5th Generation Member Konno Asami had her graduation at the 2006 Summer Hello! Project concert.

5th Generation Member Ogawa Makoto graduated at the 2006 Ribbon no Kishi musical.

Ichii Sayaka, Yaguchi Mari, and Fujimoto Miki did not have graduation ceremonies at all.

Riho is not the only Morning Musume member to not graduate at a Morning Musume concert. Nearly all of these members have created their own legacy in Morning Musume. The fact that they graduated at Hello! Project events or not at all does not take away from this.