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I adore them!

I love that they can be the stereotypical naggy!wife and clueless!husband. It amazes me that Key takes care of Jonghyun without expecting anything in return, and that Jonghyun always puts Key before himself.

I also love that they ship themselves. They’re ridiculous individuals, and when they clash, they make for an even more ridiculous (but hilarious) combination. XD


Really wonderful experience ^_^

Rushed down to Singapore Indoor Stadium straight after work with Xin and missed the front part of the performance. But it was still a GREAT experience. Saw the performances by Kim Hyun Joong, SNSD, Super Junior and 2ne1! 

My first time seeing kpop artists irl! 

A huge thank you for my SUPER DUPER GENEROUS and AWESOME friend, my OMMA POTATO! Seriously, thank you!♥♥

Without you, I won’t have the chance to see them irl, I won’t have the chance to experience a concert, and screams my lungs out! 

It was really a wonderful experience, no words can really describe how I feel now. 

I think I’m so going to experience the post-concert syndrome T.T

Ps.: Sorry to the people around me, I was screaming for every nominees of the awards :X

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Another one:D Jongho~~~

Oh shiet, I’m going to end up writing an essay about this one.

I always talk about how I love all the pairings in SHINee, and that I ship OT5… but if there’s one pairing that I had to choose as one I ship more than the rest, it would be this one.

JongHo gets me going. They get me riled up, they make me squeal like a little girl. They give me goosebumps, and they always make me smile.

These two are the biggest derps. The idiots (and I say this with love and affection XD) who constantly fight for the title of alpha male.

I LOVE how much they troll and tease each other, and how damn close they seem to be. Jonghyun trolls Minho, Minho gets him back tenfold, Jonghyun retaliates, rinse and repeat. It’s a recipe for disaster that makes for great entertainment.

Jonghyun always says that Key is his best friend, and I believe him… but I think that puppy is able to really ‘talk’ to Minho in ways that he can’t talk to the others. They just seem to click. It’s like they understand each other perfectly even when they’re not speaking actual words.

I think they bring out the best and the worst in each other, and that they have an immense amount of respect for one another, even though they pick on each other constantly.

JongHo makes my heart flutter, because to me, they represent all the things that can be. They represent strength, determination and an undeniable desire to change things for the better. I don’t think that there’s anything they can’t accomplish together.

Jonghyun has Minho’s back, and Minho has Jonghyun’s back.

I love these trolls.