yagami kari

Happy Odaiba Memorial Day! <3

Taichi Yagami Courage 紋章 Yuki

  Yamato Ishida Friendship 友情 Yuujou

  Sora Takenouchi Love 愛情 Aijou

  Koushiro Izumi Knowledge 知識 Chishiki

  Mimi Tachikawa Sincerity 純真 Junshin

Jyou Kido Reliability 誠実 Seijitsu

  Takeru Takaishi Hope 希望 Kibou

  Hikari Yagami Light 光 Hikari

  Daisuke Motomiya Courage and Friendship 紋章 Yuki - 友情 Yuujou

  Ken Ichijouji Kindness 優しさ Yasashisa

  Miyako Inoue Love and Sincerity   愛情 Aijou - 純真 Junshin

  Iori Hida Knowledge and Reliability 知識 Chishiki - 誠実 Seijitsu


What do you mean “normal”? We are also your “normal” everyday girls here!


The Yagami Residence - The bedrooms of Taichi and Hikari

(A Short Analysis and opinions)

In the first movie, The family is staying in Hikarigaoka and the siblings have a double deck bed, Taichi taking the top bed because it’s dangerous for Hikari to stay on the top. They also have a pencil shaped hanger where they hang the small (baby) bags. After the incident with Koromon, the family moved to Odaiba.

Later on (Digimon 01), Taichi gives up his spot for his younger sister. Hikari probably asked if she can stay on the top part. I also felt that Taichi had a hard time accepting that Hikari was to take the top bed because ‘she might fall off’ then he goes into a ‘overprotective brother mode’ and kept on waking up in the middle of the night, in case Hikari did ‘fall off’. Another reason can be that Taichi did not like going up and down the ladder because it’s tiring.

In Digimon 02, Taichi and Hikari are given separate rooms. I felt that their father’s ‘study/work’ room became a room for Hikari, while Taichi takes the original room. Maybe it was a parent/s decision, or Taichi’s decision but I watched through the series and I felt that Hikari took some time to adjust to this change (especially in episode 13), Hikari’s bed is similar to the double deck bed since it is elevated a bit, it is where she used to sleep on the top part when she used to share rooms with her brother.

Taichi keeps the double deck bed (shown in  Digimon Tri) and surprisingly, he stays on the bottom part, unconsciously he was probably used to Hikari taking the top part and he’s tired of climbing up and down the ladder. The only disadvantage here is that Hikari could easily wake him up in the mornings. I noticed Tai’s room gets messy frequently unlike when he used to share rooms with his sister, it shows which sibling tidies up the room and helps the messy one. It’s nice to see how much the siblings matured over the years.