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TAG. YOU'RE IT. The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then go to your ten favorite blogs and tell them they are it. ;P

Thank you for tagging me!

1. I talk to myself when I drive to work … in English

2. Although I like Lara Pulver visually I cannot reblog Irene/Sherlock stuff

3. I’m more than excited because season 3 starts filming in the next days (in fact that’s a huuuuuge understatement ;-D)

3. I never watched Doctor Who (it never aired in Germany)

4. I love potatoe crisps

5. I don’t drink and I don’t smoke

6. …?

I can’t think of more at the moment, sorry!


House: I want some red roses for a blue baby
Mister florist take my order please
We had a silly quarrel the other day
I hope these pretty flowers chase his blues away

I want some red roses for a blue, blue baby
Send them to the sweetest guy in chucks
And if they do the trick, I’ll hurry back to pick
Your best white orchid for his wedding tux


House: I slept with Cuddy yesterday to the extended version of Pink Floyds Wish you were here, but you didn’t show up.

Wilson: Oh, come on. Try to think of something more original to get me being jealous. I’m totally at ease with myself since chances of me becoming the future hospital administrator have been increasing immensely. Viewers are excited about how my new position will affect our long-term friendship.

House: Wait a minute. Does that make me Wilson’s b*** in the upcoming season?


Chase: Foreman has been in ER and wants me to quit, just like he himself intends to do. But I belong to this hospital. To this department. And… to you, if you need me.

House: Of course I do. Come into Daddy’s strong and loving arms.

Chase: *Sob* It’s just… I’m inappropriate doing the dean of medicine, and I’m scared of getting hooked up with that hot prison doc chick that you will bring along. It never ends up good for me. Is there something I can do to avoid responsibility and romance?

House: (Damn, he almost feels as good as Cuddy)Take off your lab coat and bend over.


Later that afternoon.

House: Off and away while I was sound asleep, that little rascal. Wait there. He left a note under my jacket.(Reading) You’re apples and spice, and I mean not only a slice. Hm… makes no sense to me. Perhaps he forgot to put the “out of” inbetween, and it’s supposed to be some weird shopping list.

House: Whatever, I better memopad it to the fridge. In a way, it’s nice how he’s willing to care about the household. As long as he doesn’t insist on me eating Vegemite, I’m okay with it.


Chase (singing): Buying bread from a man in Brussels
He was six foot four and full of muscle
I said, “Do you speak-a my language?”
He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich…

House: (He’s flattering me, but who the hell cares? He’s got a nice singing voice, and he obeys me.) You apply for the job of the dean.

Chase: I can’t. I’m too young, have a suspension in my record, killed an evil man  and what’s more, I never doubt any of your decisions. I wouldn’t be objective.

House: You don’t have to be as the offspring of the late Dean Martin. Let’s start a band together.