The point is not their relationship, it’s the ‘’against it’’ arguments

Eremika (ship it or not) is like a perfect old time love story, where they both met at young age and are getting closer to eachother as they are growing up together and where only death (Isayama) could seperate them but NO… it’s to mainstream for a man and woman to become lovers, let’s ship him with a 30 year old man along with excuses such as: ‘’taken in by a family rather than being sent to the orphanage means automatiacally being related to them (even though you and them know who your true parents are and what your surname is and that they gave you a chance to live in a family rather than an orphanage plus they (he) saved you form sex slavery at age of 9)’’ 

The Rest of Their Lives - Chapter 8 - zhedang - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
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In one life, Eren Yaeger died at twenty-two years, three months, and twelve days of age. In another life, Özgür Gözübüyük, twenty-two years, three months, and twelve days old, started crying in the middle of his molecular biology class.

A different sort of reincarnation fic.

(Levi/Eren) (reincarnation) (mental health issues) (trans character)

EPILOGUE: in which we finally get to the title of this fic

I first conceived this story in December of 2013. I didn’t start actually writing it until January of 2015. In the span of time from idea conception to posting the first chapter, loads of things about the story changed.

But the epilogue– which was the very FIRST scene I ever imagined– has always stayed (more or less) the same. I’ve been waiting a very long time to finally post it.

Which is why I am extremely glad to present the final installment of The Rest of Their Lives. I hope you enjoy it.

Do you ship Ereri/Riren?

Ok, I know my page isn’t very famous but let’s play a game. Everyone who ships Ereri/Riren (ErenxLevi [Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan]) please reblog this and let’s try to make as much people reblog as possible!


Pacific Rim Fan-art!

   I’ve been waiting for an experience like Pacific Rim since I was a kid, and I felt like a kid watching it.  It’s an exhilarating, loud, and ferocious ride filled with jaw-dropping moments.  GDT really hit it out of the park where so many have missed before.  I spent a few hours over the weekend on these little fan-paintings to commemorate this event.  Hope somebody likes em’ out there!