The African-American Suffragists History Forgot 

by Lynn Yaeger 

[T]hough we may have vague notions of the American women who fought so heroically for the ballot on this side of the Atlantic, they are, in our minds, in our imaginations, in the photographs and first-person narratives that have come down to us, uniformly white people.

[Read Lynn Yaeger’s Vogue.com article in its entirety here.]

So can you agree with me that

Levi cares deeply for everyone, yes, but significantly more so for Eren?

And knowing that they’ll be separated for the time being, he wants to make sure Eren is not only safe from danger, but also safe from himself. 

And most importantly, this:

“We can’t afford another mistake” - we can’t lose anymore people, and we especially can’t lose you.

Levi doesn’t want Eren to go through what he did with his fallen squad. Levi is trying to tell Eren that he should know better by now, and can make his own decisions if the time comes. Levi trusts Eren more so than ever now because he’s been through what Levi’s been through.

The way Levi said everything above as if Eren is the only one in the room says it all. Eren is important to human kind, yeah, but Levi doesn’t want to lose Eren not because of his powers now.

Levi cares deeply about Eren and Eren’s feelings, and you can’t tell me otherwise. 

(well you don’t have to agree with me but if you have nothing nice to say about this post then please don’t say anything at all


It’s clear to me. This guy’s a true monster. His Titan abilities have nothing to do with it either. No matter how much force you hold him down with, no matter what kind of cage you shut him up in, forcing this guy’s will into submission is something nobody can do.


Where the fuck is Jean????

rainyruby  asked:

I was wondering if maybe you could draw Levi and Eren having a pillow fight and Eren is TERRIBLY losing? If not that's fine <3

Eren loses because Levi always takes the mattress instead of a pillow… ಠ_ಠ

Thank you for your request! ♥ (*゚∀゚*)