In which I have some BIG NEWS to share with you!

How I got published: Sarah Alexander

I’m a self-doubter. Every time I get a bit of good news related to my writing I wonder whether it’s a horrible joke, a miscommunication or a case of mistaken identity. And then Usborne announced that my book would be published on April Fool’s day. NOOOOO!

But, it would seem that it wasn’t a joke. And if it was a case of mistaken identity then it’s too late now. Mwahahahaha.

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Rewind to 2012. After spending a lot of time having life experiences so I could be a writer, I finally realised that being a writer was not about having experiences but more about actually writing. So, in need of a kick-up the bum, I decided to do an MA in Creative Writing. The idea for The Art of Not Breathing came while I was on the course and I knew I needed to finish this one. I also wrote some short stories, and an agent spotted one online. She got in touch to ask if I was working on a novel. YES, I WAS!

A couple of hours after I’d sent my now-agent the first ten thousand words she asked if I could come and meet her. I was CONVINCED she had emailed the wrong person – on the way to her office I practised my reaction for when she finally confessed that she’d contacted the wrong Sarah. But she didn’t confess, instead she made me do endless revisions until she thought it was ready for submission. (Side note: going on submission is a horrible, horrible process.)

My agent was away somewhere exotic when an offer from Usborne came through and I was getting married (literally), but YAY for wifi. After reading the letter, my mind was made up. I’d found a home for my book. That familiar feeling came back a few days later, though – was it mistaken identity? Had Usborne emailed the wrong agent? Perhaps they did like my book initially but since re-read and withdrawn the offer. But they didn’t withdraw the offer – they damn well published my book. Thank you, Usborne.

And thank you, Sarah – no April Fools here! The Art of Not Breathing is now OUT IN THE WILD and you can get your hands on a copy here, and find out more about Sarah here!