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A summary: “Trump is terrible, but Hillary is evil and has made morally bankrupt decisions that have impacted some of us, so I’m giving my vote to a third party because I shouldn’t have to compromise my ethics yadda yadda yadda…”

‘Kay, but you’re aware that you’re giving your vote to Trump, right.

We do not have a multi-party system. There will not be enough third-party votes cast to make a difference other than to ensure that we do not have a Democratic administration. This impacts Supreme Court appointments, Federal Justice appointments, law making, and more for at least the next 4 years, and when it comes to SCOTUS, for the life-time of the appointed judges.

So, thanks. Glad you’re cool with inflicting that onto so many at-risk Americans.

Anonymous said:
I was just scrolling through your beautiful art and all your amazing answers and I just, jaw dropped because you’re a sydneysider? I just, I live in Sydney and I think I have just found my new favourite artist! You’re perfect! I was also wondering, do you have any tips on how to draw big beautiful ladies? (Also also, where the heckie do you buy your mechanical pencils with them fancy leads? My soul needs it like halloweenies need candy) again, you’re perfect, and keep up the amazing work!

Hey! I am indeed a Sydneysider, although I relocated to the U.S. about four years ago. I miss Sydney like crazy, it’s a great old town (and in answer to your last question, I used to buy my coloured 2mm leads at Art on King in Newtown. They’ll happily order them in for you if they don’t have them in stock).

And I’ve had a couple of questions about drawing big beautiful ladies, so there  are a few not-terribly-well-organised thoughts on the subject under the cut (keep in mind that I’m by no means an expert, and the anatomy in my drawings is more than a little exaggerated).

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get to know // kaidan alenko (mass effect)
↳ ‘I’ve always held back a little when I used my powers on living targets. Fear of hurting someone, I guess.  After what I saw on Eden Prime, I’m not holding back any more.  Not against the geth, not against anyone.

Being jewish at hogwarts must have SUCKED, basically. Sit through a feast with goddamn Christmas carols and the entire school goes Christmas and Easter, and I don’t even want to know what fasting must have been like. Just like…

Fuck you Rowling, how dare you play with auschwitz tattoos and holocaust imagery as if they’re yours and then years later casually mention that yeah, ANTHONY GOLDSTEIN, who had NO LINES, was jewish

I feel bad for Anthony Goldstein. I feel bad for the Jewish witches and wizards who didn’t go to hogwarts because it was alienating

How about instead of dropping these tidbits when you’re pressured to on twitter, you actually TELL me about wizarding yeshiva. Tell me about Kabbalist wizards who hexed a hunk of clay and wailed and tore their clothes when they had to remove the spell. Tell me about the muggle born witches who were the first in their family to have a bat mitzvah AND the first to have magic. Tell me about the witches and wizards who used their great power to raise great temples and how they mourned their destruction. Tell me about the witches who cast spells hiding their menorahs on Chanukah so they won’t be found out but can celebrate in secret. Tell me about anything but the white Christians you actually wrote about, and then you can get a cookie for including A Jew At Hogwarts

I am really glad that Exo’s comeback teasers are so fun and have so many clues. At this point nobody really cares what the MV will look like; most people are so focused on seeing where the story will take them next and playing detective :D

Some people may think the ‘super power’ concept cringe-worthy but I really like it - it gives Exo character and an excuse to make awesome CG. 

Thanks for all the kind and helpful messages, guys. You’re way too good to me.

Also, just after I posted that last message my cat brought me a mouse, presumably to demonstrate her support for my creative endeavors.

(And then she ate it, which saved me a lot of bother)

(All except the digestive tract, which she extracted with creepily clinical precision)

(You don’t want to know any of this)