“In one of the last letters I received from her [Diana] just before she died, she said: ‘I want to share this very meaningful quote with you and send you lots of love.’ It was from The Little Prince. It said: I have to go now to the stars. And one day when you look at the stars, you will remember me.’ It was almost prophetic.” - Lisa Yacoub.

Diana, Princess of Wales. (1st July 1961 - 31st August 1997)

Shaitan wasn’t banished from Jannah when he didn’t make sujjood. He again wasn’t banished when he whispered to and deceived Adam. And when he was confronted, he didn’t ask for forgiveness, he asked for retribution. And Allah answered his wish.

We call him Iblis because “ablas” means to despair. It means to be broken in spirit. It’s to give up hope. And while Allah could have forgave him, Iblis asked for something else, and he was still met with mercy.

I think about that ayah, where Yacoub (as) says that only a disbeliever would despair of Allah’s Mercy. And then I think about our belief in predestination and our dire hope that we aren’t destined for hell.

But how blessed are we to know this? They are called ayat because they are miracles and signs. So perhaps we know this for a reason, and because we are destined to be in the highest of places.

One can only hope, and to avoid bad thoughts of Allah. How could we despair when we see that His treatment of the devil himself was full of compassion and mercy? We know where these bad thoughts are from, from the one who was named after despair.

Today in Let’s Do Math to Answer My Dumb Fandom Questions…

A few weeks ago, I asked the question, Does the 1D fandom write way more rimming than everyone else? (The answer was a resounding yes.)

Next question up:

Are some 1D members more likely than others to write songs without explicit references to gender? I wondered if certain members, because of Reasons, might be more likely to write gender-neutral songs.

The answer to that latest question is… a big fat no. In fact, of the six most prolific 1D song writers (this includes Louis, Liam, and Harry), five write non-gender-neutral songs at nearly the exact same proportion as the 1D catalogue as a whole.

But although it’s not very sexy, a null result is still a result worth reporting, so read on for my little analysis of gender in 1D songs if you’re bored enough. Also, I made a MySQL database of 1D songs, writers, and albums, if anyone wants it. (The entire origin of this project is that I wanted to learn some SQL and this was an entertaining way for me to do it.)

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One Direction Songwriter on Piano Guys' 'What Makes You Beautiful' Cover at Inaugural Ball: It 'Breaks My Heart'
"To me the song is about love, joy, and acceptance. The fact that it was used to celebrate a man who stands for divisiveness and bigotry breaks my heart," Savan Kotecha tells Billboard.

When The Piano Guys performed at Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” inaugural concert on Thursday, the YouTube sensations got the attention of One Direction fans across the country when they covered the boy band’s breakout hit “What Makes You Beautiful.” Then they pulled out the cover again Friday (Jan. 20) at Trump’s inaugural ball. What did the 1D guys think about being tied to Trump’s inauguration celebration? And did The Piano Guys clear the cover before performing it on national television?

Well, Savan Kotecha – one of the songwriters behind “Beautiful” – is speaking out against the cover, lamenting the fact that a song “about love, joy and acceptance” was used to celebrate a president “who stands for divisiveness and bigotry.”

“I wrote ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ for my wife,” Kotecha wrote in an email to Billboard, just after taking to Twitter to reveal that The Piano Guys were “absolutely NOT given permission” to cover it. “To me the song is about love, joy, and acceptance. The fact that it was used to celebrate a man who stands for divisiveness and bigotry breaks my heart. I am the son of immigrants. My children are biracial. A ‘Trump America’ makes me worried for their future.

"I’m sure there is nothing I can do about the use of the song at the inauguration now, but i felt I needed to express my disappointment.”

Even if there is nothing he can do, in Kotecha’s tweet Friday he said he will be “looking into taking action.”

Kotecha is behind dozens of hit songs, writing for Ariana Grande (“Into You,” “Side to Side”), The Weeknd (“Can’t Feel My Face,” “In the Night”), Ellie Goulding (“Love Me Like You Do,” “On My Mind”), Demi Lovato (“Cool for the Summer,” “Really Don’t Care”) and many more pop stars. He’s been vocal in his opposition to now-President Donald Trump on his Twitter account, including this tweet from Thursday:

Goodnight. Tomorrow we enter a new world. We will need each other. Let love, compassion, acceptance and decency be our weapons.

So far, none of the 1D guys or the song’s other writers – Rami Yacoub and Carl Falk – have spoken out about the inauguration cover.

Billboard has reached out to One Direction’s label, Columbia Records, for further comment.

Hunger Striking Detainees Affirm Steadfastness

 In a letter sent by hunger striking Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons, the detainees stated their strike, and their ongoing legitimate battle, is ongoing despite aggression, and despite their pain, suffering and illness.

“From the heart of our cells, from our pain and suffering, our hunger that weakened us, and our fragile bodies, our legs that cannot hold us anymore, and our weak arms, we remain steadfast and continue our strike,” the letter stated .

“Our bodies are collapsing, we can barely move our eyes, our heartbeats slowly fading away, and even writing this letter required a hard work,” the detainees said. “We are writing this letter to express our suffering, the abuse carried out against us every single day. Our battle today entered its 36 day, and we are ongoing with this strike. ”

“We are sending a scream, a shout, from behind the walls of our dark cells, between the tusks of death and our jailers, while death stands in front of us, inhabits our cells,” they said. “We don’t know who will be taken by death first, but the jailor is just waiting, betting on our defeat.”

“Our great beloved Palestinian people, do you accept to have us be an easy bite between the fangs of our merciless jailers?”, The letter reads. “We are behind bars, spending years of our lives for Palestine, for its liberation and the freedom of its people.”

“The Palestinian people are steadfast on their land; as any other nation, they have the right to freedom, independence and dignity. Our battle, as administrative detainees, is open-ended. We started our hunger strike 36 days ago, while this battle is just of one countless battles for freedom, it is a battle against injustice wherever its exists. ”

“We have no guns, no rifles, no cannons; we are armed with the weapon of hunger. This is how we resist this sword pointed at our necks, the sword of administrative detention, holding us without charges or trial. ”

“Our great Palestinian nation, defenders of justice all over the world, organizations struggling for Palestinian rights, all governments and free media outlets; you are our only hope. ”

“You are the hope of solidarity and support while we hold this lengthy battle, the battle of every Palestinian, for liberation, dignity. And for the end of this illegitimate administrative detention, indefinitely holding us prisoner without charges or trial.”

“Peace and God’s blessing and mercy be upon you - your hunger striking brothers in the Zionist jails of darkness and oppression. Representing the detainees; detainee Khalil Mousa Zawahra, and detainee Mousa Yacoub Ma'marjy. Thursday, May 29, 2014 ”

anonymous asked:

sam's ass tho...

Look, I’ve been thinking about all those months Sam and Steve spent chasing cold leads on their missing person’s case, and I’ve come to the conclusion that they spent an enjoyable time traveling the world together, wandering the Yacoub al-Mansour esplanade, falling asleep with their heads on each other’s shoulders on the flight from Chile to Australia (by which I mean that Sam fell asleep with his head on Steve’s shoulder and Steve sat very still for hours, completely accidentally brushing his lips against Sam’s temple from time to time), freezing their asses off in Novosibirsk–“Man,” Sam says, “I’m freezing my fucking ass off here,” and Steve clenches his jaw because GOD, he’d just managed to stop mentally composing an ode to Sam’s everything for, like, what, five minutes, practically a new record, and then Sam has to go and remind Steve of his perfect fucking ass. Can’t a guy catch a break.

Of course they also do a lot of motel room sharing, because they’re trying to keep a low profile (no, Tony, we really don’t need one of your private jets, but thanks for the offer), which means they also do a lot of bed sharing, and it’s even more difficult for Steve not to think about Sam’s ass when it’s pressed firmly against his own ass, or–worse–pressed firmly against his junk. It figures that Sam is an unapologetic snuggler. When they wake up plastered together, Sam’s arm slung warm and heavy around Steve’s waist, Sam doesn’t even fake a yawn and roll over onto his back and pretend it didn’t happen, but he stays like that. Asks Steve if he slept well and talks to him about their plans for the day in an unbearably sleep-gravelly voice. And then he’ll get up and start rummaging through his luggage for clean underwear, giving Steve an eyeful of that perfect body and reminding him of how good it felt pressed against his, how good it felt to wake up slowly in Sam’s arms, and.

It’s a very enjoyable time.



“Oops!… I Did It Again” is a song recorded by American singer Britney Spears for her second studio album, Oops!… I Did It Again (2000). It was released on March 27, 2000, by Jive Records as the lead single from the album. The song was written and produced by Max Martin and Rami Yacoub. “Oops!… I Did It Again” is a song that lyrically speaks of a female who views love as a game, and she decides to use that to her advantage by playing with her lover’s emotions.

The Shirt of Ibrāhīm (as): Report

From Al-Mufādhāl b. `Umār, from Abu `Abdullah (as), he said:

“Do you know what the shirt of Yūsuf (as) was?” Al-Mufādhāl said, “No.”

Imam (as) said, “When the fire was set ablaze for Ibrāhīm (as), Gabriel (as) brought to him one of the shirts of Paradise, then he clothed him in it, and no heat or cold harmed him. Then, when death came to Ibrāhīm (as), he put it into an amulet and tied it to Ishāq, and Ishāq tied it to Ya`coub, and when Yusuf was born, he (Ya`coub) tied it to him. Then it was (tied) to his upper arm until what happened to him had happened. When Yūsuf took it out from the amulet in Egypt, Ya`qub perceived its scent, and this is the meaning of His words: ‘Surely I perceive Yusuf’s scent, unless you think me doting.” (Yusuf, 12:94) This is the shirt which Allah sent down from Paradise.’“

I (Mufādhāl) said, "May I be made your ransom! To whom did that shirt pass?”

He (as) said, “To its people.” He said, “Whatever knowledge or (special) thing that was given to the Prophets has been given to Al-Muhammad (Progeny of Muhammad) [saws].”

Al-Kāfi, Usool, V.1, H.620

Free Mauritania’s Anti-Slavery Activists

Biram Dah Abeid is a leading anti-slavery activist in Mauritania, the country with the highest prevalence of slavery in the world. The organisation he founded, the Initiative for the Resurgence of the Abolitionist Movement has fought for the freedom of countless men, women and children.

Mauritania fully outlawed slavery in 2007 but has systematically failed to end it in practice. It has fallen to activists like Biram to fight for people’s’ freedom and they face regular harassment and harsh treatment in their campaigning.

As you read this Biram and his fellow activists are sitting in a prison cell for their work to end slavery in Mauritania — and we need your help to secure justice. A huge wave of international pressure now could force the Mauritanian government to prioritize ending slavery and stop the harassment of anti-slavery activists.

Please call on the Mauritanian government to free Biram Dah Abeid and his fellow anti-slavery activists.


President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz Justice Minister Sidi Ould Zein

I am calling on you to immediately and unconditionally release: Biram Dah Abied, Khatri Rahel, Cheikh Val, Chedad Mohamed, Mohamed Vadoua, Dr. Saad Louleyd, Brahim Bilal Ramdhane, Dah Boushad, Abidine Matalla, Samba Diagana, Hassane Mahmoud, Djiby Sow, Kawtal, Brahim Jiddou, Baba Traoré, Yacoub Inalla, Sabbar Houssein, Hanana Mboyrick and Boubacar Yatma.

I also urge you to launch a full, independent and impartial investigation into allegations of torture against Brahim Bilal Ramghane, Khattri Rahel, and Dah Boushab.

Dr. Saad Louleyd, who is diabetic, should also be given immediate access to medical care.

Mauritania must end the harassment of anti-slavery activists and take positive steps to fully abolish slavery.

Click here to sign the petition.

Stop what you are doing and listen to this

A humorous take on grandparents vs. millennials: http://nyr.kr/1nbVf3i

“Many senior citizens argue that being associated with millennials is detrimental to the credibility they’ve been cultivating for quite literally, decades.”

Photograph by Charlie Yacoub/Getty.