yackety yack

so trina and i are fostering a very fat three legged cat named michael and i refuse to call him that because there is so much naming potential there. tripod, scalene, isosceles, three point, tres, phantom foot, three wheeler, TRIKE

and they go with fnuckig michael

im disgusted

ah yes, the 12 months of the year

new years month
valentines day month
leprechaun month
zombie jesus month
summer starts here
fireworks month
its too hot
starbucks employee fear begins month

its hard to care about the story when the author uses meta and self awareness to erase a need to write actual character development for the sake of getting to the ending, especially when they use their characters to say something like “were people, we dont have character arcs” which is a nice sentiment, but no theyre characters, theyve got arcs, thats bad but here i am anyway being the grumpiest back seat driver

Apparently, Linkin Park released a new album. I actually feel kind of bad for them.

They keep releasing albums in an attempt to capture that vibe that made them popular in the first place and keep failing with every successive attempt. It either sounds too samey or too different and they can’t ever seem to find that sweet spot that makes them listenable again. They’re like the musical equivalent of Dane Cook in that they had a good run, but it’s time for them to sit down, go to their rooms and just be happy that they did what they did.

I guess I’m trying to say is…

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holy shit, i just realized something.

jake can’t shoot for beans. keep that in mind as i explain. jake can’t shoot for BEANS. grandpa harley (old jake) has only been seen shooting something twice. once when he shot a huge damn lizard while saving john with a huge damn gun. the other time was when he shot a butterfly at point blank range with a huge damn gun.

i’m not going to detract from grandpa harley’s badass level because the old man could basically groom his mustache with his machismo. that doesn’t mean he could shoot very well. it’s more likely that he beat the beasts he fought to death with the gun as a club rather than actually firing the gun, unless it had bullets big enough to make missing impossible.

jade, on the other hand, has been shown to be an excellent marksman. in fact, besides teleporting bullshit, i don’t think we ever see her actually miss her target.

so where did jade inherit her skill? it’s possible she just learned it and, being as good at stuff in general as she is, that’s pretty likely. but i like my idea better.

you know who else managed to hit her target from a great distance on her first try?

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okay, so things are looking a little troubling this month financially. and i want to try opening up commissions again. unfortunately, last time i did this, i messed up because i thought i’d have the energy for it. i was wrong and would like to apologize to everyone who i still owe art to.

however, because of this mess up, i now have a better idea of what i can do! which is why this time around, i want to actually get the art done AND THEN ask for payment. this way, it’ll be up to me to get the art done in a timely manner and then you guys reap the benefits by being able to pay me when you actually get the product.

THE OTHER OPTION would be for me to host a stream where i draw what you like, that way you can see what you want coming together right there in front of you and give me input as needed.

either way, the point is i want to give commissions another go. if i can put my all into it, i think i can get my half of the rent this month and cover my bills with no problem. and i am willing to. i would just like to know that interests for something like that exists amongst my followers. thank you for your time!