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This Sexy Superyacht Is Also Environmentally Friendly

In honor of World Environment Day, here’s one of the most fuel efficient, yet distinctive and drop-dead gorgeous superyachts in the world. While many superyachts are designed to pamper their owners and impress their guests, one of the main objectives of the 140-foot-long yacht Adastra was fuel economy. It’s fast, seaworthy, comfortable, stunningly beautiful, self-sufficient, and most of all green.

You Do Not Go To Death
  • You Do Not Go To Death
  • See Mystery Lights Mantras

The original mantras on which the YACHT album See Mystery Lights is based have never before been released online. They were performed with audiences several times at special events in 2009 and 2010, and included with the eBook version of The Secret Teachings of the Mystery Lights. We are very lucky to announce that we’ve procured audio recordings of the mantras and, with YACHT’s approval, are releasing them here online. This is the second mantra:

You Do Not Go To Death/

Death Comes to You

It forms the ideological basis of the song “The Afterlife.”


I hate L.A. but this song is chill