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The real Taylor Swift (part 2)

I don’t know about you, but I think this post deserves a second part.. SHE’S JUST TOO GOOD, WE DON’T DESERVE HER.

11th October 2017: Surprises Lara at her house!

@laraheartstaylor received a direct message from @taylornation telling her that Taylor wanted to send her a package. Lara waited at her bathroom window waiting for the package to arrive. Lara said she saw a car pull up and a boy stepped out along with ‘this beautiful blonde goddess’. They knocked on Lara’s door, and she opened it and Taylor was there. Taylor played Lara an unreleased track off of her upcoming album; reputation, and Taylor chased after her cat. just a casual day you know.

Joining Instagram live streams/Replying to fan’s stories

Over the past few weeks, Taylor has been joining many people’s instagram live streams and just hanging out. Fans showed Taylor their cats and told her how much they loved her and Taylor would say if she recognized someone from previous meet and greets. Not only this, but Taylor has also been replying to people’s Instagram stories.

Reputation: Secret Sessions

Like the 1989 secret sessions, Taylor invited a bunch of fans to come to her house to hang out and listen to her unreleased album ‘reputation’. So far, Tayor has held one in London and two in Rhode Island. Taylor told the fans about her and Joe and how she’s the happiest she’s ever been. I MEAN LOOK AT HER SMILE. so precious.

Visiting fans in hospital


I cannot stress enough how devastating it is when someone is dying. Taylor feels the same way and she often goes to different hospitals and surpirses little kids. Taylor gets close to them and has long conversation with them and sometimes brings her guitar along to play them some songs. Please protect this angel at all costs.

Wildest Dreams: Music Video

All of Taylor’s proceeds from the ‘Wildest Dreams’ music video were donated to wild animal conservation efforts through the African Parks Foundation of America.

Surprising fans at weddings/bridal shower

Kenya Smith and Max Singer, were originally married in a ceremony at the hospital where his mother was battling terminal cancer. They wanted to be sure she could see them get married, and Singer even had a mother-and-son dance to Swift’s hit “Blank Space.” In April, Max’s sister, Ali, reached out to Taylor about performing at her brother’s family nuptials at the Brant Beach Yacht Club in New Jersey. Taylor performed Blank Space on a keyboard.

Taylor surprises a US veteran

Taylor Swift surprised a US war veteran [Cyrus Porter, age 96] by turning up at his home on Boxing Day and singing for him and his family. He had told a TV station that he took his grandchildren to one of Taylor’s concerts and that he was her oldest fan. Taylor rocked up, unexpectedly (as always) and performed Shake It Off.

Hitting the follow limit on Tumblr

Taylor recently hit the follow limit on Tumblr (4,000), and we all cried a little (well a lot but….). GOOD NEWS: Taylor asked Tumblr to change the limit!! Wow…

Meeting as many fans as she can

I’ll just leave that one there.

We don’t deserve Taylor. The things she does for her fans is so unbelievably kind-hearted of her. I think that it’s important to focus on the good that Taylor has done, rather than the boy-crazy, revenge-plotting character that the media portrays her as. I love Taylor for every little thing she does. She is an angel sent from heaven.I’m so beyond grateful that Taylor is more than happy right now. I care about nothing more than her happiness and health ♥ @taylorswift​ , on behalf of the whole fandom, I’d like to say, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we will love you love and support you forever and always

@taylorswift​. @taylornation

Salmon Run stage suggestions

-Broken down pier with the skeletal remains of an amusement park, including a ferris wheel and roller coaster out in the water.

-Rickety restaurant deck in a salt marsh. Salmonids and jellyfish both spectate in the background.

-Huge abandoned beach mansion (yacht club?) surrounded by tidal flats. Broken furniture and the remains of unauthorized parties decorate it.

-Flooded campground, like Triggerfish but shittier. Fires are burning in the woods in the distance.

-Pirate-themed minigolf course complete with nasty blue water.


 by Trevor Aydelotte

This Day in Disney History

July 1, 2002: Disney’s Beach Club Villas open at Walt Disney World.

Also located on Crescent Lake, these luxury villas have their own quiet pool area (although of course you can still use the amazing main pool shared by the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts), and have access to the boat transportation shared by the resorts on the lake. 

The villas are Disney Vacation Club properties and were essentially an add-on to the Yacht and Beach Club complex. If you want to spend the night in the lap of luxury, this is definitely the place to do it! The resort is so close to Epcot, that it’s within walking distance. It’s definitely fun to take advantage of getting to watch the fireworks at nightly, and you can get into the park via the International Gateway after a 10 minute or less walk! That walk may be longer than it appears if you’ve decided to have drinks around the World beforehand!

This Day in Disney History

July 1, 1996: Disney’s Boardwalk Resort opens on the shores of Crescent Lake at Walt Disney World.

Disney’s Boardwalk is a fun place to spend the afternoon or evening, with plenty of restaurants and things to do on the Boardwalk you can easily spend a few hours relaxing here. There is complimentary boat transportation connecting Epcot, the Yacht and Beach Club, the Boardwalk, the Swan and Dolphin, and Disney’y Hollywood Studios, so you can easily park hop or take a midday break at your resort!