Jesus H Christ on a bike. This thread proves that politicians are geniuses. Absolute bloody geniuses.

This is what you do if you’re you’re a politician. You sit back watching your old school chums in the city trousering MASSIVE salaries for gambling ever more recklessly with other people’s money. Then, when the whole thing goes tits up, as it inevitably was going to, you bail out your rich friends out with the poor people’s money.

That’s not the genius bit. This is the genius bit.

Instead of the poor people being annoyed with you and the rich people, YOU GET THEM ANNOYED WITH EACH OTHER!! You play off the public sector against the private, and everyone moans about how everyone else has it easy. From time to time you look grim and say things like “we’re all in this together” (which is patently untrue), and people dutifully put on their hair shirts and feel guilty about the slightest decent thing going on in their lives.

Private sector workers; the public sector is not full of incompetent people slowly organising lesbian peace workshops and retiring at 50. Some of them do difficult, unpleasant and necessary jobs very well indeed. Next time you need your life saving at three in the morning, it’s a public sector worker that’s going to do it. And the public sector doesn’t have a monopoly on incompetence and waste, there’s plenty of it around at your place too.

Public sector workers: the private sector is not full of Armani-suited flash gits buying new Ferraris every year. Some are quite badly paid, exploited and overworked, and they don’t have much security. Chances are they are far more scared than you are at this moment, and for good reason. And the private sector doesn’t have a monopoly on greed, cynicism and naff corporate wannabe dickheads, there are plenty of them in the public sector too.

Everybody: there’s an increasingly blurred line between public and private sector. Both cover a huge range of jobs. Generalising about one or the other invariably means that you’re talking bollocks. Can we actually start blaming those at fault for the current crisis, instead of each other?

If you got this far, I hope I’ve offended everyone equally, and thanks for reading.



John Henry, on YACF

(Reminded of it by a spectacularly stupid Facebook message that seems to be doing the rounds).

You shouldn’t use the word “f*g” to joke around with your friend even if he’s gay and he doesn’t mind because for many teens that is what their parents call them when they beat them, send them away to “reform” camps, or kick them out of the house. It is a word used to highlight homophobia and erase the person. It is a word used to humiliate.

You shouldn’t use the n* word to joke around with your friend even if he’s a PoC and he doesn’t mind because for many people that is what is said to them when they are threatened, beaten up, murdered, and blamed for crimes. It is a word meant to only highlight racism and erase the person. It is a word used to humiliate.

You shouldn’t use the word “retard” to joke around with your friend even if you’re using it jokingly because for many people that is what the public chooses to say about their disability. It is a word we have normalized in our culture to make fun of someone for being stupid or slow and instead of using those words, we say “retard”. It is a word meant to only highlight the disability and erase the person. It is a word used to humiliate.

When you joke about these terms, you erase their struggle and replace it with your selfish need for cheap comedy.

Dear male population,

When you whistle, shout profane language, or beep at a woman from inside your car, this is what you are really telling her: You have absolutely no worth and you do not require any respect. I acknowledge that you exist purely for my sexual enjoyment.

Let me make this very clear: the world is NOT your pornographic catwalk in which you can verbally lust after each female who passes by. Do not complain when I reply to your ‘sexual advances’ by flipping you off, you should really be grateful. Because if you had said any of these things to me in person, without the safety of your vehicle protecting you, I would have replied by punching you in the face.

What truly sickens me is when women don't support other women. When one of your own is abused and threatened, you stand up for her. You wear her name proudly and show the world that this type of behavior will not be allowed. You support her because if it happened to you, you would want the world behind you as well. The backlack of teenage girls and female reporters on the Steubenville trial is disgusting and horrifying.

I support Jane Doe and every Jane Doe.

A piece of my mind.

I find it completely appalling that the men of America are criticizing Angelina Jolie’s decision to get a double mastectomy. Firstly, not only is it anyone’s business but her own, but she has the cancer gene and has an 87% chance of getting cancer herself. Her body is her own personal choice.

Instead of telling her how brave and inspirational she is for going through such a troubling procedure, men everywhere are yelling at her for getting rid of her “amazing rack”.

Let me make this very clear: women do not belong to men. Their bodies do not belong to you and what we do with our bodies does not affect you. Ever.

We can get enhancements, abortions, life-saving surgeries, and do anything else to our bodies that we want and it doesn’t concern you. We are not alive purely for your enjoyment.

This case is a perfect example of why we need women’s rights and a strong women movement. Women are not objects, we are people. And we have the right to do whatever we want with our bodies, our sexuality, our person, without your approval.

I was complaining the other day while watching a parade because all of the female fire fighters are made to walk last, in stupid skirts behind the men in more authoritative uniforms.  Are women not as brave running into burning buildings?  Do women not try as hard to save others?  Do they not put their life on the line every single day?  That’s just bullshit.  Why are men given more acknowledgement for what they do?

A few days later my Dad commented on my hairy legs.  I told him I was protesting societal standards of beauty.  Men don’t shave their chest.  Or down there.  Why should I have to shave almost all of my body hair to be “beautiful”.  

My Dad said.  "Oh God, you are going to turn into one of those crazy activists for women’s rights.“

Fuck you, I just might.  

-  Greta

I hate the term “lose your virginity” because it infers that you weren’t aware what happened to it, as if it wasn’t consensual.

I remember being told in bible school that girls shouldn’t “give away” their virginity to boys before marriage.

As if my virginity is some trophy that I’m giving to a boy, something of mine that he is allowed to possess.

No, fuck that. When I had sex for the first time it was because I finally felt ready, I loved the person I was with, and I wanted to. 

Just because we’re not together now and just because he turned out to be a total douchebag does not mean that I regret having sex. It was something that happened and that moment has since passed.

There were many things he took from me, but he never made me feel disgraced for sharing my first time because that was something I wanted.

I hate how girls are expected to regret things just because they didn’t marry the guy they slept with for the first time.

Who cares? The only thing that matters is that you are happy and that whoever you marry is okay with your sexual status.


If a guy is running around kicking the shit out of people would he have no boxers or pants and just let his junk blow freely in the wind? NO. Because that would freaking hurt. So why on earth are women portrayed with bikini tops and thongs? Why does a woman who has the ability to kill you have to wear minimal clothing for men to watch/read/be interested?