yabu kun

Translation: WU April 2016-JUMP relationship

*Only Yabu/Hikaru related

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A member with interesting reactions when you make a pass at him.

Chinen: Hika. I tease him a lot recently (laugh). His reactions are funny.

Okamoto: Hikaru-kun. Seems like he will give an interesting reaction if I do that. But because he is scary, I will not do it!

Takaki: Hikaru-kun. It is funnier when he gets teased.

Inoo: Hikaru. He might unexpectedly be someone who gets teased a lot (laugh)

Hikaru; Yuto. When you get close to him, he gets shocked and says “Uwa!!!” I’ve played that prank on him many times (laugh)

Yabu: Takaki. His reactions are good.

A member who is reliable during important times.

Okamoto: Yabu-kun. He is the oldest, has a lot of experience, and you can depend on him!

Arioka: Yabu-chan. He teaches me anything which I don’t know.

Hikaru: Yabu. During the countdown concert, he took charge of the responsibility of the finest details during the live broadcast, and he was really reliable!

Yabu: Yamada. I think he is reliable when both of us talk together.

A member whom you can somehow forgive even if he makes you annoyed

Hikaru: Dai-chan. There was a period of time where he was constantly late for 10-15 minutes. I thought “Not again!” but I still could forgive him.

Yabu: Hikaru. Well, because he is Hikaru so I somehow can forgive him.

A member whom you definitely would not want to have as a love rival

Yamada: Hikaru-kun. For some reason (laugh).

Yuto: Hikaru-kun. Bass (Hikaru) and Drum (Yuto) somehow seems scary if our taste in girls clash (laugh)

Arioka: Hikaru-kun. Because he is funny. Interesting people are just popular.

Hikaru: Ino-chan. We have a seducing corner in our radio program and Ino-chan is a professional in that!

Yabu: Arioka. I don’t feel that he will become my love rival, and I don’t want him to be!

A member whom you think of inviting first when you want to hang out in private.

Chinen: Kota. Recently I meet this old man. I invite him and say “Lets go eat after work”

Yuto: Yabu-kun. We have gone to buy clothes together many times. He is mature and I really like this feeling (of being comfortable together)

Takaki: Yabu-kun. Because he even knows my friends.

Hikaru: Takaki. Because he is quite active and knows many places.

Yabu: Chinen. Well, we do keep in contact.

A member who accepts everything kindly no matter what you say

Inoo: Yabu. He listens to me kindly no matter what I say.

Hikaru: Keito. He forgives me even if I play pranks on him.

Yabu: Keito. He doesn’t get angry no matter what you do.

A glutton member who makes you wonder what does he normally eat

Yamada: Yabu-chan. Actually its me (laugh). Well, after me it is Yabu-chan~!

Hikaru: Yamada. I always see him eating (laugh)

Yabu: Yuto. I feel that he is always munching on something.

A member with a gap in his personality and how you see him at first glance

Hikaru: Chinen. He loves talking about money and people who don’t know this will think “Ahh, so he is such a person”. For a dog, he is a Pomeranian. Cute but always barking (laugh)

Yabu: Inoo. He is always grinning but actually he is scheming (laugh)


9 YabuHika husband/wife episodes
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① Hikaru’s JUMPaper August 2008
“The other day me and Yabu and Yabu’s mum and my mother had a chance to talk. After we said bye, my mother told me “Yabu-kun and Hikaru are like a husband and wife who have been together for really long”. When I heard that, I went Huh? (laugh). What? Long-term husband and wife? According to my mother, although me and Yabu don’t talk much, we can still communicate. That’s probably true. When I talk to Yabu, we talk aggressively but when we don’t need to talk, we don’t. But even if we don’t talk, I generally know what Yabu is thinking about. I think Yabu knows what I am thinking about too.

② Hi! Hey! Say! Recording November 2008
Hikaru: I will be 18 soon and that’s a big difference. Something which I can’t do when I am 17 but can do when I am 18 is…
Yabu: Getting married. Lets get married.
Hikaru: ….
Yabu: If we get married, whose surname should we take? I guess it is Yabu Hikaru
Hikaru: We are often called that but I think it should be Yaotome Kota
Yabu: That doesn’t even sound nice. It should be Yabu Hikaru
Hikaru: Ok then the first kid will go with my surname and the second kid with yours.

③ Myojo August 2010
Yabu: Because we have been together for so long, don’t you think our relationship is like a long term husband and wife?
Hikaru: That’s right
Yabu: A newly wed couple will still take notice of each other, but when you become a long-term married couple, even if you do different things in the same room, you wont really bother and can communicate even without speaking.
Hikaru: That’s definitely us. We don’t interfere with each other. And for a married couple, you cant do without the other person.

④ DreamBoys 2012
Hikaru: With just one sentence from Yabu “As long as everyone’s tension rises its fine!”, he already conveyed to me what he wanted to do or say. The staff told us “Both of you are like an old married couple” (laugh)

⑤ Shounen Club 2012
Arioka: If Hikaru-kun is the dad, I think only that person can be the mum….
Takaki: It wouldn’t be me right?
Arioka:  It’s not Takaki!
Yamada: It’s definitely Yabu-kun right?
Arioka: Even the audience are nodding their heads and agreeing.

⑥ Wink Up February 2014 (1)
Hikaru: Previously, my mum said when she saw Yabu, “Both of you are like a couple who has been married for ten years.” (laugh)
Yabu: Well, I didn’t even send Hikaru a mail on his birthday (laugh). In the past I would always send one. From this too, it seems like we are husband and wife who are getting used to it as years go by. (laugh)
Hikaru: So if we are husband and wife, character-wise I am like the wife, and Yabu is the husband type.

⑦ Wink Up February 2014 (2)
Hikaru: Yes, I am like the educational mama? (laugh)
Yabu: Yes. You do get mad at the members. And during those times, I come from the back and say “ohhh~ you all better do this properly~~~” while grinning and making fun. During these times, aren’t we like the dad and mum? (laugh)
Hikaru: Yes. And then I will go “Dad, stop spoiling them.” And Yabu will get angry (laugh). Yabu, this sounds good. I am the nagging mother (laugh).
Yabu: Hahaha! And Hikaru will start clapping his hands and scold “Ok, you all are too noisy!” while I am playing with Keito and Dai-chan. Totally a dad who keeps making the mum angry (laugh).
Hikaru: Im counting on you ok, Dad!

⑧ SMART concert pamphlet 2014
Yabu: “It feels like we are long term husband and wife. We don’t go kyakya unnecessary but even if we don’t talk, I generally know what Hikaru is thinking about. During the concert MCs, I often get carried away and Hikaru is the only one who can stop me. During those times, our eyes meet and I think “Ah… I can’t do that” It feels like a husband who calms down after being scolded by his wife (laugh)”

⑨ Anan July 2015
Hikaru: Yabu is smart! n his thinking is totally different from me so in a way, he is a great partner. Those around us often say we are like husband and wife. Well, the first one who said this was my mum….

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Dear Yabu-kun,
You are needed.
You are loved.
Your presence does matter, to every HSJ member and to us Tobikkos.
You are the one and only HSJ leader.

We may not even understand every struggle you went through,
But do know that there is someone that is going be heart broken if you left. At least I will, and so will every single Tobbiko out there.

So stay strong.
We love you, and we don’t want you to feel that you aren’t needed.

We thank you that you exist as Yabu Kota and for being a part of HSJ.