Hey! Say! JUMP LIVE Tour 2016 「DEAR.」 Update:

Before leaving the stage, Dai-chan said: “Don’t play Pokémon Go too much!” One of the balls he threw to a fan was a Pokéball.

[JUMP 7/28 Osaka] - Viva! 9′s SOUL’s lyrics has changed: “Baby faced! DAIKI, Food reporter! DAIKI, Chiba prefecture! DAIKI, Energetic! DAIKI, Love sneakers! DJ! DAIKI”

During MR. Flawless, there is a segment where they handed roses to the guests sitting at the bottom seats. It really felt as if the people were chosen on the spot (to receive the roses).


Simbology in JUMP’s VCR

Brilliant! It was some kind of presentation of the members and their places in the group or an important aspect of their personality. I’m special fond of putting Hikaru as the guy that control the spotlight in the group. Yabu as the guy the play by the rules o Daichan who lights up the stage is so on spot. But my favorite is our center as the one that opens the doors for the group.