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This week has so far been a very stressful and EXHAUSTING week.. It’s the week before the move in to our new place. I took some days off work to fix up, pack up and do some last minute home-shopping (as in going to home depots and hardware stores).

One of the depots we went to is located in Ortigas. And since we were in the vicinity, we dropped by Megamall.. And what is my favorite restaurant in Megamall?!? YABU!!

JodiesDaddy and I each had a Rosu Tonkatsu set. His was 180g and I just got 120g. In hindsight, we should have just shared the 180g and ordered an extra unlimited rice, since we ended up being so full! Good thing we exercised after, by walking around the mall. Yabu hit the spot and served as my second wind for that day of shopping :)

**this is my 1000th post.. Give or take a handful of reblogs (tops, 10)… I am amazed hahaha it took me 33months!**


05.15.14  Katsu Double Date a.k.a. San galing yang keloid mo dinner.

My good friend Chel, just recently finished her graduate school at UP. She took up law and is now preparing for a review for the bar exam. But before she went through that hell of studying again, she wanted to treat me and Chase to a double dinner date.

We met up at megamall last week. She asked us where we wanna eat and I cannot think of anything so she suggested that we eat at our favorite resto again lol. Yabu, House of Katsu. Well, the serving is big, and delicious, quality food is what we live for. (lol specially on your well-off days amarite? *wink*)

I was really happy and excited to see her with kuya Wes. Seeing them so happy together makes me giggly, I dunno. I just think that they really deserve to have a happy relationship, and that they finally found each other in that romantic kind of way. They’ve been friends for years. And they both went through a painful heartbreaks in the past. So yeah, they deserve this bliss in each other’s company.

So anyway, we talked about a lot of things, catching up on our lives, discussing plans and everything. But what really made that dinner fun was when Chel asked Chase what happened on his arm again. You know, he have this scars on his wrist, scars/keloid on his arms that formed the numbers ‘158’. She asked that because I opened a topic about how I finally saw the place where he confessed his love to that girl from his past that I like. And he confirmed to Chel that it’s the same girl that made him did what he did to his arms. Oh well, the story is interesting, wattpad material if you asked me. lol oh, let’s level that up, something like John Green would have written. But I think Chase is on the way into typing their story on his blog… so… I’ll just wait for that.

I kept on insisting that I am the better version of that girl. And crazily convincing them that we are the same girl. Like, I am Rachel version 2.0. WAHAHAHA because yes, we have the same name. Chel was laughing so hard I cannot even.

So anyway, we finished our dinner with full tummies and full of joy.

Yabu: House of Katsu

For English 11, my group and I had to evaluate a restaurant and we decided to try out the critically acclaimed Yabu: House of Katsu located on the second floor of SM Megamall Atrium.

We judged Yabu using five main categories, food, ambiance, cleanliness, value for money, and service. Each of the categories will be given a score out of five stars, the accumulated sum of all five categories will be averaged in order to give a total score of out of five stars which would be our rating of the overall dining experience.

The dishes we ordered were purposely chosen in order to be able to more or less holistically evaluate the food that is served in Yabu. We wanted to see if they serve good pork, chicken, seafood, and traditional Japanese dishes. 

Angelo (We actually changed his name to Angel because he’s the only boy in our group) ordered the Pork Curry Katsu set which he said was “orgasmicly tasty and tender.”

Mandy ordered the Special Yabu Hire Katsudon. She thought that the pork was the best part of the dish. She also said that “the sweet sauce was okay and complimented the saltiness of the bonito flakes. However, the sauce did lack a bit of taste and could have been better.” (Everyone remember Mandy’s name because I think she is going to be a food critique/blogger in the future. She’s so good at writing about food. HAHA!)

Bernice ordered the Jumbo Prawn Set. She thought that the dish was “fairly good” but she thought that “it was not a dish that makes you want to take the next bite because two prawns are more than enough to make you tired of the taste.”

I ordered the Pork (Rosu) Katsu Set while Yagi ordered the Chicken Katsu Set. I thought that the Pork Loin smelled very enticing that you would want to dig in right away. The breading was crunchy while the pork itself was juicy. On the other hand, Yagi thought that the Chicken Katsu Set was a “‘melt-in-your-mouth’ experience.” and “overall, the chicken katsu set was wonderfully made.” (I only placed the photo of the Pork Katsu set because they seriously look the same. HAHA)

Berna ordered the Pork Hire and Seafood Katsu set which contained hire pork, creamy dory, scallop, black tiger prawn, and eggplant - all breaded with bonito flakes. In our paper, she wrote really nice stuff about the food but in the end she said that “The food was filling but it’s not entirely the good kind. The oil hidden within the fried dish gives a sick feeling that makes one want to vomit. However, that may be a given with fried foods already.” (Honest) 

We gave the food 4/5 stars, ambiance 4/5 stars, cleanliness 5/5 stars, value for money 3.5/5 stars, and service 4.5/5 stars. 

Overall, the dining experience in the restaurant garnered a score of 4.2/5 stars. A restaurant of this caliber which integrated most, if not all, aspects of a good restaurant showed that a place as specific as Yabu: House of Katsu would be able to excite any customer. Yabu is definitely a must try place to dine with friends, family or even with that special someone.

My amaaaazing English groupmates: Bernice, Angelo, Mandy, Yagi, and Berna. Without them, this blog post about Yabu wouldn’t have been possible. 

All photos are © Alexandra Nicole