Just uploaded this since the original one on someone else’s channel was taken down. This is a great opening for Shin Gihren no Yabou, I just had to reupload it.

It does such a good job on encompassing all the cool stuff from the UC series’.


Some recent Megadrive manuals I got! It’s way harder to get Megadrive manuals compared to SNES, that’s for sure.

Here we have Street Fighter II Plus (aka Championship Edition), Traysia, (Minato no Traysia) and Nobunaga no Yabou: Bushou Fuuunroku!

Getting these was thanks to the help of our Patreon supporters, so I can afford getting a few games like this regularly and add more art that’s never been available online! Check it out!

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Tenka/SLB Chibis vs Koei Chibis.



Yuki looks like he’s totally stolen from Koei’s design LOLOLOL. And we don’t have a Saizo from Koei. We only have a Hanzo and a Fuuma.

There’s another version of MasaKitty, but I chose this one because IT’S THAT DAMN POLKADOT AND I WILL NEVER GET OVER IT EVER

I picked up a special fluffy TenkaShingen just for you all to enjoy the comparison. Because Shingen is just not Shingen without his fluffy helmet.