A selection of Western-made games released in Japan - Crash Bandicoot edition (part 1: home consoles)

Crash Bandicoot (PlayStation, 1996)

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back [Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex no Gyakushuu!] (PlayStation, 1997)

Crash Bandicoot: Warped [Crash Bandicoot 3: Buttobi! Sekai Isshuu] (PlayStation, 1998)

Crash Team Racing [Crash Bandicoot Racing] (PlayStation, 1999)

Crash Bash [Crash Bandicoot Carnival] (PlayStation, 2000)

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex [Crash Bandicoot 4: Sakuretsu! Majin Power] (PlayStation 2/Xbox/GameCube, 2001/2002/2003)
ORIGINAL PUBLISHER(S): Universal Interactive / JAPANESE PUBLISHER(S): Konami / DEVELOPER(S): Traveller’s Tales (PS2/Xbox), Eurocom (GC)

Crash Nitro Kart [Crash Bandicoot Bakusou! Nitro Kart] (PlayStation 2/GameCube, 2004)
ORIGINAL PUBLISHER(S): Universal Interactive / JAPANESE PUBLISHER(S): Konami / DEVELOPER(S): Vicarious Visions

Crash Twinsanity [Crash Bandicoot 5: Crash to Cortex no Yabou?!] (PlayStation 2, 2004)
ORIGINAL PUBLISHER(S): Vivendi Universal (US), Sierra (EU) / JAPANESE PUBLISHER(S): Vivendi Universal / DEVELOPER(S): Traveller’s Tales Oxford

Crash Tag Team Racing [Crash Bandicoot: Gacchanko World] (PlayStation 2/PlayStation Portable/GameCube, 2005)
ORIGINAL PUBLISHER(S): Sierra / JAPANESE PUBLISHER(S): Vivendi Universal / DEVELOPER(S): Radical Entertainment

In honor of today’s release of Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, here’s the Crash games that the country got on home consoles. They basically got all of ‘em, barring Crash of the Titans and Mind Over Mutant; Tag Team Racing was both the last home console Crash and the last Western-made Crash they got (the last Crash they got overall was the Dimps-developed Crash Boom Bang! for the DS, first released there as Crash Bandicoot Festival)

A thing to note about the Wrath of Cortex covers is that the Xbox/GameCube versions feature different artwork from the PS2 original, as you can see; the only difference between both those versions’ coverarts is that the Xbox one features the old Konami logo instead, being released earlier. And yes, Japanese GameCube owners got WoC as late as December of 2003; they ended up getting Nitro Kart first, rather than the other way around as it was in the West.

Another thing to note is that Japan will end up getting N.Sane Trilogy, albeit in early August, and published by Sony themselves rather than by Activision. If it’ll feature the same changes and additions the original PS1 versions got back in Japan, we don’t know (remastered Crash Bandicoot music vid plz Sony), although the cover will have a slightly redesigned Crash on it, so that’s neat.

(taken from the Japanese PlayStation site)

Part 2 will cover the handheld installments (read: the GBA games)

(Warning: Long Post!)

Continuing my earlier post about the many versions of Date Masamune, and thanks to some awesome suggestions from fellow Masamune fans and after digging around again, here are a few more obscure yet interesting variations of the One-Eyed Dragon!

VALIENTES: Date no Oni Katakura Kojuro (manga):

A three or so volume series, which appears to be focusing more on Kojuro, but it might be about the two of them working together. I haven’t found any scanned pages to read, so I can only guess at it. From the artwork style, I’d really REALLY like to read this!! Masamune’s design is historical, but still flashy and he has gorgeous long hair!!! *A*

Date Bashira (manga):

I thought Masamune-sama was flashy in other versions but this one is SUPER flashy! I was only able to track down and read one chapter of this obscure manga. It’s supposedly comedy but the first chapter talked about Masamune’s promiscuity and about ‘pretty boy pages’ doing…stuff…O_O but thankfully it didn’t go into very much detail. I think it was supposed to be funny, but whatever, he looks gorgeous!

Tenka Bito (video game):

Ok, I don’t know where THIS has been hiding!! Apparently, back in 2006, SEGA released a game for the PS2 featuring sengoku period warriors. In the game’s opening cutscene, it has a style like the first Sengoku Basara game, but the actual gameplay sadly is tactical, more like Total War Shogun. In the opening, we do get to see Yukimura and Masamune fighting in their normal rivalry fashion, though the character styles are very…different. I don’t know if this was SEGA’s stab at the Sengoku period game boom just because Sengoku Musou and Sengoku Basara came out at roughly the same time. It remains obscure because it was only ever released in Japan.

Gengetsu no Naku - Date Masamune Io Keichou Dewa Kassen (manga):

Another title-only manga I have yet to find scanned pages of. Judging by the cover illustration, I can only guess it focuses more on Masamune’s military career later in his life.

Dokuganryu Date Masamune (manga):

Again, no scanned pages for me to reference the story off of. Since it’s a very seinin style drawing there are probably lots of awesome battle scenes and ferocity. I can only imagine. But yay for another pony-tail Masamune!! 

Though Date Masamune will always be best portrayed as what he was, a man, there are many genderbent versions of the Boss of Oshu floating around as well. Here are a few I was able to find:

Sengoku Otome / Battle Girls: Time Paradox 

I was actually able to watch a few episodes of this anime when it first aired. Basically the entire host of sengoku warriors are all female, (with a bit of yuri content…>_>) but Date Masamune was portrayed in a nice not-so-moe way.

Sengoku Collection:

Date Masamune being flashy…in a more literal sense. This version has a lot of va-voom. O_O She’s described as a honorable yet violent woman tricked into working for the yakuza, but managed to escape and seek revenge.

Kessen! Sengoku VS Sangokushi

Kessen did a collaboration with Sengoku Basara some time ago and made these collectible cards for a phone game, I believe. This was a cute girl version of Date Masamune. Again, points to this design for using the purple party coat!

Oda Nobuna no Yaobu / The Ambition of Oda Nobunaga

Another all-female sengoku period cast, this was Masamune’s portrayal, going by the name Bontenmaru. This version apparently mentions how the historical Masamune supported Christianity. In the anime, she’s might be part European thus the blonde hair. 

Himebusho Masamuneden Botan! (manga):

A manga telling the life story of Masamune, born as a girl and raised as a man!

Sengoku Rance

This has to be the craziest version of Masamune ever! I mean…he’s just an EYEBALL! What??! This doesn’t even count as a gender. I don’t know, but he’s awesome…for an eyeball! XDDD What did Masamune say that one time to Nobunaga in Basara?….“My eye will bare it’s fangs and bite you!” Well…there you go. Even eyeballs can be fearsome! XDDD

Ok, that should be enough for now! I hope this second post has been enjoyable! I’ll be searching for more version in the future. If anyone has more suggestions, or knows where I can read some of these obscure manga, please let me know! (^_^) Thanks for reading!

Part 1

ArsMagna ~Hanjuku Danshi no Yabou 2~
Episode 2

Cameraman: How is a choke sleeper represented in dance choreography?
Sensei: *laugh*
Cameraman: I don’t know how the choreography for a choke sleeper is done, so would you please show us an actual choke sleeper?
Sensei: I feel like I shouldn’t go there.
Screen: Despite saying that, he’s eagerly doing it!
Sensei: Would you please sit down? So– Squat down a little.
Sou: Okay.
Sensei: Squat down, squat down.
Sou: Squat down?
Sensei: Mmhmm. Ah, no, no, sit holding your knees.
Sou: Sit holding my knees?!
Sensei: Sit holding your knees.
Sou: Sit holding my knees?!?!
Sensei: Sit holding your knees!
Sou: What is going on?!
Cameraman: Please give a final, closing comment in that state.
Sou: Umm, I won’t forgive the Hanjuku Danshi staff!
Sensei: *laugh*


Tenka/SLB Chibis vs Koei Chibis.



Yuki looks like he’s totally stolen from Koei’s design LOLOLOL. And we don’t have a Saizo from Koei. We only have a Hanzo and a Fuuma.

There’s another version of MasaKitty, but I chose this one because IT’S THAT DAMN POLKADOT AND I WILL NEVER GET OVER IT EVER

I picked up a special fluffy TenkaShingen just for you all to enjoy the comparison. Because Shingen is just not Shingen without his fluffy helmet.


ArsMagna ~Hanjuku Danshi no Yabou 2~
Episode 1

The theme of this season is “confrontation”! They tried eating insects, an isopod, and an axolotl. Izumi looks very intense.