One for the morning. It’s the 1st of August and there’s 17 more days until A Level Results Day. It’s the days where we either party hard or drown or sorrows.

But for now, enjoy this strictly produced DnB by Dieselboy + Kaos. It’s quite old, but it never dies. 


Ministry of Sound released Trance Nation Mixed By Rank 1 yesterday. Here’s one of my favourite tracks on it. 

I highly recommend you buy the album if you’re into trance! 


Probably the UK’s most underrated female artist - Jess Mills.


[Photo: Crypt EP Album Artwork]

YABLDN Rating: ★★★★☆

Garage is on top form this Autumn in the UK and it is definitely the right time for it to appear onto the scene again. However it has appeared in a new form of Garage, dubbed Future Garage by many and is said to be seen as a derivative of experimental Dubstep. I’ve yabbed many tracks onto the site but this release from Get Some Records is a great piece of production work.

Daniel Shell, also known in the music industry as Crypt sent me a link to his release under Get Some Records and it is incredible. The Crypt EP (Catalogue No. GSR001) features 3 tracks by Crypt and they are all full of depth and excellence. On first play, Sensible Hearts struck me completely by surprise as this is the first time I’ve heard Crypt’s productions. Let me tell you this YAB London readers, it’s enough to make you close your eyes and jive your head side to side to the beat. The flow of the track is fluid and carries throughout the without friction at all. When I say friction, I’m talking about a lot of stops and starts and anomalous sounds, which this track does not have and that is what makes it a wonderful composition.

The next track Miscellaneous is slightly different in its own way. It’s definitely more chopped up and vocals are looped by what appears to be half of a bar at times. Even though it is different I still love it and I’ll tell you why. Miscellaneous raises the overall tempo of the EP making it more upbeat and fun to listen to. I ended up displacing my head forward and back small distances when the track began and advanced to me moving my shoulders as well to the beat…with a little smile on my face! Miscellaneous sobers up the emotional Sensible Hearts and lightens up the EP wonderfully. 

The last track Fallen Angel falls bang in the middle of the two previous tracks on the emotion and vibe spectrum. The bassline is more vivid in this track, quite like Miscellaneous, however it carries on the flavour of the first track and the depth is brilliant as it has a lot of variation in the beat - it’s not your typical repetitive Garage track I must say.

I’d like to congratulate Crypt on this release as it is remarkable. Listen to it below.



Gage lets it rip in his guest mix for YAB London. With some of his own tracks on the mix, Gage delivers a funky rhythm for you to enjoy! He’s a great producer from Bristol but is also based here in London.

I love this mix from him, I haven’t stopped listening to it all day as it is full of grime oldies like Rhythm & Gash by Rebound X for example as well as new releases such as Roska’s Blame The Speakers.


YABLDN005 Presents Gage. by Yab London on Mixcloud