ahhh finally after fifteen hours of work I got this to a point where I like it enough to post. I present to you Yogs vs machine.

Lewis, Simon and Duncan all face against a horde of doppelgangers of beloved yogs, now including Teep and Rythian.

I can happily say that it was worth all the effort, I really like how this came out :3 usually colouring ruins my art but I really like how it turned out and I hope you all enjoy it. 

KingSOS Part One - The Jester and the Prince

Since the Royalty AU got so many notes so fast, I’ve decided a little fanfic is in order for all of you!

Here goes nothing

"Ashton, come on, you need to wake up."

"I refuse."

Lucas sighed angrily at his friend, and tugged the silken covers from Lord Irwin’s son, who, in response, have a childish giggle and curled up into a ball. This was a common early morning routine, and Lucas knew exactly what he had to do to get Ashton awake.

"Ashton, we can go see the abandoned dungeon."

Suddenly, Ashton seemed extremely bubbly and excited, jumping out of bed and fixing his loose, white cotton shirt. “Let’s go!” He shouted, grabbing the Prince’s arm and beginning to drag him out, but Lucas tugged Ashton back. The look on his friend’s face was confused and broken. “Did you use that just to get me up?”  In response, Lucas shook his head and let Ashton release his wrist.

"No," The blonde chuckled, "it’s just, you may want to put on proper clothes. You are in a palace, Ash.”

Ashton looked down at his trouser-less legs and huffed in childish annoyance, rolling his eyes. “As if people would mind.” He mumbled, but went to his drawer of trousers anyways, pulling out a black pair, along with dark brown boots to match. “The king and queen know me well enough.”

Lucas shrugged, adjusting the black vest he wore. “If your father finds out, you could be in a bit of trouble.” He pointed out, getting a scoff from Ashton.

"My father just wants into the castle, he uses me anyways," The curly-haired boy replied to the prince, tying up his boots as he sat on the white silk bedsheets. Luke frowned slightly; that was true, but Ashton could get in trouble seen doing anything improper within the castle walls. Hell, if he was seen doing anything improper, he would be disowned… Lord Irwin wanted nothing more than to be a part of the royal family, and he saw his son’s friendship with Prince Lucas was the quickest way.

"Alright, I’m ready." Ashton smiled up at Lucas, who was snapped out of the thoughts his head was stirring about. "Come on, then!" He giggled when Lucas looked slightly shellshocked after his thoughts broke. Ashton stood and approached Lucas again, this time stopping to place his hands on the prince’s shoulders. "Let’s go loot some cells, mate."

So with a nod from Lucas, Ashton gave his famous dimpled grin and started out the door with his friend on his tail.

"Good morning, Prince Lucas!"

"Good morning, Tybalt." Lucas greeted one of his servants, and smiled softly while Ashton gave Luke’s mother, the queen, a kiss on the hand. "Ashton, my mother doesn’t need your flattery." He laughed, and his mother chuckled lightly.

"It’s quite alright." Elizabeth said as Ashton released her hand. "Carry on."

Ashton giggled and walked back over to Lucas as the queen rolled her eyes with a smile; she was more than used to his cheeky shenanigans. “I was just saying hi to your mum.” He grinned, as Lucas nudged him playfully.

"You were being a sap, is what you were doing." He retorted, as they left the main hall and came to a bookcase. "Alright, help me push this." He grunted, already exerting force upon the large mahogany shelf. Ashton jogged over to the other side, pulling the bookcase hard towards him, and, with a loud scraping against the marble flooring, managed to move it enough for both of them to squeeze through. The opening was small, dark, and lit by a single torch that was nearly dead of flame. So when Lucas pushed himself through with much effort, he blew on the small inferno to give it more oxygen.

"Come on, I just want to get down there!" Ashton whined, joining Lucas in the tight space so they were nearly nose-to-nose. Luke grumbled a ‘working on it,’ and with one last gentle breath, the fire was bright again.

"Okay, down the stairs!" Lucas said, shuffling past his friend and making his way to the steep, cold stone steps. The fire illuminated a small amount of light, a good ten feet all around. He could hear the sound of Ashton’s boots behind him, his heavy footfall much louder than the prince’s soft steps. Turning his head, he saw Ashton’s eyes fixated on the ground to make sure he wouldn’t fall. His face was dimly lit by the torchlight, but bright enough for Lucas to catch a glimpse of the shadows Ashton’s lashes cast, the definition of his cheekbones, and the faint stubble peppered across his cheeks and chin.

"By God, it smells." Ashton grumbled, and Lucas chuckled, looking ahead again.

"It’s an abandoned dungeon, Ashton." He pointed out, getting a grumble in response and a hint of the phrase ‘it still smells like manure.’

However, soon enough they were down the long flight of stairs and Lucas watched as Ashton slipped past and ran to the nearest cell, pushing the rusting door open and poking around. Lucas followed suit and took the cell just next to the lord’s son, rummaging through a pile of hay and seeing a maggot here and there. Furrowing his brow, Lucas pushed an armful of hay aside and grimaced at the sight (and smell) of a dead prisoner, eyes eaten and body half-rotted. Making a noise of disgust, Lucas stumbled back slightly and dodged the insects that came his way.

"I have a body." He said in a slightly choked voice, and in seconds Ashton was at his side, taking the torch from the prince’s hand and using it to illuminate the corpse properly.

"It’s nearly whole, too!" Ashton enthused, immediately shoving his hand into the pocket of the body’s trousers. Lucas watched from a safe distance while his friend scavenged out a small dagger, a handful of maggots, a couple of gold coins, and the best of them all, a small flask of alcohol.

"It looks like it’s still good…" Ashton mumbled, unscrewing the cap and inhaling the spirits’ scent. "It’s still good!" He exclaimed suddenly, taking a swig and grinning like a fool. "Do you want some?"

Lucas chuckled and shook his head, leaning forwards to take the torch from Ashton. “You go ahead, I’ll loot the next cell down.” He smiled softly, but jumped when a voice shouted from the main hall. It was Tybalt, Luke’s servant.

"Prince Lucas! The king and queen wish a word with you!"

Lucas furrowed his brow; the king and queen? They rarely spoke with him at the same time, unless it was something of importance… Beside him, Ashton bit his lip and accepted the torch that the prince handed to him.

"Yes, Tybalt!" Lucas answered, but his voice was shaking slightly with anxiety and confusion. Ashton put a steady hand on his friend’s shoulder, and gave him a nod.

"I’ll see you back down here in a moment, right?" He stated with a smile. Lucas nodded, not being able to resist smiling back.

"Right." He replied, and with that, he pushed himself up off of the floor and jogged in the dark to the stairs, making his way to the king and queen.