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I'm bi and my parents think I'm straight so they pretty much just allowed me to have tons of sex with my girlfriend who they thought I was just best friends with. Yaa we had a lot of sleepovers. Life is good

i feel like I’ve missed out on so much because I was closeted as a teenager and now I walk around like a horny teen boy thinking about boobs always

send me a confession and i’ll answer with mine


Was that?

No that can’t be, he wouldn’t come to such a public place would he?  She kept her eyes on the lean man stalking the shelves of the library, ever so silently stalking right after him.  It was rather dark out, and she only saw one librarian here.  So maybe this is actually a good spot for him to be hiding? Well if it was him-   

Arrow furrowed a brow trying to catch a proper glimpse of the man, before deciding on a more strategic approach.  Going along a row adjacent to him she carefully took out her phone, quick to snap a photo of the mans face through the shelves as he was looking into a textbook munching on some sort of snack food.  Going right to a careful search with google’s similar images option proved her fears.  Because news article after news article appeared of the one and only Jonathan Crane.  

  • Mom & I:*watches MasterChef US*
  • Mom:I wonder who that new judge, Christina Tosi is...
  • Me:OHMYGOD, MOM. She's co-owner of Momofuku Milk Bar in New York and head chef there! She helped develop Karlie's Kookies!!
  • Mom:Karlie, you mean your Karlie? Karlie Kloss?
  • Me:YAAS!! Did you know they changed the name of her cookies to 'Klossies'? And that part of the proceeds from its sales go to feeding projects? And that Momofuku Milk Bar is the same bakery that Karlie got Taylor's birthday cake from last year?
  • Mom:Wow, that's amazing! She does so much, pala! No wonder you like her.
I am going in vacation!

Tuesday I am leaving to Italy for a vacation, just so you all know! I will be a little inactive, even tho I do have stuff quequed, but I don’t know how long it will take for me to answer asks and that kinda stuff. Just letting y'all know!


JIKOOK YAAS 🙌 Jimin looks so happy after Kookie fed him 😂

cutest video I ever posted in my opinion!

i lurk on my ao3 stats fairly often and sometimes, i wonder about the current commenting culture

this, for example, isn’t at all unusual. what do you guys think? i think that the kudos option on ao3 is awesome, it’s instant, quick, can be anonymous, that little *yaas* for an author, but does it take away from the interest to leave a comment? i mean, look at that stat above, 250 people who like a thing is really a lot and yet only 6 drop a word?

this is not meant to be whining about lack of comments, just general curiosity and an invite for other authors to share their experience and for readers to maybe give a little insight into what makes them comment…