Hey dude. How’s it hanging? Bodacious. So, how was your trip? Woah, sounds like you really had a smoking time. You know, I know that your life can be a bummer sometimes and you have to deal with major dweebs at work, so I’m glad you could get out and get a sweet Vacay. It’s nice to get away from all the bogusness sometimes. Thanks, I love you too. Well, Hombre, you ready to get this show on the road? Slammin’. Let’s crank up some major tunage. Yeah. Yaah. Ooah. Hoohoohaohah. Rouhauhah. Woowoah. Nygeyynmyayayyyahahah. Myet? Ruhu. Wadadadadaaa. Cowgmynaah. Nobluuhhbluuhbluuh… Creaoh. Houhhuhuhu. Gra. Yahaa. Nymgaahygah. Dushaa. Ololololoaiby? Gjishaas. Tskafaa. Yahehohow. No. Howre. Gigegiyahaah. Hey. Mnhyeeho. Dilleyahaa. Mmgah. Dulurioluho. Yes ha how. Aye, yay. Hoohoohey. Ohlolollollay. Whorunbaybay? Haahhahaheyaah! Youhoohooohoonyraah! Yayhah. Roohoohum. Yaeyaohoho. Nyanyanyaohoah. Mynahonunuuhuhuhuuhuhu. Ohwloololoonyeahey. Well, Dudeski. I guess we’re finally here. Yeah, It’s always a jam to kick it with you too, my main monkey. Remember to drink plently of fluids. Stay loose, bro.

♡kirishima week day 1: touka♡

 a fic for my most beloved //////

this fic is related to events up to like tg:re:130. however, the timeline itself may not be very canon, lol. this fic is mostly 4 touka & touken fluff. i hope you enjoy & have a good day ahead!

~1400 words // excerpt:

There are plenty of reasons, she tells herself, suddenly, when she realizes.

Plenty of reasons. It doesn’t have to be that I’m…

Her own thoughts trail.

That I’m what? she asks herself, sharply. What?

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Playboy, bad boy Kim Taehyung

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Series genre: Smut, angst, fluff

Description: Kim Taehyung, one of the nastiest human beings you have ever been associated with. You despite even breathing the same air as him yet he still somehow finds a place in your life.

note: Park Jimin will also play a major role in this series. Also, this chapter will have some Harry Potter references that are not absolutely necessary to the story itself. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

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SasuSaku Month 2017 - Day 6 - Thank You

AU in which Sasuke travels for a year than comes back to Konoha for the Ootsutsuki mission


Long, brutal winters. Sakura spent them all alone. All at once, she cracks.

Tears flow. The world is white.

Is it snow?

More like artfully replaced sanity with other people’s presence. She passes the street, Ichiraku shining brightly among the moonlight, warm lives talking to each other. Small ripples in the calm lake of hers disturb her.

She cries small tears without sobs and returns to the lonely apartment she lives in. Some days that apartment is not so lonely, filled with laughter of Naruto’s, Yamato’s and Kakashi’s bickering and Sai’s horrible jokes (which get better by the day) and Ino’s nagging.

Some days even the Shadow Hokage visits her.

He is busy with his travels – she knows – but her heart is more selfish than that. It yearns and hurts and Sakura can’t take it some days, but she will wait. The world is more important than her. The pain of knowing it is another story, yet as the soft shimmer and the waft of ramen call her grumbling stomach after a late shift in the hospital, she ignores it as she leaves home, to spend her New Year’s alone. Kakashi’s inauguration will be taking place in the spring, leaving her lonelier for one friend. Naruto married Hinata, but the good thing is that her Master is going to share the Hokage seat and the office with Kakashi, the future Rokudaime.

The state of affairs is mingling constantly. Shikamaru and Temari are to be married soon, leaving Sakura, Chouji and Tenten the only single ones. As Sakura tramples the snow, she is lightly smiling about the fact that Sai is now a taken man, courtesy of her loud blonde friend.

The dark-skinned Kumo kunoichi is eyeing her chubby friend, so Sakura wonders how much will pass until only she and TenTen remain the only single ones who are not taken or married. TenTen will never get over Neji, the beautiful kunoichi training day after day, looking wistful at the weddings of her friends.

And Shino.

How did she forget Shino.

Her house awaits her like she left it, a bottle of wine in the cooler, perfectly clean. In some part of her brain, a strange loneliness appears and a wish for her apartment to be even messy or visited by someone is stronger than ever.

The fireworks will begin in an hour. It’s a New Year, after all. Another year of peace, without a pesky war or some other issue that would disrupt the Alliance. An ocassional missing-nin or a dramatic criminal who tries to make a name for themselves. Nothing special, really.

She takes the wine glass, filling it to the verge of spilling, slams the bottle down her throat instead. She doesn’t drink to get drunk – always had a too good of a tolerance for that – only for the sweet sourness on the back of her throat as she thinks about Uchiha Sasuke, the rebel, the shadow, a ghost of Konoha. Somebody who thanked her at the gates, seen only a few times after, breaking her heart over and over.

Thank you.

It meant;

I love you.

I’m sorry.

I will miss you a lot.

I am so lucky to have you.

She aches to tell him, no, to shout to him and to scream and yell and kiss and be prideful of, because I love you Sasuke!

Chugs the glass down. Pours another. Fireworks go off, and she doesn’t bother looking at them – just starts crying, and small, cold body is now overcome with sadness why am I like this she begs why am i so alone, and nobody screeches back to her.

She sobs, scared and small, and something whooshes past the cold air of the opened window – too fast for her to open her eyes and register it.

If he was an enemy, she’d be dead. But instead a gentle, calm hand guides her face upwards, to his, voice soft, yet raspy and deep as fresh as if it were straight from her memory.

“Wipe those tears.”

“Sasuke…” He stands before her, the dim room not doing him justice, his coat still covered in a small array of shiny snowflakes and afterthoughts of mud. He closes the window, murmuring something about her carelessness as she wipes her eyes harshly. “Sasuke-kun… you didn’t mention anything about visiting! Why now?”

“Hn. Do I need a reason to?”

“I guess not.” She whispers softly as he settles himself a few decimetres away from her. She physically aches to kiss him and hold him, ask him all about his journeys and other questions she has, there is too many…

“Why were you crying?” He is blunt and on point, piercing her expectantly – it hurts him to see her cry but alas, if she wants not to tell him he will respect that. “Haha, Sasuke-kun, how silly of me! I was just, crying for no reason! Maybe I have drunk too much…”

“You can choose not to tell me, but you don’t have to lie.” As always, defeat. Sakura can never deceive her black-haired companion. “I came to ask you something… very important. Can I?” He is overly cautious with this question, which is out of character for him.

“Of course, Sasuke, what is it?”

“Will you come to travel with me?”

Her heart stops. She has expected many things, but not this certainly. She is certain that yes of course she does but what about what Tsunade and Kakashi say? What about the hospital and-

“I know you are thinking about your duties in Konoha and such. But I have already spoken to those above you. They approve.”

She looks at him small and wide eyed, and breathes out a ‘yes’ because this night was such a rollercoaster for her – it was like out of a fairytale, the dark, cloaked figure strikes up the deal of the maiden’s life. Somehow, Sakura didn’t know if she was hallucinating because of the alcohol. She begged life not to.

“Then good. Pack yourself tomorrow, and I will sleep on the couch.”

He moves lithely, setting his cloak and boots away, settling away from her eyes, and before he can smooth out now shoulder length hair she begs, “Would you sleep next to me tonight?”

They look at each other impossibly long, Sasuke’s face seemingly passive as he nods. She jumps immediatelly to put away the wine and her glass as he murmurs about getting the bed ready. She is blushing furiously – they have kissed once, many things have happened, yet Sasuke always kept her waiting with the thank you, and as the words were not his way of showing love, he could not have said I love you more properly.

“Sasuke-kun, I’m ready to go to bed,” she declares once she is all dressed up, comfy pajamas covering her entirely, warm and fluffy as the blankets she will sleep in tonight. Sasuke is already perched casually, his lean form overwhelming her strangely as she is silent on the top of the matress. He shuts the lamp out and it starts being slightly uncomfortable from there.

Sakura fidgets as if someone put a stick in her butt, maybe closer to Sasuke, as if he was a magnet of the opposite pole. He flutters farther away, or perhaps even he gravitates closer? It doesn’t matter in the next moment since they are both starved for both physical contact of each other.

He drags her to himself, terribly so, so she is capable of feeling all his yearning and warmth – so when he murmurs the epic, earth-moving thank you in her heair she knows that his kindness is rare but more brilliant than a waterfall of diamonds. He murmurs more now than he talks through the day, speaks of his gratefullness and apologies. And wishes her a happy beggining of the upcoming year. Her heart full of him, as she leaves for the last boat to dreamland.

DICKIDS facts:


  • Leader of Dickids Crew and member of the xxyxnaf crew.
  • He is a rapper.
  • He was known before as Baddie Homie.
  • He won Street Rap Shit 2015.
  • He auditioned for Show Me The Money 5, although he didn’t pass the first round.
  • He lives in his own studio/appartment.
  • The other members crash often at his place.
  • He participated in School Rapper.
  • In School Rapper he was in team Swings.
  • He was born on April 13th 1998.
  • His real name is 이수린 (Lee SooRin).


  • She is the only female in the crew.
  • She is a rapper.
  • She is the oldest member.
  • She has her own place and studio.
  • She speaks English.
  • She is dating Panda Gomms.
  • She was born on February 26th 1998.
  • Her real name is 최란 (Choi Ran).


  • He speaks English.
  • He lives in his own place in Seoul.
  • He is a rapper.
  • He was born on May 13th 1998.
  • His real name is 유태현 (Yoo TaeHyeon).


  • He is a rapper.
  • He participated in Show Me The Money 4. During the cypher Seo ChoolGoo yielded the mic so he could rap, even though that meant that ChoolGoo himself wouldn’t have time to freestyle.
  • He participated in Show Me The Moeny 5, but was eliminated during the 1vs1 battle.
  • He is friend with NO:EL.
  • He is from Seoul.
  • He lives alone in a studio apartment, although his dog lives with his parents.
  • He attended Shindongshin Information Industry School.
  • According to B-NOM, he refers to Bumby as “Yaah Yoo TaeHyun!”.
  • He participated in School Rapper and he is the winner of the season.
  • In School Rapper he was in team Giriboy and Xitsuh.
  • He signed with Indigo Music, a label created by Swings.
  • He is going to participate in Show Me The Money 6.
  • He was born on January 12th 1999.
  • His real name is 양홍원 (Yang HongWon).


  • He speaks a little English.
  • He is a rapper.
  • His hometown is in Daegu.
  • He has a younger sister.
  • When he told his parents that he wanted to quit school, his mom got really upset and tried to get him to reconsider his choice, but now she is more accepting about it.
  • He lives alone in an apartment in Seoul.
  • He likes shopping.
  • He was born on February 3rd 1999.
  • His real name is 박준희 (Park JoonHui).


  • He is dating 다인 (DaIn).
  • He is a graphic designer.
  • He can speak a bit of English.
  • His nickname can be written in different ways: 333, ButtButtButt, Buttx3.
  • He is from Daejeon, but he currently lives in Yongin.
  • He was born on February 18th 1999.
  • His real name is 조현진 (Cho HyeonJin).


  • He is featured in Ulala Session’s “Beautiful(아름다운 한컷)”. He appeared in their M!Countdown stage for the song.
  • He is a producer/beat maker.
  • He is from Seongnam, but currently lives in his own place in Gwangju (Gyeonggi).
  • He is a member of xxyxnaf crew as well.
  • He was born on April 6th 1999.
  • His real name is 이상훈 (Lee SangHoon).


  • He does a lot of Instagram lives.
  • He still goes to school.
  • He is a rapper.
  • He speaks English, almost fluently.
  • He loves X-Japan.
  • After SMTM4, SooRin asked him to join the Dickids, but since he was really arrogant at that time, he said “no” several times. After this, SooRin told him that he would buy him chicken if he joined and so he agreed. He never bought the chicken though. xD
  • He thinks GeonAh is the visual in Dickids and says that he is the nicest.
  • He likes Kendrick Lamar.
  • He thinks Bumby is cool.
  • He has a sister.
  • He lives with his parents.
  • He was born on May 11th 1999.
  • His real name is 김세령 (Kim SeRyeong).


  • He was born on October 16th 1999.
  • He lives with his parents.
  • His real name is 김진우 (Kim JinWoo).


  • He is part of Tokyo Emoji (도쿄이모지) with 210.
  • He is a rapper.
  • He has a girlfriend. Her name is 정혜원 (Jeong HyeWon; @one_mid_night)
  • He is from Seongnam.
  • He was born on June 18th 1999.
  • His real name is 김준호 (Kim JoonHo/JunHo).


  • He is also a member of Sahara crew.
  • He is a producer/beat maker for Dickids and Sahara crew.
  • He lives with his parents.
  • He was born on September 7th 1999.
  • His real name is 민경태 (Min KyeongTae).


  • He is a rapper.
  • He auditioned for Show Me The Money 4, although he didn’t pass the first round.
  • He participated in School Rapper.
  • In School Rapper he was in team Swings.
  • He auditioned for Show Me The Money 6, but he was disqualified because he posted on his Facebook that he passed the audition. 
  • He is 183-185 cm tall.
  • He trains boxing and likes UFC.
  • His mom is really sweet and he speaks really gently to her.
  • His ideal type is a nice girl who likes working out and is pretty, but not too thin (he’s said that he likes somebody like HyunAh).
  • He talked about how his life got better after he dropped out from school.
  • He used to be bullied when he was younger and no one helped him. That’s why he held grudges at school and to the teachers.
  • He had a depression disorder when he was younger.
  • He almost committed suicide.
  • He said he was always alone and he listened to rap when he felt scared.
  • He thought everyone hated him except for Luda.
  • He used to have a lot of fights with the teachers, they never helped him and always talked down at him for rapping saying that he wouldn’t be able to get anything out of it and that it was a waste of time.
  • One day he called his bullies out and stood up against them after taking self defense classes for a while. He started acting really tough after that, like someone who didn’t give a fuck because he didn’t want to become a victim again.
  • He went through a lot so he still acts tough even though he is a total soft heart.
  • Bully used to be called “The Bomb” because no one knew when he was angry and when he was going to break everything around him because of his frustration.
  • He dropped out of school around December 2015 after performing a diss rap in front of his entire school.
  • Luda said that ByeongHo is a total softie and that he’s a very loyal friend and fragile, even though he always acts so tough.
  • He went to School Rapper because he wanted to let his parents see him on TV, since that’s every parents dream, to see their child doing well.
  • ByeongHo tries to be good towards his parents since he feels he hasn’t been the best son in the past, because he didn’t listen to their advice and forcefully said that he was going to rap.
  • It is not sure wether he lives or not with his parents, but he doesn’t go home often, and he crashes at the studio or at another member’s house.
  • His former rapper name was Playboi.
  • He is learning how to speak English.
  • He loves food, specially pizza and hamburgers.
  • He is from 경기도 안산시 (Ansan, Gyeonggi).
  • He was born on April 27th 2000.
  • His real name is 윤병호 (Yoon ByeongHo).


  • He used to be known as Odinn, but recently changed his nickname to Hatts.
  • He is a singer.
  • He studies at SOPA.
  • He is from 안동시, 경상북도 (Andong, North Gyeongsang Province), but live in Seoul.
  • He still lives with his parents and attends high school.
  • He was born on April 14th 2000.
  • His real name is 경민 (KyeongMin).


  • He is the youngest member.
  • He is a rapper.
  • He auditioned for Show Me The Money 6.
  • He uses 반말 (banmal) with the other Dickids even though he is the maknae.
  • He has an older brother.
  • He lives with his parents, but they are really chill and give him lots of freedom, so he stays overnight at the studio or with his friends whenever he wants.
  • He has an interest in fashion and likes to fix his hair and style it.
  • He was born on April 12th 2001.
  • His real name is 김건아 (Kim GeonAh)
  • He has his mother saved as “마미” (mami = mommy) on his phone.

crds: IG@dickids_fp for some of the facts.

Facts in italics are most likely true, but I haven’t heard any confirmation from the members.

hellnames-blog  asked:

You said that you want to make it close to the real undertale if you do the human souls came back to life after the barrier was broken did you look to the humans graves after that or you dont know (if you can tell me how to send pictures to you i have some pictures for the graves after and before breaking the barrier) so yaah

we can’t assume they just revived. Being aware that frisk was out for a good couple of hours, it is perfectly possible that Toriel decided to just bury the dead bodies of the children.

I believe it is very unlikely for a body that has been dead for decades (that has also probably rotten to the point of not even be recognized) to be revived like nothing happened by putting a soul onto it. You don’t even know if it’s as simple as picking up the soul and put it next to the dead body and be like “der u go now get in”.

I think that once the human has died, there is no going back, no matter what you do with the soul.

Plus no one knows what happened to the souls after being used. You’re ONLY considering the post pacifist route, while in EVERY OTHER neutral route, no matter what, ALL the souls ALSO disappear. This might imply that by only using the souls for a certain purpose they just shatter after being used or scatter around to never be found.

Assuming that all the children simply come back to life after considering all the other logical facts that throw that theory out of the window would be very irresponsible from my end.

Since, like you said. I want to make this as close to the real Undertale as possible 


EXO's love letters

Xiumin:  “jagi-yaah~ I hope you’re doing well and that you don’t miss me too much (you better), since I’ll be back in your arms sooner than you know it. Pls pls pls keep sending me selfies everyday bc I can’t get enough of your smile, it’s the only thing that gets me through the day~ I love you so much. Stay safe, my love xx”

Suho:  “I know you said not to be cheesy but I know you’ve been having a tough time lately sooo…oh gosh, I hope you see this when you’re making your coffee this morning or else this would be awkward when I came back home…but anyways, I just wanted you to know it’s okay to tell me everything, yeah? You know that I love you more than anything and it makes me sad when you’re sad. I just wanted to make your day a little brighter, I hope you know that I love you lots~ have a great day, baby :)”

Lay:  “I can’t put into words how much I miss you, and it’s killing me not to have you wrapped up in my arms right now. I promised that I’d be back from China soon and I meant it, I just have a little more work to do, baobei, I hope you can understand. I felt that this was more special than a simple text, but call me as soon as you get this so I can hear your voice!!! I love you, y/n  -Yixing”

Baekhyun:  “Baby, I’m so sorry…you know we never fight so I’m feeling so lonely and broken, that’s why I can never say this to you in person…but I need you so much, I don’t think you even realize it. I really hope you get to see this before tearing it apart, but I’m hurting a lot right now and I just needed to contact you somehow. Please, talk to me and let’s work things out.  -The love of your life, Baek”

Chen:  “please ignore this if you actually hate me and don’t want to ruin our friendship :) y/n, I love you. I’ve been in love with you before I met you….I don’t know how that works, but I’m sure of it. You’re always on my mind but I can’t ever think of the right words to say about how I feel. So please, if you feel the same, come see me at the first place where we met at 9 o'clock…I hope to see you there x.”

Chanyeol:  “I can’t believe you’ve set up a surprise party for me when you’re 3000 miles away, you’re actually insane. It wasn’t the same without you, love, I wish you could’ve actually been there to give me birthday kisses too :( I promise I’ll be home soon and I’ve got way more presents than this package. Thank you so much for everything, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you. I love you, please text me soon and don’t leave me on read again :D”

D.O:  “y/n-yah, guess who’s gonna be the owner of a new apartment. The keys and the address should be inside the envelope unless someone stole it, in that case I was just kidding. I know this is a big step for us to move in together but…I’ve already talked to both our parents about it and they agree. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do, so I’ll see you there after work. (P.S the fridge is full, go crazy.)

Kai:  *after his injury* “I know you’ve been worried about me and you’re probably mad that I don’t let you see me at the hospital…but baby, I can’t let you see me like that. You have no idea how much of a mess I am, I feel like I won’t be able to fully recover or do anything from now on. You know how much dancing means to me, so I can’t let you see me cry everyday on a hospital bed. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be sure to recover quickly so I can see you again, please don’t be mad and please understand me. I love you so so so so much, please take care of yourself.”

Sehun:  “so I know you probably won’t ever see this unless you’re going through my computer again…so in that case, hey, y/n. I know we’ve been friends for longer than I can count, but I can’t help but feel something else when I look at you. We’re not kids anymore so I should be able to tell you this and not be scared, but for some reason I can’t. Just know that you’re all I ever think about and you’ve always been the person I wanted to end up with. I guess you can ignore this if you don’t feel the same, but if you did then pls just kiss me already and stop killing me. I love you.”

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07/05/2017 - {inspired by Nemupan 👌} First attempt at digital coloring with Ian and a PeachAloe juice 🍑 Do you like it?? 🍑
I used a Stabilo pen point 88 fine 0,4 for lineart and I colored with PainToolSai 🍀

76 - Daddy! (Yoongi x Reader) Drabble Challenge: 150 Prompts

Genre: smut
Word count: 813
Contains: smut, daddy kink, mild humilliation, enjoy! Send in requests and prompts!

It was one of their kinky nights. Ones where Yoongi would pull his A game, out, quite literally. He started with just kissing her, for what seemed like ages – and they’ve made out for an hour – because they could, he kissed every inch of her exposed skin, and the more she revealed, the more he’d worship. When they were both naked, he allowed a slim finger to slip into the slick, wet channel and rub oh-so-deliciously to her weak spots until she was a loud, moaning mess, allowing all her sweet moans to spill out, except for one.

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