DONE! Yay! :‘DD I made my fursona/Oc a little while ago, but I didnt finish the normal pic yey XD BUT! I saw @blogthegreatrouge post about vg!spring and the gang, and So! I made Vg!Mimi (or mamabird cuz I call Mimi mamabird too cuz idk what to do with my life :D) So there ya go! *squeal*


VgMimi is an Owl Kitty Assassin! Cuz Shanking people as an Owlcat thing is awesome(idk lel, thought it was cool, and yes, there are feathers and normal fur mixed together, gonna have to deal with it lol


Vg((not sure what it stands for, I’m guessing video game lol))Mimi- Belongs to mwah(me, sorry I’m really excited)

VgSpring(and pretty much the whole idea)- @blogthegreatrouge

P.S; Don’t worry @nekophy I’m almost done with goth’s birthday drawing, and sorry it took so long ;3; lots of stuffs happenin, I’ll finish it tomorrow ;w;


I’ve recently rewatched Jack and Mark play Hello Neighbor, and the creativity bug bit me. A lot.

So, I tried my hand at the Neighbor and the Player! Yaaaayy….. Seriously tho, these two were fun as hell to draw, especially my smol secretive bean. Sadly, I couldn’t get Player’s body right, so Neighbor has to stand alone, hence the only picture with him so detailed.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy another trash piece for the Bin, and have a lovely day!



Screenshots from Bloopers & Outtakes #3! :D :D :D :D :D

YAAAAYY a new Bloopers & Outtakes video! :D
I absolutely LOVE these videos, they’re always so much fun to watch and for me to screenshot too. I think these videos show a different side of Seán that show the little mistakes he makes and his some of flaws. A lot of people ignore the flaws in a person which I don’t think is healthy. We’re all human beings and people at the end of the day and NONE of us are EVER perfect! We all have flaws, we all make mistakes, we all have fears and insecurities and negative things about ourselves and having them isn’t a bad thing at all it’s a part of being a person and being alive and they’re a part of what makes you who you are. Not saying you can’t work on those things or change at all but accepting flaws can be the first steps to that change or accepting yourself and other people as who they truly are. You need to see a person’s flaws just as much as you need to see the good things about a person too because their flaws are also who they are. I think a person’s flaws shows the beauty in that person just as much as the good things about them do too. Plus when you see and accept their flaws the good things about shine so much more! That’s why I love these videos because I feel like they show a different part of who Seán is as a person, his little flaws in him and the little things that make him who he is. These videos remind me that he’s a real person behind these videos, he’s not flawless or perfect. He’s a real person just doing what he loves everyday and who just wants to make people happy and who constantly tries his hardest to be the best person that he can be. This is the person that I met in Boston last year. It’s always nice for me at least to be reminded of things that make that person who he is.
I loved this video. :)

Well hello there.

Some of you might know me (maybe possibly idk??), I’m Eva a.k.a @amsterdamstudies, I’ve been on part of the studyblr community since late December 2016 and I had a pretty decent blog (even if I do say so myself).

So why reintroduce yourself? you might wonder, well you’re wondering right!
I moved, from a side blog, to my main. And I could tell you why I did that but then I’d be yammering on and clogging up your dash with my long-ass post, so we’re not gonna go there. 

Now for the reintroduction, some facts in a neat list, fucking awesome.

  • I graduated high school in July.
  • I’m eighteen years old, I was born on the 1st March (so that makes me a pisces yaaaayy)
  • I live in Amsterdam (shockerrr)
  • I’m taking a gap year.
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with stationery (can anyone relate to that?)
  • I’ve started over with my bujo like four times now..gr8


  • creative writing
  • history
  • mythology (I know most about Greek mythology but I’m planning on reading/learning about more mythologies)
  • music: the neighbourhood, raleigh ritchie, halsey, some kpop, dua lipa and hayley kiyoko
  • anime: haikyuu!!, bnha
  • cartoons: atla, vld, castlevania, gravity falls
  • I enjoy taking shitty photographs
  • going to art museums (or any kind of museum rlly, take me to a museum, it’s a date)
  • I like going on long walks along the beach (like long ass walks, about 15-20 km)

some studyblrs that I lov

@lavietudier @armcnia @piiess @artstvdies @einstetic @studyblr @studyruels @upnorthwithinspiration @study-at-the-disco @academicsnotes @jiyeonstudies @izzystudies  @scholasticus-medicinae & many more

welp that’s it, I hope ya’ll have a great day/night <3 if you ever want to talk just hmu I’m awkward af but we’ll just ignore that :)

anonymous asked:

Would levi tease or joke with his partner? If so how? Thank you!! Your blog is my favorite to browse through!!💖💖

Yaaaayy!! I’m so glad my blog is your fave to browse through, anon <3

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me or send me hate messages, do me a favor and please just don’t even bother.

I absolutely believe Levi would tease and joke with his partner but, I think he would do it in a very sarcastic, deadpan mannor. Like, say his partner tripped and fell over their own feet and Levi caught it. He’d just look at them and be like “You’re the picture of grace…”

His partner just looking back at him like -_________-

anonymous asked:

Ask box’s open! Yay! Can you make some headcanons of Junko X Naegi? Thanks in advance!

Yaaaayy! Haha we hope we can work enough to get it open again soon >-< We sure can!

Request: Junko Enoshima x Makoto Naegi Headcanons (SFW)

  • Most of the time Junko likes to feel superior to him
  • So she’s the more dominant personality when they’re out together
  • And she will wind Naegi up a lot
  • By teasing, either when she speaks to him or by little actions like prodding
  • Though she does get bored of personalities quickly so will switch to a quiet affectionate type in an instant with him
  • Originally it confused Naegi quite a lot
  • But he learned to love it, and the unpredictability
  • And also learned what responses she liked to each personality
  • When she’s alone with him though she will let her guard down
  • She’s more comfortable being the two of them
  • And is less dominant there
  • She’s more cuddly, and will let Naegi take charge
  • He’s very caring in this kinda time
  • In domestic life Naegi often does a lot of the housework
  • He’ll clean and cook etc.
  • But Junko will get involved
  • And often hinder him instead of help
  • Though they both have a lot of fun regardless
  • Junko also likes to cuddle Naegi a lot
  • So will come up behind him and hug him tightly
  • Or jump out of nowhere and Naegi will end up suffocating in her chest
  • Not that he’s complaining

Shadow Singer Ep 4

Icon of Revival Idol - Nuest W JR

Yaaaayy~ and he will be a fixed panel judges, no wonder tho, he is so wise with what he said (he know for sure how it feels to be a nameless idol TT)