yaaaay colors!!!!!!


You flatter me, dear! You’re quite the beauty yourself!

I would return the compliment more thoroughly, but it seems someone left the stove on. It reeks of burning metal in here! Pardon me while I try to locate the source! [6] v [6])/


Hii!! the second coloring book pre-order is up on my ETSY!! :)

Smoler is another coloring book inspired by the boys contain 30 pages of cartoon styled lineart by me.  The book will be A5 and A4 portrait size on portrait format with 100gr paper for the inside and 250gr coated art paper for the cover. This time it’s only one sided so you can pull them from the book! :)

Warning : this book content is safe for all ages! very sfw and no romantic ship in it. (so you don’t have to worry if you’re uncomfortable with any ship or going to gift this to your little niece :) all safe and general) 

Also, this is for pre-order only, means that the book hasn’t been printed yet

Here is the schedule:

PO open : 01 october 2015
PO closed : 21 october 2015
Book Printed : 21 october 2015 - right away
and hopefuly can be start to be shipped at 26 october 2015.

as usual, 5 first people to order will get a original sketches by me (you can choose which boys you want me to draw), You’ll also get sticker, certificate of authenticity and postcard! Anyways, signal boost will be really lovely :)

Thank you!


X - the Wheel of Fortune

OK, so technically this translates to “destiny wheel”, but for now it’s the best I can do without the word “of”. Happily, Urðr is a popular concept in viking era thought, so it’s not to far out of the realm of possibility that I got this right.

Also, I got all done with this card and found that the WoT fandom had unduly influenced me - I’d researched and labelled this as the Wheel of Time, not the Wheel of Fortune. Sigh. I’m not even *in* that fandom.


It was chilly out yesterday, so I decided that a winter Jasper contest was in order. The contacts will be coming within a few days so, have some badly edited eye color! Yaaaay! My IG: @/Vitali_cosplay ♡