I did a Hamilton crossover yaaaay. I love Eliza and Hamilton in the song Helpless. They are adorable

This was very rushed and late because I was celebrating a birthday party. My last one will also be late but more like a day and half late for other reasons. I’ll work hard depending on the circumstances! Man doing this on the same day is a bad idea @~@

I’m so not pleased with this I actually like my rough draft better/ So I’ll add it cause I feel it has way more expression in it than this.

Happy Updates in the life of Jase

An anti-depressant has been added to my medication which also helps with getting enough sleep - just gotta watch that it doesn’t send me into a manic episode, but so far so good! I don’t feel as depressed as before :)

I’m also really happy that I didn’t stop therapy because my psychologist has become super helpful with helping me deal with things - sorted out my eating issues today and I accidently told her about me being trans but that went okay! She’s going to write me a referral letter to get the ball rolling on getting surgery, so yaaaay!

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i'm 4'9" and i just hit a new squat max of 225 lbs (102 kg) yesterday!! i was stuck at 205 lbs (93ish kg) for a while bc i was afraid to go heavier since i never have anyone spotting me (bc i usually work out alone) but i always felt in my gut that i could do more so i tried it yesterday and i did it!! i was pretty bummed i didn't have a gym buddy w me to celebrate the moment tho lol

Im so sorry it took way too long to reply to this but yaaaay!! Congrats! Were you sore as the next day?

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Oh! I wasn't expecting you to reply to my ask! That surprised me! Thank you! Keep arting so you can keep inspiring me!!!!! *internet hug*

Dude. I try to reply to every ask I get - it might take me a while sometimes (say, for things like art requests/things I want to add art in the answer for) but I eventually answer! Yaaaay inspirationz~ *hugs back*


Heeeeyyyy, it’s OC Kiss week soon! So I decided to do a little something. I’ll draw one of my Shep, kissing your Shep of your choice! Yaaaay~!

All you have to do is reblog this with a picture of your Shep and their name, if they’re kissing Zee or Sky, and what type of kiss! A kiss on the hand, on the cheek, a passionate kiss, your choice!

I’ll only take 5 requests first, and if I have time, maybe I’ll do more!

The Power Of Mabel: Silliness

Okay, I can’t sleep and it’s 1am so I’m gonna tell you about how I cried the first time I watched Irrational Treasure.

Mabel’s silliness is one of the first things you notice about her–her first spoken line is “Yaaaay! Grass!” which still cracks me up even though I’ve seen the episode like twenty times. She’s goofy and weird and likes hamming things up and she’s completely unapologetic about it!

Mabel’s silly in a way that girls in fiction are very seldom allowed to be. She’s loud. She takes up space. She makes ridiculous faces and weird noises and is the one to inject levity into dangerous situations.

Real girls who are like Mabel are often told we need to settle down, that we need to stop goofing around if we want to accomplish anything. A lot of Mabel’s character traits (her enthusiasm, her optimism, her good opinion of herself) are things that I’ve seen girls have systemically drilled out of them–these things may be permissible in children, but when you get older you need to stop. You need to grow up. No one will take you seriously.

That’s why it’s so important that Mabel keeps being silly and enthusiastic and optimistic all the way through the series. She does grow, but she doesn’t sacrifice herself in the process. She doesn’t need to.

Irrational Treasure was an early taste of that. Mabel was mocked for her silliness, and it hurt her, but she ended the episode stronger and more confident in herself. The first time I watched the episode, part of me was afraid it was going to tear her down, and when it became clear that it was doing the opposite I really truly cried. Mabel learned that her silliness could accomplish things that Dipper’s brains couldn’t. She was validated for being silly and weird. I’ve never seen a girl get a storyline like that before. More of them should.

Like I promised another video today! Special shoutout to Ashley and Luana! Love youuu! 😘 Thanks for watching, I hope you'll enjoy it! ❤️ Ashley's tumblr: htt...


Shoutout to @sparkylovesbooks and @introvertedbookworm24 for the awesome books! Thank you so much and love youuuu! 😘❤️

Thanks for watching, I hope you’ll enjoy it! ❤️

*sigh* I’m starting to think I raised these clownass clowns turrribly bc Stump Stump is straight up using his dad’s face as a stump rest. #FourYrsAgo* #TalkingToMyself* #OMGawd #UrSoPerfect!! #UCanDoAnythingUWant!! #ImNotJoking!! #DoAnything!! #MyLifesGonnaBeHardAF #ButICantDisciplineU!!! #UrACorgi!!! #TwirlingPuppyCorgi* #CorgiStartsPeeingOnMe* #Yaaaay!!

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Klance Playlist

1. Planetary (GO!) // My Chemical Romance 2. Venus // Lady Gaga 3. I Will Follow You Into the Dark // Death Cab For Cutie 4. Bluish // Animal Collective 5. YOUTH // Troye Sivan 6. Fly Me to the Moon // Frank Sinatra 7. Orbit (우주가 있어) // Jonghyun (종현) 8. Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) // Muse

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