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Double D sighed through his nose as he made his way outside. The summer breeze gently brushed against his skin as he walked towards the woods. It felt like the perfect day to merely sit out and watch the birds and butterflies go about their daily lives. He saw a large rock by the creek and sat himself down as he saw birds beginning to arrive, landing on tree branches and seeming to talk to each other. The corners of Double D’s lips rose at the sight, very amused by the thought of birds having a conversation. What would they be saying?

‘Hey Fred. Wonderful day we’re having, huh?’

'Yeah, definitely! I woke up singing!’

Double D covered his mouth as he giggled.

“Come on, Jimmy!” Sarah said as she skipped towards the exit of the woods.

“Wait up, Sarah!” Jimmy called, struggling to catch up while also avoiding all the roots from the trees. He held a bouquet of flowers in his hands in which the two had picked together for their tea party.

Sarah giggled happily as she went ahead. A crack behind caused Jimmy to shriek, dropping the bouquet, but he turned to find it was only Kevin.

“Oh, hi Kevin!” Jimmy said, smiling foolishly.

Sarah halted in her tracks and spun around. “Jimmy?!”

“You dropped your flowers, Fluffy,” Kevin said, grinning in amusement as he crossed his arms.

“Oh, no!” Sarah pouted. “Our flowers!”

“I’m sorry, Sarah,” Jimmy said, quickly picking them up. “Kevin scared me.”

“Kevin!” Sarah growled at the redhead.

“It’s not my fault!” Kevin snapped, furrowing his eyebrows at the little girl.

“Come on, Jimmy,” Sarah said, gently grabbing her best friend’s wrist. “Let’s just go pick some new ones.”

“What’s wrong with those?” Kevin asked, nodding towards the flowers in Jimmy’s hands.

Sarah shrugged. “They weren’t that nice, anyway. I bet we could get better ones.”

Jimmy smiled wide and nodded. “Okay, Sarah!” He tossed the flowers aside and the two happily ran off back into the woods.

“Freaks,” Kevin mumbled as he got down on his knees and gathered the flowers. “What’s the difference?” He asked himself. “Flowers are flowers.”

“Why, Kevin,” a soft voice said from behind, and the redhead looked over his shoulder to find Edd standing there. “Those are beautiful.”

Kevin raised an eyebrow as he looked down at the bouquet in his hands.

“Did you pick those?”

“W-what?” Kevin asked, stepping back. “Pfft, n-” He blinked, seeing the smile on the other’s face.

It wasn’t a secret that the redhead and the sockhead were on entirely better terms now. They weren’t great friends, but they were friends.

“I don’t pick flowers,” Kevin mumbled very quietly as he looked away.

“May I see them?” Edd asked. “Where did you find them?”

Well, if he’s gonna think I picked them, Kevin thought… “Here,” he handed them over. “I got them… for… for…” He wanted to say Nazz, but instead, he said, “For you.”

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Valentine’s Day  - Tazzy Cruz

You heard your boyfriend Taz rummaging in the kitchen when you came home from work. He had told you he had a surprise for you today, since it was Valentine’s Day, and you had been excited all day. Not wanting to interrupt him you walked towards the living room, but when you passed the dining room you got curious, since you noticed the light of candles. He should have closed the door so you wouldn’t have seen it, but like this your curiosity got the best of you.

A smile spread over your face when you saw how neatly the table was set, a few candles burning in the middle of it, and some more randomly placed in the room. When you turned around to leave, Taz just came out of the kitchen with two boxes in his hands, quickly trying to hide them behind his back when he saw you. “Hey baby! You’re home already?” “Hey, yeah I couldn’t wait to get home to you. Taz, are those pizza boxes?” “I..uhm… yeah.” “You know after I saw the table I thought about something romantic, like maybe you cooked something, but no, you ordered pizza.” You only meant it as a joke, you would never complain about pizza, but you couldn’t deny that you were a bit disappointed. “Yeah about that…. I tried.” “But?” “But I kinda failed.” He mumbled, rubbing the back of his head, not daring to look you in the eyes. “Oh dear god, let me see the kitchen.” “I don’t think you want to see that.”

You walked past him into the kitchen anyway but you immediately regretted it. You didn’t remember ever seeing it so messy, there were pots and ingredients everywhere, some burned. “Oh Taz…” You were at a loss for words. “I tried, okay?” “Yeah I can tell. Maybe next time you should just order Pizza straightaway. The kitchen would be thankful I think.” “I’m sorry” Shaking your head you simply laughed. “I guess it could be worse. Looking at this it’s probably better you ordered food. Now let’s go eat, I’m starving.” “Well at least I managed to order your favorite.” Even if he had failed it made you feel warm inside, knowing how hard he had tried to surprise you. Taz wasn’t the most romantic guy, but he had his moments every now and then and could come up with the cutest ideas. The problem was usually the implementation of those ideas. But you knew he would have done anything for you.

“And you obviously tried really hard with the romantic scenery.” “Of course. Only the best for my girl.” He whispered into your ear when he hugged you from behind. You turned around in his arms, looking up at him. “I love you so much Taz.” “I love you too baby” He answered you, a smile on his lips, before they were on yours in a sweet and gentle kiss, making you smile too. Even if he had failed with cooking and nearly destroyed the kitchen, you couldn’t ask for a better Valentine’s date. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!