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To be honest, I’m the person who is patient but there are some things that make me so frustrated and nervous. One of these things is… long waiting for the fucking chapter in a fucking Mangastream’s version!!! 

So, I’ve decide to make my review of this amazingly damn good chapter because IT’S MY DUTY!! Unfotrunately, Mangapanda has just made my mind OVERblown! for teal! this gr8 chapt was messed up by this sucking translation! 

sorry but I have no choice to do it even if the quality of chapter is low…

so, what do we have in One Piece chapter 761?

I’ll give a short background of it in order to make you guys having lots of goosebumps

Dressrosa is stil keeping the brutal chaotic and merciless fucking shitty war that was caused by an asshole Doffy. everybody is crying, forced to kill each other and blah blah blah…

External image

LUFFY! How can you get your gummy ass bitten??


External image

my poor Law…. how long must I witness your pain???? HOW LONG?

what can be that? that ‘important national treasure’ Doffy’s telling about? what can be more precious than goddamn ONE PIECE? maybe some antient weapon like Uranus? dunno.

and look at this comparison of these two’s heights! my God! Doffy’s TWICE TALLER THAN LAW (While he is taller than ME, 6ft1inch btw. if you want to know)

Doffy! Stop asking lots of difficult questions to answer! I don’t really get your retarded mind! Who the fuck are you that you can be so both cool and mysterious while on the other hand so awful and asshole? Only Oda could create such a character!

External image

External image

External image


oh my….. I know that Law is saying how grateful is to Corazon but where the fuck is

External image

is… is that…

10-year old Law…

External image

oh well, I’ve forgotten that you’re there as well… and it’s so heartbreaking you know. Law is probably having the most shittiest childhood ever! Why? Just he became an orphan while his parents (both doctors who gave him ONLY 2-3 FUCKING YEARS OF LIFE BECAUSE OF INCURABLE DESEASE THAT HE HAD) and as he decided to keep Latin’s saying Carpe Diem to his tiny heart and for what?

to be a fucking killing machine…

External image

External image

OMG! what the hell is wrong with Doffy’s pirate crew? are they bunch of jackasses of waht?

oh, hi Baby and Snail  Buffalo!

External image

is is that…

External image

umm okay…

awww… why is he so adorable here???

hey! Stop making fun of Corazon! he has just sliped maybe because of a wet floor or sth like that

External image

that was unexpected! I know that you’re mad at them because the laughed at you but come on! they’re just kids!

do you have some kind of curse or sth?

oh God! it must have been his mother’s death that made him mute… so sad

oh look! I think Corazon was very kind and sympathetic person. just look the way he is welcoming Law to


another break????? 

I’m not satysfied with that… hope to see

External image

External image


So to celebrate (almost) reaching 200 followers, I decided to do a giveaway!


And because I’m broke, it’s going to be art!


1st Place:You get to a ‘Painted’ piece! Something with comparable difficulty as the picture above or the one below

2nd Place:A sketch! (with basic colours if you want them)


  • I am willing to do some nsfw, we will have to discuss the details if that’s what you want.
  • Both likes and reblogs count
  • You can reblog however many times you want
  • You must be following me.

Winners will be selected with a random number generator 12pm (EST)AUGUST 30th 

So I was sososhady’s secret santa… MERRY CHRISTMAS, DARLING. <33

I hope you enjoy this. ^_^

Double D sighed through his nose as he made his way outside. The summer breeze gently brushed against his skin as he walked towards the woods. It felt like the perfect day to merely sit out and watch the birds and butterflies go about their daily lives. He saw a large rock by the creek and sat himself down as he saw birds beginning to arrive, landing on tree branches and seeming to talk to each other. The corners of Double D’s lips rose at the sight, very amused by the thought of birds having a conversation. What would they be saying?

‘Hey Fred. Wonderful day we’re having, huh?’

'Yeah, definitely! I woke up singing!’

Double D covered his mouth as he giggled.

“Come on, Jimmy!” Sarah said as she skipped towards the exit of the woods.

“Wait up, Sarah!” Jimmy called, struggling to catch up while also avoiding all the roots from the trees. He held a bouquet of flowers in his hands in which the two had picked together for their tea party.

Sarah giggled happily as she went ahead. A crack behind caused Jimmy to shriek, dropping the bouquet, but he turned to find it was only Kevin.

“Oh, hi Kevin!” Jimmy said, smiling foolishly.

Sarah halted in her tracks and spun around. “Jimmy?!”

“You dropped your flowers, Fluffy,” Kevin said, grinning in amusement as he crossed his arms.

“Oh, no!” Sarah pouted. “Our flowers!”

“I’m sorry, Sarah,” Jimmy said, quickly picking them up. “Kevin scared me.”

“Kevin!” Sarah growled at the redhead.

“It’s not my fault!” Kevin snapped, furrowing his eyebrows at the little girl.

“Come on, Jimmy,” Sarah said, gently grabbing her best friend’s wrist. “Let’s just go pick some new ones.”

“What’s wrong with those?” Kevin asked, nodding towards the flowers in Jimmy’s hands.

Sarah shrugged. “They weren’t that nice, anyway. I bet we could get better ones.”

Jimmy smiled wide and nodded. “Okay, Sarah!” He tossed the flowers aside and the two happily ran off back into the woods.

“Freaks,” Kevin mumbled as he got down on his knees and gathered the flowers. “What’s the difference?” He asked himself. “Flowers are flowers.”

“Why, Kevin,” a soft voice said from behind, and the redhead looked over his shoulder to find Edd standing there. “Those are beautiful.”

Kevin raised an eyebrow as he looked down at the bouquet in his hands.

“Did you pick those?”

“W-what?” Kevin asked, stepping back. “Pfft, n-” He blinked, seeing the smile on the other’s face.

It wasn’t a secret that the redhead and the sockhead were on entirely better terms now. They weren’t great friends, but they were friends.

“I don’t pick flowers,” Kevin mumbled very quietly as he looked away.

“May I see them?” Edd asked. “Where did you find them?”

Well, if he’s gonna think I picked them, Kevin thought… “Here,” he handed them over. “I got them… for… for…” He wanted to say Nazz, but instead, he said, “For you.”

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greentrickster  asked:

throwing one another into swimming pools - vegebul :)

(So I realised that I haven’t properly written Vegebul yet, thanks to this ask! Time to rectify that mistake!)

It’s hard work getting Vegeta out of the Gravity Chamber to come and spend time with them in the summer. And yet, somehow, Bulma manages to wrangle him into doing something fun.

She’s pretty sure it’s because she’s ravishing in every way.

Vegeta says it’s because her nagging voice makes his ears bleed. 

Either way, she’s now watching Vegeta swimming the length of their pool with their son on his well-toned back, brown from outdoor training. Damn, she has all the luck!


Bulma raises the rim of her white sunhat and lowers the fashion magazine she’s scanning through (which reminds her of the interview she’s doing with the magazine, Scarlet, next week and she’s DEFINITELY going to get Vegeta to appear in that as well).

“Yeah, honey?”

“Come in the pool and play with us!” Trunks shouts, waving as Vegeta deposits him off his shoulders. “Pleeasssee?”

Bulma laughs and shakes her blue head.

“No no, I’m ONLY sunbathing today! I have to get this tan in before next week, trust me! And I’m NOT using those fake spray on ones!”

Trunks looks crestfallen. 

“Aww, can’t you get a tan in the pool?”

Bulma refuses again, absently noting that her wayward husband is once again gone. Looks like her poor boy will have to be alone in the pool now, considering that Goten is away with his own family on vacation. 

And suddenly there are warm arms scooping her from her beach chair and she shrieks as dark eyes stare into her own, a flicker of amusement there in that soft way he rarely reveals to anyone else (hell, she doesn’t get to see it very often either).

“Vegeta! Wha-?”

Bulma gets no time to complete her sentence, because the little bastard smirks and wickedly throws her straight into the swimming pool.

She comes up sputtering moments later as Trunks cheers and cuddles her midriff.


“Yes, dear?”

Bulma growls at him, sopping wet and now steaming with promises of revenge. He just raises an eyebrow, his arms crossed as he gazes down at her.

“I swear to GOD, when I get out of here, I am breaking that Gravity -!”

Cutting herself off mid-sentence, it takes all of two seconds to act out her payback. Hooking her slim hand around his ankle, she yanks hard and Vegeta goes flying headlong into the pool behind her, caught off guard for once (she is so putting that into the photo book). 

“Woman!” he snarls, splashing towards her. 

Kicking off as quick as she can, Bulma dolphin kicks away and knows that he’s most certainly chasing her. She’s always loved making him run after her.

The end of their games are worth it after all, she thinks as he catches her in seconds and nudges into her neck in a rarer display of affection, kissing her throat as Trunks pretends to vomit.

Her family has been through a lot of trials and false starts to get here. Yes, it’s hard work getting Vegeta out of the Gravity Chamber and into a family mindset. But he’s learned so much and she’s been right there learning with him.

A few more lessons won’t do any harm, she surmises as she kisses his mouth with every inch of strength and passion she has.

(Hope this is alright, Green! I love these two.  :3)

Band-aids Don’t Fix Bullet Holes

Or arrow holes, or stab wounds, or magic burns….

There are pretty much three main ladies on Tumblr who have had my back since my return in December, whether encouraging me in my writing or personal endeavours, or just being really excellent people.

szajnie helped me find a way to say thank you to them.  A really, really bad ass thank you.

thethousandnaturalshocks, queenoftheprocrastination, and ravenclawnerd, thanks for being patient with all of my questions about Elaria, Elena, and Esther, respectively.  I hope you don’t mind if Regina takes them out for a night of mayhem and carnage play date.

Elaria Lavellan as “Huntress”
Elena Trevelyan as “Lil D’”
Esther Trevelyan as “Firecracker”
Regina Trevelyan as “The Queen”

If you ever get the chance to work with szajnie, DO IT.  She is an absolute treasure.  Not only is she obviously talented, but she is very patient and easy to work with.