GOT7 ice skating

Mark - whilst filming the others, trips over Jackson who’s just fallen himself. Accidentally wacks Jinyoung in the face with his phone on the way down. Can’t stand back up because he’s laughing too much

Jaebum - swears solidly for the entire session. Refuses all offers of help and insists he’s getting the hang of it. Has to shuffle on his bum back to the rink exit at the end.

Jackson - can actually skate pretty well but still screams the entire time. Forces the others to participate in a conga line. Asks the manager of the rink to play Hard Carry over the speakers.

Jinyoung - spends the entire session alternating between trying to save the others from falling and kicking their feet out from under them. Gets his scarf caught on the rink handrail and nearly strangles himself.

Youngjae - can’t get the hang of pushing his feet on the ice to move forwards. Instead, gets Mark to skate backwards whilst pulling him along. Ends up falling and nearly nailing the other in the crotch with his skate. Is left to fend for himself after that.

Bambam - grips on to the edge of the rink for practically the entire session. Right at the end, feels brave enough to try and skate into the middle. Falls and nearly stabs himself in the face with the blade of his boot.

Yugyeom - immediately gets the hang of it. Skates past Jaebum singing ‘bitch better have my money’. Falls and splits his jeans. Has to wear his scarf as a skirt for the rest of the day.

&&. engagement/marriage starters.
  • will you marry me?
  • yes, i’ll marry you!  
  • i don’t think we’re ready.  
  • you lost the ring?!  
  • i’m gonna propose tonight at dinner.  
  • i can’t let you marry her/him.  
  • i don’t care if your family hates me, i love you!  
  • i think this is the dress.  
  • what do you mean ‘you can’t do this’? you have to walk down the aisle in half an hour!  
  • let me see the ring!  
  • how did he/she ask?!  
  • so when’s the big day?  
  • i object!  
  • the dress won’t zip!  
  • so are you guys doing this because you’re pregnant or something?  
  • what type of flowers: roses or lilies?  
  • please don’t invite your uncle. he always gets embarrassingly drunk at things like these.  
  • i’ve been taking dancing lessons. i want our wedding to be perfect.  
  • with this ring, i thee wed.  
  • are rapid breathing, a fast heart rate, and internal panicking all signs of cold feet? because i’ve got them all.  
  • i don’t care if we get married in a shack or a ballroom. i just want to be your husband/wife.  
  • best thing about weddings: open bars.  
  • you said the wrong name at the altar?!  
  • nothing made me happier than seeing you walk down the aisle towards me.  

The Foxhole Court Character/Ship Aesthetics >> 
  “The Monsters”

It’s about  f a m i l y.
 Not necessary the one we were born with,
   But the one we  c h o s e. This one.


A list of things Papyrus says/that are said about him that are… disturbing, to say the least, especially when compared to similar things others say. There’s probably more, but these are the first to come to mind.

Thanks to @zekestrife and @fandomhop for some of the screenshots! And some youtube videos. You can tell which screenshots are mine because they generally have that blue border around them.