Check Please Fic Rec List

For @thewestishharpooners - brought to you by tempe-toews and elninomynino


  • Kitchen Therapy by DistractionReaction - Bitty/Jack - what can I say other than scorchinnnngggggg (PWP)
  •  Three Points by Kiwoa - Bitty/Jack - Bitty is a little shit who knows what he wants (PWP)
  • maybe i’m waking up by idrilka - Bitty/Jack - Tempe and I call this the     “Epic Fic” because of its length (157k) and the fact that it is THE HOLY GRAIL, BLESS - Jack signs with the Falconers plus one A+ OMC whom we adore
  • You Never Said You Wouldn’t So Here I Am by emmagrant01 - Bitty/Jack - Jack keeps cockblocking Bitty because FEELINGS
  • best friend sundae by robokittens - Ransom/Holster - they’ve been dating all along and no one realizes
  • money where your mouth is by queervengers - Bitty/Jack/Parse -  “Dibs on blondie,” Kent tells Jack. Jack makes a face at him. “Kenny, you can’t call dibs on a human being.” Kent scoffs. “Says you. Dibs.” (smuttaaaaaayyyyy)
  • imagine knowing me by onceuponamoon - Bitty/Jack/Parse - poly goodness
  • touchy subject by applecrumbledore - Bitty/Parse, Bitty/Jack, Bitty/Jack/Parse - more poly goodness
  • Five Times Someone Should Have Figured Out Holster and Bitty Were Dating by petersnotkingyet - Bitty/Holster - pretty obvious…

(Hit me up if you want more poly because I am here. for. it. and have more recs.)


  • simmer by bropunzeling -  Bitty/Jack - Five Things Jack Laurent Zimmermann Cooked for Bitty, and The One Thing He Didn’t.
  • In Focus by sparklyslug - Bitty/Jack - Jack’s Camera Knew First
  • Positive Image by twentysomething - Bitty/Jack - An AU! PR person Bitty and hockey player Jack 
  • forget the wax and the feathers by buchanan - Bitty/Jack - Past Jack/Parse. Really, you should just go and read all of buchanan’s stuff. it’s all amazing. but this one gives me ALL OF THE JACK FEELINGS. such a good character study of him, his past, and his future. 
  • Just Take My Hand by Laliandra - Bitty/Jack - Some post-graduation fluff. 
  • left the city, my family, my precinct by spock - Bitty/Jack - probably best described by my text to Becca when I couldn’t locate this fic fast enough: “there’s this one fic where it’s summer and Jack is going to all these dev camps and he gets grindr and takes dirty pics and sends them to bitty and I CANF FIND IT???" 
  • I’ll give you everything by biblionerd07 - Bitty/Jack - The One With Beyonce 
  • the city’s ours until the fall by idrilka - Parse/Unnamed Canon Male Character - Set in the same universe as the Epic Jack/Bitty Fic. I can’t help my Parse feelings okay? He is my new Draco Malfoy. 
  • 34 Days by teaboytoaliens  - Jack/Parse - pre-canon 
  • Got a Light by sparklyslug - Jack/Parse, kind of - Kent POV. angst. 
  • go ahead and move along by originally - Jack/Parse - groundhog day/time loop


Here’s the original comic by the amazing @ngoziu. If you haven’t read it, read it nowwwwwwww. It will change your life. 

I’m submitting two pieces today! Yaaaaayyyyyyy. Wow. Never thought I’d ever do it again but drawing Raphril a ton lately, so thought I’d share a few with y’all.

These symbolize the little ‘what ifs’ I get for both the 2k12 and 2k14 TMNT fandom and regarding Raphril.

This one is the 2k14 and upon seeing the new intro for Casey Jones in the new movie, this doesn’t slide because Casey seemed pretty badass, I wanted to add my own spin with what obviously is a very much jealous Raphael with Raphril undertones. (which I pray we’ll see in the new movie!!!! I don’t care if it’s Raphril or not, I just love seeing Raph jealous! <3) My little ‘what if’ for this scene is basically if they met differently and Raphril was already canon –

April’s walking home from work when the new guard at News Station 6, Casey Jones, starts taking an interest in the news reporter, April. He strikes up a conversation on the way back from her job. As they near her apartment building, little does Casey know what awaits him in the shadows. As Casey touches her shoulder when she tries to go inside, Raph strikes, not caring if this human sees him. His foreboding shadow overcasting upon Casey’s now ash colored face. The only thought being “why didn’t I bring my hockey stick?’

The butt of his sai pressing firmly into the bottom of Casey’s chin, giving the man no choice but to look up at Raphael’s furious face as he growls, “Get away from her!”

April, forever the mediator and calmer of Raph’s frayed nerves, grasps his arm, her hand resting atop Raph’s, whom, if very calmly clenching his sai dangerously close to Casey’s man berries. “Hey, it’s okay.” April soothes, her hands guiding the tips of Raph’s sais away from Casey’s body. “This is Casey Jones, the new guy at work. Casey, this is Raphael. Vigilante. You know – one of the four I told you about.”

Still shaking, Casey nods and swallows down the lump in his throat, “H-hey, man. Nice to meet you.”

Raph just glares imposingly.

“You’ll have to excuse my boyfriend. He can be a little overprotective at times.” April stated almost as an afterthought, her hands brushing back a strand of her hair behind her ear.

“Hey it’s fine — wait …..boyfriend?”

“Damn straight.” Raph growled, once again trying to step closer to Casey, but April kept him back.

“Yep! Going on a year! Uh, yeah. Anyway, thanks for walking me home Casey. Casey. We’re just going inside. See you tomorrow! Oh – and one more thing – if you even think of telling anyone about them - ….Just don’t.”

“and if you do… even if you hide, even if you run….. we will find you…. and we will kill you…..” Raph growled as April visibly rolled her eyes.

“No more Taken movies for you.” April said as Raph gave her a smirk before putting his sais back into the throngs of leather on his sides. Raph places his hand on April’s back as they begin to make their way inside.

“Night, Casey!” April called after them as they made their way into the shadows of the building.

Casey stood there for a moment, trying to process what he just witnessed. After a moment, he stated to himself, “Meh. Seen weirder.” before making his way back home.