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Your inbox is open, yaaaaay~! May I request headcanons or scenarios where Reaper, 76, and poly!Roadrat have a super small s/o? I'm talking like, 5 feet. You can do just one if you want. I really love my tallbois.


He constantly teases you about it. Like this man is a foot taller than you, he loves to goad that over you

You are amorcito and pollito and chiquita and sirenita, all nicknames that indicate you are small and cute. You wanna be upset about it but they’re sweet and the way he smirks when he says them to you

He doesn’t underestimate you though, he grew up around fierce, short women and even in his teasing he’s still respectful of you. He also knows that if you explode, he better run though

You are constantly in his lap because he likes having his tiny little s/o in his lap and nuzzling the top of your head

Soldier: 76

This overprotective man is so worried about his tiny lover, like can you say mother hen? He fusses and you take it in stride, rolling your eyes at him 

When you are angry he listens to your concerns and listens and when you are calm and he has fixed what was wrong, it’s a gentle teasing of how cute you are when you’re angry

He enjoys throwing you over his shoulder and carrying you around and at first you’ll protest but it’s sweet and he’s holding you close and you love it

poly Roadrat

((So my OC Ava’s height is 5′1″ so this was the easiest one for me to do lol))

When the boys don’t have their weapons on, you are constantly riding their back, they absolutely love to feel you holding onto them. Mako cradles you in his arms a lot, especially if there’s a lot of trekking going on. It’s difficult for your short legs to keep up with their long steps. 

Jamison has a million nicknames for how tiny and cute you are and he never tires of telling you how small you are compared to him and Hog and you just giggle and smile at him. Hog typically calls you shortstuff or shortcake, both said in a very sweet manner

Jamison constantly puts you on his shoulders so you can actually reach Roadhog’s mask or lips without having to beg the man to bend down. Now, Roadhog has absolutely no problem bending over but you like feeling tall and he loves to run around with you on there before giving in for kisses

You can scramble up their bodies with no issue, the vests they wear making that fairly easy to do

In dangerous situations, neither one of them would pause, picking you up and tucking you under their arm and running with you. Mako has taken both you and Jamison under his arms before taking off running

Both love to throw you and toss you into the air, you love it because it’s fun and because you can play a tiny lookout. Mako has no problem throwing you several meters into the air so you can get a look of the environment, you never concerned that he might drop you

:0 my god, I 48?

@spottedlogs thank you for EVERY THING!

@marv0 Thank you for being there for me and helping me out, also thank you for drawing me so much stuff!♡

@nelly-the-dog I thank you and your art for getting me tho the hard times and I want to say happy late birthday!

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@dragonflamefire I really like her one blog that has all of her oc’s


Here’s a bunch of undertale stuff that I doodled today to celebrate halloween! I’m sorry that there’s no Toriel,MTT, ect.!I really wanted to include more characters in here but my hand started hurting aaaand I haven’t slept for ~23 hours, so… yeah. Sorry about that. Maybe next time! Oh, and-

Happy Halloween Everybody! :D 

Stay safe and have a spooktacular time!

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nino for headcanons

Yaaaaay potato son!!! Thank you!

sexuality headcanon: Pansexual

otp: It’s a tough choice between DJwifi, Ninette and Adrinino because all three are great

brotp: ^same ones tbh

notp: Anyone not his age

first headcanon that pops into my head: He always sends his friends all those “I love my friends” memes and it is blessed and great, just like him

one way in which I relate to this character: I too use weird slang and finger-gun all the time

thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: I mean… tbh I love his English dub slang. It’s really cringy too, but I actually unironically love it as well. It’s… SWANK :P

cinnamon roll or problematic fave?: CINNAMON ROLL OMG HE IS THE SWEETEST <3

Send me a character!

I did a thing. Yaaaaay.

Yea. SOO. I’m excited for the new angels, like, friggin’ I want to know their namesssssssssss- especially the one with the long hair with Jerez!! I want to friggin’ know hiw nameeeeeee!!!

But, I decided to draw this guy, cuz why not?

Also, I found a user by @caelumnautae who really loves this angelllll-

So, here ya go. ^u^ Imma draw the long haired one now~

I’m not quite sure what encouraged me to rewatch FMA after years of not really watching it (except for maybe a few of my favorite scenes here and there) but I’ve been completely consumed by it again oOPS.  I was watching it the other day for about nine and a half hours ∑(゚ロ゚〃) S-So I couldn’t resist drawing my favorite boi Ed…

This was actually kind of a challenge at first since I’m still working my way out of the terrible art slump I’ve been in (not being able to draw much recently to try and get out of it didn’t help) but once I got it it was fun and I like how it came out!!  Drawing him really felt nostalgic and it was really fun doing his CoS outfit, especially using the brown palette since it looks good him (∩∀`*)



I wish I could go and thank you all personally but I can’t so instead let’s do this!
Send me an ask or message with your idea to celebrate and I’ll check them and choose one if I don’t get any ideas from you guys I just won’t do anything

once again thank you all so much for your support I’m really glad you all like my art c:

Little girl lost in the studio (part 3)

“Oh,” i said not knowing where to place my hands. “Wouldn’t it be a problem since we’re both, you know, famous?”

“Why would it be a problem,” he said with a wide smile “let’s go have fun and not care about the media for once.”

Malia looked up at him with a big smile on her face. He makes her happy. I looked up at their hands, he was holding her hand really tight. He’s not doing this because it makes Malia happy, he’s doing this because it makes him happy.

“Let’s go then!” I said and grabbed my coat. They already headed to the car as I locked the front door of my house. I followed them from a few feet behind. Justin opened the backdoor for Malia to get in and closed the door looking back at me. When i came closer he opened the front door of his car and smiled. I smiled back and mumbled a quite “thank you.” Before i got in.

“Put on your seat belts because we are about to fly!” Justin yelled in a pilot kind of way. Malia started laughing as he continued talking in that voice. I looked at her, it’s a really good feeling to see your child happy.

“Mommy can i have popcorn?” Malia asked when we bought our tickets and were now in the snack area. Justin had his hoodie over his head because he didn’t want to get noticed. I don’t think it’s working but he thinks it is so not my business.

“Of course you can have popcorn princess,” Justin said and looked at me. He was asking for permission, hahaha, I nodded my head and he smiled. “What else does this little princess want?”

“I like what you call me,” she says randomly. “My daddy never calls me princess.”

What to say when a child says such things as this? I really don’t know.

“Well then i will keep calling you that,” Justin said picking her up, holding her in his arms he continues. “But we don’t want to make momma jealous, do we?” He whispers (i can still hear it of course) giving me a wink.

“Oooh mommy,” she said turning to me “are you jealous?”

“Maybe a little,” i joked and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Who doesn’t want someone in their life to call her princess all the time?” Justin looked me in the eyes, his eyes shiny.

“Isn’t that Justin Bieber?” I heard a girl behind us whisper and i rolled my eyes. I looked over at Justin and he looked at me like he was sorry. I gave him the ‘i told you so’ face. Because i told him it wasn’t going to work but he’s stubborn.

“Is it okay if we go already? I don’t want to get in between you and your beliebers.” I whispered in his ear.

“That’s okay,” he said and i walked over to the cashier to pay for the snacks. “No no no, what are you doing?” He said coming over to Malia and me. “I’m paying.”

“Justin you payed for the tickets,” i said, he really doesn’t have to pay everything.

“Y/n listen, i brought you here so i’m paying,” he said giving the cashier some cash. “It’s a throuble date remember?”

“Throuble?” Malia asked with confusion in her eyes.

“Three and double in one,” he said proud of himself. “Throuble date.”

“Don’t let your fans wait so long, we’ll be upstairs.” I said and grabbed a few snacks, i took Malia’s hand together we headed upstairs. After 10 minutes of waiting he still didn’t come upstairs. The movie was about to start in 5 minutes and he still wasn’t with us. Did something happen? “Can you see him?”

Malia was looking down at the snack area. “No,” she said sitting down on the bench next to me. “Do you think he left?”

“Of course not,” i heard his voice come closer “i’d never leave you, princess.”

I smiled. He took Malia’s hand and surprisingly he grabbed mine too. “Jus-”

“Let’s go in before more fans see us.” He said and pulled us both in with him. We got to our seats and to my surprise the whole hall was full of people. Malia sat in the middle seat as Justin and i sat on the sides. I can’t stop thinking about him holding my hand. His hand felt so soft, yet so tight like he was never gonna let go. I tucked my hair behind my right ear and tried not to look that obvious while looking over at Justin. He then turned to me too and smiled. He winked and i shyly turned back to the screen to see it’s starting. It’s good it’s dark, he can’t see my cheeks getting red.

In the middle of the movie i looked over at Malia, her eyes were locked with the screen, of course, it’s a really cute movie, but i just can’t concentrate with mister handsome one seat away from me. I felt something on my right cheek and turned around when i suddenly felt the same thing come right into my face. “Hey!” I whispered trying to look angry as i saw Justin was throwing popcorn my way. “Don’t do that.” I whispered again and i started throwing three or four at him. He stuck out his tongue after throwing one more. I laughed really hard making a few heads turn to us including Malia’s.

“Sshh mommy! You’re making to much noise!” Malia said making some more heads turn.

“Sorry princess.” Justin said making me smile again. He’s so cute why does no one understand me.

“Sorry baby.” I said and kissed her temple as we both looked at each other before we tried to concentrate on the movie again.

“Thank you for bringing me to the movies Justin!” Malia said hugging him as he was holding her in his arms.

“It’s really no problem princess,” he said kissing her cheeks “i think i enjoyed it more than you did.” Now looking at me. “Right y/n?”

“Y-yeah,” i stuttered, again, what can i do if a handsome guy like that is checking you out from head to toe? “So time to go home i think?”

“Home?” Justin said with a smirk “i’m not bringing you guys home,” he then smiled really big “i promised princess we were gonna eat ice cream, isn’t that right babe?” He turned to the back of his car, facing Malia he winked.

“Yaaaaay!” Malia said and he gave me one last look before he started the car. We were now on our way to eat ice cream? “Can someone turn up the volume?”

A while later the silence was broken by Malia asking one of us to turn up the musics volume. I was curious what song it was so i started listening and guess what? It was mister Bieber himself. Malia started singing along to the lyrics and my mouth also sang along, not even knowing it did. “Can we be can we be? Be each others company?”

“Can we, we keep, keep each other company, ooooahh,” Justin continued looking at me with sparkling eyes. “If i had known you two were beliebers i’d give you private concerts.”

“You still can,” i said with a wink, did i just do that? “If you want, of course, we can’t force you.”

“Yeah Justin can i come to one of your concerts?” Malia asked suddenly, she had never asked me such a thing, like we have the money i’d bring her.

“Of course princess,” he said smiling at her “you don’t have to ask that, you’re always welcome.” He continued “you too y/n. Never forget that.”

“Thanks Justin,” i said looking at my hands. “That’s really nice of you.”

He gave me a heartwarming smile “we’re here.” He parked the car and Malia hopped out.

“Justin wait,” i said as he wanted to get out too “i just want to tell you that, i really appreciate what you’re doing for her.. she had a rough day and i think you’re really good for her.”

“Of course y/n, i like her a lot y/n, i’m not forced or something i do this because i want to,” he said looking right into my eyes. “It gives me a really good feeling to be with you, i like you both a lot.” I smiled as he hold my hand for a second. “Let’s go outside now before she gets angry.”

I laughed “alright.” we both got out of the car only to see Malia surrounded by paparazzi. Shit.

“Mom? Mommy!” I heard her tiny voice out of all the camera clicks and questions thrown at my little girl. Justin panicked and ran pushing them out of his way one by one.

“What the fuck are you guys doing,” he yelled at them as he picked her up. “You’re mobbing a little girl, this is just a child, look how scared she is.”

“It’s our job.” One of them yelled and Justin got angry. I could see it in his eyes.

“Mobbing a little girl is your job?” He yelled angrily at all of them as he lead Malia over to me. “I don’t think that is your job,” he pushed the guy and i ran over to him “i don’t think that’s your job asshole.”

“Justin, let’s just go before something bad happens.” I said pulling him by his arm, but he is too strong.

“Bro what is your problem, we didn’t even touch that little girl.” He said and all the others agreed.

“Don’t fucking make me more angry,” he yelled “why the fuck do you guys always hurt the people i am with? Look at her she’s crying because of you!”

“Justin come on-” i said wanting to pull him to the car but he insisted.

“No y/n we are gonna eat ice cream,” he said grabbing Malia’s hand. “Because i promised my little princess ice cream.” He pulled me closer by my waist “and these guys aren’t gonna follow us, right guys?”

“We already have what we want,” one guy yelled. “That’s enough evidence to prove what a bad person you are.”

“Yeah sure go ahead, publish it everywhere, i don’t care,” Justin yelled and together we walked in the ice cream shop. “I can’t believe it, y/n i have to call my manager before all that footage comes out so he doesn’t get shocked.”

“It’s alright of course, go ahead,” I said taking a crying Malia on my lap. “Sorry baby, i didn’t know they were outside the car.”

“It’s okay mommy,” she said wiping away her tears “i’m not upset anymore look.” She said smiling, although i saw the pain in her eyes.

“Did they hurt you?”

“No mommy they didn’t touch me,” she put her hand on my cheek “were you scared that something would happen to Justin mommy? I was.”

“Me too baby,” i whispered and kissed her temple, playing with her hair i continued “but he’s okay.”


okay you guys, today i finished the “Anne with an E” Netflix series, and while I think it was not a bad series, I still felt like i needed to cleanse myself with some good pgg all day¹ so yaaaaay here it is!!!

  • honestly??? I can’t wait for the whole uni stuff to start
  • that’s where we meet all the new people
  • that’s where many interesting changes are going to happen
  • okay but goodbyes are sad I hate goodbyes
  • at least Jane is sporting one of her gayest looks thus far and honestly?? make her queer
  • is Anne just really smol compared to everybody or are the others just freakishly tall??
  • anyway it’s cute :3
  • I approve of the newsies cap though
  • now that I started with the bi headcanons, I can’t stop
  • I’m currently debating with myself if Charlie used to have a crush on Gil, or if Gil used to have a crush on Charlie
  • i mean they’re both horrible, but look at them. what a pair
  • and charlie with his cute umm?? pigtail? “manbun”? whatever it looks cute
  • Anne is that a jeans blouse with puffed sleeves???? wow damn you and gil definitely deserve each other wow
  • and Anne’s hair is fabulous as always
  • WHAT IS HE LIKE 12????
  • Charlie poking Gil’s cheek is also v cute damn why is everything so damn cute in this video???? these kids are the best at being themselves
  • Priscillaaaaa!!!! <3
  • why do I not have an endless amount of pgg??? so offensive tbh I wanna watch and watch and watch this all day every day, but now I gotta wait another week? damn


¹: I have a lot of thoughts about Anne with an E, and most of them revolve around the fact that they did some parts very well, but that they changed the spirit of the story, and some of the characters too much for me to enjoy it as an adaptation of aogg. if anyone wants to talk about that hmu


Shadowhunters meme
   ∟ [3/3] colors  → light blue

Annie’s fic rec part 2.

Yaaaaay second fic rec post as promised. Tonight I’ll rec a few more fics and share the love! Warning: My recs are usually very kinky. Always read the tags and notes in the fics!

in the ink black night i come by peacefrog

Explicit. Wendigo Hannibal, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Rough Sex, Face-Fucking, Bottom Will.

This was the first fic I read today (and the one I loved the most). The beginning made me kinda nervous (but i mean nervous in the best way like “omg omg what is he going to do with Will exactly” lol) and then the fic was REALLY HOT and then it was REALLY CUTE and i don’t know what to do with all these feelings. The best part is that @crossroadscastiel said that there will probably be a sequel someday (no idea when but i’ll patiently wait for it :D). I love wendigo Hannibal, and this fic is just perfect.

The Nature Of Inviting by loghain

Explicit. Underage, teacher/student.

I’ve read this fic a while ago and really really liked it. Will is young and cute (my favorite thing in the world) and he likes and trusts Hannibal, finds out that he can really talk to Hannibal because Hannibal understands him when nobody else does (canon). Very hot sex in the end. There is also a sequel called We lost magic, which is literally only porn. If you like underage, this is for you.

Evening Indulgence by em_c_writes

Explicit. Object Insertion, Wine, Rimming, Felching.

Again, @empathalitis was the one who recommended me this fic, i’ve been wanting to talk about it here for a long time. I mean read the tags. Wine. Felching. Object insertion. Rimming. THIS IS FUCKING HOT. No, seriously, Will Graham + wine is like one of the best things ever and @em-c-writes managed to make it even better (and omg so deliciously kinky) *dies*. It’s insanely hot. This is the kind of fic you want to read again and again. 

Vanilla by A_M_Kelley

Explicit. Non-con (kind of). Rough Sex, Choking, Breathplay, Knifeplay, Bloodplay, Rape Fantasy, Established Relationship, Consensual Kink, Kink Negotiation, Interpreting The Evidence, Will interprets the fantasy as it happens.

Here I am recommending @a-m-kelley again. This fic was a big surprise for me because even though I do like noncon sometimes, I am very picky, and very cautious because sometimes noncon makes me uncomfortable. I had never considered reading rape fantasy until I found this fic, and oh, man. This is so damn hot. Also I fucking love the title because it all starts with Hannibal and Will talking about how their sex life is vanilla and then suddenly… this fic is not vanilla at all (which is good, vanilla is not my cup of tea xD). What truly surprised me was that the author (bless them) managed to write it in a way that feels like Hannibal is raping Will but puts Will in total control of the situation, making it completely consensual (and 100 times sexier tbh. Fucking genius.) This is one of my favorite fics ever, to be honest. Wow this review was long. Sorry.

Bonus, because this fic has been killing me:

The Prettiest by fangirlingisveryhard

Explicit. Pretty Woman AU, Hooker!will, Hannibal is Not a Cannibal, Masturbation, Strip Tease, Slightly Dom Hannibal, Will wears a crop top!, Will goes shopping, Hannibal has no chill.

Yes, you’ve read it right. This is a fucking Pretty Woman AU! Now if you love the movie like I do, you must read this. It’s beautiful and Will is so fucking cute and so is Hannibal tbh, and @fangirlingisveryhard already assured me that there will be the piano sex scene! This is a WIP and only has two chapters for now, and I’m waiting patiently for more. Will’s friendship with Beverly is also very cute. I think about this fic and then I think about the movie and omg I already know I am going to suffer, lol. This is literally one of the best ideas ever for an AU, and I’m so happy I found this fic. Also the sex is really really hot omg. Simply brilliant.

Yesterday’s fic rec




heeey aomine <3


Aomine + Kagami = Aokaga

1+1=2 <–aokaga

one on one = EPIC AOKAGA SCENE

my math is amazing.

SDFJDSF OH MY GOD THIS QUESTION GEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ *SQUEALS* thank you asking that question yes now i can know what they both think about because they are ma beebs and i should know a lot about them because they are THE aokaga so yes. go on kagami >:’)

AAAWWWWW KAGAMIIII i know what you’re think heheheheheheheh >:) probs something like i will beat him in one on one or like i will win his.. HEART HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHA GHAHAHAHAHAH *evil laughs*

OO PSH STUPID REPORTER youdon'tunderstand. just look at that face, it’s a face saying “I will definitely win Aomine’s heart." 



AOMINE. BAD BOY. SO RUDE?! heheh i’m joking, love ya beebs, Kagami would probably say the same thing >w< such an adorable response <3333


AWWWW AOMINEEEEE <3333 That was the answer that I was expecting <333 They are both SO ADORABLE SDFNDSKJF

gehehehehe aomineeeeee <33 so cuttttoooo that smirk though but wait…


this made my day, this is special, aomine smiled! and if you didn’t noticed in the title sequence he was smiling as well, well one scene of it, and uuugh kagami did that and i just… i’m just so happy they are both happy c: thank you kagami for making him smile, you two got somethin special >w<


90’s star that you’d like to reinterpret?

(I think he means this MV)

[Trans] 151117 Love Flap with SHINee (Minho, Taemin & jonghyun)

1)  [151117 Love Flap] DJ’s Bias

DJ: SHINee is here! I really love them! I can’t stop loving them! Thank you very much!
Jonghyun: Do you really like us?
DJ: Of course…But today, two of you aren’t here.
Jonghyun: That’s right. Onew and Key aren’t here.
Jonghyun: Do you like Onew?
DJ: I…like Minho.
Minho: Thank you.
Jonghyun: Then, Taemin and I will go now, you can stay here with Minho.
DJ: I’d really like that you stay, LOL.
DJ: Anyway, please introduce yourselves one by one.
Jonghyun: I’m Jonghyun. SHINee’s Jonghyun. Please.
(t/n: he’s supposed to say yoroshiku onegaishimasu/pls take care of me, but only said onegaishimasu/please)
DJ: Today, Jonghyun is wearing a sweater, with a gray-blue feel. A turtleneck sweater. Then, Taemin, please.
Taemin: Please take care of us, I’m Taemin.
DJ: Taemin is just pretty! Taemin is wearing a gray sweater. And…what color is your hair?
Taemin: Ah..
Jonghyun: Pink!
Taemin: That’s right. It was pink, but it’s faded/changed so now I’m not sure what color it is!
DJ: It’s like a cross of pink and blond right now! And then, the one I like the most, Minho?
Minho: Everyone, good afternoon, I’m SHINee’s Minho.
DJ: Yaaaaay!!!
Jonghyun: Wait a minute, why is the reaction so different?
Minho: Thank you very much!
Jonghyun: The reaction is different!
DJ: No, I like everyone! Because you’re all in SHINee

2)  (Jonghyun kept “testing” the DJ, going “oh you really like SHINee?” and “oh you know our song?” often. The DJ would reply, “of course!”)

[151117 Love Flap] Minho’s “Warm” Rap ]

DJ: What kind of song is “Sing Your Song”?
Jonghyun: Sing Your Song, right? What kind of song is it, Taemin?
Taemin: Sing Your Song is a love ballad. It features an a capella part that suits our voices so please check it out, everyone.
DJ: *sings SYS*
Jonghyun: You already know it.
DJ: Of course! It’s very…ah it’s autumn nearing winter right now so it’s a bit cold, So it feels like it’s a warm song. It’s really nice.
SHINee: Thank you very much.
DJ: Chan chan! It’s really the best. With what kind of feeling did you sing this song? Jonghyun?
Jonghyun: Since the lyrics are nice, The lyrics form a warm image, so when we sing it, we think of the bonds among the members and the fans.
DJ: What about Minho? Do you like this song?
Minho: I really like it so we sing it in a way in which it will sound “warmer”.
Jonghyun: Minho has a warm rap (in the song).
DJ: Ah, then please…
Jonghyun: Shinjiaou~
Minho: Ai no beautiful soul~
Jonghyun: Yeaaah
Minho: Futatsu no melody nasu Hormony
Jonghyun: Hormony~ Baby~ (t/n: Jonghyun teasing Minho)
DJ: It’s the best!
Minho: Thank you. LOL

3)  (Jonghyun: We’ll have a new JP album next year so we’ll have new stages…ah, wait, I said it…it’s okay to say it right?)

DJ: So you’re done recording? 

Jong: Yes, including the PV/photo shoot 

DJ: What kind of album is it? 

Jong: It’s a secret

Re: Album 

Jong: Sorry… 

DJ: OK! 

Minho: Sorry. 

DJ: Ah, um..it’s ok. Thank you… 

Jong: Your reaction’s really different!

(jonghyun’s pointing out how the dj gets flustered and mumbly when talking with minho compared to when talking with him, lol)

4) [151117 Love Flap] Valentine Concert]

DJ: You have a concert on Valentine’s day. In Korea, during Valentines you also receive chocolate right? It’s the same as in Japan. So will you have a Valentine-like concert?
Jonghyun: We haven’t really decided yet. So let’s decide now.
Minho: Okay.
DJ: Decide now?!
Jonghyun: Do you have any ideas to suggest?
Minho: Presenting everyone with a song?
DJ: Ah, yes, please.
Taemin: That’s right. Normally, during Valentines, the girl has to give a boy something. But with us, during our concert, we want to give something instead.
DJ: Ah, so you guys would give the girls a present. As expected (claps). Taemin, that’s really good.
Jonghyun: Something sweet.
DJ: Something sweet, I see.

[151117 Love Flap] SHINee Working Out

DJ: Our (corner) theme for today is about exercising. The three of you…
Jonghyun: Exercise? Gym? Yeah, we go to the gym. All of us do it.
DJ: You all do it? Like machine training?
Jonghyun: The three of us do.
DJ: What about the other two?
Jonghyun: I don’t know about Key, but Onew does it…
Minho: Occasionally.
DJ: Who among here does it the most?
Jonghyun: Minho works out all the time. Every day.
DJ: I see, well, he is a sports man.
Minho: Because I love exercise/sports a lot…
DJ: What exercises do you do? Machine training, or…
Minho: I do machine training, and I also do a bit of gymnastics recently.
DJ: Then among SHINee, who has the abs with the most…ah…how can you say it, like chocolate?
Jonghyun: Minho, of course.
Minho: Fufufu…
DJ: *lets out a breath*
Jonghyun: But the three of us…everyone once had abs.
DJ: Had?
Jonghyun: Taemin and I don’t have them anymore but we once had abs, too.
DJ: Then, where did your abs go?
Taemin: They’re traveling.
DJ: Ah, I see. As expected from Taemin LOL.

[151117 Love Flap] Tsundere Jonghyun

DJ: We’re looking forward to seeing you again so, when you’re in Japan next year please do visit Kansai again!
Taemin: Okay, we got it (LOL)
DJ: Do you promise?
Taemin: Yes.
Jonghyun: Promise.
DJ: …Really?
Jonghyun: It’s okay if only Minho comes, right?
Minho: LOL
Jonghyun: Right?
DJ: LOL. No, I would like it if everyone would come. Because I want (to see) Onew and Key, too…
Jonghyun: Are you sure? You’re laughing so much just now.
DJ: No, really, I would like it if everyone, the five of you, will come to visit us again.
Minho: Thank you. 

[151117 Love Flap] Tsundere Jonghyun Part 2

DJ: Then, will each of you give us some final words. With whom should we start?
Jonghyun: From Minho.
Minho: Ah, everyone, SHINee will continue to work hard so please always support us.
Jonghyun: Hai~
Taemin: Please come and see us during our tour next year and please listen to our album.
Jonghyun: Okay. From now on…this has been SHINee.
Everyone: ???? LOL
Jonghyun: Because what I wanted to say has been said already!
Minho: Sing Your Song…
Jonghyun: Ah, please listen to it. Even though you just listened to it a while ago…

Trans cr: keihissi  

(transcribed by ear; translations may not be accurate; wordings might be different. )  


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amazing-e-ko  asked:

A very interesting mad max observation: you can read max, immortan Joe, the people eater and the bullet farmer as the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The people eater is famine, the bullet farmer is war, immortan Joe is pestilence and max is death.

OKAY WE GONNA TALK ABOUT REVELATION because I am honestly kind of obsessed with the Revelation of St. John because it is such a fucking odd duck where Christian doctrine is concerned, so fuck it, we’re doing this. Now, sit down. WE DOING THIS. Let’s get squirrelly, folks!

First of all, Revelation is ridiculous. It is a long, absurd revenge fantasy against the Roman Empire. But then again, Mad Max: Fury Road is ridiculous, too, so let’s try to place it in a context of Revelation because it’s fun. Do I think this particular reading works? No, because the Four Horsemen are an arrival and a beginning, which Fury Road does not deal with (at least in regard to these four characters). But, let’s see if we can’t find a context for Fury Road anyway, because my day today consists almost entirely of exporting files from Avid and waiting for shit to render. SO.

Using motifs from Revelation is a popular idea in fiction, such to to the point that real people with actual political power make political decisions based off of their interpretation of the text, which is awful and scary and we’re not going to talk about that. But since Revelation is so long and squirrely, people usually only use snippets, because to try to create a meaningful narrative out of ALL of it is nigh-impossible. Unless you want to make Left Behind, and then you’ll just have garbage.

That said I think applying motifs from Revelation to apocalyptic narrative outside of lamesauce crap like Left Behind is fun so we’re going to do it anyway.


The word “apocalypse” derives from its use in the original greek in Revelation. It actually means “unveiling” or, well, “revelation.” The word itself has nothing to do with the end of the world.

This has no relevance to anything; I just think it’s interesting.


The Second Coming is considered to begin in earnest with the breaking of the Seven Seals by the Lamb (Christ). The Four Horsemen come about as the result of the opening of the Seven Seals, as shown by the Lamb to St. John:


I’m not sure where “Pestilence” came from in the modern tradition, but Pestilence was never one of the original Four Horsemen. In fact, with the exception of Thanatos (Death), none of them have names, per se. The Horsemen were thus:

The White Horse is the one that usually gets replaced with “Pestilence,” but in Revelation is actually referred to as a “Conqueror.” He holds a bow and wears a white crown. Some interpret this figure as being Christ himself. How this combats with the Lamb being the seal-opener, who knows?

The Red Horse is the one who’s come to “take peace” from Earth. This is the one who’s usually depicted as “War.”

The Black Horse is a figure who comes out with scales of justice, and who says “A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny”. Based on context (which we won’t go into), this is interpreted to have something to do with famine, therefore, “Famine.” Though this one could mean plenty of other things.

So with regard to Joe, Bullet Farmer, People Eater, it’s a bit of a stretch. Really Joe would make more sense as black horse, as he is the arbiter of resources, and the bellicose Bullet Farmer might fit as Red Horse, but People Eater doesn’t really work as White Horse, as he doesn’t seem terribly interested in conquest, but more in the relegation of resources (again, a Black Horse thing.) 

This brings us to…

The Pale Horse, the only one who has a name, Thanatos (Death) and Hades (Hell) followed with him (remember, Revelation was written in Greek!) In the King James Version, the translation goes, that Death is given the power “to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.” So death is like the Snow White of murder.

This is not an apropos description for Max, or for any of the other characters, really.

All this is a really long winded way of saying that the Four Horsemen aren’t Pestilence, Famine, War and Death - only Death (Thanatos) is actually named. There’s an argument to be made for Joe as some sort of anti-Christ figure, but, again, this would have to come much earlier (part of the popular obsession with Revelation in modern religious sects is the idea that the anti-Christ is the herald of the end times, and every popular political figure may be the anti-Christ. You know the deal.)

So given that the breaking of the Seven Seals comes at the beginning of the Revelation, the Four Horsemen application doesn’t really work. 


Most of the devastation as detailed in Revelation happens during the blasting of the Seven Trumpets and the pouring of the Seven Bowls - this is when all the fire and brimstone goes down and the Earth gets ravaged. It’s horrible and everything’s shitty and pretty much everyone’s dead. We can take this to be the nuclear wars and water wars that would have happened likely before Max was even born (Miller & co. have stated that civilization fell for good about 45 years prior to the start of the film).

There is one figure in the form of the woman (known usually as Woman of the Apocalypse) who’s basically the Sarah Connor of the whole thing. She’s pregnant with a male child of some significance, and there’s this “dragon” who really wants her dead, so she runs off into the wilderness for a few years to evade the dragon. This dragon, enraged, proceeds to declare war on all of her offspring, who are good ones and devoted to god and yadda yadda. If you reeeeaaally stretch you could say that’s Furiosa, but you’d reeeeaaally have to stretch. Again, all of the New Testament is super patriarchal, and if there’s a female figure in Revelation she’s either here as chattel or as a figure of excess (Whore of Babylon).


As if things couldn’t get any worse! This is where things get really bad - all the water turns to “blood” (water wars), followed by people being “scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God” (radioactive fallout everywhere and it’s fucking hot). Again, pretty much all of this would have had to have happened before the movie started. The only thing in Revelation that’s really left is…


Another interesting thing about Revelation that our modern narratives like is this idea of post-apocalyptic excess - we see this in the Capital and The Hunger Games, as well. There’s a lot of war, a lot of sin - the figure of the “Whore of Babylon” is basically that of excess that feeds off of decimation.

One can easily apply the “Babylon” motif to the Citadel. Even faced with such lack of resources, there is still a ridiculous amount of excess going on within the Culture. Joe wastes water, everyone wastes fuel, there is shameless excess as a show of power. 

Like what the hell, people? You are ALMOST OUT OF EVERYTHING what are you doing?

Only thing is, in the Mad Max ‘verse, Babylon doesn’t really fall so much as it just gets a change of management. But, hey, it “falls” in a very real sense in terms of values, so, hey, why not?

Babylon as per Revelation is the only thing that’s left after the Earth is just completely fucking ravaged, and still they live lives of ridiculous excess. So I think that’s the best comparison where Mad Max goes - Joe, The Bullet Farmer, The People Eater - they are all defined by excess in the face of starvation. They are Babylon the Great, and Joe is the “Whore.”

Then again, after Babylon falls, Jesus comes back. Yaaaaay!

One thing before I conclude this massive tome I just wrote is in regard to archetypal “world ending” narratives is that the world very rarely end. In the Christian tradition, in the Norse tradition, in the Hindu tradition - you name it, the “end of the world” is actually a transition. In Revelation the old world will be replaced, same with the Hindu scriptures - nearly every culture that has a mythology about the world ending is really about the world “transitioning.” I think it’s interesting that the modern version of these stories, our folk stories, things like The Hunger Games and Mad Max: Fury Road - it is in many ways more of the same. Shit got bad, now it’s time to start over. The only thing with these modern versions that separates them from religious texts is ambiguity on whether or not they actually succeed.

Funny thing is, there’s still about half an hour left on my Avid render.

I've Been Waiting For This (Part 1): Teen Wolf (Brett Talbot)


Warnings: swearing (as always), sex references, boners.
Prompt: after realizing you had gotten on the wrong bus your crush Brett Talbot offers to help.


(Y/N’s POV) Everyone on the bus slid right as the bus veered left at an intersection. You were in such a rush to get on the bus you wouldn’t be surprised if it was the wrong one. You tried to mind your own business until an odd conversation caught your attention.

“Man, I hate our driver! She should take Cherry Street it’s way faster.” You were fully eavesdropping now. Cherry Street? Your house was on the opposite side of town from Cherry Street. Something wasn’t right.

“Yeah, but at least we aren’t on bus 52. I hear their driver’s even worse.” You panicked. You were suppose to be on bus 52. Was this not bus 52? You had completely lied to yourself when you said that you wouldn’t be surprised if you weren’t on the right bus because right now, you were bloody terrified. You quickly scanned the bus to look for somebody, anybody, that could help you but your eyes fell on Brett Talbot. Ever since moving to Devenford Prep you had fallen for Brett. He was the hottest, tallest, kindest man you had ever known. Your heart received a bitch-slap to the face when you realized that Brett had turned around and caught you staring at him. Your heart thumped against your ribcage as your cheeks sprouted crimson and you turned away. Well wasn’t this embarrasing. You could have sworn that when Brett saw you looking at him he bashfully turned away, but you dismissed the notion as a mind-trick and figured you would get off at the next stop to call your parents, or a cab, or anything to carry you home, but life wasn’t that kind. You got proof of this as Brett got up from his seat only to sit down beside you, smile, and say “Hey Y/N.”

Damn he was cute, and who knows, maybe you had a chance. Don’t the new girls always get the jocks in cheesy high school movies? You begged your cheeks not to show any red as you politely smiled and said “Hey, Talbot.” Hey Talbot? Damn you really were cliche.

(Brett’s POV) She said “Hey, Talbot” and I was done. All I wanted to do was grab her perfect face and kiss her forever. Y/F/N Y/L/N is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid my green eyes on. Ever since she moved to Devenford I’ve been in love with her, and not the kind of love where you think she’s hot and desperately want to bang her on the kitchen counter. No, this was the kind of love where all you want to do is hold her in your arms as she sleeps and riddle her soft, warm body in kisses. Where her laugh is heaven in itself and seeing her in the hallway makes your day. I knew something was wrong when I saw her on the bus. I had been looking back at her beautiful face the whole ride, trying to find an opportunity where I could let her know that I could help without appearing creepy, which failed miserably when she caught me looking at her. I wanted to infinitely punch myself in the face, but I heard her heartbeat race as she looked away so I took that as my opportunity and sat down beside her. “Hey, Y/N.” She Smiled. God I love her smile.

“Hey, Talbot.” If anything would cue a boner, it would be that, but luckily I kept it together.

“How did you end up on our bus?” Y/N glanced at my crotch and suddenly my face was on fire. I had a feeling I knew what she was looking at, but not in a good way.

“Umm,” she grew really awkward, and at this point I literally felt like I was on fire (or at least would like to be). “I guess I just didn’t check the bus numbers. But in my own defense I was rushing from this,” she dug through her bag “sorry hold this,” she shoved her sweater at my crotch in a genius effort to help me hide my now raging boner that I thought I had prevented. I graciously held the sweater. I should have felt my sweatpants tightening and left when I did, but I didn’t, and she saved my ass for it. That was another thing about Y/N, she was smart, resourceful, and carried a kind wit that I would die for. After digging through her bag she pulled out a flyer for something, I wasn’t really paying attention at that point. I was just trying to find a non-douchey way to explain what had just happened and apologize for it. But I didn’t have to, because she saved my ass again.

(Y/N’s POV) Brett had a massive boner. Like, a pratically indisguisable boner. You knew how embarassing those things could be, and you understood that they can’t control it so you did your best to help him out. You could tell that he was trying to explain the reasoning, or apologize, or something, so you decided to clear it up. “You don’t have to explain anything you know, or apologize. I understand how you can’t control them.” His face flooded with relief.

“I’m still sorry though. I wasn’t trying to objectify you, in any way and I-” you cut him off.

“It’s perfectly okay. I’m not angry at you, or disgusted because if anything I just need to find a way home.”

“Well my stop is next. You could chill at my place until someone picks you up.” Your mouth hung open a little. You knew that your parents wouldn’t get off work until at least 6. This was exactly what you meant when you said he was the kindest man you’ve ever known.

“Are you serious?” He smiled. Damn you loved his smile.

“It’s the least I could do.”

YAAAAAY I really hope you guys like this one (Part 2 coming shortly) because I thouroughly enjoyed writing it. Please send any requests as I would love any ideas you could offer. Many more imagines coming soon! I hope you guys/gals have a great evening, day, or work break. PEACE OUT GIRL SCOUTS!

-Emma J.

ANON REQUEST: EXO's reaction to finding out that they have a twin

Thank you for your request <3



Xiumin: Wait, what~?! *shocked and paralyzed*



Luhan: Ooooookay, now I can see why they all say I look like a girl~ *final realisation*



D.O: Jesus Christ, one more person to talk to. This is so exhausting… *100% done*



Lay: So I’m NOT the last unicorn~?! *happy* Yaaaaay~! Let’s be best friends! 



Chen: Aaah, just think of it! The whole new world of pranks for us to play~ Aaaah~! Best day of my life! *troll mode on* Okay, so we have to prank Lay hyung first - he’s gonna be so confused~!



Kris: I knew it! You are from galaxy, aren’t you?! You came to take me home! *never lose hope, Kris. always believe~*



Sehun: Congrats on your face, it’s flawless~ Ahh, it’s like I’m looking in the mirror! *not really sure if he’s being serious or ironic… oh well*



Tao: Pleeeaaase, give me a break~ I’m the FAB one, okay? Not you, me. Me. I’m fab. You’re “the other twin”~ Get over it~ *too fab to care*



Chanyeol: Wait~ Why does he look like me? This is so creepy~ *starts panicing*



Baekhyun: This is great, we can both play with Kyungsoo! He’s gonna love it! *distant Soo screams* 



Suho: All these years… *dramatic Suho* I had no idea~ Please, forgive me~ My brother~



Kai: OOOOOKAY~ what is this? Is this real? Is this another variety show? You’re trying to scare me, right? *confused*