I was going to attempt to edit this page into something that resembled “entertainment”, but truth be told, I got nothin’. Neither does Tim Buckley either, it seems.

Just look at this mess. Look at this mess of panels trying its damnedest to seem not boring. This is the most NON-ACTION SEQUENCE OF ACTION EVER. This whole arc has been nothing but inane, redundant, and devoid of relevance. Honestly Tim, who do you think you’re fooling? The minute you decide to lazily wrap this story up, shit is going to go back to normal after you introduce your new character to take Scotts place.

And yes, we already know it’s going to be a girl–probably that Abby chick–so you can try to half-assedly tackle jealousy issues with droop-cunt (lilah). That arc will end with Lilah apologizing, of course. They always do. 

When will this string of boring shit come to an end? I mean, it’s all up to Tim, of course, but some of you who may be reading this blog who consider yourselves fans of the webcomic could help by maybe not visiting the CAD website for a while. Detox, you know? Somethings gotta give, here.