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What about the arcadia gays going to the beach?
•Max , Chloe and Kate building a huge sand castle and Victoria watching the 3 with a smile on her face
•The 3 running into the water.
•Victoria dragged into the water by her girlfriends
•Beach Volleyball!
•Chloe digging deep holes underwater only telling Kate about the locations of the holes, and their unfortunate victim was Max and her whole body literally sank and after she has swam out of the hole she was like “OH MY DOG WHAT WAS THAT IT’S NOT EVEN THAT DEEP HERE.”
•Chloe bursting into laughter, Kate giggles and tells Max about it and Max splashed water on Chloe.
•the ot4 lying on the sand with their sunglasses on.
•Chloe falling asleep and waking up with her body buried in the sand with sand boobs.
•Vic gets stares and kate adorably covers her with her towel and max and chloe going “U WANNA FITE BRUH.”
•Kate gets stares and Vic, Max and Chloe loses their chill like “IMMA FUQ U UP/FITE ME/ILL RUIN YOUR LIFE.”
•Max gets stares and Kate adorably goes like “F-FITE ME.” while shakily raising her smol fists up and Vic,Max and Chloe just stared and admired the qt pa2tie bunbun.
•Chloe gets stares and it feeds her ego and goes “ayeee chica. *wink wonk*” Vic pulled her by her ear to her truck with Max and kate tagging along carrying their stuff.

Title: I Want to Hold Your Hand

Summary: Upcoming Youtuber Lucas Perkins, otherwise known as lightperks, has no intention of hiding his growing admiration for Phil Lester. He blatantly flirts with him at YouTube events and continuously praises Phil in his videos. Phil thinks it’s sweet and hilarious but Dan isn’t happy at all and he doesn’t plan on letting Phil know how he feels about him anytime soon.

Starts off Platonic Phan

Word Count: 3.49K

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Finally I can request yaaaaay!! This is my first time! Ok could you please do how would the rfa+v+saeran react to MC being a professional figure skater (like Viktor from yoi), and the reason that she is in Korea is because for a competition, like she is not from Korea she's a foreigner

I can’t follow this request exactly as it is, otherwise MC could have lost the competition for W.O. since she was trapped for 11 days lololol. So I’m just going with a foreigner MC living in Korea for training, is that ok?

RFA + Saeran and V with an ice skater MC


  • Power couple, the tabloids are going crazy about him dating this super talented and promising ice skater from Thailand (like Phichit <3)
  • Your schedules are a mess, so it’s hard for him to watch you competing, and it’s hard for you to watch his musicals
  • But you two try to make the best out of it, and he dedicates all his free time to watch your practices
  • Son of a bitch even joins you in the ice rink and damn, he got some fine moves you could use
  • Actually, exchanging dance moves are a thing to both of you. And the result is always amazing!
  • When he released his first album, you were competing in Germany so you couldn’t make it to the party, not that he minded, you already knew all the songs.
  • Matter of fact, you used of them in your program.



  • Poor thing is so intimidated by this tall Australian girl who looks like an ice goddess in that rink.
  • But you’re always bringing him along to your practices and eventual competitions that take place in Korea.
  • He still can’t go abroad with you due to college, but he will definitely follow you around the world once he graduates.
  • He’s legitimately your biggest fan, he learned everything about the jumps and judging criteria so he can actually be a part of this.
  • You teach him how to skate, he’s not as elegant as you, but still… he’s very gracious.
  • He barely stayed to his graduation, he needed to go home to watch you in the finals of the Grand Prix in Switzerland.
  • He lost your presentation, but he came in time to see you getting interviewed about your bronze medal. When you said you dedicated this to your boyfriend who just graduated, he’s gone!


  • She wants to know everything about your job and about your home country: South Africa.
  • Like Yoosung, turns into your biggest fan and learns everything she can about the sport so you can always talk about it.
  • Your coach thinks her advices to you are really on point. Yes, do as she says, girl, and you can bring the gold home.
  • She’s so interested in this she becomes a fan of other ice skaters, and she knows a lot of facts about your competitors she’s more than happy to share with you and your coach.
  • She’s like a soccer mom sometimes, always pushing you and encouraging you to bring you’re A game even in the practices. Even your coach tells her to go easy on you.
  • But you don’t mind, her enthusiasm and encouraging help you a lot, and it pays off when you bring a silver medal home (not a golden one, but just wait until Olympics)
  • And the celebration is nothing too over the top, just the two of you on a cute ice skating date followed by some cocoa your amazing girlfriend made it.


  • Another tabloid material couple. Mr. Director and this Mexican ice skater living in Korea for training.
  • It’s hard for both of you to catch up with each other’s work, but the mutual support is essential even from afar.
  • And if he can’t be there in person, he makes sure to send you gifts and cards reminding you how much he is proud of you for everything and how he can’t wait to see you.
  • Of course he also gives you financial support, making sure you have the best coach, the best physical training, the best costumes. He’ll pay copyright for any song in the world you need for your routines.
  • Like Jaehee, always encouraging you to bring your best, but he goes a little easier on you since he’s worried you’re might be straining yourself.
  • He cleaned his schedule to watch you in the finals of the Grand Prix in Denmark.
  • Is completely gone when you show up in a costume that reminds a lot a cat. No, not just any cat, that majestic white cat called Elizabeth the 3rd. Oh, she should be here to see this too.


  • When he finds in the background check that you’re a Jamaican girl who ice skates, he can only think about one thing:
  • On a serious note, tho: he loves it! He loves to go to your practice and watches you mesmerized, he always yells YAAAAAASSS everytime you jump.
  • He’s always with you no matter where you’re competing, though he stays more in the backstage rooting for you.
  • Be sure he has strong opinions about your costumes and make-up. He even does your make-up sometimes, and it’s always flawless!
  • You came back from the Grand Prix in Russia with an honorable fourth place, impressive for someone who never even seen snow for most of her life. He’s super proud!
  • But what he really likes is that you chose “I Can See Clearly Now” by Jimmy Cliff, for your routine. Yes, he’s not the only one to like Cool Runnings here.


  •  Why would a Brazilian girl be an ice skater? I would be damned if I don’t pair this precious boy with a Brazilian MC Does it even snow in Brazil? it does in the south
  • When he led you to Rika’s apartment, you weren’t competing yet, you just moved in to Korea
  • When everything is over, he feels guilty for a lot of things, of course. But leading a foreigner girl in a different country with very different culture from hers is what he regrets the most.
  • So now it’s his personal mission to support you in everything you do, even when he misses you so much.
  • You’re always chatting via Skype and he asks about everything, the competition, the country you are right now, how you’re gonna take down the competition. EVERYTHING!
  • Once his therapist says It’s okay for him to travel and face large crowds, be sure he’ll follow you around whenever you go.
  • He’s super proud when you win a 5th place using the song he suggested for your routine.


  • Gurl… the photos he takes of you…
  • Since he doesn’t really have a boss or a schedule, he follows you abroad. This man is basically your guide and makes sure you’re learning and enjoying every country you visit at its fullest
  • Being also very rich, he can make sure you have the best training and the best costumes.
  • And when you tell him you’re thinking about having an original song for your routine, be sure he’ll find the best musicians to make this happen.
  •  He has access to the best spots in the rink, so his photos of you are always perfect. He sells some of them to the press, but keeps most of them to himself and his personal collection.
  • He knew you were getting at least the bronze medal after that amazing presentation in the Grand Prix, and when you actually did, he was super proud.
  • The celebration involved you two heading to your home country: United Arab Emirates. And there goes another photo shoot of you.