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Hi, I'm the anon that said I would write Steve Bucky fic from the other day. Just wanted to let you know I should be done the first chapter later tonight, or early Saturday morning I guess is more accurate! So yeah just wanted to keep you posted :)


Kamala Khan 'Ms. Marvel' Series in Development for ABC?

A new rumor suggests that Marvel’s John Ridley-written TV show will be a ‘Ms. Marvel’ miniseries, bringing Kamala Khan into the MCU before 'Captain Marvel.’

The best part? It’s being developed as a bridge series for the Mockingbird spin-off. SO if ABC and Marvel commit, they could have Agents of SHIELD and Mockingbird with the break filled in by Agent Carter and Ms. Marvel!!!


Geisha305 - Shit'n On You Hoe

I cannot even begin to describe the amount of joy this song brings me. It’s probably an inappropriate amount. 

And the fact that the video was recorded from a TV/computer screen only adds to the novelty value.

Imma be singing “You dont want no problems, cuz pussy hoe I’ll solve ‘em,” all day tomorrow. I can feel it.

Garbage set to self-release new album in spring

Garbage are set to release their fifth studio album in the spring.

The album, which is their first since 2005’s ‘Bleed Like Me’, will be released on the band’s own record label Stunvolume, which was launched today (January 23).

Recorded in Atwater Village in Los Angeles, the album is the group’s first not to be recorded in Madison, Wisconsin, the city where the band formed in 1994. The album will be produced by Garbage and mixed by the band’s drummer Butch Vig.

Garbage are set to embark on an 'extensive’ tour to support the new album, which is as yet, untitled.

Last year Butch Vig claimed Garbage’s five-year hiatus gave the band the chance to “clear any excess baggage out of [our] headspace”. Speaking about how the record is likely to sound, he said: “There’s lots of elements of things we’ve always loved: noisy guitars, big electronic beats, atmospheric film moments. [We] wanted to make a record that sounded like something that we want to hear when we’re driving the car.”

Singer Shirley Manson also revealed that the band had rough mixes of 24 songs, with working titles of the tracks including 'Time Will Destroy Everything’, 'Blood For Poppies’, 'Automatic Systematic Habit’, 'Control’, 'Lies, Lies, Lies’, 'Sugar’, 'Not Your Kind Of People’, 'TROUBLE’, 'Felt’, 'Big Brite World’, 'Alone’ and 'Animal’.


It’s so bad, the quality is awful tumblr ruined it, and plus, it’s a very bad drawing ahaha, but I had fun drawing  it and anyways nobody is gonna care 

aha. BTW, still in love with my harry, dunno why I find him hot, weirdly. 

Portrait of Harry : http://agaiab.tumblr.com/post/126796943080/harry-potter-new-design-since-im-a-baby-girl-i

¨Portrait of Draco : http://agaiab.tumblr.com/post/126476851060/draco-malfoy-new-design-i-had-a-lot-of-reflexion

©2015 AGAIAB


YAAAAAAAAAAAS I order the 1lb bag and it lasts my 2 geckos about a year, refrigerated. This is my first time buying PGF though. They sent me a free sample when I ordered my last food/water shelf and my guys like it waaaaaaay better than Repashy. Thanks, Pangea! I still like Repashy nutritionally and ideally I would rotate between the two. Eventually I’ll buy a small container of Repashy.

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It is currently 11:29. I'm getting so excited for homecoming (even though it's in October lol) because I want to look my best and show the boy that ripped my heart out what he's missing out on. Can't wait !! Xx