covers: a playlist of my favorite unoriginal songs

01. wish you were here- ed sheeran (pink floyd cover) // 02. what you waiting for- marina and the diamonds (gwen stefani cover) // 03. wonderwall- one direction (oasis cover) // 04. skinny love- birdy (bon iver cover) // 05. chelsea hotel no. 2- lana del rey (leonard cohen cover) // 06. hurt- johnny cash (nine inch nails cover) // 07. oh! darling- florence and the machine (beatles cover) // 08. chasing cars- ed sheeran (snow patrol cover) // 09. crazy mary- pearl jam (victoria williams cover) // 10. say my name/ cry me a river- the neighbourhood (destiny’s child/ justin timberlake cover) // 11. across the universe- fiona apple (beatles cover) // 12. radioactive- tumblr user loutenant (imagine dragons cover)