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Grandma, who has always told me and my siblings never to resort to violence under any circumstances our entire lives: "I will make an exception for Nazi's, you can smack a Nazi. Just make sure I can get a shot in."


Ibn `Aun:
“When Muhammad Ibn Sireen was in debt, he was overwhelmed with grief because of it, and said: ‘I know that this grief is because of a sin which I did 40 years ago.’”
Ibn Sireen said: “I know the sin because of which I fell in debt.”
It was asked: “What was it?”
He said: “40 years ago I called a man: Yaa muflis! (O bankrupted one)”
One of the sub-narrators, `Ubaidullaah bin al-Surree, said: “I informed this narration to Abu Sulaimaan al-Daaraanee (d. 205H). He said: ‘Because of their few sins they knew the reason for getting (the punishment); but because of our many sins, we do not know for which of our sins we are being punished.’”
(Hilyatul Awliyaa 2/271


Bungou Stray Dogs S2 » (ep. 18) the strategy of conflict

“It’s true that if the Detective Agency defeats the Guild, you will slash the enemy’s strength without lifting a finger. If you’re lucky, the Detective Agency and the Guild may even take each other out.