The Brave Little Toaster.

I got a new motorcycle yesterday. New is relative. This is a 1964 Yamaha Santa Barbara 125cc.

My past bikes were a 1980 Honda CM400t and a 1997 Yamaha Virago XV535. These two bikes I sold a while back and I thought I wouldn’t be riding again. However, I started thinking about it recently and I wanted to give it another shot. I decided that one thing I wanted to try out was going a lot smaller. I’m pretty short and I jumped right into riding a CM400t which is a pretty heavy bike. Since my feet just touched the ground I had trouble with the weight of the bike and keeping it balanced, so I felt nervous a lot of the time. I moved on to the Virago because it’s seat height is much lower and I thought it would add confidence but the Virago weighs even more than the cm400t and even though I had a better hold on it, I still felt like it was controlling me instead of the other way around. Eventually I got rid of both bikes and decided I wasn’t that into riding but now that I’m getting the itch again I figure I’ll try a smaller, lighter weight bike and start over, learn the whole thing again on a bike with less power and see how I feel.