‘’ Roses are red...   Violets are blue... You probably don’t see it,  but God Serena is trying to seduce you. ‘’

star trek discovery finally airs. we all sit with bated breaths as we watch the new series. we love it, so we come on to tumblr to find pretty gifs of it. we click the search bar. we type in #stdedit hoping for brightly coloured edits, but instead we get warnings from health professionals to have pap smears regularly. we chose this life. we cannot escape it. 

((OOC: I’m feeling very pretty today. I got this shirt at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and I LOVE IT. And I tried out my new makeup brushes! It’s my mom’s birthday and I gave her a makeover too. I might do some OOC question time later tonight…I’ve been feeling like my followers don’t know me very well and I haven’t been very active sooooo yeah!))