Name: G

Pronouns: she/her

Country: UK

Orientation: biromantic asexual 

I’m currently loving SKAM, OITNB, my yellow raincoat, the new Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Swirled flavour, and I’m looking forward to the new ATL album! Apart from that, I’m a theatre kid who likes Wes Anderson movies, dystopian YA novels, pop punk music, YouTube, travel and cake… obviously cake. 

Would love to make friends with other aces in the UK (or California - I’m going there in the summer), and also if any of you are Jewish like me then please hmu because I’d love to chat.

Nobody’s ever sent me a message on Tumblr before so that would be cool! Here’s my link: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/thy-flaming-youth

  • Movie adaptation of book: *happens*
  • Me: did you include this character which regularly appears, not particularly to drive the plot forward but is beloved nonetheless?
  • Movie: uh, no
  • Me: how about this scene that provides important background information about this character?
  • Movie: hmmm... no
  • Me: what about a line from the books which is simply iconic and quoted frequently by the fandom?
  • Movie: *pretending to be entranced by a bird out of the window* maybe not
  • Me: well then, surely you didn't include this scene where a loved character dies in a heart wrenching moment that is not 100% necessary to the story and I'm not sure my heart can cope with experiencing it again
  • Movie: oh ya, I remembered that bit
That’s My Girl

2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: Jensen breaks your plans for the evening and you are not happy about it.

Prompt: “That’s not a good enough reason to get married.”

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Requested: @arryn-nyx

“I can’t believe you’re bailing on me!”

“I promise I’ll make it up to you, Y/N!” Of course Jensen subjects you to his dazzling signature smile, the one that reminds you of kittens and rainbows and all of that corny shit.

He drags you in for an insanely tight hug as if that will make your moodiness disappear. Well, the joke’s on you because it’s starting to work.

Damn his perfect physique. How are you supposed to stay pissed when an attractive man who smells delicious is touching you?

You gather up enough super strength to shake those distracting thoughts away. That’s an exhausting problem that you’ll save for another day. As of today, there’s no way in hell that you’re letting him off the hook this time.

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The trailer for American Assassin makes me think of how it feels like Dylan O’Brien skipped a stage of his acting career. Like, where are all the half cheesy YA drama movies in which he has to look photoshop perfect surrounded by actors who’re not that great bc they’re still newbies and still learning? He did like one of those, and a few seasons of that in Teen Wolf, I guess, but that’s it? Now he’s fucking out there doing this. Deepwater Horizon and now this. It’s raw and gruesome, and the acting is so fucking good. I am honestly blown away. I didn’t think I’d get to see him in a role like this anytime soon. What the hell.


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Raphael x Reader


Note: Just a thought I had. Bear with me.

“Get on the ground!” Shouted the terrified police officers at the NYPD as they stared two gigantic…whatever they were in the face.

“What are they?

“They’re monsters…” one stated quietly. “They’re monsters!”

“We’re not monsters…” Mikey mumbled, tears threatening to spill from his blue, blue eyes. They had messed up. Big time. And Raph knew it was all his fault. He was the brains behind this operation. If he hadn’t defied orders, if he had just stayed in the lair like Leo told him, he wouldn’t be in this position. But here he was, all because he wanted to be human. For you.

He knew it was silly. A huge mutant turtle with a crush on a human girl. But he thought…he hoped, maybe if he could become human, even if it was just for a little while, maybe you would like him back. But here he was. Unsuccessful with guns aimed at his face.

“Wait! WAIT!” Your voice, followed by Casey and April, sprinting into the room. You stood between the guns aimed at your best friend and his brothers. “Don’t shoot! Please…don’t shoot.”

“(Y/N)…” Raph’s voice was soft. You looked back at him for a split second, eyes meeting his apologetic green ones.

“Go, Raph.”


“GO!” he and the others didn’t hesitate to run out the windows, leaving you, Casey, and April behind to face the consequences.


It was the next day that you finally got to talk to Raphael one-on-one.

“Saved the world, huh?” You smirked and took a seat on the stool next to his workbench.

“Yeah,” he set the weight on its hook and sat up to look at you. “Not bad for a bunch of monsters,”

“Hey. No.” you frowned. He raised an eyebrow. “No. You’re not a-”

“I’m just kidding, (Y/N).” He smirked. Your defensive expression softened a bit. You nodded, smiling slightly. He tilted his head.

“Good. Because you’re not…that word. None of you are. I want you to know that.”

“Thanks.” Raph smirked. You got off of the stool and took a few steps closer to him, standing above where he was sitting. You were almost the same height. He thought it was cute, how small you were compared to him. His heart raced with each step you took. “W-what’re ya doin’ there?”

“You don’t have to be human.” You whispered. “I know what was going through your head…What always must be going through your heads, but…You don’t have to be normal, okay?”

“W-what do ya mean?”

“I love you.” You admitted, heart racing and cheeks flushing.



“Woah.” A slow smirk grew on his lips. “You really…why?”

“Because you’re big and brave and strong and I can’t imagine my life without you.” You whispered. He slowly stood up, instantly towering above you. You looked up at him for a few long seconds, waiting for him to do something. His large arms engulfed you, pulling you to his chest and pressing timid kisses to your forehead with the lips that were so much softer than you expected them to be.

“I uh, love ya too…a lot. I have for a while. I thought maybe ya knew. But I guess ya did. So…”


“Do ya wanna watch a movie or something?”

“Yeah sure.” You stood on your toes and pressed a kiss to his jaw. “Sounds perfect.”

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Cats Don’t Dance Sentence Starters

Feel free to change pronouns as necessary.

“She had fame, she had fortune, she had…product endorsements.”
“Since I was a little ___, I had a dream: my name in lights!”
“The most impossible dream can come true if you believe it!”
“My fortune cookie last night said, ‘give it up, you loser.’”
“Send over two chickens and two lions, but don’t send them over in the same car this time!”
“This is a dream come true!”
“Don’t forget, ten percent of that dream is mine!”
“Every day I ask myself why I put up with this.”
“Whatever it is, the answer is no.”
“I’m a secretary, not an actress.”
“So much for preserving the species.”
“I’m little, but I’m strong!”
“Oh, for the love of Moby Dick!”
“This town has rules.”
“And all of the people drowned!”
“I am an adorable little angel!”
“Since he tap-danced into town, he’s been nothing but trouble!”
“What is it with you, why are you so determined to make a fool of yourself?!”
“All I wanna do is the thing I love. Doesn’t everyone?”
“So many, many broken dreams…”
“That’s what this town does to you, it weighs you down.”
“Spotlight will never be on fellows like you and me, and it’s foolish to think otherwise.”
“Once he sees us, there’ll be a whole new set of stars in this town!”
“It was terrible, awful, cruel, inappropriately violent…”
“Leaves ya kinda speechless, don’t it?”
“Your life isn’t back there in that office, it’s here.”
“Oh my, this is an awkward moment.”
“Well, there’s always Broadway.”
“Why should I try anymore?”
“Tell me lies, I’ll just keep right on coming.”
“This time I’ve got to believe in his dream.”
“What a bunch of noodleheads!”
“See ya in the movies!”
“Shoot me.”
“If you’re willing to accept what they think of you, then you can go!”
“They cursed you, humiliated you, even slammed the door in your face…but they still haven’t made you forget, have they?”
“They can smash your cookie, but you’ll always have your fortune.”
“Come on, let’s go show ‘em what we can do.”
“Nothing’s gonna stop us now!”
“I should’ve drowned you all when I flooded the stage!”
“Get a picture, boys! These kids will be making history!”
“Make a little history each time we dare to dream.”
“Tell everyone turn the spotlight on, now our time has come!”

bad and overused Discourse™/‘‘‘theories’’’ that can meet me in the fucking pit:

  • belle has stockholm syndrome
  • gaston is actually a good guy
  • lolololol belle’s mentally ill because she thinks the furniture is alive

and my personal favorite

  • beast is reformed solely by belle’s love, this proves women like assholes/“projects”