يصبح الذهب تراب بلا قيمة عندما يقارن إلى اسمك والشمس تصبح شمعة باهتا عندما تقارن إلى وجهك المضيء.

Gold is made into worthless dust when compared to your name and the sun a dim candle compared to your illuminating face.

“Gerçek olan tek şey var; Şu an burada olmak zorunda olduğum için olmak istediğim yerde olamıyorum ve bir gün burada olmak zorunda kalmadığımda olmak istediğim yerde olacağım. Bedenimle ya da ruhumla.” -Ali Lidar 🕊

If you want a Shia’s opinion on people such as Wahabists or DAESH/ISIS sympathizers, then I would be very kind to them cause I need to be the better examp-

Nah, just kidding, I would just turbo suplex them into the ground real hard

Hiç kimse sevmedi desem. Çıkıp gelsen, ben sevdim ya seni desen. İnanmam Ali. Seven adam öldürmez sevdiğini. Seven adam çekip gitmez. En çok sana inanmam Ali.

Birisi Hz. Ali’ye geldi ve
“O kadar dertliyim ki sıkıntıdan ölüyorum.” dedi.

Hz. Ali; “İki soru soracağım, cevabını verip dermanını bulacaksın. dedi.

Adam; “Sor Ya Ali dedi.

Hz. Ali; “Dünyaya geldiğin zaman bu dert seninle birlikte mi dünyaya geldi?”

Adam; ”Hayır.”

Hz. Ali; ”Dünyadan giderken bu dert seninle birlikte olacak mı?

Adam; ”Hayır” dedi.

Hz. Ali son olarak şöyle buyurdu;
“Seninle birlikte gelmeyen ve giderken de seninle birlikte olmayacak olan bir dert, senin bu kadar zamanını almamalı. Sabırlı ol. Yer yüzündekilere çok ümit bağlamaktansa yüzünü Âlemlerin Rabbine çevir.”

Today the world has truly lost,
lost the second greatest creation of God. Today the world lost the Prince of believers,
the Lion of God,
the most just man,
the most kind man,
the greatest warrior,
the fairest leader,
the wisest scholar,
the kindest father,
the most gentle human,
the most firm man.
The one who lions bowed to in respect,
the one who mountains are embarrassed when held in comparison to his strength.
The bravest man who served the Prophet(S),
the closet to the man who God loves most,
the most loving husband,
the king of patience,
the bearer of the Flag of justice,
the flag of Islam,
the flag of the Prophet; the flag of God.
The man who water would gush when he spoke to it,
the man who the monsters of the wild would surrender to,
the man who held strength unrivalled to in all of man kind,
the man who lived the humblest whilst being able to turn the dust to gold.
Peace be upon the man who God was pleased by his pleasure,
the man who truth follows,
the man who God allowed Islam to be formally established by the raise of his arm.
Today we loose the man whose love is the divider between Heaven and Hell.
We loose the man who followed the Prophet(S) like a baby camel follows its mother,
We loose the man who lay instead of the Prophet ready to give up his life,
We loose the man who God had derived his name from His own Glory,
We loose the man who angels were honoured to speak to.
Today we depart from the Husband of Fatima, the most beloved to the Prophet, the one who God places His happiness with hers.
We bid farewell to the Father of the two Masters of Heaven’s youth, who showed nothing but patience and honour.
We bid farewell to the Father of Zeinab, who proved to be the epitome of eloquence and bearer of calamities; the viewer of beauty.
Peace be upon the soul that constantly laid under the feet of the Prophet,
Peace be upon the man who held the Prophet; the entire weight of the Prophecy upon his shoulders,
Peace be upon the man who sacrificed all to The Only One,
Peace be upon the man who sacrificed his self to Allah(swt),
Peace be upon the man who sacrificed his family for the sake of the Lord.
With which words do I Praise the personality that shook the entire universe with his existence, his justice, his love, his honour,
Peace be upon the soul that needs eternity to truly count the blessings God had manifested through and within it.

Peace be upon who served no one other than God;
Peace be upon your blessed soul O Ali Ibn Abi Taleb!

Imam Hussain (as)’s Last Sermon - To Umayyad Army in Karbala

On the 10th of #Moharram in 61 A.H, Imam Hussain (as) admonished the army of Banu Umayyad in Karbala by giving an eloquent Sermon.

“Prophet (saws) raised me up by feeding the Divine Prophecies. I am the son of Prophet (saws) and my mother is ‘Batool’ (as). I have been created as infallible Imam. I have the privilege of being the son of Amir-ul- Momaneen, Ali (as). I am the son of that who holds the key to the future events and sustenance of the whole universe. Hassan (as) has brought me up to his customs. I am the Divine authority, recognise me prior to declaring war against me. Be aware! You will close all the doors of forgiveness by killing me. You are doing this for the attraction of your leader’s promised rewards, but if you ask me, I can bless you thousands’ time more than that. (I know) collecting filth is in your genes. You are unable to comprehend and (debate with doubts) that we regularly travel through the milky ways. (Be aware) Stars are nothing else but aftermath of footprints. North pole finds its direction from us (as). Ours destination is in ‘Qabah Quosaan’ (The highest point in the heavens); and ‘Bait-ul-Mamoor’ (the highest point in skies where Divine Throne is located) is our residence. ‘Bismilla’ refers to our beginning and ‘Yakhamah’ concludes with our (attributes). ‘Innamah’ describes our Divinity and Purity, ‘Allif-lam’ is on our introduction, ‘WalAsr’ is about our glandular status, The Verse of ‘Feel’ is the narration of our past, ‘Walfaj’ has borrowed colours from us, ‘Filqurbah’ (The verse which says that it is compulsory to love Ahlulbayt a.s) is the means to seek nearness to us, the verse of ‘Dahr’ is on our generosity, ‘MinYashra’ defines our rights, ‘Al-Taha’ is about our way of life, the Verse of ‘Muzimmil’ is our outfit, the verse of ‘AlQadr’ authenticate our (Divine) rights, it is in our jurisdiction to change the direction of ‘Qabateen’ (Two directions for offering prayers) we attend to the needs of others in ‘Rukku’ of prayers. Our traditions became the principles of religion; we are the ‘Ibrahim’.
However, those who could not gain guidance from 63 years of preaching will not beinfluenced by my words. You are blinded by the ‘worthless’ rewards and are inclined to disgrace Holy Prophet’s family (asws)-which would result in your eternal punishment.

(Nahjul Asrar, referene, Usool-e-Kafi, vol, 1, chapter 20).