u know what this would be a stunning opportunity for??? the portrayal of non-romantic relationships in the mainstream media between men and women as healing, supportive, respectful, amazing, and equally if not more important than romantic ones 

My focus half remained on the High Lord whose hands and mouth and body had suddenly made me feel awake – burning. It just made me… alive. Made me feel as if I’d been asleep for a year, slumbering inside a glass coffin, and he had just shattered through it and shaken me to consciousness.

- Chapter 42, A Court of Mist and Fury

Finally finished! A project between commissions :) I even did a speed painting of this, so go check it out :) In the beginning youll see how I set up the scene. Its from a program called Daz Studio and I am absolutely obsessed with it. Expect more dynamic paintings in the future :) (once I finish this list of commissions).

Based off of course, the best Feyre and Rhysand out there, Barbara Palvin and Toni Mahfud.

Prints here!

Speedpaint! - PARTIAL (bullshit) NUDITY. Dont flag me please =-= i wasnt blurring out my painting for a pair of fucking nipples. 

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I love when you’re reading a book, not really knowing why the author decided on that particular title, and then you’re reading a random paragraph in page 125 or something like that and it’s right there spelled out and the world suddenly makes sense again. 

Do you know what the most popular book among WWII GIs was?

Betty Smith’s A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, which was printed in a special military edition, went into reprints, and was the most requested book by soldiers. Smith got thousands of fan letters from GIs. And it’s a book by a woman, entirely about the experiences of a teenage girl.

So I don’t ever want to hear about how boys won’t read books about girls, or how we need more “boy books” in YA, ever again, thanks.