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Your Fave is... Actually Pretty Awesome

With all these posts floating around pointing out all the horrendously problematic shit that celebrities have done, I thought I’d balance out the negative stuff with just a lil’ bit of good.

By now you all probably know that I’m a tad obsessed with Ewan McGregor. Ya’ll are probably sick of me going on about him. But I realized that I never really talk about why I adore him so much. And it’s not only because he’s a fantastic actor and super attractive (although that may be part of it ^^;).

It’s because he’s a genuinely good person.

Ewan McGregor gives me hope that there are still good people in this world who use their fame to influence others to make a positive difference. And I always think it’s kinda sad that he’s not as well-known as other big time celebrities who are far more problematic, because it’s those celebrities that have more of an impact on people.

Ewan has been married to Eve Mavrakis since 1995. Together they have two biological daughters, Clara and Esther, and two adopted daughters, Jamyan and Anouk. He has a gorgeous heart & dagger tattoo of his wife and daughter’s names on his right arm. And he really cares a lot about his kids, as any parent should. I always love it when celebrities have strong marriages and families, because you don’t see that very often in Hollywood. It’s nice.

He has been actively involved in charity organizations, including Unicef and the GO Campaign, and even took time during his motorcycle documentary trip Long Way Down to raise money for Unicef and learn more about African culture and customs.

He has shown support for the LGBTQA+ community.

During the filming of Long Way Down, he got a surprise visit from his mother, and his reaction shows just how much he loves and appreciates her. (Seriously, his reaction is so cute, you can tell he has a great relationship with his parents, which is another wonderful thing to see.)

He made friends with a kind stranger after she helped him when he ran out of gas driving cross-country.

And honestly the guy is just a huge dork. (but a cute one at that!)

I’m sure there are other things I could add, but these really are the main reasons I love him so much. (If you think of any other nice things to add that were not mentioned here, please add them!) So there you have it.

And please understand that I’m in no way trying to paint Ewan McGregor as a perfect human being. I may joke sometimes and call him perfect, but he is most certainly not. In fact, he has stated that about 14 years ago, he was a functioning alcoholic. He has been sober since then, but still, that’s an example. He’s not perfect.

I just think that sometimes we glorify people who may not be so deserving of such glorification, and we tend to ignore people like Ewan who, although they are not perfect, they lead very admirable lives and succeed in using their celebrity status to do great things and be great people.

And that is why I believe Ewan McGregor deserves just a bit of recognition. :)