ya'll still mad

as much as I understand everyones anger towards Jason (believe me i am mad too) i do kinda think trying to boycott the show is taking things too far. Think about all the others you are harming/disrespecting by doing that? What about all of Eliza’s, Marie’s, Lindsey’s, Ricky’s, Bob’s, Adina’s etc. hard work? We know how everyone of the cast love the 100 and their character. If we boycott the show they’ll lose that and to be honest they aren’t the ones to blame. I am so sad about Lexa’s death and i am so beyond disappointed how Jason didn’t think this through but i also love all the cast’s hard work and dedication they put into this show. You don’t have to follow Jason on twitter or praise him after every episode but at least watch the show for the actors who put their heart and soul into this show. At the end.. How disappointed we may be.. We all know this wouldn’t be what Alycia wanted from us. Fuck Jason and his bullshit but please don’t give up on the show/actors.