ya'll still amazing

  • a part of the fandom: stop crying! do something!
  • Lucy: i am doing something!
  • a part of the fandom: something useful!
  • Natsu: bitch what'chu tryna say

How long has it been since the first time I did this, you guys?
I remember I was so in shock when I got 200 followers not too long ago and now HERE I AM AGAIN AND I AM STILL IN SHOCK!
500? 500!?
Wow, I just…wow, yeah, thank you all so much for following my blog!
I don’t know why anyone is even following the Trashcan that is me, but thank you so much again!
I’ll really never get over how happy interacting with you all makes me <333

Here goes my 2nd FOLLOW FOREVER!
Below are some blogs I love and hope you all do too!
Mutuals are bolded <333 |
And they’re amazing, btw!
Please uh why are you following me back?
Squad members are in italics + ** (Bless!)
Any blogs left in normal font are just ones I reallyreallyreally love and follow <3

~~Sorry, in advance, if you guys get a bunch of mentions spamming you~~

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