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Does Set have to work overtime on a solar eclipse?

An apt question for today e 7 e )+ and I’m fairly sure he does – or well, he would have needed to, back when he was still part of Ra’s royal guard on the Solar Barque (it’s not really his responsibility anymore during his exile…).

If I remember correctly, the Ancient Egyptians had interpreted the event of a solar eclipse as a direct attack from Apep. It was during the few times the chaos serpent actually overpowered Ra and “consumed” the sun disk – which could be taken literally, or could mean that he otherwise obstructed the view of the sun and it’s life-giving power.

I haven’t figured out how this would be adapted to DEITIES verse (not likely in the literal manner I drew in my earlier eclipse joke), but I imagine that a solar eclipse could be a sizable threat to the pantheon – especially if it were to last any longer than it usually does. Maybe one reason it’s comparatively “fleeting” is because Set and other deities would work harder to drive away Apep and other demons in order to release the sun, since they can’t afford it to stay obscured for very long. Idk, but the idea might be fun to explore one day… +


Lance has shown traits of Slytherin. Cunning, resourcefulness, ambition. Lance can exhibit aspects of Gryffindor, but I think that’s more Keith’s area: charging headlong into battle and such. At one point Lance had to hold him back from doing so, and inform him of a better plan, so as not to hurt the Balmera. We see Keith do this again in the last episode where he took on Zarkon even though Coran warned him not to, going so far as to switch off his comm so he couldn’t hear him. 

I think Keith is more a Gryffindor as he is very brave, courageous, daring and is known to be reckless.

We know that Lance is schemer, and I don’t mean that in a bad sort of way. Only that he tries to think things through before actually diving into the thick of things. We see examples of this also in the Balmera episode. He’s tactical, whereas Keith would prefer to charge in swinging his sword. 

NOT that you can’t exhibit more than one house traits. 

I’m not trying to shit on Keith, I love Keith almost as much as I love Lance. I’m not saying that these character traits make him a bad person or a bad character. Not in the slightest. I’m just saying. Lance is a Slytherin and Keith is a Gryffindor. 

I doodled Underclass! Sans from  nasty-bones, =P

It’s ugly cuz I didn’t look for reference and the colors are wrong, XD but let’s pretend it’s good, ok? Haha.

Anyway, I thought that Sansy would be Team Mystic, what do you think? Am I wrong? XD