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Listen, I’m all for Damian having a complicated and at times difficult relationship with his mother, Talia, but that’s because LIFE IS LIKE THAT.

I mean, I love my parents but tbh there are times when I’ve seriously thought I’d have to straight up fight or murder one of them so like, ya know. Relationships are difficult, especially familial ones, ESPECIALLY when you’re family itself is complicated and full of imperfect people just trying the best with what they got.

If Damian and Bruce can have a complicated and occasionally hurtful relationship, but still be on good loving terms with one another so can Talia and Damian.

Talia has ALWAYS put her family first, even at her own expense. (Her defending Ra’s but not always supporting him or his beliefs) Why would she suddenly turn her back on her own child, especially a child she had herself with a man she loved and even was married to? It doesn’t make sense.

She doesn’t have to be perfect, no one ever is, especially not in comics, but let’s not pretend that abusive “crazy” Talia is game changing and wild. It’s racist. It’s sexist. And it’s complete and total bullshit.

You want drama, well there’s enough in the text as is for potential drama.

Damian is the child of Batman and the daughter of one of his greatest enemies. He’s a child who was born into a very dark and very painful life. And not just because of who his mother is. He was born to a woman raised in a violent cult controlled by her own father, is extremely capable and intelligent in her own right but constantly belittled and abused by said father and other family members simply because she is a woman. (Ra’s weird obsession with having his heir be Bruce of all people instead of his own daughter, and using her for more heirs basically, plus the general bullshit of being raised by the League of Assassins, I mean do ya’ll really think she had an easy life? It makes sense she was raised the same way Damian was) And his dad is Batman, the poster child for everything wrong and fucked about Gotham, mental health, trauma, etc. etc. Bruce is a very troubled and hurt man who doesn’t deal with trauma well and his children and the people he love more often than not suffer for it. His parents aren’t together specifically because of their own issues and their inability to work through them in a healthy and stable way conductive to a healthy relationship.

Like, that’s drama ya’ll. That’s real. Ya’ll always complaining about not enough realism and accurate portrayals of certain things, well I’m telling you, that’s accurate. I can personally attest to this. 

Sure it’s fiction and not a biography, but that still doesn’t mean we can’t do better with our stories. 

Why is it so important to people that Talia be an evil hag who’d kill her own child, yet look after another as if they were her own? Does that make sense to you? That Talia would choose Jason of all people over her own kid? Come on now. Check yerselves.

  • Gochi fans: Okay, we put up with a lot but the most recent Super episode is the last straw.
  • Gochi fans: Let's express our frustration over this by making more fic and art than usual!!
  • Vegebul fans: Stop overreacting!
  • Vegebul fans: Stop hating our ship and making a ship war!
  • Gochi fans: ...I think we lost you somewhere.
Ya’ll Weak AF

All these people watching these teenage shows that “Die from the angst”. Meanwhile us The Walking Dead fans constantly have heart palpitations and our souls nearly leave our bodies during every episode.

Them: Oh my gosh. They’re going through unrequited love and teenage angst, I’m literally dead.

TWD Fans:


I FINISHED SOME WIZARDS FINALLY, even though the colors aren’t final in any of them. I’m sticking with this color palette, but I might play around with how the illustrations are rendered a little more (especially in the third one.) Of course I’m always more confident in my black and white work but I’ve never seen a children’s picture book with black and white images so I’ll figure it out eventually. 

The top one (Quail Wizard and Rock Wizard) is a single page vignette, while the other two (Silent Wizard and the newly redubbed Lizard Wizard) are both two-pages spreads. 

repeat after me:

just because zayn is still doing what he loves doesnt mean 1d didn’t stress him out

just because zayn is still doing what he loves doesnt mean 1d didn’t stress him out

just because zayn is still doing what he loves doesnt mean 1d didn’t stress him out

  • just because zayn is still doing what he loves doesnt mean 1d didn’t stress him out 
  1. just because zayn is still doing what he loves doesnt mean 1d didn’t stress him out